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Anjunabeats Best of Grum

One of the most successful producers to emerge from the disco-house scene in the 2000's, Grum first rose to fame in 2008 with his hit single 'Heartbeats' before releasing a string of successful singles and remixes over the coming months and years. By the end of 2010 he had a No.1 selling album on iTunes, had been named Best Electronic Artist of the year on iTunes UK, as well as winning a UK music video award. Now a regular #1 selling Progressive Artist on Beatport, the producer has become a virtual mainstay in the dance world.

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-04 TOTAL: 25 GENRE: House, Progressive House, Trance, Techno


1,"Grum - Deep State.mp3"2,"Grum - Something About You - Radio Edit.mp3"3,"Grum - Shining.mp3"4,"Grum, Natalie Shay - Afterglow.mp3"5,"Grum - The Ascent.mp3"6,"Grum - Isolation.mp3"7,"Grum - Drifting Away.mp3"8,"Grum - A Comforting Illusion.mp3"9,"Grum, Natalie Shay - Stay.mp3"10,"Grum - Price Of Love.mp3"11,"Grum - Dark Mode.mp3"12,"Grum - Lose Control.mp3"13,"Grum - Clarity.mp3"14,"Grum - Sparkles.mp3"15,"Grum - Shout.mp3"16,"Grum - U - Original Mix.mp3"17,"Grum - Mainframe.mp3"18,"Grum - Reality Distortion.mp3"19,"Luminary, Grum - Amsterdam - Grum Remix.mp3"20,"Grum, Jinadu - Running.mp3"21,"Grum, Natalie Shay - Stay - Edit.mp3"22,"Grum, Genix - The Light.mp3"23,"Grum, Dom Youdan - Tomorrow.mp3"24,"Grum, Josep, CYA - The Love You Feel - CYA Remix.mp3"25,"Grum, Dom Youdan - Invisible.mp3"