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Resident Advisor New Techno Tracks 2022-04-09

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-09 TOTAL: 332 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica, Progressive House, Trance


1,"Ackermann, William Arist - Bigger Than Mine (Original Mix).mp3"2,"Ackermann, William Arist - Bigger Than Yours (Original Mix).mp3"3,"Air Project, Double Motion, Michael Retouche, Victor Special - We Are One (Extended Mix).mp3"4,"AirLab7 - Nozomi (Extended Mix).mp3"5,"Alex Soun, Ria Joyse - Waves (Extended Mix).mp3"6,"Alfonso Muchacho - Diamond Hands (Original Mix).mp3"7,"Alfonso Muchacho - Walk On Water (Matias Chilano Remix).mp3"8,"Alfonso Muchacho - Walk On Water (Original Mix).mp3"9,"Alfonso Muchacho - What Had To Be Done (Original Mix).mp3"10,"Allax Render - Eterno (Extended Mix).mp3"11,"Alton - Palma (Extended Mix).mp3"12,"AMP Techno - Most Wanted (Original Mix).mp3"13,"AMP Techno - Obsession (Original Mix).mp3"14,"Anahit Vardanyan - Haghtanak (Original Mix).mp3"15,"Andy Elliass, ARCZI - A Walk With Love (Extended Mix).mp3"16,"Anthony Cix - Accellerator (Original Mix).mp3"17,"Anthony Cix - Eternity (Original Mix).mp3"18,"AstroFegs - Forever In My Heart (Extended Mix).mp3"19,"Avision - Bring It (Original Mix).mp3"20,"Avision - Can't Shake The Break (Original Mix).mp3"21,"Avision, Strafe - Party Started (Set It Off) (Original Mix).mp3"22,"Bart Claessen, Raz Nitzan, Who.is - Only Totally (Original Mix).mp3"23,"Bell Size Park - The Dominator (Original Mix).mp3"24,"Ben Gold, Benjamin Duchenne - Take Me Away (Extended Mix).mp3"25,"Ben Hemsley - Back Track's Tune (Original Mix).mp3"26,"Ben Projekt - Immortality (Extended Mix).mp3"27,"BiXX, Daisy Lou - After Dark (Extended Mix).mp3"28,"Bleur & MB1 - Bounce (Extended Version).mp3"29,"Bleur & MB1 - Revolt (Extended Version).mp3"30,"Bleur & MB1, George Adi - New Former (Extended Version).mp3"31,"Bleur & MB1, George Adi - This (Extended Version).mp3"32,"BLK_BETTY - Bang It Baby (Original Mix).mp3"33,"BLK_BETTY - Buggin Loco (Original Mix).mp3"34,"BLK_BETTY - Get Back (Original Mix).mp3"35,"BLK_BETTY - Take That Shit Back (Original Mix).mp3"36,"Blue5even - Jaśmin (Extended Mix).mp3"37,"Bluespark - Magnetika (Extended Mix).mp3"38,"Bossta, Youri Parker - Starlink (Original Mix).mp3"39,"Bossta, Youri Parker - Vega (Original Mix).mp3"40,"Brown Sugga - I Need A Freak (Original Mix).mp3"41,"Caira - I Don't Want To Lose You (Original Mix).mp3"42,"Calvin O'Commor - I Will Not Forget You (Extended Mix).mp3"43,"Calvin O'Commor - Imagination (Extended Mix).mp3"44,"Charles D (USA) - Heavy (Original Mix).mp3"45,"Charles D (USA) - So High (Original Mix).mp3"46,"Chris Azure - Everything Turns Into Something (Original Mix).mp3"47,"Christopher Corrigan - Stay With Me (Extended Mix).mp3"48,"Christopher Lawrence, Fergie & Sadrian - Svadhisthana (Original Mix).mp3"49,"Chukiess & Whackboi, Boris Foong - Flex (Extended