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Beatport Dj Charts 2

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-19 TOTAL: 136 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco


April Picks Chart - Davide Squillace

1,"Gregor Salto, Funkin Matt, Lilitha","Not For Me (Club Mix)"2,"Allen(IT)","It's Something (Extended Mix)"3,"Tuccillo/Patty Pravo","Bambola"4,"Yoga Queef","Don't Build That Wall (Original Mix)"5,"Santiago Salazar","Sucio Beat"6,"TEE MANGO","Into the Wild"7,"Dop","euphoria (Davide Squillace Remix)"8,"Big Miz","Connected"9,"Burial/Four Tet","Nova"10,"The Checkup, Kinsuby","Drivin (Original Mix)"

Chris Cooper - April Top Ten Chart

1,"Lexer","Blackout"2,"Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor","Wilde (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Extended Remix)"3,"Anyma (ofc), Meg Myers","Running (Original Mix)"4,"Pavel Khvaleev","Connect (Extended Mix)"5,"Chris Cooper","Time Is Running Out (Original Mix)"6,"CATS ON BRICKS","Dublin to Miami (Chris Cooper Remix)"7,"Innellea","Loss Of Hope"8,"Catz 'n Dogz/Megane Mercury","Kiki (Solomun Remix)"9,"Mary Mesk","Breeze (Original Mix)"10,"Roger Shah, Sian Evans","Hide U (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended 2022 Remix)"

Claus Dioateca - Robot Chart

1,"ACA (YU)","BLAME"2,"Master Beat Projekt","Gravity"3,"Max Millan/Wild Joker/SWS","Deeper Love (Original Mix)"4,"Chris Navarro","Cyclops"5,"Gabriel Wnz","3 Life Game"6,"Product of us","Transcend (Original Mix)"7,"Pete Griffiths/Cevin Fisher","Chicago (Original Mix)"8,"Noise88","Dive into the Darkness"9,"Pete Griffiths/Cevin Fisher","Chicago (Federico Scavo Remix)"10,"Wally Lopez/Cevin Fisher","Don't Stop"

Darin Epsilon April Chart

1,"Colyn","Jatayu (Extended Version)"2,"KAMADEV","See Better (Touchtalk Remix)"3,"Einmusik","Wormhole (Original Mix)"4,"Stephan Bodzin/Luna Semara","Nothing Like You (Agents of Time Remix)"5,"Stereo Express","The Realm"6,"Darin Epsilon","In Harm's Way (Original Mix)"7,"Another Life","Move With The Gods (Enai Remix)"8,"Spada","Take Me There (Extended Mix)"9,"Derun","Kaunos"10,"Darin Epsilon","In Harm's Way (Moonbootica Remix)"11,"Lexer","Blackout"12,"The Dualz","Vision"13,"Jos & Eli","Sabotage (Extended Mix)"14,"Gigee","Berlin"15,"Sasha Carassi","Dream Factory"16,"Quivver/8Kays","Hold (8Kays Remix)"17,"Mikah","Nikay"18,"Sasha/Photek","Aviator"19,"Alex Breitling","Rhea"20,"Vhyce","Ordinary Thoughts (Acid Version)"21,"Beatamines","Grandma (Original Mix)"22,"The Advocate/DenDer Orchestra","Hero's Song (Original Mix)"23,"Starkato","Is This Real"24,"Miss Melera","Violet (Extended Mix)"25,"No Distance","Eclipse"

Dj Fuel - March Take Me To Myk Chart

1,"KLP","Busy Dancing (Extended Mix)"2,"MaRLo & Achilles","Nothing Is Left (Extended Mix)"3,"Sunset Bros","Ain't Giving Up"4,"Dave Winnel","Method (Extended Mix)"5,"Tim Eric","Black Sky (Extended Mix)"6,"Cam Clem","Intruder (Original Mix)"7,"JaySounds & Dave Winnel","Stimulate"8,"PAX","Is It You (Extended MIx)"9,"Chusap","Breathe"10,"MaRLo, Sunset Bros., Sydnee Carter","War Eyes (Extended Mix)"11,"Analog Sol","Medano (Extended Mix)"12,"Damo Cox","Like A Freak (Original Mix)"13,"James Ash/Steve Decade","What You Need (James Ash Go Dheep Remix)"14,"Lowdown","Dance All Night (Extended Mix)"15,"Asta & Mark Maxwell","Santorini (Extended Mix)"16,"Sgt Slick","What You Came For"17,"Friendless/Bianca","Left 2 Right (ft. Bianca)"18,"DJ Fuel","Million Miles Away (Daniel Tonik 'Take Me To MYK' Mix)"19,"SAYAAH","Money Maker"20,"Mixed Methods/Slick Dickerson","Beat (Extended Mix)"

