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Beatport Exclusives Week Tracks 2022-04-02

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-02 TOTAL: 328 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco


1,"Above & Beyond, Mat Zo - Always Do (Extended Mix).mp3"2,"Alejandro Penaloza - No Quiere Novio (Extended Mix).mp3"3,"Alex Kenji - Can U Feel It (Extended Mix).mp3"4,"Alex Lur - Let Love Shine (Tone Depth Remix).mp3"5,"Alex O'Rion - Aperon.mp3"6,"Alex O'Rion - Space Age.mp3"7,"Alex Twin - Ancient World.mp3"8,"Alex Twin - Awakening.mp3"9,"Alican - Dimension.mp3"10,"Alican - Mia.mp3"11,"Alican - Raboso.mp3"12,"Alt_Man - ATRAF (Original Mix).mp3"13,"Alvaro Smart - Lollipop.mp3"14,"Andres Blows, Zeelt - Foreva (Original Mix).mp3"15,"Andy Ash - Truth Acid (Original Mix).mp3"16,"Andy Moor, Somna, Natalie Major - Born to Run (Extended Mix).mp3"17,"Angelo Scalici - Red Light.mp3"18,"Anriu - Orange Sky (Extended Mix).mp3"19,"Anyasa, Abhilasha Sinha - Kaise feat. Abhilasha Sinha (Extended Mix).mp3"20,"Anyasa, Tanmaya Bhatnagar - Roshni feat. Tanmaya Bhatnagar (Extended Mix).mp3"21,"Arda Gencer - Bring It On.mp3"22,"Armonics - Living Waves (Original Mix).mp3"23,"BabertThe Cube Guys - Situationism (Radio edit).mp3"24,"Barbara Tucker - Think (About It) (Spen & Thommy's Decadence Remix).mp3"25,"Bart Skils, Weska - Shades of Summer (Original Mix).mp3"26,"Ben Remember - Hypnotising (Extended Mix).mp3"27,"Ben Sterling - Rok the House (Original Mix).mp3"28,"Ben Sterling - Rokit (Original Mix).mp3"29,"Ben Tov feat. Gerry Liberty - Undecided.mp3"30,"Black Hawks of Panama:Bisi - Feel For You (feat. Bisi) (Ron Basejam Extended Remix).mp3"31,"Blackwing - Sex Machine (Original Mix).mp3"32,"Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shante - Reels (Extended Mix).mp3"33,"BONDI - Dark Yard (Gabe Remix).mp3"34,"BONDI & Gabe - Wasted (Original mix).mp3"35,"Brian Cid - Time Is Liquid.mp3"36,"Bugra Atmaca - Darach.mp3"37,"C.T. Satin - Found A Friend (Underworld Version).mp3"38,"Cast, Chorus & Orchestra of Ohio Light Opera - Robin Hood: Dialogue: You may get up.mp3"39,"Cathy Burton, Omnia - Hearts Connected (Costa Extended Mix).mp3"40,"Charlie - Spacer Woman (Vocal).mp3"41,"Chipu - Madagascar (Extended Mix).mp3"42,"Chipu - Voices From Egypt (Extended Mix).mp3"43,"Chris Di Perri - Get Down.mp3"44,"CID & Joshwa - How We Do (Original Mix).mp3"45,"Cinthie - Organ (DJ-Kicks).mp3"46,"Classic Man - Keepin On (The Classic Man Mixdown).mp3"47,"Classmatic - El Primer Corazon.mp3"48,"Classmatic - Faux Francais.mp3"49,"Classmatic - Hypnotize (Original Mix).mp3"50,"Classmatic - Poison.mp3"51,"Classmatic:Na7an - Te Quiero.mp3"52,"CODE02 - Maria.mp3"53,"Colyn - Jatayu (Extended Mix).mp3"54,"Computor Rockers - Computor Mechanic.mp3"55,"Coyu - Life Without You (Starkato Remix).mp3"56,"Cristhian Balcazar - All Freeze.mp3"57,"Cyril Trad - The Return (Original Mix).mp3"58,"Dada Life - So Good (Extended Mix).mp3"59,"Dan Thompson - Deep Horizon (Extended Mix).mp3"60,"Daniel Camarillo - Say My Name (Konte Remix).mp3"61,"Daniel Steinberg - Free Love (Original Mix).mp3"62,"Darin Epsilon - In Harm's Way (Moonbootica Remix).mp3"63,"Darin Epsilon - In Harm's Way (Sezer Uysal Remix).mp3"64,"Darin Epsilon - In Harm's Way.mp3"65,"Darius Syrossian:George Smeddles - Back In The Dance (Extended Mix).mp3"66,"Darknezz - Palladium.mp3"67,"Darko Milosevic - Revertetur In Lucem (Clawz SG Remix).mp3"68,"Dashdot - Sinners And Fools Feat. Kara Hesse (Original mix).mp3"69,"Dave Zee - Brainfreeze (Dizmaster Remix).mp3"70,"Daxson - Enamour (Extended Mix).mp3"71,"DC Salas - Nothing Is Ever Lost (Original Mix).mp3"72,"Developer - Dream Awake (Original Mix).mp3"73,"DIEGO SAN DIEGO - Balenciaga (Extended Mix).mp3"74,"Dinamica - Connection (Original Mix).mp3"75,"Dirkie Coetzee pres Deeper Calling - Deeper Calling (Extended Mix).mp3"76,"Dirkie Coetzee pres Deeper Calling - Voyager One (Extended Mix).mp3"77,"Discognition - A Walk With Zeus (Extended Mix).mp3"78,"Discognition - Passion In A Dreamer's Ocean (Extended Mix).mp3"79,"DJ Wady:MoonDark - Lost World.mp3"80,"Dosem - Digital Futures (Extended Mix).mp3"81,"Dr. Baker - Kaos (Theme from.. Mix).mp3"82,"DRMZ - A Memento Of Time.mp3"83,"Duarte (BR) - Carioca Da Gema.mp3"84,"Dusan G - Breathe.mp3"85,"EANP - Supreme (Jelly for the Babies Remix).mp3"86,"EANP - Supreme.mp3"87,"EdOne - Reincarnation (Original Mix).mp3"88,"Edwin Oosterwal - Elasticity (Alden Tyrell Remix).mp3"89,"Eelke Kleijn - Transmission (Extended Mix).mp3"90,"Eleonora - Okay (Ante Perry Remix).mp3"91,"Eli Brown - Believe.mp3"92,"Eli Escobar - FindAWay2Day (Original Mix).mp3"93,"Eli Nissan - Snow Tiger (Original Mix).mp3"94,"Eli Spiral - Hubble's Law.mp3"95,"Emran Badalov - Makin Moves.mp3"96,"Engelbert - Cosmos.mp3"97,"Engelbert - Descent.mp3"98,"Eon - Infinity (Mystic Mix).mp3"99,"Erdi Irmak - Deneb (Rework).mp3"100,"Erdi Irmak - Hope (Rework).mp3"101,"Erdi Irmak - The One (Rework).mp3"102,"Erdi Irmak - Zura (Rework).mp3"103,"Eye-Xpress - Nobody's Fool.mp3"104,"Faithless, Nathan Ball, Caleb Femi - I Need Someone (feat. Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi) (Yotto Extended Mix).mp3"105,"Far Distance - Hyperspace (Rauschhaus Remix).mp3"106,"Far Distance - Ibai.mp3"107,"Farrago - Quieto (Flashpoint Mix).mp3"108,"Fatima Njai, Jerome Sydenham - In The Pocket.mp3"109,"Fauvrelle - La Vie (Tuccillo Remix).mp3"110,"First Choice - Love and Happiness (Original Mix).mp3"111,"Flashmob - Funky Pills (Extended Mix).mp3"112,"G Monk - Control.mp3"113,"G Monk - Last Song.mp3"114,"Gaga - Envy (BILBONI Remix).mp3"115,"Ganesh - MetaState (Extended Mix).mp3"116,"GAWP - Burning Inside (Extended Mix).mp3"117,"Giuseppe Ottaviani - Hero (Extended Mix).mp3"118,"Glynn Alan - That's Life (Glynn Alan Alternative Extended Mix).mp3"119,"Green Lake Project - Liberate Mae.mp3"120,"Groove N' Hat - Ghetto Groove.mp3"121,"Groovebox - Ritual (Original Mix).mp3"122,"Grush - Red Sky.mp3"123,"H85 - Interplanetary (Extended Mix).mp3"124,"Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul).mp3"125,"Hatiras - No Feelings.mp3"126,"Henry Saiz - All The Evil Of This World (2022 Edition).mp3"127,"Hidden Empire - Signals.mp3"128,"Hidden Empire - The Last Trip (2FD Remix).mp3"129,"Hidden Empire - Voices Of Salvation.mp3"130,"Hot Lizard - Big Air (Love From San Francisco Remix 2022 