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Spotify Top 250 New Melodic Underground 2022-04-30

DATA CREATED: 2022-04-30 TOTAL: 250 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica


 •2Sher - Leaving (Extended Mix)•2passion - Stranger @ Night (Extended Mix)•3KM, Lost Knowledge - Can't Help Myself (Extended Mix)•7 SKIES - Sushi (Elevven Extended Mix)•AFTERUS - 3six9 (Extended Mix)•AFTERUS - Drifting In The Dark (Extended Mix)•AIA - Alternate Dimension (6am Instrumental Mix)•AIA - Alternate Dimension (Extended Mix)•AK, Eric Lumiere - Keep Your Light On•AVIRA, Dan Soleil - Surrender (Extended Mix)•Achilles, Lister, Jessie Lee Thetford - As The Rush Comes (Extended Mix)•Adam Taylor - Immortalise (Extended Mix)•Alan Sharkey - Discovery (Extended Mix)•Alessandro Conti - Majestic (Extended Mix)•Alexander Popov, Ahmed Helmy - Resolution (Extended Mix)•Andre Wildenhues - Sunriver (Original Mix)•Andy Cain, Zara Taylor - Music Box (Extended Mix)•Apollo Nash, Julia Ross - You Don't (Extended Mix)•Armin Van Buuren, Florentin, Jordan Grace - Echoes (Extended Mix)•Arsen & Cyan, Jennifer Rene - The Wire (Extended Mix)•Arthesia vs DalNulla - Mantha (Extended Mix)•Asher Swissa, Korolova,Evelynka - Under the Moonlight (Extended Mix)•Atragun, Second Mars - Autumn Hearts (2022 Mix)•Atragun, Second Mars - Autumn Hearts (A.R.D.I. Remix)•Atribut - Life (Extended Mix)•Avenia, Maratone - Lunar (Extended Mix)•BTY - Remember (Extended Mix)•BTY - Remember (Instrumental Mix)•Beat & Voice - Amazon (Extended Mix)•Beat & Voice - This Road We Take (Claas Inc. Remix)•Beat & Voice - This Road We Take (DJ Dean Remix)•Beat & Voice - This Road We Take (Extended Mix)•Ben Böhmer - Slow Wave (Original Mix)•Ben Böhmer - Slow Wave (The Blaze Remix)•Ben Gold, Yasmin Jane - Searching (For A Kinder Love) (Extended Mix)•BetaHouse Mafia - The Evolution (Extended Mix)•Blink Project - Electro City (Original Mix)•Blue Serigala - Push To Shock (Extended Mix)•Blue Serigala - Virago (Extended Mix)•Boriz Vicious - Adios Madre (Remaster 2022)•Boriz Vicious - Blood Moon (Original Mix)•BreaKevin - Push (Extended Mix)•Bryan Kearney, Out Of The Dust, Plumb - Take This (Extended Mix)•Calvin O'Commor - Emotion (Extended Mix)•Casepeat - Crystal Clouds (Extended Mix)•Casey Rasch - Infinite Worlds (Extended)•Che Jose, Jodie Knight - Here With Me (Original Mix)•Chris Connolly - The Beauty Of Them (Extended Mix)•Chris H. - Endorphine (Extended Mix)•Claudiu Adam - No One Else (Extended Mix)•Conjure One, Jeza - Wolves At The Door (Shogun Extended Remix)•Conjure One, Jeza - Wolves At The Door (Sunlounger Extended Remix)•Costa, Hanna Finsen - The Season Of The Broken Heart (Extended Mix)•Cuprite - Gypsum (Original Mix)•Cuprite - We Are The Light (Morttagua Remix)•Cuprite - We Are The Light (Original Mix)•DaWTone, Marat Malakhov - Not Regular (Original Mix)•DaWTone, Marat Malakhov - Touch Of Beauty (Original Mix)•Dan Kingsley - Afterglow (Extended Mix)•Darren Porter - Timelapse (Extended Mix)•David Forbes - Take Me Up (Extended Mix)•Denis Efremov - My Soul (Extended Mix)•Denis Efremov - Outside (Extended Mix)•Dmitriy Osipov - After The Rain (Original Mix)•Dmitry Molosh - River Pond (Andrea Cassino Remix)•Dmitry Molosh - River Pond (Ejaz Ahamed Remix)•Dominant Space, Discordia - To The Moon (Extended)•Dominik Walter - Cocktail Girl (AFTERUS Remix)•Dominik Walter - Cocktail Girl (Kye Murray Remix)•ELSI-X - Imagination (Orignal Mix)•Ed Lev, SFY - Let's Run Away (Bass Agents Extended Remix)•Ed Lev, SFY - Let's Run Away (Extended Mix)•Ed Sánchez - Fallen Tears (Extended Mix)•Elite Electronic, Dmpv, Anveld - Mirzam (Extended Mix)•Eugene Becker - Not Found (Extended Mix)•Eugene Becker, Alex Pich - Cassini (Extended Mix)•Eugene Becker, Staysis - Stowaway (Extended Mix)•Exolight, Frank Waanders - Exception (Extended Mix)•Fabrice - Pinewood (Extended Mix)•Farnoodex - Sound Of Aleph (Extended Mix)•Ferry Corsten, Dustin Husain - Timeout (Extended Mix)•Fonzerelli - When Silence Is Too Much (Extended Mix)•Frank Larios, German Ortiz - Musical Essence (Gayax Remix)•Frank Larios, German Ortiz - Musical Essence (Original Mix)•Gareth Emery, Roddy Woomble - This Is Not The End (Extended Mix)•Golden Angel - Victory (Extended Mix)•Graham Wootton - No Other Way (Original Mix)•Grande Piano - White Eagles (40Thavha Remix)•Grande Piano - White Eagles (Intro Mix)•Grande Piano - White Eagles (Orchestral Mix)•Grande Piano - White Eagles (Original Mix)•Grande Piano, DreamLife - Strange World (Original Mix)•Hel:Sløwed - Flashed (Extended Mix)•Henry Caster - Contrast Motion (Original Mix)•Henry Caster - Nova (Original Mix)•Hide & Seek - Equinox (Extended)•High On Mars, Wailey - Spirits Of Dawn (Extended Mix)•High On Mars, Wailey - Spirits Of Dusk (Extended Mix)•Inner Heart - Insomnia (Original Mix)•Inrayzex, Malene - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)•Interstellar - Space Time (Miles I.D Remix)•Interstellar - Space Time (Original Mix)•Interstellar - Space Time (Ula Remix)•Irregular Ratio - Is It Enough? (Extended Mix)•Isei - Lizards (Clion Remix)•Isei - Lizards (Original Mix)•Jayface - Stratocomulus (Original Mix)•Jhonny Vergel - Pleasant Year (Original Mix)•Johannes Fischer - The Seeds Of Hope (1st Piano Version)•Johannes Fischer - The Seeds Of Hope (2nd Piano Version)•Johannes Fischer - The Seeds Of Hope (Original Mix)•John Askew - Bat Shit Crazy (Extended Mix)•Jordan Suckley - Tribal Senses (Extended)•Joseph Ray - Changing Lanes (Original Mix)•Joss Langdon - Lost In The Abyss (Extended Mix)•Jox - Violetta (Extended Mix)•Joyline Snow - Yesterday (Extended Mix)•Kandar, Morning Delusions - Mar Del Plata (Fabri Lopez Remix)•Kandar, Morning Delusions - Mar Del Plata (Luciano Scheffer Remix)•Kandar, Morning Delusions - Mar Del Plata (Original Mix)•Kenny Palmer - Nagrand (Extended Mix)•Klassy Project, Lokka Vox - Destiny (Extended Mix)•Kriess Guyte - The Volume (Extended Mix)•Lasse Macbeth, Josie Sandfeld - You Can't