DATA: 2023-03-25 TOTAL: 129 GENRE: Progressive House

The Beatport Top 100 Progressive House chart as of March 25th, 2023, features some of the most influential and talented producers in the electronic dance music scene. At the top of the chart is the track "Lost in You" by Pryda, which showcases the Swedish producer's signature melodic and driving sound. Other notable tracks in the chart include "Renaissance" by Cristoph and "Interstellar" by Lane 8, both of which are characterized by their atmospheric soundscapes and intricate percussion.

One trend that is evident in the chart is the prominence of collaborations between artists. For example, "Circles" by Yotto and Cassian features a catchy vocal hook layered over a pulsating bassline, while "Dimensions" by Gorgon City and CamelPhat combines the British duo's tech house sound with CamelPhat's progressive melodies. Overall, the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House chart serves as a snapshot of the current state of the genre, highlighting the diversity and creativity of the artists who are pushing it forward. ... Read more »

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