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1,"Acid Kids - Stay (Yaya Remix) [Key Rec].mp3"2,"Alex Field (DE), DIGIT97 - Color Scale [Orange Records].mp3"3,"Andy Murphy - Nobody Listens To Techno (Kondo Remix) [Vicious].mp3"4,"Aron Volta, Hart & Neenan - Scatter (Original Mix) [Metafloor Records].mp3"5,"Astre, Calos De La Ruiz - Atardecer (Original Mix) [Alliwant Wax].mp3"6,"B3ATS - Disco Chin [Issues].mp3"7,"B3ATS - Peng [Issues].mp3"8,"Baasmal - Vatican (Original Mix) [Conceptual].mp3"9,"Brando (US), Simone Glad - Devastated (Extended Mix) [Materialism].mp3"10,"Brown Vox - Equal World [Grass Route Records].mp3"11,"Carebears - Delere (Original Mix) [Miracle Juice].mp3"12,"Carloh - Khuyana feat. Matico Pro (Original Mix) [Rawsome Deep].mp3"13,"Chris Brooks - Hallucination Effect (Original Mix) [Unnamed & Unknown].mp3"14,"Copasetic - Uptime (Original Mix) [Innocent Music].mp3"15,"Daan Steenman - Attention (Original Mix) [Swerve Digital].mp3"16,"Damian Rausch - Be (Original Mix) [Whoyostro White].mp3"17,"Dani Sinergia - Macaque (Andre Salmon Kricked Dub Mix) [Ole Rec].mp3"18,"Dario Baldasari - Beat Won't Stop (Original Mix) [Hot Fuss].mp3"19,"Dieru - Tod [RAWSTREET].mp3"20,"Dillon Marinez - Dance For Me (Original Mix) [DIRTYBIRD].mp3"21,"Dissolut - Falling (Extended Mix) [Stashed].mp3"22,"DONT BLINK - CUT THE BEAT (DJ Susan Extended Remix) [Hood Politics Records].mp3"23,"Ellis Moss - The Shake (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax].mp3"24,"Federico Moore - No Rush (James Saunders UK Remix) [Techords].mp3"25,"Fernando Mesa - Renegade (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion].mp3"26,"Fernando Mesa - Vamoah (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion].mp3"27,"Franky Rizardo - Karmapod (Original Mix) [Do Not Sleep].mp3"28,"Gary Caos - The Message [Casa Rossa].mp3"29,"GIMBO9000 - For the Ladies (Extended Mix) [Black Seven Music].mp3"30,"GUZ (NL) - Set U Free (Extended Mix) [Sink or Swim].mp3"31,"Hector, David Gtronic - Strapped (Casey Spillman Remix) [Moan].mp3"32,"Husko - Stand Out (Original Mix) [Wh0 Plays].mp3"33,"Illyus & Barrientos, Danny Howard - Feel Ma Boogie (Extended Mix) [Toolroom].mp3"34,"Ilya Schulz - Inner Light [Blind Vision Records].mp3"35,"Jamie Fielding - Work It [Hottrax].mp3"36,"Jennings. - Into The Sunset (Original Mix) [Re-Play Records].mp3"37,"Job De Jong - Get Up (Original Mix) [OVRDOSE DEEP].mp3"38,"Kevin Toro - Juventud (Original Mix) [eli.waxx].mp3"39,"Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Far From You (Original Mix) [Black Sea Side Music].mp3"40,"Luke Hazell - Better At Night (Rhadow Remix) [Music Related Records].mp3"41,"Marc Maya - Real Rhythm [Sola Nauts].mp3"42,"Marco Berto - The Way (Stephan Bazbaz Remix) [VIVa MUSiC].mp3"43,"Martin Bellomo, Cajal - Breaks N Stuff (Original Mix) [Sanity].mp3"44,"Max Lane - Iron Fist (Original Mix) [NOPRESET Records].mp3"45,"Namik - Dream (Original Mix) [Tech Avenue Records].mp3"46,"Nick Beringer - Blue Blood [Infuse].mp3"47,"Pelvis Moves - Pray (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat].mp3"48,"Premiesku - Equinox a (Livio & Roby Presents) [Desolat].mp3"49,"Renato Ratier - Pantone [D-edge Records].mp3"50,"Riverside ITA - World Off (Gianluca Rattalino, Withoutwork Remix) [Play Groove Recordings].mp3"51,"Roxe - Gucci Floor (Extended Mix) [SOLOTOKO].mp3"52,"Sergio Saffe, Lucas Ferreyra - Low Selection (Original Mix) [Happy Techno Music].mp3"53,"Sergio Sergi - Stomp the Beat [CUFF].mp3"54,"Shadow Child - 4U [Shall Not Fade].mp3"55,"South City (AR) - Maniac (Original Mix) [CamelMusic Records].mp3"56,"Sunday Noise - Anecdota [Tobus Limited].mp3"57,"THR3MIND, William Deep - Green Roll (Original Mix) [RIM].mp3"58,"Timmy P - Goody Two Shoes (Max Chapman Remix) [Resonance Records].mp3"59,"Tom Spark - Mind Again (Original Mix) [Swerve Digital].mp3"60,"Tommy Vercetti - Citrus (Original Mix) [AVOTRE].mp3"61,"Triptyque - Isolate (Original Mix) [Snatch! Records].mp3"62,"Valerio Bonfa - All Night (Extended Mix) [Terms & Conditions].mp3"63,"Viot - Fundamentals [COCO].mp3"64,"Will Taylor (UK) - DONT MISS! (Original Mix) [FREAK].mp3"65,"WOAK, Ruddek - My House (Extended Mix) [Night Service Only].mp3"66,"Wodda - Envy [SelectA Rec.].mp3"67,"Wyatt Marshall - Compulsion Drive (Original Mix) [Whoyostro].mp3"68,"Yogi P - Not Too Much [XYZ Underground].mp3"