Remaster).mp3"131,"HouseGoBoom - By My Side.mp3"132,"Hugo Massien - Twist & Turn (Original Mix).mp3"133,"Human Element - Memories.mp3"134,"Husa & Zeyada - Piece of Mind (Artphorm Remix).mp3"135,"Husa & Zeyada - Piece of Mind (Timo Maas Remix).mp3"136,"Indecent Noise - The Lost Odyssey.mp3"137,"Interstellar Funk - Into The Echo (Original Mix).mp3"138,"Jamback - Roaring 20's (Original Mix).mp3"139,"Jame C - Miss Love (Extended Mix) .mp3"140,"Jame C - Wrong.mp3"141,"James Dexter - Almost Time (Original Mix).mp3"142,"James Hurr - Right Now (Extended Mix).mp3"143,"Jason Xmoon - Authentic.mp3"144,"Jho Roscioli - The First Time.mp3"145,"Joe T Vannelli, Csilla - Voice in Harmony (Joe T Vannelli Original Mix).mp3"146,"Jordan Arts & Minoz (NL) - Arctic Lake (Soul Button Remix).mp3"147,"Joris Voorn, Monkey Safari - Safe (Joris Voorn Remix).mp3"148,"Jos & Eli - Sabotage (Extended Mix).mp3"149,"Jos & Eli - Transporter (Extended Mix).mp3"150,"Julian Jeweil - Boreal (Original Mix).mp3"151,"Julian Jeweil - Mad (Popof Remix) (Best Of 2013).mp3"152,"K3SARA - Rebuza (Jad0 Remix).mp3"153,"Kachas, Electric Dreams (BR) - Fleeting Glimpse (Original Mix).mp3"154,"Kahu:Jho Roscioli - FSound.mp3"155,"Kain & Ingvar - Air Spirit (Original Mix).mp3"156,"KARAKA - Bhairav.mp3"157,"KARAKA - Kulungule.mp3"158,"KARAKA - Shanti Less.mp3"159,"Kariya - Let Me Love You for Tonight (House Mix).mp3"160,"Kebin van Reeken - Violent Nature (Original Mix).mp3"161,"Ketno - MDNSS.mp3"162,"Kimishkez - Go Wild (Diego R Remix).mp3"163,"Klinical - Blue Static (Original Mix).mp3"164,"Kolonie - Tenebris (Original Mix).mp3"165,"Kreisel - Berlinale (Monococ Remix).mp3"166,"Krespo - Step It Up.mp3"167,"LatmunBen Sterling - Just Like.mp3"168,"Lazy Sunday - Hey Gurl (The Cube Guys rework edit).mp3"169,"Lexer - Echoes Of Silence.mp3"170,"Lian Gold, Erika Krall - Jama.mp3"171,"Lian Gold, Erika Krall - Wakanda.mp3"172,"Liquid Soul - Devotion (Suduaya Remix).mp3"173,"Local Dialect - Dionysus (Extended Mix).mp3"174,"Luchiz - Party People (Original Mix).mp3"175,"Luke Slater - Love (Marcel Dettmann's Black Gloves Remix).mp3"176,"M. Rodriguez:Karol Melinger - Trybells.mp3"177,"Maceo Plex - Ain't That Love (Original mix).mp3"178,"Manoova, Matu (UK) - Frozen (Original Mix).mp3"179,"MANT - Subconscious (James Dexter Remix).mp3"180,"Mark Hawkins - Let's Go (Original Mix).mp3"181,"Mark Maxwell:Asta - Santorini (feat. ASTA).mp3"182,"Markus Schulz, Dakota - Avalon 6AM (DR. DRTY Extended Remix).mp3"183,"Markus Schulz, Dakota - Manray (Extended Mix).mp3"184,"Markus Schulz, Dakota - Vapour feat. Dakota (Extended Mix).mp3"185,"Matt Darey, Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Space Motion Extended Remix).mp3"186,"Matt Dawson:Kevin Mills - Club Around.mp3"187,"Matthias Tanzmann, Black Circle - Aftermath (Original Mix).mp3"188,"Mha Iri - Open Up (Original Mix).mp3"189,"Michael Zucker - Good Times (Original Mix).mp3"190,"Mike Dunn - It's A Groove Thang (Black Glitter LB Extended MixX).mp3"191,"Mikkelrev & Mike Spirit - Amanjaro (Original Mix).mp3"192,"Milkwish - Light in the Night (Extended Mix).mp3"193,"Mister Sweatband - Rider.mp3"194,"Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Don't