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Junodownload Hot Dj Charts 2022-03-29

DATA CREATED: 2022-03-29 TOTAL: 260 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco


1,"Harpoon, Daniella Lewis - Ride with Me feat. Daniella Lewis (Qubiko Extended Remix).mp3"2,"Kickbugs Roland Clark - One House.mp3"3,"Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade (Andrewboy & Nigel Stately 2022 Rework).mp3"4,"Victor Ruiz - Elysium.mp3"5,"Space Motion & Narah - Be Yourself.mp3"6,"Colyn - Jatayu (Extended Version).mp3"7,"Montessori - Digital Mind (Original).mp3"8,"LP Giobbi, Bklava - Sinner (Extended Mix).mp3"9,"Nari, Lissat - Baby Be Mine (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Analog Jungs - Bridge (Original Mix).mp3"11,"W.O.L.F., Romø - Errores (Original Mix).mp3"12,"Ben Delay - Piano Anthem.mp3"13,"Armando (PT), Daniel Orpi - Lusty (Extended Mix).mp3"14,"Junes - Voelen (Joe Mattei Remix).mp3"15,"Eli Nissan - Snow Tiger (Original Mix).mp3"16,"Eran Hersh feat. Sandhaus - The Words (Extended Mix).mp3"17,"Alican - Dimension (Theus Mago Remix).mp3"18,"Gorkiz, Mango - Ipanema Twilight.mp3"19,"Jon.K - Don't Stop the Music.mp3"20,"Stereo Express - The Realm.mp3"21,"Arude & Final Request feat. Sandhaus - Under The Shadow (Original Mix).mp3"22,"Fiorella (FR) - Emovere.mp3"23,"Lead United - After Storm.mp3"24,"Kenan Savrun - Lacuna.mp3"25,"Mendo - Homy Baby (Extended Mix).mp3"26,"Airsand, TuraniQa - Miracle (savin remix) .mp3"27,"Digitalism - Picnic (Original Mix).mp3"28,"Trilingo - Them.mp3"29,"Fiorella (FR) - Expirare.mp3"30,"M. Rodriguez, Karol Melinger - Trybells.mp3"31,"Sonny Fodera, Biscits - Perfect (Extended Mix).mp3"32,"Miguel Bastida - Azid People (Extended Mix).mp3"33,"Cedric Gervais & Jem Cooke - Blue (Extended Mix).mp3"34,"Figueras - Summit.mp3"35,"Emily Nash - Garden (Original Mix).mp3"36,"Aquarius Heaven, Carlos Barbero, Enes Çakir - Faces (Musumeci Remix).mp3"37,"Cybek - Chaos.mp3"38,"Desert Dwellers - Wise Man Speaks (GMJ Remix).mp3"39,"Jardin - Rufus (Extended Mix).mp3"40,"Joshwa, Martin Badder - Off Limits (Extended Mix).mp3"41,"Julian Jeweil - Minuit.mp3"42,"&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Ali Love - Confusion (Laolu Remix).mp3"43,"Dom Dolla, Mansionair - Strangers (with Mansionair) (Nora En Pure Extended Remix).mp3"44,"Vazik - Clouds & Stars.mp3"45,"Joezi - Amina (Extended, Remix).mp3"46,"DETONIT - Soar.mp3"47,"Derek Reiver - My Mission (Club Mix).mp3"48,"Nufects - Luz (Original Mix).mp3"49,"D.e.eMan - Just Can't Get Enough (Original Mix).mp3"50,"Brett Rubin, Vibonacci - Addikted (Kevin McKay & Milos Pesovic Extended Remix).mp3"51,"Montessori, Vongold - Glue In The Sand Feat Vongold (Original).mp3"52,"Maur feat. Faber - Bugging