Traxsource Weekend Weapons November 4th, 2022

TOTAL: 303 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance



8 Bit Society - Get The Message (Daniel Barross Remix)

8 Bit Society - Get The Message (Superfly Mix)

8 Bit Society - Get The Message

ANOTR - Amplia

ANOTR - Bigger Picture

ANOTR, Willem Mulder - Nobody's Perfect

Abyss Deep Sound Lab - Thinking Of You

Adri Block, Paul Parsons - Straight From The Heart (Nu Disco Club Mix)

Adrian Hour, Ale Castro - Club Der Misionaere

Aimo - Bruku

Alar, Violetta Litvinenko - Zhuravli

Alex Lago - Got Me Burning (Original Mix)

Alexny - Doctore

Alexny - Gambling

Alexny - Last Fantasy

Alkalino - Cloud Nine (Original Mix)

Andor Gabriel, Bai, Max Well - Wish You Are Here (Extended Mix)

Andy Ash, Faber - Life feat. Faber

Andy Bach, Uliana Zar - I'm Here, Dance With Me (Original Mix)

Anerah Yasole - Sacred

Angelo Ferreri - Breath

Antony Hot - Done for You

Ape-REEL - Have It All

Artwork Sounds, CocoSA - Do 4 Love

Artwork Sounds, Dearson, Tekniq - Shampa

Artwork Sounds, V underground, Nutownsoul - Time is now (Artwork Sounds & SGVO Dub Mix)

Astro - Juniper Ash

Atrip - Patchouli (Extended Mix)

Atrip - Swelter (Extended Mix)

Babs Presents - Keep Coming Back

Babs Presents - Luv Crzy

Babs Presents - Special

Babs Presents, Lornie - You Be On My Mind (Original Mix)

Bad Dress Sense - Make Love

BUFS - Bringin' It Back

Beat Rivals, Phoebe One - Sittin' On top Of The World (Radio Edit)

Bernard (It), Venessa Jackson - Take Me Higher (Lenny Cesar Remix)

Beyond the Struttosphere - Canyon Grit

Beyond the Struttosphere - Set Lasers To Stun (Rebolledo Remix)

Blindsmyth, Toshi - Izinto (Extended Mix)

Bonetti - Y-O-U

Boulevard Beats - Vinyl Groove

Brokenears - My Feel (Extended Mix)

Brokenears - Solo (Extended Mix)

Brother James - Shadow Hill

Brothers in Arts, DAN:ROS, Coree Mathews - Because of You (Forever) (Yam Who? & Marshall Uk Remix)

Brothers in Arts, DAN:ROS, Coree Mathews - Because of You (Forever)

Bruno Bona - Love In The Morning

CEV's - Wise Gold (Original Mix)

CEV's - Wise Gold (Zetbee Remix)

CID - Deep In Your Heart (Extended Mix)

Cajmere, Dajae - Brighter Days (DJ E-Clyps Remix)

Cajmere, Dajaé, Marco Lys - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)

Calvin Clarke - Crazy High

Caparzo - Yeke

Carlos Pineda - GoGo Dance

Carlos Pineda - Shake It

Casmalia - Is It A Dream (Original Mix)

Chemars - Amber's Song

Chris Lowone - I Love You (Extended Mix)

Col Lawton, Wez BK - Time to Get Down (Main Mix)

Colour Castle, Clicks, Fleur De Mur - Climbing Up (Colour Castle Dub Mix II)

Conway Kasey, Adira Kasey - Hard To Love (Timmy Regisford’s Afro Edit of Jihad Muhammad’s Remix)

Coolar - Oxygenated (Original Mix)

Corrado Alunni - Play This Song (Jackin Mix)

Cosmonection - Clouds (Marc Brauner Remix)

Cosmonection, Magycal N, Cesar - Locura (Black Loops 1am Remix)

Cosmonection, ddöve - Let Me Tell You (Tour-Maubourg's Deep Remix)

Craig C, Rashaan Houston - The Lord Is Blessing Me (Dub Is Blessing Me)

Dan T - You Know

Crazy P - People (We Can Transform)

Crystal Waters, David Anthony - 2B Luv Part 2 (HouseWerQ Remix)