Leave Me (Reinier Zonneveld Remix).mp3"195,"Mochakk - Game Changer (Original Mix).mp3"196,"Monarc - Numadzu (Original Mix).mp3"197,"Monarc - Tandem (Original Mix).mp3"198,"Monarc - Tandem (Siva Prayojan Remix).mp3"199,"Monostone - Eden (Texlix Remix).mp3"200,"Mood II Swing - Move Me (Alternate Version).mp3"201,"Mood II Swing, Carol Sylvan - Closer (Spencer Parker's A Gun For Hire Remix).mp3"202,"N-Gynn - BA Four.mp3"203,"N-sKing, Norex & Adwell - From The Ashes (Extended Mix).mp3"204,"Niceshot - Popcorn.mp3"205,"Nifra - Getaway (Extended Mix).mp3"206,"Nora En Pure - Reminiscing (Extended Mix).mp3"207,"Nora En Pure - Tribe of Kindness (Extended Mix).mp3"208,"NWYR - The Lone Ranger (Extended Mix).mp3"209,"Orgymu5ik - Rumble (Original Mix).mp3"210,"OSE:Tombz - Track ID.mp3"211,"Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Bubbles.mp3"212,"Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Hyperion.mp3"213,"Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Kronos.mp3"214,"Paul Trouble Anderson, Mood II Swing, Wall Of Sound - Penetration (Original Mix).mp3"215,"Pavel Khvaleev - Labyrinth (Extended Mix).mp3"216,"Pavel Khvaleev - Synthetic Sky (Extended Mix).mp3"217,"Popof - Amnesia Ibiza 2017 (Mixed by Popof).mp3"218,"Popof - Bowo.mp3"219,"Popof - Confusion.mp3"220,"Popof - Do You Want Me (Original Mix) (Best Of 2009).mp3"221,"Popof - Dust Storm.mp3"222,"Popof - I Thought It Was All Over(1).mp3"223,"Popof - Kronic (Original Mix).mp3"224,"Popof - No Way (Original Mix).mp3"225,"Popof - Nowhere To Go.mp3"226,"Popof - Open Head (Original Mix).mp3"227,"Popof - Serenity (Oxia Remix)(1).mp3"228,"Popof - Silicone (Sacha Robotti Remix)(1).mp3"229,"Popof - Skylighter.mp3"230,"Popof - Vaporizer.mp3"231,"PRAANA & Julia Church - Nobody Else (Extended Mix).mp3"232,"PRZ - The Zone (Original Mix).mp3"233,"Quelupa - Striker.mp3"234,"Ragie Ban - Discovery.mp3"235,"Ragie Ban:Duarte (BR) - Stop Posing.mp3"236,"RAMIN ARAB - Tornado (Extended Mix).mp3"237,"Ramiro Lopez, Spartaque, Cicien - Frequency Ft. Cicien (Original Mix).mp3"238,"Reinier Zonneveld, Speedy J - Oldskoolweg (Original Mix).mp3"239,"Renac - Awareness.mp3"240,"Renac - Clouded.mp3"241,"Rianu Keevs - The Sea Of Love.mp3"242,"Richard Durand, Christina Novelli - The Air I Breathe (Kryder Extended Remix).mp3"243,"Rick Silva - Like In Africa (Original Mix).mp3"244,"Rick Silva:Mabel Caamal - Acid.mp3"245,"Rikken, Max Hendricks - Labyrinth (Samer Tinoco Remix).mp3"246,"Risk AssessmentKE - Feel That (Franck Roger Remix).mp3"247,"Riton, Gucci Soundsystem, Dj Funk, Vula - Fuck Me Right (Original Mix).mp3"248,"Robert Bell - Love Me Too.mp3"249,"Robin Fett - Closer (Tuccillo Remix).mp3"250,"Roddy Lima - Runaway (Extended Mix).mp3"251,"Roger Sanchez - Time 2 Stop (A-Trak Extended Remix).mp3"252,"Roman Fluegel - D.I.S.C.O. (Extended Version).mp3"253,"RTEM - Life Before Eyes (Monarc Remix).mp3"254,"Ruben Schwarz - Moaveu.mp3"255,"Ruimte Vogel - Freix (Original Mix).mp3"256,"Runge:Vanilla Ace - Heat Ray (Radio Edit).mp3"257,"Sabo - Duende (Derun Remix).mp3"258,"Safinteam - Indignation (Vocal Mix).mp3"259,"Sante Sansone - Anarquista.mp3"260,"Scorz - Orpheus (Extended