feat. Faber.mp3"53,"The Tamperer Feat. Maya - Feel It (Albert Marzinotto Re-Feel It Extended Mix).mp3"54,"Yurie (CA) - Amado (Club Mix).mp3"55,"Deeparture - Shuttle (Extended Mix).mp3"56,"Analog Jungs - Here & Now (Original Mix).mp3"57,"Redux Saints & Aaron Lowe - About You (Venky Remix).mp3"58,"Kalkara - Horizon (Aleckat Remix).mp3"59,"Matias Delongaro - La Pacha (Original Mix).mp3"60,"Anja Schneider - I Care For You (Original Mix).mp3"61,"Wade - Higher Than The Clouds (Extended Mix).mp3"62,"Roxe - Feel Me (Extended Mix).mp3"63,"Fhaken, N-Telekia, Aaron Sevilla - Latino (Original Mix).mp3"64,"Anfisa Letyago - Nisida (Anfisa Letyago Remix).mp3"65,"FiveP - Magnificent (Original Mix).mp3"66,"Tough Love, Willemijn May - Crazy (Extended Mix).mp3"67,"Shermanology - W&J (Extended Mix).mp3"68,"F3d3 B - Disco Fever (Extended Mix).mp3"69,"Piero Pirupa - We Don’t Need (Extended Mix).mp3"70,"Extrawelt - Bright Side Of My Room.mp3"71,"Lj Guru, Ambient Pino feat. May Sheila - Wicked Game (Wicked Game).mp3"72,"Rettake & Leo Lacerda - The Dance (Extended Mix).mp3"73,"After Sunrise - On the Road.mp3"74,"Shermanology, FISHER (OZ) - It's A Killa (Extended Mix).mp3"75,"Amfree & Stefane - Passion (Sean Finn Remix).mp3"76,"Blas Miller - Wanna Fly (Original Mix).mp3"77,"Andre Vicenzzo, Carlos Dominguez, Ethian Guerrero - Love With Demons (Seleck Remix).mp3"78,"D.e.eMan - I'm Coming Up (Original Mix).mp3"79,"Douse - The Reason (Extended Mix).mp3"80,"Matias Delongaro - Espuma en Sal (Original Mix).mp3"81,"BLOND_ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier - Sete (Original Mix).mp3"82,"Cybek - Armony.mp3"83,"Piem, Richard Ulh, Mikey V - Juicy Lips (David Herrlich Remix - Extended Mix).mp3"84,"Anfisa Letyago - Insidia (DJ Seinfeld Remix).mp3"85,"Goom Gum - Kaleidoscope (Original Mix).mp3"86,"DevilBoy - Girls In The Back (Original Mix).mp3"87,"Desert Dwellers - Wise Man Speaks (Treavor Moontribe Remix).mp3"88,"Melancholics Attitude - YOU BETTER LICK IT! (Extended Mix).mp3"89,"Tall Paul feat. Franko Harris - Sexuality (Tall Paul Remix).mp3"90,"FiveP - Blunder (Original Mix).mp3"91,"Deenara - The Empress.mp3"92,"Wally Lopez, Andre Rizo, Nodus - Turo Tech.mp3"93,"Izzet - With Hope (Original Mix) (Puncher).mp3"94,"Gui Boratto - Love To Share (Red Heart Times).mp3"95,"Bruno Furlan - Dancefloor (Extended Mix).mp3"96,"Arude, Final Request, SANDHAUS - Under The Shadow (Lexer Remix).mp3"97,"Pablo Say - Replication.mp3"98,"Arude & Final Request & Sandhaus - Under The Shadow.mp3"99,"Hawk, BEYGE - No Diggity (Extended Mix).mp3"100,"Anfisa Letyago - Listen (Closet Yi Remix).mp3"101,"KAMADEV - I Think Too Much (Original Mix).mp3"102,"ESSEL - Try.mp3"103,"Space Motion & Narah - Be Yourself (Original Mix).mp3"104,"Ferreck Dawn - Aphrodisiac (Extended Mix).mp3"105,"Anfisa Letyago - Don't Hide (Calibre Remix).mp3"106,"Fhaken, N-Telekia, Aaron Sevilla - Downtown (Original Mix).mp3"107,"Stereoporno - Taboo (Deflee Remix).mp3"108,"DONT BLINK - ALL AROUND YOU (Extended Mix).mp3"109,"Pirate Snake, Pleight - iSolator (Extended Mix).mp3"110,"Miss Nine, Gab Tritone feat. Avau - Cool Kids (Vinylsurfer Extended Remix).mp3"111,"Death On the Balcony - Stories Like This.mp3"112,"Brett Gould - All Day Long (Extended Mix).mp3"113,"Deniz Bul - The Craze (Extended Mix).mp3"114,"Kleiman - Bembé (Unicorn Hunters Remix).mp3"115,"Carbon - Ridiculous (Original Mix).mp3"116,"Mushroom Cake, Karim Alkhayat - The Revolution (Lampe Remix).mp3"117,"Taiki Nulight, Jem Cooke - To You (Extended Mix).mp3"118,"2Masky - Can't Stop Me (Original Mix).mp3"119,"Idoru - Fascination.mp3"120,"Matt Sassari - Give It To Me (Matt Sassari VIP).mp3"121,"Franc Fala - Question The You In Me.mp3"122,"Serge Canteros - Arabian (Soul).mp3"123,"Franklyn Watts - Bom Bom (Extended Mix).mp3"124,"DoR (IRL) - Shutter.mp3"125,"FiveP - Auspice (Original Mix).mp3"126,"Anderson, Jaime Deraz - In Too Deep (Johan Vilborg Extended Remix).mp3"127,"Poolhaus, Rowetta - Feel The Rush (Wh0 Remix).mp3"128,"Kristof Tigran - Beat & Flow (Extended Mix).mp3"129,"Jouska - Octopus Neuroplasticity.mp3"130,"Robilardo - You Just Hall (Greg Ochman Remix).mp3"131,"Classmatic - Cream Paper.mp3"132,"Antoine Chambe - Carpinteria CA (Deep House).mp3"133,"Koen Groeneveld - Flug.mp3"134,"Proof Db - More Time (Reflection).mp3"135,"Jouska - Aunt Rosemary-'s Tea Party (Monococ Remix).mp3"136,"KhoMha & Nezzah - Magia (Extended Mix).mp3"137,"Sofi Tukker - Original Sin (Felix Jaehn Extended Mix).mp3"138,"Matt Guy - Desires (Original Mix).mp3"139,"I Promised Mom - Que tes Yeux (On That Night).mp3"140,"Gusttavo Luys - Drone (Original Mix).mp3"141,"Tyler Coey, Justri - Spring House (Original Mix).mp3"142,"Bessey - Non-Stop (Club Mix).mp3"143,"Ben Rainey & Lewis Roper Feat. Lauren Carter - Rapture (Extended Mix).mp3"144,"Jack Back - Feeling (Extended Mix).mp3"145,"Andrew Kay - A Walk In Rio (Extended Mix).mp3"146,"Chemical Surf - Such A Fool (Extended Mix).mp3"147,"Roger That (UK) - Work (Extended Mix).mp3"148,"Piem - On The Run (Antonio Rec Remix).mp3"149,"Disko Junkie - Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix).mp3"150,"Dom Dolla feat. Mansionair - Strangers (Tinlicker Remix).mp3"151,"Low Steppa Saison - Dig Deep (Extended Mix).mp3"152,"Eli Nissan - Strings & Pearls (Original Mix).mp3"153,"George Kopaliani - Hands to heaven.mp3"154,"After Sunrise - Motion.mp3"155,"Disaia - Remoulds You (Extended Mix).mp3"156,"The Cube Guys - No Way Back (Cubed Mix).mp3"157,"Bingo Players, Sarah De Warren - State Of Mind (feat. Sarah