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Junodownload, Beatport, Traxsource Charts 2022-03-28

DATA CREATED: 2022-03-28 TOTAL: 160 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco


Beatport Link Artist - Kittin Ultimate Playlist Chart

1,"Animistic Beliefs - Thief of Sanity (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Aphex Twin - p-string (Peel Session).mp3"3,"Hot Since 82, Miss Kittin - Naboo (Nick Curly & Jansons Remix).mp3"4,"Blake Baxter - Where Were You (Original Mix).mp3"5,"Church Of Extacy - Devil Beats (Who Is Jesus Mix).mp3"6,"Aloka - Chroma.mp3"7,"TAFKAMP - 50 Dollars Amore.mp3"8,"Ryan James Ford - Lost and Found.mp3"9,"Miss Kittin, The Hacker - Ostbahnhof (Extended Version).mp3"10,"DJ Rush - Whip Raff.mp3"11,"Underground Resistance - Communications Silence.mp3"12,"The Exaltics : Paris The Black Fu - Wea Poni Zedin Form Ation.mp3"13,"Electronome - Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer.mp3"14,"Detroit's Filthiest - Scared 2 Death.mp3"15,"Estella Boersma - The Measure.mp3"16,"Caramel Chameleon - Dronacid (Phaserinterlude Mix).mp3"17,"Rayme - Ghost of The Jungle.mp3"18,"Kerrie - No Imitation.mp3"

Beatport Link Label - Desert Hearts Black

1,"Marbs - Mental Gymnastics.mp3"2,"Justin Marchacos - Indelible.mp3"3,"Justin Marchacos - Trial.mp3"4,"Rinzen : Marbs : Evan Casey - Ark.mp3"5,"Marbs - Needed Time.mp3"6,"Darin Epsilon : Galestian - RESET (Fur Coat Remix).mp3"7,"Mood Gorning : Pontias - Heartlands.mp3"8,"Nosssia - Astral Ghetto.mp3"9,"Marbs, Evan Casey, Katie Kilbride - Birds on a Wire (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape).mp3"10,"Mood Gorning : Pontias - Marstons Romance.mp3"11,"Justin Marchacos - Digital Emotion.mp3"12,"Marc DePulse : Darin Epsilon - Commodora.mp3"13,"Marbs - Minds on the Run.mp3"14,"Michael Hooker : Tanae - Dancing in the Breeze.mp3"15,"Darin Epsilon : Galestian - RESET.mp3"16,"Fran Lezaun - Autumn.mp3"17,"Township Rebellion - Mosaik (Marbs & Evan Casey Remix).mp3"18,"Rinzen - Resonate.mp3"19,"Memo Rex - Factions.mp3"20,"Andreas Henneberg - Tretboot.mp3"21,"Marbs - Needed Time (Oscar L on a Trip Remix).mp3"22,"James Trystan - Colossus (Innacircle Remix).mp3"23,"Memo Rex : Dylan Andrew - Unique.mp3"24,"Vanita - Ailurus (Anakim Remix).mp3"25,"Rinzen : Marbs : Evan Casey - Helix.mp3"26,"Township Rebellion - Mosaik (Rinzen Remix).mp3"

Him And Her At Moscow Records - Chart By Odette

1,"ANOTR - Don't Mind Ya Weight (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Argy - Siesta (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Prunk - Through The Walls (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Odette - Dirty Gysele.mp3"5,"Archie Hamilton - Mind Blank (Original Mix).mp3"6,"South Tribe - Drivers (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Toman - Better Is Weather (Original Mix).mp3"8,"Odette - J.J. Johnson.mp3"9,"Rossi. - Kickin It (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Seb Zito - 10AM Fuse.mp3"