Mix).mp3"50,"Claas Inc. - Hamwoofer (Extended Mix).mp3"51,"Conspiranoik - Rawthentic (Original Mix).mp3"52,"Craig Connelly, Numa - Headed For The Sun (Extended Mix).mp3"53,"Cri Du Coeur - Intraveinous (Oliver Deutschmann Remix).mp3"54,"Cri Du Coeur - Intraveinous (Original Mix).mp3"55,"Cri Du Coeur - Perfusion (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix).mp3"56,"Cri Du Coeur - Perfusion (Original Mix).mp3"57,"Dani Sbert - NWO (Original Mix).mp3"58,"Daniel Boon - Free Your Mind (Original Mix).mp3"59,"Daniel Boon - Free Your Mind (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix).mp3"60,"Daniel Boon - Rampage (Original Mix).mp3"61,"Daniel Boon - Yellow Jacket (Original Mix).mp3"62,"Daniel Levak - Portal (Original Mix).mp3"63,"Daniel Rigoni - New Life (Josh Pvoi Remix).mp3"64,"Daniel Rigoni - New Life (Original Mix).mp3"65,"Daniel Rigoni - New Life (Toregualto Remix).mp3"66,"Danny Fontana, David Bean - Paranormal (Original Mix).mp3"67,"Danny Fontana, David Bean - Polygon (Original Mix).mp3"68,"Darix - Dream On (Extended Mix).mp3"69,"Deme3us, Hidden Tigress - Can You See Me (Extended Mix).mp3"70,"Dennis Sheperd, Mira Feder - Torture (Extended Mix).mp3"71,"Digitus - Mock Me (Original Mix).mp3"72,"Digitus - Under The Ship (Original Mix).mp3"73,"Dino Barretta - Come With Me (Original Mix).mp3"74,"Dino Barretta - Come With Me Intro (Original Mix).mp3"75,"Diode Eins - Fractal Dance (Extended).mp3"76,"Diode Eins - The Light (Extended).mp3"77,"Disfreq - The Bunker (Original Mix).mp3"78,"DJ Eternity - Atmosphere (Extended Mix).mp3"79,"DJ Henna - Acido Sulfurico (Original Mix).mp3"80,"DJ Henna - Arpic (Original Mix).mp3"81,"DJ Henna - AutoTechno (Original Mix).mp3"82,"DJ T.H., Mitraz - Chasing Stars (Dub Version).mp3"83,"DJ T.H., Mitraz - Chasing Stars (Extended Mix).mp3"84,"DNA - Mercurial (Extended Mix).mp3"85,"Dominik Saltevski - Scatter (Original Mix).mp3"86,"Don Tavetti - Blisfat (Original Mix).mp3"87,"Don Tavetti - Dedication (Original Mix).mp3"88,"Don Tavetti - Vector (Original Mix).mp3"89,"Donnie Darko - Like Somebody (Original Mix).mp3"90,"Donnie Darko - Wasted Asylum (Original Mix).mp3"91,"DreamLife, Moniqa Adams - Blossom (Extended Mix).mp3"92,"Drewtech - Genesis (Original Mix).mp3"93,"Drewtech - Hypnotic Bells (Original Mix).mp3"94,"Drewtech - New Cities (Original Mix).mp3"95,"Drewtech - Polyphonic (Original Mix).mp3"96,"Dromer - Under The Stars (Original Mix).mp3"97,"DSM - The Crowns (Extended Mix).mp3"98,"Eddy D'Amato - Relative Concept (Original Mix).mp3"99,"Eddy D'Amato - Your Future (Original Mix).mp3"100,"Efan Feekar - People Call It Molly (Original Mix).mp3"101,"Eldon UK - Audiomatic (Original Mix).mp3"102,"Eldream, Mark Wild - Sentimental (Extended Mix).mp3"103,"Elgfrothi, SounEmot - Journey With No Destination (Ricardo Guerra Intro Remix).mp3"104,"Elgfrothi, SounEmot - Journey With No Destination (Ricardo Guerra Remix).mp3"105,"Elliot Adamson - Late Night Love Anguish (Original Mix).mp3"106,"Enemy 9 - Humanity (Extended Mix).mp3"107,"EnerLift - Rising (Extended Mix).mp3"108,"EPICX, Anubix - Darkness (Extended Mix).mp3"109,"Esric - Marti (Original Mix).mp3"110,"Eugene Becker, Staysis, VVVIRTU - My Tethered Heart (Alex Pich Extended Remix).mp3"111,"Eugene Becker, Staysis, VVVIRTU - My Tethered Heart (Extended Mix).mp3"112,"Eugene Becker, Staysis, VVVIRTU - My Tethered Heart (Rokazer Extended Remix).mp3"113,"Eximinds, Hit The Bass - Eyepiece (Extended Mix).mp3"114,"Face Rebel - Magic Dance (Extended Mix).mp3"115,"Fernando Risaliti - Intrue (Original Mix).mp3"116,"Fernando Risaliti - No Sense (Original Mix).mp3"117,"Frainbreeze, Sharon Valerona - Falling (Extended Mix).mp3"118,"Fredix - Sunset Of Venus (Original Mix).mp3"119,"Gabriele Toma - Furious (Original Mix).mp3"120,"GAIA-X - Zero-G Elements (Extended Mix).mp3"121,"GAØNA - Sun (Original Mix).mp3"122,"Gayax - Trance Nation (Extended Mix).mp3"123,"Göksel Meric - The Deep End (Original Mix).mp3"124,"Göksel Meric - Wahrheit Oder Pflicht (Original Mix).mp3"125,"Grooveandyes, Lautaro Gabioud - Relating Drama (Original Mix).mp3"126,"Grum, Sealine - Disconnected (Extended Mix).mp3"127,"Hannah Laing - And Back (Original Mix).mp3"128,"Hellotrip - En La Oscuridad (Original Mix).mp3"129,"Henry Caster, ZQRM - Nidra (Original Mix).mp3"130,"Huem - Halley (Arkam Extended Reborn).mp3"131,"Huem - Halley (Ellez Ria Extended ReFeel).mp3"132,"Huem - Halley (Extended Mix).mp3"133,"Huem - Halley (SICKCODE Extended Remix).mp3"134,"HUGO (UK) - Get This (Original Mix).mp3"135,"Hypersia - Alive (Extended Mix).mp3"136,"Iberian - Waiting (Chill Out Mix).mp3"137,"Iberian - Waiting (Intro Mix).mp3"138,"Iberian - Waiting (Original Mix).mp3"139,"Inafekt - D.Y.L.B. (Original Mix).mp3"140,"Irregular Synth - Missing Control (Original Mix).mp3"141,"Irregular Synth - Solar System (Original Mix).mp3"142,"Iscøm - Lucid Dream (Original Mix).mp3"143,"Iscøm - Silence Disturb (Original Mix).mp3"144,"Iscøm - Voices (Original Mix).mp3"145,"Jake & Almo, Snowman - B.E.T.T.E.R. (Dub Mix).mp3"146,"Jake & Almo, Snowman - B.E.T.T.E.R. (Original Mix).mp3"147,"James Dymond, Stine Grove - Birds Of A Feather (Extended Mix).mp3"148,"Jardin - Rufus (Extended Mix).mp3"149,"John Colombani - Athéna (Extended Mix).mp3"150,"JORDAVO - Fun Tonight (Original Mix).mp3"151,"Josh Butler - Shipwreck (Original Mix).mp3"152,"Josh Butler - Tsunami (Original Mix).mp3"153,"Juan Ddd, Emanuel Querol - Stomping (Original Mix).mp3"154,"Juan Ddd, Emanuel Querol - The Dealer (Original Mix).mp3"155,"Karney - Rumination (Original Mix).mp3"156,"Kenny Palmer - Shattered Sun (David Forbes Remix).mp3"157,"Kenny Palmer - Shattered Sun (DJ Ten Remix).mp3"158,"Koen Groeneveld - Synopsis (Original Mix).mp3"159,"Kohta Imafuku - Best Wishes (Intro Mix).mp3"160,"Kohta Imafuku - Best Wishes (Original Mix).mp3"161,"KOLD - Anteiku (Original Mix).mp3"162,"KOLD - Anteiku (Peku Remix).mp3"163,"KOLD - Anteiku (Samwise Remix).mp3"164,"KOSH & BAKER, Taïko - Gate 1 (Club Mix).mp3"165,"KOSH & BAKER, Taïko - Gate 1 (Extended Mix).mp3"166,"Kroman - The Paradise (Basz Extended Remix).mp3"167,"Kroman - The Paradise (Extended Mix).mp3"168,"Kroman - The Paradise (JANPAUL Extended Remix).mp3"169,"Kroman - The Paradise (Saav Extended Remix).mp3"170,"Lee Coulson - As One (Extended Mix).mp3"171,"LEKTRK - No Reply (Original Mix).mp3"172,"LEKTRK - Vanreal (Original Mix).mp3"173,"Lewis Murch - Dizzle (Original Mix).mp3"174,"Liam Melly, Amin Salmee - Pompeii (Extended Mix).mp3"175,"Lilly Palmer - Don't Look Back (Original Mix).mp3"176,"Lilly Palmer - Plasma (Original Mix).mp3"177,"Lilly Palmer - Resistance (Original Mix).mp3"178,"Lilly Palmer - We Control (Original Mix).mp3"179,"LLX - Behind The Search (Original Mix).mp3"180,"LLX - Devil Groove (Original Mix).mp3"181,"LLX - Petricor (Original Mix).mp3"182,"Lutzenkirchen - Edge Of Tomorrow (Original Mix).mp3"183,"Lutzenkirchen - En Route To Atlanta (Original Mix).mp3"184,"Lutzenkirchen - Run Coward Run (Original Mix).mp3"185,"Luzi Tudor - Shuffled Hearts (Extended Mix).mp3"186,"Lysa Chain - Godspeed (Original Mix).mp3"187,"M0D3M - Pistons (Original Mix).mp3"188,"M0D3M - Release Valve (Original Mix).mp3"189,"M0D3M - The Machinist (Original Mix).mp3"190,"Mac & Monday - Adhafera (Extended Mix).mp3"191,"MarAxe - Gravity (Original Mix).mp3"192,"MarAxe - Oblivion (Original Mix).mp3"193,"MarAxe, CC Luna - Spieces (Original Mix).mp3"194,"MarAxe, CC Luna - Symbiosis (Original Mix).mp3"195,"Marbox - Strange (Original Mix).mp3"196,"Marc Van Linden, D-Gor - Orbit (Extended).mp3"197,"Mariano DC, Russ (ARG) - Assassins Syndicate (Original Mix).mp3"198,"Mariano DC, Russ (ARG) - Extraordinary Minds (Original Mix).mp3"199,"Mariano DC, Russ (ARG) - Shot Against The Wall (Original Mix).mp3"200,"Mark Beltrami - Misfit (Original Mix).mp3"201,"Mark Beltrami - Out World (Original Mix).mp3"202,"Mark Beltrami - Rough Draft (Original Mix).mp3"203,"Mark Beltrami - Simple Life (Original Mix).mp3"204,"Mark Sherry - Total Eclipse (David Forbes Extended Remix).mp3"205,"Mark Van Rijswijk - Nothing (Extended Mix).mp3"206,"MatricK, WINTERBORN, Caitlin Potter - Lucid Dream (Extended Dub Mix).mp3"207,"MatricK, WINTERBORN, Caitlin Potter - Lucid Dream (Extended Mix).mp3"208,"Matthew Erskine - 10 Missed Calls (Original Mix).mp3"209,"Matty Robson - Cala Gracio (Original Mix).mp3"210,"Mekao - Great Moments (Original Mix).mp3"211,"Mekao - Great Moments (Tom Bro Remix).mp3"212,"Men-D - Flotari (Original Mix).mp3"213,"Michel Westerhoff, Sarah Lyons - I Miss You (Extended Mix).mp3"214,"Minus One, Nina - Breathing (Extended Mix).mp3"215,"MOKX, Noivil - Emphasis (Original Mix).mp3"216,"Moog Conspiracy, Callum Plant - Instant Message (Original Mix).mp3"217,"Moog Conspiracy, Callum Plant - Tromont (Original Mix).mp3"218,"Moog Conspiracy, Callum Plant - Zeah (Original Mix).mp3"219,"Motives - Games (Extended