de Warren) (Extended Mix).mp3"158,"Nuran feat. Justtjokay - Revival (The Blockchain Remix).mp3"159,"Maickel Telussa, Patrick Tijssen - Didn't Want to Hurt You.mp3"160,"Pablo Say - Don't Stop.mp3"161,"Dirty Doering & Vars - Find Youth (Original Mix).mp3"162,"Watermät, Raphaella - Running (Shorter Edit).mp3"163,"Felix Leiter - On Tha Floor (Original Mix).mp3"164,"Yuli Fershtat - EMF (MYDA Remix).mp3"165,"Deep koliis - Stranger.mp3"166,"Piero Pirupa - We Dont Need (Extended Mix).mp3"167,"Breach - Jack (Jiggi Remix).mp3"168,"Fabrication - Charlie Goes Bananas (Extended Mix).mp3"169,"Pimpo Gama - Play That Bass (Extended Mix).mp3"170,"Moeaike - Feel (Hells Kitchen Remix).mp3"171,"Jan Blomqvist - Back In The Taxi (AMÉMÉ Midnight Extended Remix).mp3"172,"m.O.N.R.O.E. - Push the Fader.mp3"173,"Vintage Culture, Sonny Fodera, SHELLS - Nightjar (feat. SHELLS) (Extended Mix).mp3"174,"NOIYSE PROJECT - When Im Not Me (Original Mix) (Healing).mp3"175,"Lee Cabrera, Mike Vale - Shake It (Extended Mix).mp3"176,"Amonita - Love Is The Answer.mp3"177,"Darko Milosevic - Revertetur In Lucem (Clawz SG Remix).mp3"178,"Tyler Coey, Justri - Waiting For (Original Mix).mp3"179,"Siguiente Tecnologia - A Day of Dark.mp3"180,"Re-Tide - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Extended Mix).mp3"181,"Celal Yavuz - Happyinizi (By Bykuş).mp3"182,"Abel Ramos, Sansixto - Hola Mi Amor (Extended Mix).mp3"183,"Sammy Porter, George Mensah - No Good For Me (Extended Mix).mp3"184,"Haddadi Von Engst - Bite Your Teeth (Oliver Schories Remix).mp3"185,"Nufects - Blackbox 6402 (Original Mix).mp3"186,"Gero Pellizzon - Sinner.mp3"187,"Markus Schulz pres Dakota - Vapour (Extended Mix).mp3"188,"South Zone - Deep Under (Luis M Remix).mp3"189,"Will Taylor (UK) - Streetlights (Extended Mix).mp3"190,"Late Replies, Jah Cure - Longing For (2021 Remix - Extended Mix).mp3"191,"Foolie - Are You With Me.mp3"192,"RoelBeat & Alessa Khin - Lucy (Original Mix).mp3"193,"Nathalie Miranda, Babert - Gimme Good Love (Original Mix).mp3"194,"Junes - Voelen.mp3"195,"Rhye, Âme - Black Rain (Âme Remix).mp3"196,"Jan Blomqvist - Back In The Taxi (AMÉMÉ Extended Remix).mp3"197,"Nopopstar - Breakin My Heart.mp3"198,"Jay de Lys - Colours (Extended Mix).mp3"199,"Dom Dolla feat. Mansionair - Strangers (Tinlicker Extended Remix).mp3"200,"Nile Rodgers - Do What You Wanna Do (The Reflex Clubbed Up Revision 2021).mp3"201,"Fhaken, Yo Land - Deep Soul (Original Mix).mp3"202,"Jordi Coza, De La Crem - La Madame (La Madame).mp3"203,"Stereoporno - Taboo (WilyamDeLove, Nobe Remix).mp3"204,"Jonas Blue, Sevenn - Angles (Extended Mix).mp3"205,"Quarterhead - Juice (Extended Mix).mp3"206,"The Khitrov - Space (Original Mix).mp3"207,"Volex - Higher (Extended Mix).mp3"208,"SWAYLÓ - I'm