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Beatport New Trance, Progressive Tracks

DATA CREATED: 2022-08-06 TOTAL: 350 FORMAT: MP3 QUALITY: 320 kbps GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica


•1st In Line - Lost In You (Extended Mix)•3KM, Eamonn Fevah - Bad Boy Sound (Dub Mix)•3KM, Eamonn Fevah - Bad Boy Sound (Extended Mix)•AA Meeting - Summit (Extended Mix)•Aaron Francesco - Raven (Extended Mix)•Accuface, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Trance Arts - Hourglass (Extended Mix)•Achilles (OZ), Lister - Sic Mundus (Extended Mix)•Activa, Rolo Green, Julie Harrington - Reach Out (Extended Mix)•Activa, Rolo Green, Julie Harrington - Reach Out (Protoculture Extended Remix)•Adam Novy - Nothing Can Change Us (Original Mix)•Adam Novy - Sky Traveler (Nathan Red Remix)•Adam Novy - Sky Traveler (Original Mix)•Adam Sobiech - Liquid Love (Downtempo Mix)•Adam Sobiech - Liquid Love (Original Mix)•Ahmed Helmy, Gid Sedgwick - Exploited Lover (Deep Extended Mix)•Air Project, Ruslan Aschaulov - Somewhere In Heaven (Extended Mix)•Ajam Shaz, Sonic Wave - Listen To My Heart (Extended Mix)•Alan Morris, Daniel Garrick - Memory Lane (Extended Mix)•Alchemist (CA) - Forget You (Extended Dub Mix)•Alchemist (CA) - Forget You (Extended Mix)•Alchemist (CA) - I Got Tranced (Extended Mix)•Alex Drane - A Deeper Desire (Extended Mix)•Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Calling San Francisco (Extended)•Alex Sunders - Falling Star (Original Mix)•Alexander Komarov - Echo Of Dreams•Alexander Popov, Sam Bagira - We Are (Extended Mix)•Amar N - Leave Me Wanting More (Extended Mix)•Andre Wildenhues - A Trance State (Extended Mix)•Andrea Ribeca - Panorama (Extended Mix)•Andy Newtz - Fire In The Sky (Intro Mix)•Andy Newtz - Fire In The Sky (Original Mix)•Andy Newtz - Titan (Extended Mix)•Anton Trian - Chamaeleo (Original Mix)•Anton Trian - Nemesis (Original Mix)•Anton Trian - Sleepless (Original Mix)•Arif Kasimov - My Dreams (Original Mix)•Arneksis - Lady From The Past (Original Mix)•Arnold & Baggotts - Triangulum (Pico Boulevard Remix)•Atragun, Ross Cairns - Lost In Glasgow (Extended Mix)•Auturia - Believe (Extended Mix)•Auturia - Believe (Intro Mix)•Avalynn - Hidden Emotions (Original Mix)•Avenue One - Upstairs Terrace (Extended Mix)•Ayda Van Helden - Voice In My Head (Instrumental Mix)•Ayda Van Helden - Voice In My Head (Original Mix)•Beatsole, Mitex - Lost Room (Extended Mix)•Beeroy - Ocean Breeze (Original Mix)•Beeroy - Ocean Breeze (Sunset Mix)•BiXX - Now Or Never (Extended Mix)•Brandon Beatty - The Traveller (Extended Mix)•Brenak - Overdrive (Extended Mix)•CarHer - Relaxation (Extended Mix)•Cedric Lass - Ryugu (Extended Mix)•Chris Rane - Hypnotic State (Original Mix)•Christina Novelli, Dave Neven - Feel Alive (Extended Mix)•Claudiu Adam - Whispers Of The Past (Extended Mix)•Claus Backslash - Follow The Sun (Extended Mix)•Cold Face, Henry Moe - Melbourne (Extended Mix)•Conor Holohan - NAVA (Extended Mix)•Corrado Baggieri - Energia (Extended Mix)•Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro - Hear Me Out (Extended Mix)•Cosmonaut - Plasma (Original Mix)•Criostasis - Paralisys (Original Mix)•Crisy - Rumination (Extended Mix)•Cubicolor - Summer & Smoke (Original Mix)•D-Devils - The Anthem Of