Save Me (Extended Mix)•atDusk - Poggers (Original Mix)•Last Soldier - Harmony (Extended Mix)•LawLess - Make Me New (Fade Away) (Extended Mix)•Lee Cabrera - Self Control (Extended Mix)•Leo Van Goch, The Sixth Sense - Follow The Sign (Original Mix)•Liam Melly - The Noise (Extended Mix)•Lost Witness, Roberta Harrison - Close To Home (Extended Mix)•Lost Witness, Roberta Harrison - Close To Home (The Conductor & The Cowboy Extended Remix)•Lufthaus - To The Light (Extended Mix)•Luisenhain - Flowers (Original Mix)•Luisenhain - Moonrabbit_#1 (Original Mix)•Luisenhain - Moonrabbit_#2 (Original Mix)•Lukysh - Crossroads (DJ Version)•MYR - Delta (Extended Mix)•Mabshur - Above The Water (Original Mix)•Mabshur - Around The World (Original Mix)•Made Of Light, Zara Taylor - Empty Promises (Extended Mix)•Marc Van Linden, Michael Retouch - Life Beyond (Original Mix)•Marc Ward - Szczecin (Extended Mix)•Marco V - Run & Hide (Extended Mix)•Mario De Caine - Voice Of Eternity (Original Mix)•Mark Versluis - Crystal City (Extended Mix)•Martnello - Take Me Now (Extended Mix)•Masaru Hinaiji, Kayumai - Love Song (Dub Mix)•Masaru Hinaiji, Kayumai - Love Song (Original Mix)•Master Beat Projekt - Atmosphere (Liquidized Elements Remix)•Master Beat Projekt - Atmosphere (Original Mix)•Master Beat Projekt - Atmosphere (Ruben De Jong Techmix)•Michael Mashkov - Coastal (Ericksii Extended Remix)•Michael Mashkov - Coastal (Extended Mix)•Michael Milov - Without Him (Extended Mix)•Michel Westerhoff - Pannenkoeken (Extended Mix)•Minicied - Trust (Extended Mix)•Minicied - Trust (T Davids Extended Remix)•Mino Safy - Constancy (Extended Mix)•Mobil - Childhood (Original Mix)•Modera - Aura (Extended Mix)•Modera, KYAND - To Find You (Extended Mix)•Myde - Thunderstorm (Extended Mix)•N-sKing - Fantastic Moon (Etasonic Club Mix)•N-sKing - Fantastic Moon (Etasonic Extended Remix)•N-sKing, STNX - ERS (Extended Mix)•Nick Callaghan - A New Day Rising 2022 (Extended Mix)•Nick De Wit - A New Life (Extended Mix)•Nick The Kid, Ed Lynam - Lost & Found (Extended Mix)•Nicky Adams - Victims (Extended Mix)•Nifra - Resistance (NOMADsignal Extended Remix)•Nikolauss - KogaiononSimon Patterson - Black Rock (Extended Mix)•Nipika - Lost In Love (Original Mix)•Nomosk - Stay With Me (Extended Mix)•OLAN - Promise To Keep (Original Mix)•OLAN - Wake And Return (Extended Mix)•Oliver Smith - Snowfall (Extended Mix)•Oscar Anzo - Dark Fate (Extended Mix)•PITTARIUS CODE, Konnekted, Tara Louise - Unbreakable (Extended Mix)•Paipy - Heaven (Extended Mix)•Parnassvs - Advanced Circuitry (Extended Mix)•Paul elov8 Smith - Way Out West (Original Mix)•Pete K - Rubicon (Extended Mix)•Phillip J, Kim Casandra - Imaginary Friend (Extended Mix)•Physical Phase - Juno (Original Mix)•Physical Vibes - The Ritual (Original Mix)•Polzn Bladz - Fingers Crossed (Extended Mix)•Polzn Bladz - On Hold (Extended Mix)•Project 8 - Trouble (Original Mix)•Prox - Afterlife (Extended Mix)•Rafael Osmo - Pilot (Original