Error 909 Chart - The Yellowheads

1,"Ramon Tapia","Solar System (Extended Version)"2,"Teenage Mutants","Shadows"3,"Jay Lumen","Terra (Original Mix)"4,"Krzysiek Teper","System Failure"5,"The YellowHeads","Error 909"6,"LIVEPAN!","Salvation 2099 (Original Mix)"7,"Umek","Dark Market (Original Mix)"8,"Lowerzone","Molecules"9,"Sam Wolfe, Kill Script","Disruption (Original Mix)"10,"RanchaTek","Let The Bass Kick"11,"Adam Beyer","Dirty Lagoon (Original Mix)"12,"HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld","String Theory (Original Mix)"Freedomb - 

Michelada Groove March Chart

1,"Renato Cohen","Suddenly Funk"2,"Mystic Bill","Body Moves (Extended House Stepper's Mix)"3,"The Glimmers","U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan da Cunha Remix) (2022 Remaster)"4,"Saison","Man Of Soul (FG Deep Jazz Remix)"5,"Angelo Ferreri","Beginners (Original Mix)"6,"Austin Ato","Bobby"7,"Will Buck","Won't Let You Go"8,"Mijangos/Pako Rubio/Melissa Munster","Lovely Day"9,"Marc Cotterell","Out From The Dark"10,"George Feely","Trouble's with You (Terrence Parker Remix)"Iron & Dust 

Chart - Marco Anzalone

1,"Fouk","Late Night Snack"2,"Roland Clark, Gettoblaster","Make Life Funky (Amine Edge & Dance Remix)"3,"Proudly People","Jam's Groove"4,"Marco Anzalone, Ailleurs","Iron & Dust (Club Mix)"5,"Mendo, JONATAS C, Melanie Ribbe","Yesterday (Mendo Remix)"6,"The Deepshakerz","I Got The Soul (Extended Mix)"7,"Ben Miller (Aus)","All I Do (Extended Mix)"8,"OTHERWAYTOSAY","Power (Marco Anzalone EDIT)"9,"Darius Syrossian/George Smeddles","Back In The Dance (Extended Mix)"10,"Roger Sanchez","Turn on the Music (Rogue D Extended Remix)" 

Pirez - An Ace In The Crate March Chart

1,"Sunday Noise/Marco Fernandez","Weekly Jam"2,"Mihai.i","Show Me What You Got"3,"Douse","The Reason (Extended Mix)"4,"Federico Moore","Like The Light"5,"MATT - R","STFU (Original Mix)"6,"Mason Thorn, waste wisely, Leon the Lover","Love Thoughts (Leon The Lover Remix)"7,"Victor Montero","Bavaro"8,"Gerard R","Macarena"9,"Space Adventure","Ghetto Gaggers (Waitz Remix)"10,"Mennie","Black Drama (Original Mix)"11,"Secular","RAW"12,"Eervwall","Magic Carpet"13,"LewRaz","My Life (Original Mix)"14,"Julian Anthony","It's Showtime"15,"Sbruf","Go Deep"

Thomas Newson - CMon Baby Chart

1,"Thomas Newson","Talking About (Extended Mix)"2,"Ango Tamarin","Have A Nice Day ;)"3,"Oscar L","Under My Skin"4,"Kx5/deadmau5/Kaskade/Hayla","Escape"5,"Alaia & Gallo","Syloo (Extended Mix)"6,"Angel Heredia","Want U Quilombo"7,"Andrea Oliva","Alley Rave"8,"ANOTR","TALI"9,"Tom & Collins/Thomas Newson/Kenny Brian","Nuestro Amigo"10,"Ki Creighton","Bouncer"11,"Thomas Newson","C'Mon Baby (Extended Mix)"12,"Marco V/Vision 20/20","ALI/ENS (Extended Mix)"