Forgotten Dreams (Talla 2XLC Remix)•D72 - Lost In Mind (Extended Mix)•DJ Frost - I Can Hear Your Voice (Intro Mix)•DJ Frost - I Can Hear Your Voice (Original Mix)•DJ Geri - Across The Sky (Original Mix)•DJ T.H. - The Sunset Symphony (Extended Mix)•DJ T.H., Andre Visior, Linnea Schossow - Everglow (Pink Control Extended Remix)•DJ Tony Magic - Spiritual Journey (Original Mix)•DJ Wag - Red Planet (ADM Extended Remix)•DJT - REMEMBER (Extended Mix)•DJT - REMEMBER (Red Extended Mix)•DSM - Ladders Benight (Extended Mix)•DSM - Sphea (Extended Version)•Damate - Eternity (Extended Mix)•Damus, Lyd14 - Tammer (Extended Instrumental Mix)•Damus, Lyd14 - Tammer (Extended Vocal Mix)•Dan Cooper - Escape (Extended Mix)•Darren O'Brien, Tammy Milner - Don't Let Go (Chris Schweizer Extended Remix)•Db Mokk - The Louder The Better (Extended Mix)•Deni Sunrise - Chasing The Lines (Original Mix)•Denis Airwave, Ria Joyse - Forever (Extended Mix)•Dennis Sheperd - Run (Extended Mix)•Derek Ryan, Sarah De Warren - Starts Tonight (Extended Mix)•Dima Deemidoff - Energetics (Original Mix)•Dima Deemidoff - Insight (Original Mix)•Divisional Phrase - Raving TV's At Midnight (Extended Mix)•Drunk Breeze - Delonix Regia (Extended Mix)•Duncan MacPherson - History (Original Mix)•Dusk Horizon - Asia (Extended Mix)•Eelke Kleijn - Dark Horse (Live Version)•Elevven, Sarah Mark - Shallow (Extended Mix)•Emma Hewitt, Markus Schulz - INTO MY ARMS (Extended Mix)•Estiva - Le Rêve (Extended Mix)•Eugenio Tokarev, Cari - Going Deep (Extended Mix)•Everlight, Diadu - Bleed (Extended Mix)•Eximinds, Ash Nova - Give Us Hope (Extended Mix)•F4T4L3RR0R - Short Cut (Extended Mix)•F4T4L3RR0R - Short Cut (Salto Angel Remix)•FAWZY, Vassmo, Rebecca Louise Burch - Always (Extended Mix)•Factoria, Gregor Burney - Mergence (Extended Mix)•Farius, Cristina Soto - On My Mind (Blonde Maze Remix)•Farius, Cristina Soto - On My Mind (Farius Lost In 137 Extended Mix)•Farius, Cristina Soto - On My Mind (Omnia Extended Remix)•Farnoodex - Heavenly Body (Extended Mix)•Farnoodex - New Horizon (Extended Mix)•Farnoodex - Nothingness (Extended Mix)•Fisical Project, Iant - Nostalgica (Extended)•Flo314 - Divinité (Original Mix)•Flo314 - Expanse Your Life (Original Mix)•Flo314 - Hexoplanet (Original Mix)•Frainbreeze - Everything (Dub Extended Mix)•Frainbreeze - Everything (Extended Mix)•Fred Baker, Dark Alliance - Genetic (Ed Lynam Extended Remix)•GXD, Sarah De Warren - Hell & High Water (DRYM Extended Remix)•GXD, Sarah De Warren - Hell & High Water (Ocata Extended Remix)•Gadolan - Fullness (Extended Mix)•Galexis, Jason Vinterra - Ejecta (Extended Mix)•Ghost Etiquette, RRDR, Sean Ryan - Side Road (Extended Mix)•GoC - Spinning (Extended Mix)•Gregory Torres - Evolution (Extended Mix)•Guava - Cosmic Rays (Se.Ra.Phic Remix)•HGenius, Bronte - Darkness Fades (Extended Mix)•Hassan Jewel, Derek Mark - Nelyda (Extended Mix)•Heatbeat - Titan (Extended Mix)•Hel:sløwed, Hidden Tigress - End Of Time (Extended Instrumental Mix)•Hel:sløwed, Hidden Tigress - End Of Time (Extended Mix)•Hemstock, Betts - Synergetic (Extended Mix)•Hemstock, Betts - Synergetic (Sabastien Extended Remix)•Henry Moe, N-sKing - Kaiju (Extended Mix)•Hide & Seek, Airnova - Telesto (Extended Mix)•Huvagen - For You (Extended Mix)•Ian O'Shea - Regeneration (Original Mix)•Iberian - Angels Celestials (Roman Olefirenko Intro Remix)•Iberian - Angels Celestials (Roman Olefirenko Remix)•Imaginary Elephants - Last Dance (Extended Mix)•Inertia - The System (Sneijder Extended Remix)•Inner Heart - I Can't Live Without You (Original Mix)•Invision - Clashes (Original Mix)•Iñigo Rave - Between Your Eyes (Original Mix)•Ishiro - Epiphany (Intro Mix)•Ishiro - Epiphany (Original Mix)•JES - All Or Nothing (Extended Mix)•JUKKA (NL) - Your Fate (Extended Mix)•JXR - Azure (Extended Mix)•Jacoob - Fire Way (Extended Mix)•Jak Aggas, Memory Loss - Meridian (Extended Mix)•Jake & Almo, Josie Sandfeld - Let Me Be The One (Extended Mix)•James Flower - Flowertalk (Extended Mix)•James Flower - Gratitude (Extended Mix)•James Flower - Meditation (Extended Mix)•James Kitcher, Adam Taylor, Deirdre McLaughlin - Who We Were (Uplifting Extended Mix)•Jamil - Ultimate (Original Mix)•Jason Pascascio - Elevate (Extended Mix)•Jayface - Cirruscomulus (Original Mix)•Jayface - Find Your Love (Original Mix)•Jean Clemence, MatricK - Dimension (Extended Mix)•Jerome Isma-Ae, Weekend Heroes - Left To Hide (Extended Mix)•Jerro, Tailor - Legacy (Extended Mix)•Jhonny Vergel - Lion Of Judah (Original Mix)•Jody 6 - Enjoy This Moment In Time (Extended Mix)•Joe Fares - Far Away (Allan McLuhan Remix)•Joe Fares - Far Away (Ben Van Gosh Remix)•Joe Fares - Far Away (Nico Cranxx Remix)•Jordan Suckley - Break The Spell (Extended Mix)•Jordan Suckley - Cruise Control (Extended Mix)•Joyline Snow, Landi - Solid Harmonie (Extended Mix)•K90 - Chemical Love (Harshil Kamdar Extended Remix)•Kaimo K - Amnesia (Extended Mix)•Kaimo K - Explorer (Extended Mix)•h.x.e. - The Beauty Of Life (Extended Mix)•Kajis, D.N.A - Reflect (Extended Mix)•Karim S - Chasing Stars (Extended Mix)•Karl Osvan - Ignition (Extended Mix)•Katty Heath, The Peaceful Trees - I Am That (So Hum Mantra) (Costa Extended Mix)•Kenan Teke - Should Be Higher (Extended Mix)•Kimerik Blaze - Sage (Extended Mix)•King & Early, Penny F. - Sure Fire (Extended Mix)•Kiyoi & Eky - April (Sergey Salekhov Extended Remix)•Klaus Kaz - We Will Rise (Extended Mix)•Kyau & Albert - Always A Fool (Jope Extended Remix)•Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine (John Grand & Kristina Sky Extended Remix)•Kyau & Albert, Marc Marberg - Orange Bill (Cressida Extended Remix)•LÜRUM - Apollo (Extended Mix)•Lasse Macbeth - Last Voyage (Extended Mix)•Last Soldier, Fischer & Miethig - Reunited (Extended Mix)•Liquid Dream, InStars - Under The Stars (Ocoro Intro Remix)•Liquid Dream, InStars - Under The Stars (Ocoro Piano Remix)•Liquid Dream, InStars - Under The Stars (Ocoro Remix)•Liquidized Elements - Essences Of Sound (Extended)•Luca De Maas - Tesseract (Original Mix)•Luke Van Ness - Dream Of An Angel (Extended Mix)•MK8 - Breathe (Aquarius Remix)•MODUS - Modus (DERB Extended Remix)•MONTSHO, Mozik (BR) - Travelling (Original Mix)•Maarten De Jong - Atom (Extended Mix)•Mac & Monday - Opmet (Original Mix)•Mac & Monday - Opmet (Robert B Remix)•Mark Sherry, Clare Stagg - Poison Apple (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix)•Mark Sherry, Peetu S - Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix)•Marsel Fuze - Arulas (Original Mix)•Martin Graff - Cast Away (Extended Mix)•Martin Graff - Mars (Extended Mix)•Masaru Hinaiji - Believe (Original Mix)•Massane - Acceptance (Original Mix)•Massane - Floating (Original Mix)•Massane - One Sided (Original Mix)•Master Beat Projekt - Dark Wind (Original Mix)•Mata - Jupiter (Extended Mix)•Matan Caspi, Angie Be - Drama (Original Mix)•Matthew Dreamer - New Life (Extended Mix)•Mekao - Mowbray Park (Original Mix)•Mekao - Sunderland (Original Mix)•Melodic Culture, Kevin Faraci - Forsaken Kingdom (Extended Mix)•Michael Milov - I Feel U (Extended Mix)•Micky Stardust - As Big As It Gets (Original Mix)•Micky Stardust - Chasing Dreams (Original Mix)•Micky Stardust - Let's Make It Happen (Original Mix)•Midnight Evolution - Hothouse (Original Mix)•Mike Zaloxx - Amsterdam (Extended Mix)•Mikhail Tseslyuk - Parting (Extended Mix)•Milad E, David Deere - Love Got You (Extended Mix)•Milad E, David Deere - Raindance (Extended Mix)•Milad E, David Deere - Tsunami (Extended Mix)•Mind Of One - Feel So Good (Original Mix)•Miroslav Vrlik, Dave Steward - Answers (Extended Mix)•Miss Rodriguez - Space & Mind (Extended)•Mobi D - Cyan (Extended Mix)•NOMADsignal, Nikol Apatini - To The Ground (NOMADsignal Extended Remix)•NRGCore - Asteria (Extended Mix)•Nakhiya - Albion (Extended Mix)•Nakhiya - Hydrogen (Original Mix)•NatrX, Ari Grey - This Game (Extended Mix)•Nicholson - Listen To Your Pain (Extended)•Nick M - Step By Step (Instrumental Mix)•Nick M - Step By Step (Vocal Mix)•Nick V - Higher Place (Extended Mix)•Nick Varon - Conclusions (Original Mix)•Nick Varon - Underpass (Original Mix)•Nils Hoffmann - Afterglow (Extended Mix)•Nils Hoffmann, Julia Church - 9 Days (Extended Mix)•Nils Hoffmann, TENDER - Let Me Go (Extended Mix)•Nitrous Oxide, Simon Gregory - Fusion (Extended Mix)•NoMosk - Better For You (Extended Mix)•Northern Project, Bram VanK - No More Fear (Extended Mix)•Nucrise - Light Bringers (Extended Mix)•Numedian - Balearic Sunset (Cullera Extended Remix)•Numedian - Balearic Sunset (Original Mix)•Numedian - Sunrise Over The Mediterranean (John Spider Remix)•Numedian - Sunrise Over The Mediterranean (Original Mix)•NyTiGen, Trance Reserve, Natune - Let Me Sing (Extended Mix)•OLAN - Wake And Return (Extended Mix)•OLAN - Wake And Return (Little Dragon Extended Mix)•Oscar Hawk - Altitude (Extended Mix)•PITTARIUS CODE - Mind Controls (Original Mix)•Paul Oakenfold, Baby E - Shine On (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)•Paul Thomas, Fuenka - Gladiator (Extended Mix)•Paul Van Dyk, Rafael Osmo - Two Rivers (Album Mix)•Peter Santos - Waves Of Energy (Extended Mix)•Pietro Palascino - Euphoria (Extended Mix)•Plutian, Dalmoori - Frigoris (Extended Mix)•PoLYED - Blue Sky (Extended Mix)•Prime Punk - Nyphslone (Extended Mix)•PsyNight - Insight (Extended Mix)•R.E.L.O.A.D. - Me Against Myself (Extended Mix)•RESCAP - White Line (Original Mix)•RICARDO GUERRA - Dreams (Extended Mix)•Ralphie B - Daedalus (Extended Mix)•Rem-X - Suspense (Extended Mix)•Renegade System - Lose Control (Extended Mix)•Ric Aires - End Is The New Beginning (Extended Dub)•Ric Aires - Prisoner Of My Past (Original Mix)•Ric Aires, Jodie - End Is The New Beginning (Chillout Mix)•Ric Aires, Jodie - End Is The New Beginning (Extended Mix)•Ric Aires, Jodie - End Is The New Beginning (Original Mix)•Richard Durand - Evolution (Extended