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  1. Cornell C.C. Carter - Not Possible DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix
  2. Kenny Carpenter, Stephanie Cooke - Bad All By Myself
  3. Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter - No Maybe Feliciano Classic Vocal Timmy Regisford Edit
  4. Ron Hall - Talk To God 'Bout It Spen's Sunday Service Re Edit
  5. Miguel Migs, Andy Allo - Sensations (feat. Andy Allo) Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix
  6. Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley - We Fall Down Oscar P Connected Retouch
  7. Booker T, Brutha Basil - Born2Underground Vocal
  8. White Soul Project - Give In 2021 Re-Work
  9. Ann Nesby, DJ Sidney Perry - Turn It Up DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix
  10. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Tertulien Thomas - Risin' to the Top Groove n' Soul Sunday Service Vox
  11. Yass, DJ Fudge - (I Know) I'm Losing You Extended
  12. Julius Jordan, Tree - Higher Terry Hunter, James Poyser Main
  13. Flowersons - In My Soul DJ Spen Remix
  14. Moon Rocket, Kelli Sae - Take You Back
  15. Wheeler del Torro - Thinking of You. feat. Kenny Bobien Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix
  16. Ja'shay - "Shout Hallelujah" Dave Lee Redemption Mix
  17. Frankie Feliciano, Kenny Bobien - Miracles Ricanstruction Vocal Mix
  18. Tracy Hamlin, Deep Soul Syndicate - Quiet Fire Main Mix
  19. Lea, Muzikman Edition, Tweety - Songbird Atjazz Love Soul Remix
  20. Stephanie Cooke - Alright Unreleased Fizzikx Vocal Remix
  21. Ralphi Rosario, Samantha Blanchard - You Used to Hold Me 2021 DJ Spen & Reelsoul Alternate
  22. Francis Overcast, Kenny Dope - I Ain't The Kenny Dope Remix
  23. Ten City, Emmaculate, Shannon Chambers - Be Free Emmaculate & Shannon Chambers Mix
  24. Kelly G. - Be Still! Kelly G's Sunday Morning Ritual
  25. Divas Of Color, Evelyn "Champagne" King - One More Time Dj Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  26. Mijangos, Lee Wilson - Slow Down
  27. St Germain - Sure Thing Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix
  28. Louie Vega, Axel Tosca - Deep Burnt (feat. Axel Tosca)
  29. Jasper Street Co. - You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration Tensnake Short Remix
  30. Ten City - Better Man
  31. Kerri Chandler, Rev F. L. Brown - Prayer Vocal Mix
  32. Damond Ramsey, Sheila Ford - Feel Like Making Love
  33. Mark Knight, Alex Mills - It's A Wonder (feat. Alex Mills)
  34. Opolopo, Angela Johnson - Good Lover Vocal Mix
  35. Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson - Not Your Average Kind Extended
  36. David Penn, Sheylah Cuffy - Scream 4 Love Micky More & Andy Tee Jazz Mix
  37. MR.ECLECTIC, Missfly - Stronger Together K.G Sunset Remix
  38. Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole - Shine
  39. Booker T, Lee Wilson - Where Is The Love? Main Vocal Mix
  40. Diephuis, Hil St Soul - Hold On Me Kiko Navarro Funk Explosion Mix
  41. Lomax (CH), Michael Procter - I Got Love Booker T Remix
  42. Oscar P - A Little More David Harness Remix
  43. Twism, Kathy Sledge - Thinking of You Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix
  44. Tony Momrelle - Escape Richard Earnshaw's Rework
  45. Kelli Sae, Atjazz - Right Now Atjazz Vocal Mix
  46. Conclave, Toribio - Perdón Louie Vega Remix
  47. Black Widow, Emmaculate - Love Manifesto Terry Hunter's Love Club Mix
  48. Reel People, Eric Roberson, Terry Hunter - Save A Lil Love Terry Hunter Remix
  49. Kenny Bobien, Wheeler del Torro - The Sun Will Shine Again Kenny Dope Remix
  50. David Harness - Al Greenz (Dance)
  51. Arnaud D - Betrayal (feat. Earl W Green) Club Mix
  52. DJ G, Pullman Porters - You Make Me Better
  53. Kings of Tomorrow - Reach Out KOT's NYC Mix
  54. Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-O - Downtown (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O) Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub Mix
  55. Russell Taylor, Zepherin Saint - Come Morning (feat. Zepherin Saint) Tribe Vocal Remix
  56. David Morales, DJ Spen, Carla Prather - I Got The Love
  57. Koffee Paige, Jovonn - We Can’t Take No More (Enuff, Enuff, Enuff)
  58. Ann Nesby, DJ Sidney Perry, Fast Eddie - “Turn it Up” & “Let’s Go” DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mash Up Vocal Mix
