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Beatport Charts

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-27 TOTAL: 143 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco


Amelie Lens - Louder Than Chaos Chart

1,"Slam, Amelie Lens - Uncontrolled.mp3"2,"Anz - Stepper (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Rouge - Antihero.mp3"4,"D.Dan - OOOO.mp3"5,"X-ALOX - Money to Silence You.mp3"6,"Lee Ann Roberts - Reality Bytes (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Lokier - Back To Life.mp3"8,"Raven - Metal On Metal.mp3"9,"U.R.Trax - You Are Your Own Distraction.mp3"10,"Slam, Amelie Lens - Construct

Beatport Timmo Styx Chart

1,"Kai Anschau, Mallory N - Solarsystem (Tiger Stripes Remix).mp3"2,"Timmo - Styx.mp3"3,"Confidential Recipe, Manao - Come (Breaks Mix).mp3"4,"Overmono - So U Kno.mp3"5,"Timmo - Lethe.mp3"6,"Modea - Take My Soul.mp3"7,"Marco Faraone - Hurt To Feel Alive (Nancy Live Remix).mp3"8,"Marco V - Simulated (Estiva Remix).mp3"9,"Raxon - Input Robot.mp3"10,"Julian Jeweil - Reverse

Carlo April Favourites Chart

1,"Black Loops - Don't Think 'bout It (Original Mix).mp3"2,"DJ Steaw - Picpus (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Black Loops - ProtoEmotions (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Retromigration, Nephews - Tinger (Original Mix).mp3"5,"Housey Doingz - Lonely Tribe (Original Mix).mp3"6,"Sly - Girl It's Alrite (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Groove Boys Project, Rawai - The Last Tenor Riff feat. Rawaï (After Hour Djoon Mix).mp3"8,"Ruff Stuff - Trim On (Dirty V).mp3"9,"Locklead - Era (Sweely Remix).mp3"10,"Black Loops - Ballo Da Solo (Original Mix)

Gettoblaster - April Chart

1,"Roland Clark, Gettoblaster - Make Life Funky (Amine Edge & Dance Remix).mp3"2,"DJ W!LD - On Board.mp3"3,"Riva Starr | Dajae - The Loft (Emmanuel Satie Mix).mp3"4,"Catz 'n Dogz - NOW.mp3"5,"Foolie - Are You With Me.mp3"6,"Todd Terry, House of Gypsies, Gettoblaster - Samba (Gettoblaster Remix).mp3"7,"Mystic Bill - Body Moves (Extended NYC Mix).mp3"8,"Catz 'n Dogz, Megane Mercury - Toma (Riva Starr Back To Basics Mix).mp3"9,"Gettoblaster, Love & Logic, Born I - Get Risky (Harry Romero Remix).mp3"10,"Claptone, Mayer Hawthorne - Feel This Way (Gettoblaster Remix)

Giorgia Angiuli A Time To Chart

1,"Glowal - Lone (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Giorgia Angiuli - A Time To (Extended Mix).mp3"3,"Stephan Bodzin - Isaac (Anna Remix).mp3"4,"Cassian - React (Extended Mix).mp3"5,"Cioz - Cosmic Noise (Original Mix).mp3"6,"Bar.ba - Abozen 2007 (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Tal Fussman - Underneath the Surface (Original Mix).mp3"8,"Monolink - Under Dark (Innellea Remix).mp3"9,"Sam Shure - Malfunction (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Øostil, Juan Hansen Drown (Massano Remix)

JAMIIE Mussoya Chart

1,"JAMIIE - Contessa (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Peppe Citarella, Eduardo Vargas - Enkama (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Jalal Ramdani, Mr. Silk, Lizwi - Imbongi (feat. Lizwi) (Enoo Napa Remix).mp3"4,"Peggy Gou - I Go (Soulwax Remix).mp3"5,"Dave Anthony, Baba Israel - Search For Light (Jackson Brainwave Remix).mp3"6,"Johannes Brecht - Orca (Original Mix).mp3"7,"DJ Koze, Sophia Kennedy - Drone Me Up, Flashy (&ME Remix).mp3"8,"TNS, Kasango, Bukeka - Sikelela (feat. Bukeka) (Original Mix).mp3"9,"Sandy B, Lion's Drums, Sandy B, Lion's Drums - Amajovi Jovi (Lion's Drums Edit).mp3"10,"JAMIIE - Mussoya (Panthera Krause Remix).mp3"11,"PVBLIC XCESS, Chloé Caillet, Josh Ludlow, Pat Kalla - Don't Wanna (Get Down) [Remix].mp3"12,"REBRN - Do De Te (Deomid Remix).mp3"13,"Alejandro Alca - Afro United (Original Mix).mp3"14,"Haze-M, Zanjma - Dance (Original Mix).mp3"15,"André Hommen, Michael Mayer - Pantone (Michael Mayer Remix).mp3"16,"MARIA Die RUHE - Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix).mp3"17,"JAMIIE - Mussoya (Original Mix).mp3"18,"JAMIIE - Olvera (Original Mix).mp3"19,"Diplo, Busta Rhymes, Mele - Right 2 Left (Extended)