D&D Brothers - In London

DAN:ROS, Mark Coppi, Venessa Jackson, Discoplex - No Other (Discoplex Extended Mix)

DJ Fen, Lee Switch, Dwight Steven - What About Us (UKG Vocal)

DJ Gomi - Party (Extended Mix)

DJ Magic - Move Somethin' (BVP Melting Pot Vocal Remix)

DJ Mark Brickman, Lee Wilson - The Ghetto

DJ Nic-E - Beat Reminder (OhMe's Jacked Up Remix)

DJ Passion - Tonight Is The Night

DJ T. - Rapture

DMize - The Solution

DMize - Things We Do

Dallomo - My House (Original Mix)

Dany Cohiba - Arte de Perder

Dateless, Franklyn Watts - Me Prende

David Arias, Diego Play - Diamond

David Arias, Diego Play - Wayú

David Lizana - The Vibe (Original Mix)

Deejay Cup, Zinia - Time (Neapolitan Soul and Luciano Gioia eSwatini Mix)

DiVine (NL), Killed Kassette, Redux Saints - Be The Light (Original Mix)

Diego Rey - Not An Standard

Diephuis - Out Of The Dark

Diephuis - What Is Real?

Din Jay - A Summer Night

Dino Sauce - Wanda's Theme (Extended Mix)

Disco Ball'z - Magenta

Distant People, Hannah K. - Rhythm of My Love feat. Hannah K. (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Extended Remix)

Dj Kaos - I Want To Be There (Solomun Remix)

Dj M1cko - Lost My Soul

Dj Wope - La Playa (Original Mix)

Dog Master Joe - Autumn in the Big City

Domenico Albanese - Havana's Groove

Dreamer, Black PearlZA - Izwe Lobabamkhulu

DuBeats, Col Lawton - Ain't Gonna Stop (Original Mix)

Emmanuel Currently, Tumelo Nkata - He Will Make a Way (Dub Mix)

Eurostep - Drippin (Supernova Extended Remix)

Eurostep - Entice

Eurostep - Private Dancer (Extended Mix)

Eventual Groove - To Go

FLIP-DA-FUNK - Bassline

Floyd Vader, Novakane Omega - Speakeasy (JAYPHONIC REMIX PT 1)

Folkness - Street Life

Francesco Almonte, Alberto Dimeo - Makabi (Original Mix)

Francesco Almonte, Alberto Dimeo, Luyo - Makabi (Luyo Remix)

Francis De Simone - Box Your Head Off

Franck Roger - See'Yava

Frankie Feliciano, Mass - Nature Rise (Club Mix)

Frankie Feliciano, Mass - Our Savior (Our Savior's Dub)

Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda - The Blue (Eric Kupper Remix)

FutureMade, Liam Parkins - Here 4 U (Com Wid It) (Extended Mix)

Gino Colombi - Elevation

Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity (Lennox Hortale & Vermelho Remix)

Glenn Davis - A Place for You

Gorje Hewek - Solovey

Harvey Ross - The Way You Move

Hatiras - Liquid 95

Henry Navarro - No Apologies (ELLAY Remix)

Hezbo - Tacita de Plata

Hiva - Fiesta

Hot Since 82 - Poison (Miane Remix (Extended Version))

Hotmood - The Trip

Househeadz - I Luv U Baby

Igor Gonya - At One's Ease

Inshore - The Return (Paolo Solo Remix)

Inshore - The Return

J.B. Boogie - Move And Groove

Jack Junior - Never Wanna Let Go

James Deron - Mo Bie Wa (DJ Spen Remix)

James Deron - Mo Bie Wa (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - I Was Young

JC Delacruz - Pactos Del Palo Mayombe

JedX - Beats Bust Up The Jam

JedX - Got It Made (Nate Laurence Remix)

Jesse Bru - Sleazy F.M.