  59. David Morales, DJ Spen, Carla Prather - I Got The Love David Morales NYC Mix
  60. The Realm, Atjazz, Kelli Sae - On The Road Vocal Mix
  61. Wipe The Needle, Josh Milan - Tenderly WTN Peak Time Mix
  62. DJ Spen, Soulfuledge - Goin' Home (To See My Savior) Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix
  63. Dee Jay Sound - Festa em Ipanema Dee Jay Sound Party Vocal
  64. Soul II Soul - Back To Life Zepherin Saint Thunder Dub
  65. Craig C, Kim Dawson - Serious David Harness & Reelsoul Vocal Mix
  66. S.E.L - Melodic Harmony DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Vocal Remix
  67. Candice Hoyes - Zoras's Moon Natasha Diggs Remix
  68. The Journey Men, Mike City - For The Culture
  69. Cece Peniston - I'm Feelin' U T.Markakis Class 'N' Groove Extended Mix
  70. Conway Kasey, Adira Kasey - Hard To Love Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum Vocal Retouch
  71. Dee Jay Sound - Running DjPope Funkhut Vocal Mix
  72. DJ Rae - The Journey Richard Earnshaw Extended Mix
  73. Incognito - Feel The Real Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix
  74. Soul II Soul - Back To Life Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub
  75. Booker T, Kathy Brown - Boogie Oogie Oogie Booker T Vocal Mix
  76. Federico d'Alessio, Yvette Pylant - Shining Shane D Remix
  77. Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley - We Fall Down Mark Francis & Oscar P Gospel Edit
  78. Chanelle, Eric Kupper - One Man Michael Gray Extended Remix
  79. Wez Whynt, Earl W. Green, Jason Nicholson Porter, Nickson - You Will Know SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix
  80. DJ Rae, Martin Badder, DJ Spen - Change DJ Spen & Reelsoul Extended Remix
  81. Azsh - Feel The Love Eric Kupper Remix
  82. Kholi - Inner Freak Zepherin Saint 88 Mix
  83. DJ Passion, Sheree Hicks - Stronger Reelsoul Remix
  84. Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-O - Downtown (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O) Louie Vega Extended Frisco Disco Dance
  85. Sebb Junior, Eric Roberson, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Paula, Kaidi Tatham - Don't Stop DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham Remix
  86. DJ Rae, Sandy Rivera - Reach Sandy Rivera's Classic Extended Mix
  87. DJ Spen, N'Dinga Gaba - Until You
  88. Beautiful Thieves, Wheeler del Torro, Jaidene Veda - Over And Over Cee EIAssaad Vocal Mix
  89. Reelsoul - Sunset
  90. Kelli Sae, Michael Gray, Rocco Rodamaal - Believe In A Brighter Day Rocco Rodamaal Dub
  91. Diephuis, Eastar, Tracy Hamlin - Sweet On Me Original Vocal Mix
  92. Soulista, Karmina Dai - Symphomaniac
  93. Matt Johnson, Derrick McKenzie, Roki - Interstellar Love Extended
  94. Soul Creation, SuSu Bobien - It's All Right DJ Shaheer Williams Soul Groove Remix
  95. Blaze & UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love Michael Gray Remix
  96. Matthias Heilbronn, Monique Bingham - Something Mousse T's Funky Shizzle Mix
  97. Ezel, Earl W. Green - Beautiful
  98. "Kerri Chandler - Rain Vocal Remix Harry Romero Edit
  99. Kings of Tomorrow - Treat You Right Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix
  100. Mothers Favorite Child, Morris Alan - Every Time Ezel Remix
  101. Ralf Gum, Soweto Gospel Choir - Ramasedi Ralf Gum Main Mix
  102. Wez Whynt, Earl W Green, Jason Nicholson Porter, Nickson - You Will Know Main Mix
  103. DJ Rae, David Morales - Something I'm Going Through
  104. Kenny Hamber - Stand By Me DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  105. Inaya Day - Feelin' Feelin'
  106. Themba, Brenden Praise - Ashamed The Martinez Brothers Extended Remix
  107. Reggie Steele, Christie Love - Show Ya Manoo Classic Vocal Remix
  108. Luis Radio, Stefano Guerra - Bazaar
  109. Stoim, Tracy Hamlin - I Stopped Loving You Richard Earnshaw Extended Revision
  110. Masters at Work - It's What We Live, It's What We Are Made In Ibiza Studios Mix
  111. Missfly, Deep Soul Syndicate - Heaven Dss vs Groove Junkies Hustlers Mix
  112. Jesse Saunders, Tasha LaRae, Carla Prather, Kathy Brown, Cassandra Lucas - We Are Family DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  113. Aaron K. Gray, Cierra Hill - Heaven Mark Francis 201 Vocal Mix
  114. Teddy Douglas, Richard Burton - Don't Leave Me This Way Main Vocal Mix
  115. Reverendos Of Soul, Karmina Dai - Gotta Feeling Micky More & Andy Tee Club Mix
