DATA: 2024-04-13, TOTAL: 228 GENRE: Organic House / Downtempo

Dive into the rhythmic depths of the latest organic house collection, a curated selection of extended tracks that resonate with the soulful beats and ambient melodies of the genre. This compilation showcases a blend of established artists and emerging talents, offering listeners an auditory journey through lush soundscapes and deep grooves. The tracks are masterfully crafted, featuring intricate rhythms and ethereal synths that are sure to captivate fans of the organic house movement.


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&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Blackjean - Ode Ireti - BlackJean Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,CISUMMI - Ode Ireti - CISUMMI Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Diego Narvaez - Ode Ireti - Diego Narvaez Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Jaykill - Ode Ireti - JayKill Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Kay-9ine - Ode Ireti - Kay-9ine Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Oktave - Ode Ireti - Oktave Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,PEATY - Ode Ireti - Peaty Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Reminder (BR) - Ode Ireti - Reminder Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Sam Zloty - Ode Ireti - Sam Zloty Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,The Wild Child - Ode Ireti - The Wild Child Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Untouchable Lion - Ode Ireti - Untouchable Lion Remix
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,VXSION - Ode Ireti Pt. II
&friends,eL-Jay,Oluwadamvic,Zani (BR) - Ode Ireti - Zani (BR) Remix
AAL - pi Original Mix
ARALÉZ, DARNO, Beard2Beard, - Lady Of The Moon Original Mix
Agoria,Rome Fortune - I Love You More Than Myself
Agoria,Rome Fortune,Lannka - I Love You More Than Myself - Lannka Remix Dub Version
Agoria,Rome Fortune,Lannka - I Love You More Than Myself - Lannka Remix
Ale Rauen - Capim Dourado Fluyd, Avellar Remix
Ale Rauen - Capim Dourado Original Mix
Alex Panchenco - Story Extended Mix
Alexic Rod - Sunset Original Mix
Ali Termos, kośa records - Om Shanti Marsig Remix
Amir Telem - Rasa Original Mix
Amonita - Rainbow Original Mix
Andre P, Sam Nobo - Bus to Yukki Original Mix
Andre Rizo, Christian Lepah - Kankane Red Circle Remix
Andres Volta - Toekan Original Mix
Antrim - Green Heart
Antrim - La Fin Du Monde - Extended Mix
Antrim - Meeting Point - Extended Mix
Antrim - Prokliseis
Antrim,D-Nox - Meeting Point - D-Nox Extended Mix
Antrim,Dabeat,Juan Pablo Torrez - La Fin Du Monde - Dabeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Extended Mix
Atish,Polo (AR) - Ultramar
Aziz Ozouss, DeDeXgrande - Awiyyid Original Mix
BT - Time Moves So Fast PROFF & Volen Sentir's Timestop Extended Remix
Bajazo, M-Sol DEEP - Melodic Haze Original Mix
Bliz Nochi, Tayr Anour - Fortuna Original Mix
Brian David - Abayomi Original Mix
CaHen - Rigel Domingo + Loveclub Extended Remix
Cafe De Anatolia, Disco Vera - It Was Just a Dream Original Mix
Cafe De Anatolia, Gaston Gallagher - Southern Lights Original Mix
Cesar Abril - Modern Times Original Mix
Chris Perkins - In the Moment Original Mix
Chuchelo - A New Dawn
Chuchelo - Deap Vally
Chuchelo - Olive Grove
