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X-Press 2, Halo Varga, Guy J - AC/DC (GUY J REMIX) / FUTURE (GUY J REMIX)

DATA CREATED: 2021-11-26
QUALITY: MP3/320 kbps

Since the beginning of Lost & Found, Guy J wanted to make every release on his platform special. This attitude kept the label's reputation as one of the global leaders in underground club music.It is impossible to predict the label's next move, but it is likely to be outstanding. That's what the new release is all about! X-Press 2 is the legendary award-winning UK duo with rock-solid status.Numerous hits and classics they have produced made them both critically acclaimed and beloved by international audiences. One of those classics is AC/DC! The single has been delivering excitement on the dance floors since the beginning of the century,and it was about time to come up with an equally exciting update.Guy J managed to keep all the recognizable elements of the original track while putting his apparent sound signature present. It is one of those remixes where the involvement of the remixer brings exponential improvement, making it larger than life.Theother part of this two-track release is no less impressive! Future is a masterpiece by Halo Varga from the year 2000. It was probably impossible to see the longevity of this piece of music while making the track. However, over two decades later, this classic is still relevant, especially with Guy J's hands on it.