Mix).mp3"220,"Motives - Gone (Extended Mix).mp3"221,"Mr. Sid - Flames (Extended Mix).mp3"222,"Mr. Sid - Flames (Instrumental Mix).mp3"223,"Myde - The Launch (Extended Mix).mp3"224,"Nadya (RU) - Fluid (Original Mix).mp3"225,"Nadya (RU) - Transform Your Life (Original Mix).mp3"226,"NANCY Live - Revo Rave (Original Mix).mp3"227,"Nik Wel - Extraterrestrial (Extended Mix).mp3"228,"Nik Wel - From Outside This World (Extended Mix).mp3"229,"Novem Vivit - It's Been A Long Time (Original Mix).mp3"230,"Novem Vivit - Viventem (Original Mix).mp3"231,"NyTiGen, Trance Reserve - Driving (Extended Mix).mp3"232,"Odette Hayas, Ghassan Hayas - Ashekin (Extended Mix).mp3"233,"OHM, Kvadrant - Højbro (Original Mix).mp3"234,"OHM, Kvadrant - Knippelsbro (Original Mix).mp3"235,"OHM, Kvadrant - Langebro (Original Mix).mp3"236,"OHM, Kvadrant - Langebro (The Persuader Remix).mp3"237,"Ose - Energy (Original Mix).mp3"238,"Oskah - No One To Blame (Extended Mix).mp3"239,"Parnassvs - Enjoi (Extended Mix).mp3"240,"Paul Cartwright - Among The Wave (Original Mix).mp3"241,"Paul Thomas, Dylhen - Cosmos (Jackarta Extended Remix).mp3"242,"Peku - Blindsight (Drew Blyther Remix).mp3"243,"Peku - Blindsight (Original Mix).mp3"244,"Peku - Blindsight (Samwise Remix).mp3"245,"Peku - Quantic Surface (Original Mix).mp3"246,"Peku, Bluntac - Extraction (Original Mix).mp3"247,"Peter Groskreutz - Between The Worlds (Original Mix).mp3"248,"Peter Groskreutz - The Gap (Original Mix).mp3"249,"Pierre Pienaar - LifeForce (Extended).mp3"250,"PITCH! - Ethnic Modular (Marco Kallas Remix).mp3"251,"PITCH! - Ethnic Modular (Original Mix).mp3"252,"PITCH! - Ethnic Modular (Puncher Remix).mp3"253,"PITCH! - Etnhic Modular (SGARRA Remix).mp3"254,"PITCH! - Omar (Original Mix).mp3"255,"PITCH! - The Beginning (Original Mix).mp3"256,"Prime Punk - Heritage (Extended Mix).mp3"257,"Quaake - Dusk (Original Mix).mp3"258,"Quaake - We Are Resistance (Original Mix).mp3"259,"Rabo, Traumata - After Midnight (Original Mix).mp3"260,"Rabo, Traumata - Before Midnight (Original Mix).mp3"261,"Rabo, Traumata - Impact (Original Mix).mp3"262,"Rabo, Traumata - Reflection (Original Mix).mp3"263,"Rabo, Traumata - Space Traveller (Original Mix).mp3"264,"Radio Hell, Radio Slave, DJ Hell - Lost Souls (Original Mix).mp3"265,"Radio Hell, Radio Slave, DJ Hell - Radio Hell (Original Mix).mp3"266,"Radiotrance, Cosmonaut - Vostok 5 (Cubetonic Extended Remix).mp3"267,"RayD8 - Kracken (Extended Mix).mp3"268,"Reznor - Hard Reset (Extended Mix).mp3"269,"Richard Durand - No Way Home (Andy Duguid Instrumental Mix).mp3"270,"Richard Durand - No Way Home (Andy Duguid Remix).mp3"271,"Richard Durand - No Way Home (Extended Mix).mp3"272,"Richard Durand - No Way Home (Radical Mix).mp3"273,"Richard Durand - No Way Home (Unplugged Mix).mp3"274,"Robert Nickson - Delyo's Voyage (Extended Mix).mp3"275,"Rodrigo Deem - Centaur (Extended Mix).mp3"276,"Rodrigo Deem - Nothing Beyond (Extended Mix).mp3"277,"Rohar - Incubate (Original Mix).mp3"278,"Rohar - Pressure Point (Original Mix).mp3"279,"Ronski Speed - Ayuma (Extended Mix).mp3"280,"Sakin Bozkurt - Basic (Original Mix).mp3"281,"São Miguel, Sebastian Reynoso - Hope In Balance (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix).mp3"282,"São Miguel, Sebastian Reynoso - Hope In Balance (Original Mix).mp3"283,"Scorz, Chris Howard - Underwater (Extended Mix).mp3"284,"Sean & Xander - Redline (Extended Mix).mp3"285,"Shaded (LA) - Bad Mofo (Original Mix).mp3"286,"Sied Van Riel - Rush (Miss Monique Extended Remix).mp3"287,"Silvershore - Moving (Original Mix).mp3"288,"Simon Doty - Tellin Me (Extended Mix).mp3"289,"SMYTH (UK) - Their Madness Can't Stop Us Dancing (Original Mix).mp3"290,"Soarsonic - Delusion (Extended Mix).mp3"291,"Solarstone - Sovereign (Extended Mix).mp3"292,"Sou Enomoto - Charon (Extended Mix).mp3"293,"Stockholm Syndrome SK - Broken Chords (Original Mix).mp3"294,"Stockholm Syndrome SK - Night Shift (Original Mix).mp3"295,"Stockholm Syndrome SK - Randomized (Original Mix).mp3"296,"Subconscious Tales - Eternal (Original Mix).mp3"297,"Subconscious Tales - Experience (Original Mix).mp3"298,"Subconscious Tales - Laniakea (Original Mix).mp3"299,"Sultan + Shepard, Jerro - Trois (Extended Mix).mp3"300,"Super8 & Tab, Richard Walters - Start Again (Extended Mix).mp3"301,"Sven Sossong - Revenge (Original Mix).mp3"302,"Sygma, Sole Infinito - Gioia (Extended Mix).mp3"303,"Terra V. - Natural (Extended Mix).mp3"304,"The Private Language - Afterglow (The Madison Extended Remix).mp3"305,"The Southern - Compulsive (Original Mix).mp3"306,"The Southern - Flow (Original Mix).mp3"307,"The Southern, Tenzella - Prisma (Original Mix).mp3"308,"The WLT - Hearten (Extended Mix).mp3"309,"Theo S.Y. - Andromeda (Original Mix).mp3"310,"Timmo - Acheron (Original Mix).mp3"311,"Timmo - Lethe (Original Mix).mp3"312,"Timmo - Styx (Original Mix).mp3"313,"Toni Alvarez - Hot In Hell (Original Mix).mp3"314,"Toni Alvarez - King Of The Snakes (Original Mix).mp3"315,"Toni Alvarez - Mns Orange (Original Mix).mp3"316,"Toni Alvarez - Splastiks (Original Mix).mp3"317,"Tony Gribsun - NMA (Extended Mix).mp3"318,"Tritonal, Last Heroes, Lizzy Land - Safe & Sound (AWAKEND Remix).mp3"319,"Tritonal, Last Heroes, Lizzy Land - Safe & Sound (Fløa Extended Remix).mp3"320,"Tuncay Turan - Ayguci (RayD8 Extended Remix).mp3"321,"Ugur Project - After Space (Original Mix).mp3"322,"Ugur Project - Ambivalent (Original Mix).mp3"323,"Ugur Project - Dancing Heroes (Original Mix).mp3"324,"Vhaera - 1 O'clock (Original Mix).mp3"325,"Vhaera - I Will Take You There (Original Mix).mp3"326,"Vhaera - It's Time (Original Mix).mp3"327,"Viviana Casanova - Uncontrolled (Original Mix).mp3"328,"Wheels - Met You (Extended).mp3"329,"Wheels - Met You (Instrumental Extended).mp3"330,"Will Rees - Waking Dream (Extended Mix).mp3"331,"Yoel Lewis, EL Waves - Path Of Light (Extended Mix).mp3"332,"Yushu - Augenstern (Extended Mix).mp3"