1,"Nikki Nair, Nala - The World Is Always Ending (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Lubelski - Scatter Drill (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Kassian - Akkala Falls (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Tom VR - Partner (Peach Remix).mp3"5,"Justin Jay - The Oracle (Original Mix).mp3"6,"Kassian - San Junipero (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Big Miz - Club Beat 3 (Original Mix).mp3"8,"Dusky, Janai - Lost In You (Herbert's Lost Dub).mp3"9,"Glaskin - Slim Line (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Floating Points - Vocoder (Original Mix).mp3"11,"Kassian - Metropolis (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - The Fire Chart

1,"Metodi Hristov - The Fire Inside (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Benno Bengalo - Hectic (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Metodi Hristov - Alive (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Metodi Hristov - Growing Tension (Original Mix).mp3"5,"Markantonio - The Light (Metodi Hristov Remix).mp3"6,"Metodi Hristov - Truth Is a Lie.mp3"7,"Stoked - Mi Amore.mp3"8,"Balthazar & JackRock - Ghost Inside A Dream (Original Mix).mp3"9,"Metodi Hristov, Marie Vaunt - I Am Free Feat. Marie Vaunt (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Sugar Rody - Oneness (Original Mix).mp3"11,"Balthazar & Jackrock - Augmented Moment (Original Mix).mp3"12,"Justus Reim, Unlighted - Voyager (Original Mix).mp3"13,"Metodi Hristov - Agent Smith Was Right.mp3"14,"Timmo - Acheron

Radio Slave - Lost Souls Chart

1,"Radio Slave - Repeat Myself (Rodhad Remix).mp3"2,"Raven (CA) - Insomnia.mp3"3,"Lyric - 11:11.mp3"4,"Soso Tharpa - Hajj.mp3"5,"Tom Carruthers - Quest for Rydm.mp3"6,"Panoram - Seabrain (Quiet Village Remix).mp3"7,"Mark Broom - Raver (Original Mix).mp3"8,"Nina Kraviz - Black White (Original Mix).mp3"9,"Soso Tharpa - Evolution.mp3"10,"Mark Broom - 100% Juice (Sampler Mix).mp3"11,"Nimbus Quartet - Hep Cat Speaketh (Original Mix).mp3"12,"Radio Slave, DJ Hell, Mistress Bella Lugosi - Let's Misbhv (Original Mix).mp3"13,"Spencer Parker - Yes Bb.mp3"14,"Visage - Fade To Grey (Extended Version).mp3"15,"C++ - Angie's Fucked (Original Mix).mp3"16,"Lost Trax - Under a Spell.mp3"17,"Mark Broom - Midnight (Original Mix).mp3"18,"DJ Bone - Himbot 2.0.mp3"19,"The Royal Academy Of Fierce, Larry Tee, Radio Slave, Justin Vivien Bond - Fashion Queen.mp3"20,"Mark Broom - Nod To The D.mp3"21,"Private Press - Shapes.mp3"22,"Radio Hell, Radio Slave & DJ Hell - Radio Hell (Extended).mp3"23,"Thomas P. Heckmann - Out of Mind.mp3"24,"V111 - Sex Domination.mp3"25,"Sworn Virgins - The Male Man.mp3"26,"Ian Pooley - JV Organ & Matrix.mp3"27,"DD 2 - Infinite.mp3"28,"Radio Hell, Radio Slave & DJ Hell - Lost Souls (Extended).mp3"29,"The Royal Academy Of Fierce, Larry Tee, Radio Slave, Tobell Von Cartier - Black Pussys Revenge.mp3"30,"Tom Carruthers - Fantasies.mp3"31,"NEEDS - Brother (Red Mountain Alchemy).mp3"32,"2AM:FM - Poison Dart.mp3"33,"Tom Carruthers - Can You Feel It.mp3"34,"Radio Slave - Trans.mp3"35,"Radio Slave, DJ Hell, Mistress Bella Lugosi - Latex Lover (Original Mix).mp3"36,"Sirr TMO - Astral Traveling.mp3"37,"Radio Slave - Stay Out All Night (Carl Cox Remix).mp3"38,"Jovonn - Deep End (Techno Club Theme).mp3"39,"STL - Damn Sniffers

Riva Starr - April Heat Chart

1,"Unknown Artist - Liwando (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Santos - Now I See You.mp3"3,"FEX (IT) - Viaggio Astrale (Extended Mix).mp3"4,"O.B - Se Puede.mp3"5,"Jimi Jules - Macarena.mp3"6,"Deetron - Come On Back.mp3"7,"Janne Tavi - Badlands.mp3"8,"Star B, Riva Starr, Mark Broom - Fire (Ron Bacardi Remix).mp3"9,"Catz 'n Dogz, Megane Mercury - Toma (Riva Starr Back To Basics Mix).mp3"10,"Felipe Gordon - Samplin' 'N Slappin'