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Notre Dame Remix)

Joey Chicago - The Truth

John Summit, Hannah Boleyn - Show Me (feat. Hannah Boleyn) (Extended Mix)

Jolly - Tris

Jonasclean - Tonight

Jonk & Spook - Make Me Know It (Original Mix)

Jorge Montiel, Juan Laya - The Mexically (Vocal Re-Edit) [feat. Del Blake]

Jorn Johansen - Falling In Love

Joy Marquez, Zeuqram - Me Robaste (Original Mix)

Junior Souza - Follow

Junior Souza - Freak

KPD - Back Back (Extended Mix)

KPD - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Kathy Brown, Jet Boot Jack - Bringing The Good Times Back (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Revision)

KeeQ - Sweet Little Nothing (Extended Mix)

Ken@Work - Just Do It

Kiara WL - Slow N Low

Kid Fonque, Jonny Miller, Clara Hill - Be Dimensions (Vocal Mix)

Koldar - Closer

Lalo Leyy - Old West

Lapie, V Cloud, Ray T - In My Soul

Larry Peace - Got The Love (Original Mix)

Lizzie Curious, Da Funk Junkies - Who Got The Funk (Original Mix)

Loshmi - Return

Love&Happiness, Groovenerd, Emma Steawart - JACKIN SOULS

Lucas Rotela - Chacalicius

Luka, Sio, Enoo Napa - Invite Me In (Enoo Napa Remix)

MADVILLA - Booze Cruise (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Marcelo Ramirez, Pitt Larsen - Latinos Del Mundo (Original Mix)

Marco Pex - Inception

Mario Fitoria - Mano Dura

MVC Project - Fallin' (Stylish Rework)

Mario Fitoria - Shake Your Groove

Mark Row - Got to Be Strong (Original Mix)

Marsh, Simon Doty - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)

Masaki Morii - Moonlit Carnival (Original Mix)

Masaki Morii - Place In The Sun (Original Mix)

Mata Jones - Disco Dance

Matt Prehn - Faith (Night Mix)

Max Caesar - Do You Think About Me?

Max Caesar - Move On

Max Caesar - You're Alone Now (Craftsmanship Remix)

Me&Only, Afro Wav, Ayah Tlhanyane - Mama

Meines, Yves Murasca - Mazunte (Gianmarco Limenta Extended Remix)

Mekkawy - Love Got U (Radio Edit)

Mishell Ivon, Sequenceprogram - The Discothèque (Boogietraxx Remix)

Moist Briefs - Earidescent

Molins - Don't Stop

Monarke - Deja Vu (Original Mix)

Morttimer Snerd III - Dance, Dance, Dance (Miggedy's Full Disco Slap)

Mr. A.L.I., Carla Prather - Midnight Interlude (Micky More & Andy Tee Disco Blend)

N'Dinga Gaba, DJ Spen, Marc Evans - Until You (DJ Spen Luv DubWorx)

N'Dinga Gaba, DJ Spen, Marc Evans - Until You (MicFreak Remix)

N'Dinga Gaba, DJ Spen, Marc Evans - Until You (N'Dinga's Deep In You Re-Edit)

Nash La Musica, Aphendulwa - Ilanga (feat. Aphendulwa)

Nicky Deep - Xingan (Acidrops Mix)

Nicole Moudaber - The Volume (Luigi Madonna Remix)

Nomi Ruiz - Be Your Girl (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)

Nuno Dos Santos, Remy Unger - 77 Direct

Nüur - Tiuru feat. Sofiya Nzau (Original Mix)

Oggie B - Pas De Deux (Original Mix)

Ollie Red - My Love Appears

Ollie S. - Hidden Heat (So.undso Remix)

Ollie S. - Hidden Heat

Paco Caniza - In This House

Palmiz - Restless

Pansil - If We Only (Extended Mix)

Pat Bedeau, Hannah Khemoh - Always

Paul Parsons - Hustlers

Peppe Citarella, Mijangos, Manybeat - Bailando De Too (CitarellaLatinHouse 2022 Remix)

Per QX, Danny Rhys, Suki Soul - Can You Release (Per QX Back to The 80's Extended Mix)

Peter Brown, Ivan Pica - All Night With U (Qubiko Extended Remix)

Phazed Groove - All Tied Up

Phazed Groove - Dirty Harry

Phazed Groove - Ritmo De Veráo

Phie Claire - Trust in Your Believe (Dj with Soul Bonus Disco Remix)

Pink Fried Rice - Damaged Goods

Pleasure Planet - Sisters

Polyrhythm, Miranda Nicole - On & On (Aaron Sevilla Remix)