Cielo (US) - Gravity
Cielo (US) - Nectarine - Extended Retouch
Cielo (US),Loveclub,Domingo + - Gravity - Domingo + Loveclub Remix
Cocho - Cold, Coffee & Coat Extended Mix
D-Groove - Dreaming Original Mix
D-Nox,Albuquerque,Megan Duus - Choices
D-Nox,Albuquerque,Megan Duus,Paul Hamilton - Choices - Paul Hamilton Remix
DAF (FR) - A Rose in the Sky - Extended Mix
DAF (FR) - A Rose in the Sky
DAF (FR) - El Cielo - Extended Mix
DAF (FR) - El Cielo Extended Mix
DAF (FR) - El Cielo
DAF (FR),Eduardo McGregor - El Cielo - Eduardo McGregor Remix
DAF (FR),Jiminy Hop - El Cielo - Jiminy Hop Remix
DAF (FR),N'Pot - A Rose in the Sky - N'Pot Remix
DJ Phellix, OF REZZ, Sheenubb - Yare Jani Original Mix
DMTunes, M-Sol DEEP - Sonador Original Mix
Daniel Hokum - Mindshift Original Mix
Dave Leck - Opal
Dave Leck,Erdi Irmak - Opal - Erdi Irmak Remix
Dave Leck,Izzet - Opal - Izzet Remix
David Green - Artzenu Original Mix
Dee Montero - Ethera
Dee Montero - Life Original Mix
Dee Montero - Life
Deep Andi, KataHaifisch - Crispy Base Original Mix
Deep Felix - Voice of the Desert Original Mix
Deepstrict - Psycho Original Mix
Dig It All - Reverse Extended Mix
Dodeca - Kiowa Original Mix
Doppel - The Outside Original Mix
Dulus - Harmonaig
Dulus - It Was Worth It
Elliot Moriarty - Don't Let This End
Elliot Moriarty - Instant Times
Elliot Moriarty - The Shores of Cala Codolar
Elliot Moriarty,Jiminy Hop - The Shores of Cala Codolar - Jiminy Hop Remix
Elliot Moriarty,Soul Of Zoo - Don't Let This End - Soul Of Zoo Remix
Eric Essebag, Gifted Fire - Magic Mountains Original Mix
Eternal Moment - Like That Original Mix
EyeMad - Muse Original Mix
Fabian Krooss - Oh Darlin' Original Mix
Fabian Krooss - Oh Darlin'
Fabian Krooss, Frida Darko - Phoenix Original Mix
Fabian Krooss,Frida Darko - Phoenix
Fabian Krooss,Frida Darko,Oliver Koletzki - Phoenix - Oliver Koletzki Remix
Fabian Krooss,Samaha - Staring
Fleanger, Cafe De Anatolia - Too Many Happy Endings Original Mix
Florian Gasperini - Hijos Del Sol Original Mix
Florian Gasperini - Lil Boy Extended Mix
GIOC, Eric Olliver - Clandestine Firmin Rmx
Gamelios - This Planet Original Mix
Giza Djs - Devotion Machine
Giza Djs - Living In A Glitch
Giza Djs - Son Finto La Notte
Gorje Hewek, ETNE - Children Extended Mix
Gorje Hewek,Volen Sentir - Ghosts (Blurredub)
HAFT - Morning Lights
Hicky & Kalo - Gateway
Hicky & Kalo - Views From Almagro
Hicky & Kalo,Karmon - Time We Spent Together - Karmon Remix
Hicky & Kalo,Makebo - Luminous Path - Makebo Remix
Hraach,Armen Miran - Reconnect
Hraach,Armen Miran - Rekindle
Imeïa - Elegancia
Imeïa - Le Pire Pour La Fin
Ismail Kizil, M-Sol DEEP - Glare Original Mix
Ivan Baffa - Conspiracy Original Mix
Ivan Romero - Awakening Original Mix
JDub (US) - Tempered Horizon Extended Mix
Jakhira, Bjorn Salvador - Ásbyrgi Original Mix
JanuaryOne, Alley SA - Stay feat. Sam Alaina Original Mix
Joe Carl - Loveforged Original Mix
Jorke - Liquid Luck Original Mix
Just Emma, Maratus - Waiting Short Version
KATE ZUBOK - Lalala Extended Mix
Kalitos - Virus Original Mix
Kamilo Sanclemente - Mistika - Extended Mix
Kite Rush - Amber Original Mix
Kontaktees - Maya Original Mix
Kora (CA), Madota - Feel Original Mix
Kora (CA),Madota - Feel
Krasa Rosa - Lukoshko Original Mix
Krasa Rosa - Volare - Extended Mix
Krasa Rosa - Zigzag - Extended Mix