Mix)•Rinaly, Natalie Gioia - Without You (Extended Mix)•Rino Da Silva, Zoey - Are You Happy (Extended Vocal)•Rolfiek, Jeitam Osheen - Aeonian (Extended Dark Mix)•Rolfiek, Jeitam Osheen - Aeonian (Intro Dark Mix)•Ronski Speed, Harshil Kamdar - Orrizonte (Extended Mix)•Ruben De Ronde, Michael Jo - Run Wild (Extended Mix)•Ruslan Device, Katsu - Ocean Love (Extended Mix)•Ruslan Radriges, WhiteLight - More Than Universe (Extended Mix)•S.G.B., MERAPI - Far Away (Original Mix)•SQ - No Idea (Extended Mix)•SQ - See Into Me (Andy T Remix)•SQ - See Into Me (Extended Mix)•Sarah Russell, Raz Nitzan, Trance Classics - All Over Again (Extended Mix)•Sean & Dee - Lights (Extended Mix)•Sean Truby, South Of The Stars - Myst (Extended Mix)•Sibylion - From Soul To Stave (Intro Mix)•Sibylion - From Soul To Stave (Original Mix)•SinStar - Blue Angel (Extended Mix)•SinStar - Dance Vibe (Extended Mix)•SinStar - Pop Up (Extended Mix)•SinStar - Unbelievable (Extended Mix)•Sky Sound - Mystic Forces (Extended Mix)•Skyvol - Far North (Extended Mix)•Solr, Anna-Sophia Henry - Awoken Mind (Extended Mix)•SounEmot - Your Eternal Smile (Sam Fletcher Intro Remix)•SounEmot - Your Eternal Smile (Sam Fletcher Remix)•Spark & Shade - Stellar (Extended Mix)•Stargazers, Annerley - The Day You Faded Away (Extended Mix)•State72 - Awakening (Original Mix)•Stephane Marvel - In The Light Of The Full Moon (Extended Mix)•Stoneface & Terminal - Moonraver (Extended Mix)•Stormline - Heaven's Desire (Intro Mix)•Stormline - Heaven's Desire (Orchestral Mix)•Stormline - Heaven's Desire (Original Mix)•Storyteller, Jake - Out Of My Existence (Corrie Theron Extended Remix)•Stub, Stone Van Brooken - Meraki [Once Again] (Extended Mix)•Sunny Lax - Dragonfly (Extended Mix)•Talla 2xlc, Junk Project - Chaiyya Chaiyya (Dub Mix)•Talla 2xlc, Junk Project - Chaiyya Chaiyya (Vocal Extended Mix)•Taygeto - Borealis (Extended Mix)•Taylor Torrence, Ava Silver - Oxygen (Rafael Frost Extended Remix)•Tempo Giusto - The Electronic Dream (Original Mix)•Terra V. - Hypnotic State (Extended Mix)•The Nightglow, Lucia - Trouble (Original Mix)•The Sickboy - The Border (Extended Mix)•Theodore Engel - Amani (Extended Mix)•Tim Iron - Contrast (Extended Mix)•Tim Iron - Routine (Extended Mix)•Tom Exo - Somnium (Original Mix)•Tomas Abester - Partners In Crime (Extended Mix)•Tonerush - Centaurus (Extended Mix)•Trance X - Emotions (Original Mix)•Tranceminds - Crossroads (Original Mix)•Travel - Bulgarian (Shugz Extended Remix)•Tritonal, Eric Lumiere - Something Beautiful (Extended Mix)•Turker Ozsoy - Panorama (Extended Mix)•U-Jeen - Clap Your Hands (Extended Mix)•Universal Frequency - In Full Swing (Extended Mix)•Universal Frequency - In Full Swing (Secret Club Mix)•Vision X, Awii - Brain Noise (Extended Mix)•Vladislav Maximov, Social - In My Soul (Gabriel Carminatti Remix)•Vladislav Maximov, Social - In My Soul (Golden Sky Remix)•Vladislav Maximov, Social - In My Soul (Vasily Goodkov Remix)•Whoriskey - Pavilion (Extended Mix)•Will Atkinson - Pipe Dreams (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix)•Wæde Wätts, Brandon Michaels - Symbiosis (Extended Mix)•XIU, Kel - Without You (Extended Mix)•ZGOOT - Preeping Up (Original Mix)•ZGOOT - Summer Thunder (Original Mix)•mOat (UK) - In A Quandary (Extended Mix)