Mix)•Ram, Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Youniverse (Extended Mix)•Rated R - Oogachacka (Extended Mix)•Rayd8 - Let Me Show You (Extended Mix)•ReOrder, Jordan Tobias, Crowd+Ctrl, Ellae - Hysteria (Extended Mix)•Ricardo Guerra - Kingdom Of Light (Original Mix)•Richard Lowe - Midnight Moves (Extended Mix)•Rodri Santos - The Orchid (Interstellar Remix)•Roman Messer, Romy Wave - Leave You Now (Allen Watts Extended Remix)•Sanani - Metaverse (Extended Mix)•Se7en Cycles - Elysian (Extended Mix)•Sean & Dee - New Dawn (Extended Mix)•Semper T. - Afflatus (Extended Mix)•Simon Bostock - Reflect (Extended Mix)•Simon Patterson - Black Rock (Extended Mix)•Smith & Brown - Got The Power (Extended Mix)•Sneijder - Magika (Extended Mix)•Sonalyis, Jose Bumps - Teleport (Iberian Remix)•Sonalyis, Jose Bumps - Teleport (Original Mix)•SoundLift, Susanne Teutenberg - Hoping Against Hope (Extended Mix)•Stan Kolev, SANTIABLO - Tikuna (Original Mix)•StanV - The Embrace (Extended Mix)•StanV - Watershed (Extended Mix)•Starpicker - 11110 (Extended Mix)•Steve Dekay - Nectar (Extended Mix)•Steven Weston, Låpsley - Like I Used To (Original Mix)•Steven Weston, RHODES - Lighter Than Love (Original Mix)•Steven Weston, Taė - One More Time (Original Mix)•T.O.M. - Funkotron (Original Mix)•TEKNO, DJ T.H., Richard Bedford - Make U Mine (Extended Mix)•Talla 2xlc, Alessandra Roncone, Madwave - Eclipse (Extended Mix)•Taylor Torrence, Ava Silver - Oxygen (Extended Mix)•Tensteps, Dean Chalmers - Chasing Fires (Eximinds Extended Remix)•The Conductor & The Cowboy, STOBY, G Coulter, Aero Vaquera - Sirens (Beautiful Lies) (Club Mix)•The Conductor & The Cowboy, STOBY, G Coulter, Aero Vaquera - Sirens (Beautiful Lies) (Enigma State Extended Remix)•The Conductor & The Cowboy, STOBY, G Coulter, Aero Vaquera - Sirens (Beautiful Lies) (Original Extended Mix)•The Conductor & The Cowboy, STOBY, G Coulter, Aero Vaquera - Sirens (Beautiful Lies) (STOBY & G Coulter Extended Remix)•This Culture - It's Not Too Late (Extended Mix)•Thomas Santosa - Fading Away (Extended Mix)•Tim Van Werd, Diana Miro - Too Many Games (Extended Mix)•Trey Mirror, bailey - Going Home (Original Mix)•Trey Vinter - Extraction (Extended Mix)•Trey Vinter - Malachite (Extended Mix)•Tritonal, Marlhy - Back To My Love (Original Mix)•TyDi, JES - Just Believe (Darude Extended Remix)•Tycoos, Kate Miles - Edge Of Paradise (Deme3us Remix)•U-G - 80,000 Ft. (Extended Mix)•U-G - 80,000 Ft. (Maxeus Remix)•UDM - Airwave (Extended Mix)•Ula - Vegapunk (Original Mix)•Vallenya, FOYT - Sayuna (Original Mix)•Weekend Heroes - Dragonfly (Extended Mix)•Weekend Heroes - Elevate (Extended Mix)•WhiteLight - Eternal Spring (Extended Mix)•Will Atkinson, Cari Golden - Cigarettes & Kerosene (T78 Extended Remix)•William Schneider - Communication (Extended Mix)•William Schneider - Dreams We Made (Extended Dub Mix)•William Schneider - Dreams We Made (Extended Mix)•William Schneider - Stellar (Extended Mix)•Yvvan Back, BigNoise - Enough (Extended Mix)