  116. JT Donaldson, Liv.E - Stay Inside (feat. Liv.e) Sandy Rivera Extended Remix
  117. Missfly, Deep Soul Syndicate - Thank You
  118. DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins, Brandon Yancey - Sumthin' Sumthin LP Mix
  119. Ralf Gum, Earl W Green - Still I Rise Ralf Gum Main Mix
  120. Kenny Bobien & Francis Scarlino - I Believe In Love Mark Di Meo Classic Remix
  121. T-Bor, Jessica Rhodes, David Morales - Rescue Me David Morales Classic Extended Mix
  122. Louie Vega - Vince Montana Tribute RickLou NYC Piano 14" Groove
  123. Richard Earnshaw, Kholi - Addicted Vocal Mix
  124. Kim English, David Morales - Treat Me Right David Morales Club Mix
  125. Soul II Soul - Back To Life Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix
  126. Web Web, Joy Denalane - What You Give Mousse T. Boogie Shizzle Remix
  127. The Funkhut AllStars, Kenny Wesley - Listen Love CDocks Deep Soul Remix
  128. DJ Spen, Jovonn, Tasha LaRae - Soulful Storm
  129. Rob Milton, Smith, Richard Earnshaw - Sunday Morning Richard Earnshaw Remix
  130. DJ Rae, Neil Pierce - Paradise Jihad Muhammad's Bang The Drum Vocal Remix
  131. Vick Lavender - Astral Plane Timmy Regisford Edit
  132. David Harness - Simon Says
  133. Sandy Rivera, Tamara Raven - Round Midnight (feat. Tamara Raven) Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix
  134. Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter - No Maybe Feliciano Classic Radio Mix
  135. Pietro Nicosia - Flowers Zepherin Saint Thunder Mix
  136. Terisa Griffin - Loving You Terry Hunter Main
  137. DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins, Brandon Yancey - Sumthin Sumthin Jihad Muhammad BTD Remix
  138. Uncle B, Shay, Deepo - Thank You Deepo Vocal Mix
  139. Ten City - Devotion DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Remix
  140. Ezel, Rona Ray - Hard To Stay Away
  141. Cafe 432, Sheree Hicks - Thinking Of You Extended Club Mix
  142. Cafe 432, Joy Malcolm - WHY? Extended Club Mix
  143. Ralf Gum, Simmy - How Deep Is Your Love Main Mix
  144. Reelsoul - All That I Can Say (Lonnie's Groove) Reelsoul & DJ Spen Original Mix
  145. Richard Payton - You Know I Know
  146. Emeli Sandé - More of You Booker T Emeli Soulful House Vocal Mix
  147. Stoim, Laura Jackson - Dreams Come True Groove Assassin Classic Mix
  148. Full Flava, Cece Peniston - You Are The Universe Michele Chiavarini Remix
  149. Timmy Regisford, Tiger Wilson, Felicia Graham - Strange & Funny DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  150. DJ Kemit & Luke Austin present The Lounge Lizards - Intro To Dance
  151. Brian Power, Lucita Jules - Optimistic (feat. Lucita Jules) Michael Gray Remix
  152. Wipe The Needle, Josh Milan - Tenderly Honeycomb Vocal Remix
  153. Soulista, Tracy Hamlin - You Bring Me Joy
  154. DJ Spen, Monique Bingham, Roland Clark - The End Of It All DJ Spen & Reelsoul Original Mix
  155. Sean McCabe, Mike City - Do That Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix
  156. Ten City - That's The Way Love Is Louie Vega Remix
  157. Soulista, Karmina Dai - Vibe Extended
  158. Rightside, Earl W. Green - Mesmerized Mark Di Meo Remix
  159. Conclave, Toribio - Perdón Expansions NYC Dub
  160. Neil Pierce, Hanlei - I Got Me
  161. Sterling Ensemble, Sara Devine, Frankie Feliciano - Joy (feat. Sara Devine) Frankie Feliciano Remix
  162. Kelli Sae, Michael Gray, Rocco Rodamaal - Believe In A Brighter Day Rocco Rodamaal Remix
  163. Reverendos Of Soul - Glory Micky More & Andy Tee Mix
  164. Kings of Tomorrow, April Morgan - Never Knew Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix
  165. Laroye, Lee Wilson - Beautiful Extended
  166. Ronnie Herel, Gary Poole, Tasha LaRae - Thinking About Your Love DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  167. Rocco Rodamaal - Treat Her Like a Lady
  168. musclecars, Brandon Markell Holmes - Shelter Ron Trent Remix
  169. Avant - Can We Fall In Love Afro Club Mix
  170. Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson - Can I (Show You Real Love) Record Store Day 2020 Mix
  171. DTR Project - No Limits Danny Krivit Edit
  172. Mike City, Booker T - You've Got Nothing Extended
  173. The Vision, Andreya Triana - Mountains (feat. Andreya Triana) Joey Negro Live And Direct Extended Mix
  174. Matt Early, Lee Jeffries, Otis Corley - I Think I'm Falling in Love Grant Nelson Remix
  175. Reel People, Mica Paris, Laroye - I Want To Thank You Laroye Remix