Legit Trip Around Chart 2022

1,"Terry Francis - Jazz Hands (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Matt Prehn, Dene Theron - Easy January (Deep Sound Express Remix).mp3"3,"Legit Trip - Around (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Vincent Caira - The Joint (Original Mix).mp3"5,"Legit Trip - Broke My Heart (Original Mix).mp3"6,"Djebali - Aerial Shot (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Alex Arnout - One (More) (Original Mix).mp3"8,"Legit Trip - Voda (Original Mix).mp3"9,"Acid Kids - Happy Place (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Poulsen, Nomad (MX) - Union (Ray Mono Remix).mp3"

Mancini Don't Know Chart

1,"Mancini - Don't Know (NTFO Remix).mp3"2,"Hanfry Martinez - My Name Is Julia.mp3"3,"Wlad - Star System.mp3"4,"Azteca - Adaptation.mp3"5,"D'Julz - Highway.mp3"6,"Mancini Don't Know Chart : Tuccillo : Kindbud - Underground.mp3"7,"Bodeler, Manu Desrets - Parola (Djebali Remix).mp3"8,"Wlad - Star System (Vitess Remix).mp3"9,"Mancini - Don't Know.mp3"10,"Manoova - Listen (Original Mix).mp3"

Milk & Sugar All I Need Charts

1,"Soul Avengerz - Love You Feel (Wh0 Rolling Extended Remix).mp3"2,"Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke - Back Tomorrow (LP Giobbi Extended Remix).mp3"3,"Glen Horsborough, Tracy Hamlin, CASSIMM - Still Need Love (CASSIMM Extended Remix).mp3"4,"S.A.M., Sarah Ikumu - Spotlight (feat. Sarah Ikumu) (Club Mix).mp3"5,"Earth n Days - Together (Extended Mix).mp3"6,"Hotswing - The Feelings (Extended Mix).mp3"7,"Inaya Day, Milk & Sugar, Greg Gould - Love Like This (Extended Mix).mp3"8,"Milk & Sugar, Lurine Cato - All I Need (Is Believe) feat. Lurine Cato (Glen Horsborough Extended Remix).mp3"9,"Austin Ato - When Love Is Drums (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Milk & Sugar, Paul Gardner, Peyton - You Can't Hide from Yourself (CASSIMM Extended Remix).mp3"11,"Low Steppa - Your Dreams (Extended Mix).mp3"12,"Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke - Back Tomorrow (GUZ (NL) Extended Remix).mp3"13,"Milk & Sugar - Funky Music (Hotswing Extended Remix).mp3"14,"Illyus & Barrientos - Sublime (Extended Mix).mp3"15,"John Summit - La Danza (Extended Mix).mp3"

Sam Divine Get To You Chart

1,"Jako Diaz - Runaway (Harry Romero Dirty Jersey Extended Remix).mp3"2,"S.A.M., Sarah Ikumu - Spotlight (feat. Sarah Ikumu) (Club Mix).mp3"3,"Dave + Sam - Sauce (Manoo Buzzin Extended Vocal).mp3"4,"Jess Bays, Jack Hawitt - Cold Love (feat. Jack Hawitt) (Extended Mix).mp3"5,"The Holy, Pony - Never Seen Before (Extended Edit).mp3"6,"Miane - You Belong to Me (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Hannah Wants - Blood, Sweat, Tears (Extended Mix).mp3"8,"Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Back In The Dance (Extended Mix).mp3"9,"Hardrive, L.G. - Sindae (feat. L.G.) (Kenlou Dub).mp3"10,"Denton (UK), SOHMI - Get To You (Extended Mix).mp3"