Polyrhythm, Miranda Nicole - On & On (Luyo Amalove Remix)

Polyrhythm, Miranda Nicole - On & On (PRM Mix)

Polyrhythm, Miranda Nicole - On & On

Poolhaus - City Wanderer

Qualysto - A New Day (Extended Mix)

Qusok - Cats

REda daRE - Deesko

REda daRE - Baby Boy

Rafa Calello, Joaquín Caminos - Fly (Original Mix)

Rafael Cerato, ID ID, Sensitive (It) - Way to Freedom

Raffa FL - Ritmo (Skeleton Keys Extended Remix)

Raffaele Ciavolino, FederFunk - Brass Fever

Ralph Session - So Real (Main Mix)

Ramon Bedoya - Makelele

Ray Naldo, Soek SA - Summer Days

Reece Johnson - What You Scared Of

René Rojas - Tambor Orisha (Vocal Mix)

Ricardo Criollo House, Gustavo Dominguez - El Quimico

Rick Marshall - Miss Your Love

Robert Clivillés - Yo Soy Latino! (Mijangos Latin House Mix)

pM.Mp, Rooted - Blame It on Love (Original Mix)

Rolando Simmons - Human Touch (CV Beszállás Edit)

Ross Couch - My Medicine

Roy Jazz Grant - Shake My Body

SMHRS - House Healed Me (Original Mix)

Safar (FR) - Daje

Saison - Want You (Sebb Junior Remix)

Seeward - Automatic Love (Original Mix)

Selomi, Tshepo Price, Rachel - Ke Matla (feat. Tshepo Price, Rachel) (Original Mix)

Serge Gee - Funny (Original Mix)

Sébastien Léger - Extassy

Shaka - All Wrapped Up

Shaka - They Wrote It on the Wall

Shaka, Six Lee - Dear Disco

Shaka, Six Lee - You Should Have That Balls

Simone Vitullo, Tanit - Rorogwela (Newman I Love Extended Remix)

Sir Mos, Blizzard Beats, Jus Garden - My Obsession (Original Mix)

Sir Mos, DJ Conflict, ZarKeys - I Do Want You

Skala - Tout le monde

Sllash & Doppe - Shamballa (Original Mix)

Space Castorz - Long Game (Extended mix)

Special Afro - Jackin' Sax (Alejandro Peñaloza Extended Remix)

Stefan Ringer, Chris Irvin - Heels On

Sunn Jellie - Stargaze (Envotion Remix)

Sunner Soul - Fly With The Magic

Sven Wegner - Mr. Nice Guy

Syke 'N' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

Tapesh - Generation (NVNDO Remix)

Tapesh - Generation (Nate S.U Remix)

Tayson Kryss - Arabic

Terry Vernixx - The Endless Night

Thami Jay, Aquila Stegling - Help Me Find My Way (Dub Mix)

Thap Soul, T.Roy - Change (Thap Soul - Deeper Mix) [feat. Robert Owens]

That Kid Chris - Benny Blanco (Extended Mix)

santy perizzotti - Hey Men

THEMBA, Shina Williams & His African Percussionists - Agboju Logun (THEMBA's Herd Mix) (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Make It Right (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Street Loop (Extended Mix)

The Stoned - Funtasy

The Stoned - Rise Above

ThedamnSam - Baby (Jack Roy Remix)

Thierry Tomas, Pat Lezizmo - The Boy Who Recorded Birds

Timbhai - Wawa (And There You Go)

Todd Terry - Trigger (Extended Mix)

Tokyo Sindrome - Play My Song

Toni Carrillo - Linda Rosa

Vanessa L. Smith, Linell Andrews, Corey Holmes - Everyday Man (The Real Deal Corey Holmes Remix)

Vasily Umanets - Bumblebee (Original Mix)

Vertigini - Body Movin' (Mastercris Remix)

Vertigini - Salted Caramel

Wampa - Sweet Feeling (Extended Mix)

White Cat Project - I`m Going Dancing (Original mix)

Withoutwork - Let Me Groove

Ximon - Meant to Be

Yooks, Memzee - Funked Up By Love

Yory, Shosho - Floopy

Zero Fate - Hot Sand (Original Mix)

Zhou, Carlota Crey - TOUCHÉ (Extended Mix)

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