Mix).mp3"261,"Sebb JuniorVertigini - You Don't Have To Leave (Extended Mix).mp3"262,"Serge Trad - Andromeda (Original Mix).mp3"263,"Seth Troxler, Jaden Thompson - Talking Walls (Original Mix).mp3"264,"Shamanti - My Life.mp3"265,"Shanil Alox - Algorithm (Mike Isai Remix).mp3"266,"SHAZZE - Mystical (Ninesh Babu Remix).mp3"267,"SHAZZE - Sounds of Heaven (Original Mix).mp3"268,"Sheryl Lee Ralph - In The Evening (Extended 12 Inch Version).mp3"269,"SILVA PACHINO - That the Way Love Goes (Original Mix).mp3"270,"SILVA PACHINO - The Last Time (Original Mix).mp3"271,"simas - Anansi.mp3"272,"simas - Ranxerox.mp3"273,"Solarquest - Mayhem (Veles LB Remix).mp3"274,"Solique - Imminence.mp3"275,"Sorley, GOUX - Little Secrets (Jansons Remix).mp3"276,"Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved (Extended Mix).mp3"277,"Soulmade (AR) - Separate Ways.mp3"278,"Sovax - Tequila.mp3"279,"Space 92 - The Door.mp3"280,"Space 92Popof - Insomnia.mp3"281,"Spada - Take Me There (Extended Mix).mp3"282,"Spada, Lauren L'aimant - Gone (Extended Mix).mp3"283,"Spaniol - Azul.mp3"284,"Spaniol - Caravana Rolidei.mp3"285,"Speciale & Guy Malka - We All One.mp3"286,"Spencer Parker - Dream the Future (Original Mix).mp3"287,"Spencer Parker - Faster Forward (Original Mix).mp3"288,"Spencer Parker - Kiss (Extended Mix).mp3"289,"Spencer Parker - Yes Bb (Original Mix).mp3"290,"Sqwad - Your Soul.mp3"291,"Stan Kolev - Within.mp3"292,"Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Original Mix).mp3"293,"Stefan Addo - Avalon.mp3"294,"Stefano Ranieri - Taste Of The Future.mp3"295,"Storm, Jam El Mar, Rebuke - Storm 2022 (Extended).mp3"296,"Syncosis - Sefa (Original Mix).mp3"297,"The Cube Guys - Baba O'Riley (The Cube Guys Vokal Mix).mp3"298,"The Deepshakerz:Kid Enigma - What I Do.mp3"299,"The Royal Academy Of Fierce, Larry Tee, Radio Slave, Justin Vivien Bond - Fashion Queen (Original Mix).mp3"300,"Thomas Schumacher - Fangbanger (Victor Ruiz Remix).mp3"301,"Tiesto - Adagio For Strings.mp3"302,"Tiesto - Flight 643 (Original Mix).mp3"303,"Tiesto - It's Not The Things You Say (Ali Wilson Remix).mp3"304,"Tiesto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (Original Mix).mp3"305,"Tinlicker, Roos Jonker - Come Back Home feat. Roos Jonker (Extended Mix).mp3"306,"Trevisan - Sapphire.mp3"307,"Tuccillo - Generator.mp3"308,"Tuccillo & Kindbud - Underground.mp3"309,"Tuff London - Take You Up (Extended Mix).mp3"310,"Ummet Ozcan - Gargantua (Extended Mix).mp3"311,"V3O - Oh bby oh (Original Mix).mp3"312,"Valya Kan - Promises (Original Mix).mp3"313,"Veerus - Yard (Original Mix).mp3"314,"Veles (LB) - Amidst Chaos.mp3"315,"Vicissu - Armored.mp3"316,"Vicissu - Closed Body.mp3"317,"Victor SQU - If You (Don Longton Remix).mp3"318,"Viot - Fundamentals (Original Mix).mp3"319,"VIOT - GOOD FOR ME.mp3"320,"Vitor Vinter - Bigfoot (Original Mix).mp3"321,"Vitor Vinter - Night Gift (Original Mix).mp3"322,"Vitor Vinter:Trallez - Dither.mp3"323,"VLTRA (IT) - Parade.mp3"324,"Vonda7 - Arrivals (Artche Remix).mp3"325,"Vonda7 - Arrivals.mp3"326,"Woo York - Land Of Heroes.mp3"327,"Woo York - Melt.mp3"328,"Xiasou, Contribute Translation, Hernán Torres - Flashback (Original Mix).mp3"