Spring Equinox - Chart By Jessica Skye

1,"Eynka - Freefall (Extended Mix).mp3"2,"Rony Breaker : Nathan Thomas - Elevate (Miguel Migs Salty Space Dub).mp3"3,"Dusky : Janai - Lost In You (Original Mix).mp3"4,"wAFF - Wormhole (Butch's Earworm Remix).mp3"5,"The Checkup : Yass - Feel It (Franck Roger Remix).mp3"6,"Lucas Alexander, Pablo:Rita - La Di Da (Extended Mix).mp3"7,"Malin Genie : Per Hammar : Samuel Andre Madson - Scania (S.A.M. Reshape).mp3"8,"Roachford - Work It Out (Henrik Schwarz Garage Remix).mp3"9,"Wayward - Transience.mp3"10,"SHADED - Midnight Minds feat. Marina Bjorn.mp3"11,"Kings of Tomorrow : Rae - Can't Stop [Wahoo Club Mix].mp3"12,"Stefano Albanese - Dance Again.mp3"13,"Tal Fussman - Truth.mp3"14,"Son Of Raw - A Black Man in Space (Sax Mix).mp3"15,"Ben Rau - Holding On (Original Mix).mp3"16,"Elian Dust - Celtic Girl (Andrew Meller Extended Mix).mp3"17,"Jamie Jones, Alan Fitzpatrick - Sundancing (Original Mix).mp3"18,"Richy Ahmed - Bad Boy (Original Mix).mp3"19,"ATFC - No Words (Jessica Skye Acid88 Mix).mp3"20,"Simon Doty : Ursula Rucker - Hometown (Extended Mix).mp3"

Steve Bug Notes And Keys Chart

1,"Montel, Tilman - Peace In The World (Tilman Remix).mp3"2,"Blue Amazon - I Want Your Soul (Ranj Kaler Remix).mp3"3,"Dachshund - Division (Original Mix).mp3"4,"Made By Pete, Savage & SHē - Too Drunk To Dream (Original Mix).mp3"5,"Hyenah, RIMARKABLE - The Manifesto (Original Mix).mp3"6,"Steve Bug - Let's Go (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shante - Reels (Extended Mix).mp3"8,"Acid Jerks - Chocolate Factory (Extended Mix).mp3"9,"Steve Bug, Cle - The Rave (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Tovi Sound System - With Love (Original Mix).mp3"

Traxsource Dachshund Division Chart

1,"Dachshund - Corruption.mp3"2,"Steve Bug - Montafon.mp3"3,"Luminer - Rhum And Hate.mp3"4,"Martin Landsky - I Can't Dance.mp3"5,"Audiojack - Vertigo.mp3"6,"Badeo - Facade.mp3"7,"Eddie Richards - Othersound.mp3"8,"Steve Bug, Langenberg - Chord Cluster (Cassy Full On Dub Mix).mp3"9,"Skudge - Grain.mp3"10,"Dachshund - Division.mp3"

Troy Kurtz Acid Rain Chart

1,"Nicola Cruz - Vai Sentir.mp3"2,"Byron the Aquarius : JT Donaldson - Why Do You Love Me? (JT Donaldson's Bass Dub).mp3"3,"Benoit B - Dreelkrugz.mp3"4,"sansibar - Force Of Equilibrium.mp3"5,"Curses - Smoke.mp3"6,"TROY KURTZ - Acid Rain.mp3"7,"TORCH SONG - Hark (Long Version).mp3"8,"Clint - Libra Falls (Eden Burns Remix).mp3"9,"Radondo - Dante (Jex Opolis Remix).mp3"10,"John Noseda - Mind Control (Paula Tape Remix).mp3"11,"Priori - Winged (Priori Rezone).mp3"12,"myki - Mojo Ape.mp3"13,"Il Est Vilaine - Agitation.mp3"14,"Otik - Soulo.mp3"15,"Piska Power - Trance Gate (Danny Daze Remix).mp3"16,"Swoose - Bloom (Original Mix).mp3"17,"Opal Sunn - Magic Mountain.mp3"18,"Enfant Sauvage : Daniel Avery - 58500 (Daniel Avery Remix).mp3"19,"Chinaski - Bomba.mp3"20,"Donald's House - Melodies on the Meridian.mp3"21,"Two Lone Swordsmen - We Change the Frequency.mp3"