Yours (Original Mix).mp3"209,"Monastetiq Feat Zanjma - Glucose.mp3"210,"Cedric Gervais - Hype (Extended Mix).mp3"211,"Realcycles x Crazibiza - King Of My Castle (Original Mix).mp3"212,"Lloyd, Harty - Fantasy (Extended Mix).mp3"213,"Kx5, deadmau5, Kaskade, Hayla - Escape (Original Mix).mp3"214,"Analog Jungs - Surrender (Original Mix).mp3"215,"Lead United - Melancholy Partenon.mp3"216,"Classmatic - Hypnotize.mp3"217,"Highlite - Otherdisco.mp3"218,"Evelynka - Wanna Stay (Nandu Early Morning Mix).mp3"219,"Tim Enso x Nadi Moss - Brick in the Wall (Extended Mix).mp3"220,"Duodisco - Please Go (Original Mix).mp3"221,"Vintage Culture, Adam K feat. MKLA - Save Me (Tolex in Heaven Edit).mp3"222,"Matias Delongaro - Luna Plateada (Original Mix).mp3"223,"AndréCapde - Fox Gossip.mp3"224,"Deep koliis - Our Sunrise.mp3"225,"Evelynka - Wanna Stay (Ian Ludvig Remix).mp3"226,"Montessori, Vongold - Glue In The Sand (Astroloop Remix).mp3"227,"Nicky Romero - Lose My Mind (Extended Mix).mp3"228,"Slam Duck - Struggle For Life (Who Are You EP).mp3"229,"Wh0 feat. Joe Killington - Wide Awake Feat. Joe Killington (Extended Mix).mp3"230,"Jaki Nelson, Black Caviar, Your Favourite Garcon - Thrill Seeker (Original Mix).mp3"231,"Hoten - 29 Summers (D-Nox, Nine One Remix).mp3"232,"Sofi Tukker - Original Sin (Original Mix).mp3"233,"Anyma (ofc), Innellea - Angel 1 (Original Mix).mp3"234,"Norman Doray, Sneaky Sound System - Tell The World (Mousse T. Nineties Shizzle - Extended).mp3"235,"Vintage Culture, Maxi Jazz - Commotion (Extended Mix).mp3"236,"Yassine H. & Cafe De Anatolia - My Soul.mp3"237,"HUGEL, Matt Sassari, Cumbiafrica - Morenita (Matt Sassari Extended Remix).mp3"238,"Pete K - Someone That I Used To Know (Extended Mix).mp3"239,"John Summit - La Danza (Extended Mix).mp3"240,"Jesper Mauerhoff - Monocore (Monocore).mp3"241,"Monkey Safari - Hi & Low.mp3"242,"Stoneface & Terminal - Ignite (Extended Mix).mp3"243,"Raul Cremona - Bring The Fire (Extended Mix).mp3"244,"Sasha & Photek - Aviator (Original Mix).mp3"245,"Celal Yavuz - Halo Trip (By Bykuş).mp3"246,"Mees Salomé feat. Celine Cairo - Fool's Paradise (Joris Voorn Remix).mp3"247,"F.R.E.D.Y. - Nicole (Frink Remix).mp3"248,"Arude, Final Request - Losar.mp3"249,"Moszq - Over Water.mp3"250,"Andrewboy - Way Back Home (Melodic Hammer).mp3"251,"Dantiez Saunderson, 2wenty - Do It (Extended Mix).mp3"252,"Máximo Lasso - Randa (DJ Version).mp3"253,"Yamil, G.Zamora - Mientras Tanto.mp3"254,"Yves Eaux - Guestlist (Extended Mix).mp3"255,"Drow - Barda (Original Mix).mp3"256,"Brian Cid - Into The Abyss.mp3"257,"Four Candles - 80808 (Original Mix).mp3"258,"Haynes - Big Booty (Extended Mix).mp3"259,"Ramon Bedoya - Cha Cha (Original Mix).mp3"260,"Giorgia Angiuli - Nevermind (Armonica Remix).mp3"