Krasa Rosa,M.O.S. - Odysseya - Extended Mix
Laaar - Cowboy K2w0
Latteo, Nsiries - Humans Antaares Remix
Liozen - Apsara Original Mix
Lost Bird - Mahoya Original Mix
Loveclub, Domingo + - Shooting Star Extended Mix
Luca Cociuffo - Steps
Luca Cociuffo - There Is Some Magic Traveling
M-Sol DEEP, Sateyed - Midnight Rice Fields Original Mix
MI.LA, Ka:lu - Sugnai Original Mix
M.O.S.,Krasa Rosa,Sound Quelle - Purple Sky - Extended Mix
Magnetizm - Newa Original Mix
Marcus Kardos - Ozora Original Mix
Marcus Kardos - Return Original Mix
Martin Lipan - Forgetting the Roots Original Mix
Max SA - People Of Guzu Original Mix
Max Wexem - Secret Extended Mix
Maxi Degrassi - I'm Happy for You Molac and Nicolas Viana Remix
Maxi Degrassi, Ale Russo, Franco Dalmati - Silk And Satin Extended Mix
Minoas Cirillo, ReiRei - Ruins Extended Mix
Momo Khani, Joseph Kaz - Nebula Original Mix
Monojoke - Daruma Original Mix
Motip White,Meera (NO) - Clean the Turbines - Meera Remix
Mule (ARG), Brian David - Emuna Extended Mix
NUFECTS - Thanks God Original Mix
Nareg - Cosmic Rhapsody Original Mix
Nato Medrado - Deus é Você Original Mix
Newman (I Love) - Leave In Silence Original Mix
Newman (I Love) - Leave In Silence
Newman (I Love) - Saraswati
Newman (I Love) - Space...Time
Nicolas Viana - Gotta Move On
Nicolas Viana - Neon Bubbles
Nicolas Viana - State Of Mind
Nohan - Move Original Mix
ODAX - Digitalis Purpurea Original Mix
OONGA, Swa Swally - Riders Original Mix
Oceanvs Orientalis,İdil Meşe,Mustafa Ismaeel - Heart Pieces - Mustafa Ismaeel Remix
Oliver & Tom, Lupe Republic - React Mariano Montori Remix
Ooshmann - Matuya Original Mix
Orbit, Parra for Cuva - Pinie Original Mix
Passenger 10 - A Blank Canvas Extended Mix
Polo (AR) - Nostalgia Del Presente
Putri Cinta - Euphoria Dub Mix
RL Music, Tibetania - Night Breeze Original Mix
RODRI_GO - Pleiades Are Blue Original Mix
Radical Fantasy, Amir Telem - Teach Me to Fly Original Mix
Rashid Ajami - Ain't No Place Like Home
Rashid Ajami - Wasting Time Original Mix
Rashid Ajami - Wasting Time
Redoblue - Hope
Ritmicki Hram - Above the Field Original Mix
Roni Iron - Inside My Head Extended Mix
Ryo Oono - Sturgeon Moon Original Mix
SHRI - Prema
Sarkis Mikael, Nhii - Synthronize Raw Main Remix
Sebastien Leger - Kasiope Original Mix
Sebastien Leger - Nations Original Mix
Seleki - Ethereal Dreams Original Mix
Seyde, zhart - Dampf Original Mix
Sides - Meru Original Mix
Slow B - Melancholy Extended Mix
Soire - Elements Original Mix
Soul of Zoo, SEVN (CA) - MushMush feat. Walead Original Mix
Sound Quelle, Norbert Koenner - Kislorod Original Mix
South Bloom - Midas Extended Mix
St.Ego, Jomoss, Melaniya - Southern Fantasy Original Mix
Sunar - Desert Rose Molac Remix
Sunar,Molac - Desert Rose - Molac Remix
Sébastien Léger - Kasiope
Sébastien Léger - Krackles
T-Puse, Lev Tatarov - So Much Love feat. Katty Heath Rapossa Remix
TCalabrez - Alma Extended Mix
Talliekin - Elixir
Talliekin - Flying Carpet
Talliekin - Hummingbird
Talliekin - Stairway To Cloud Nine
Temple Gate - Mesmerizer - Extended Mix
Temple Gate - Shimmer - Extended Mix
The Policy - Maashaven Dennis Louvra Remix
The Soul Brothers - Amor Original Mix
Thomas Schwartz, Fausto Fanizza - Sophie Is The Culprit Original Mix
Tim Green, Dulus - Silver Fade Original Mix
Tim Green,Dulus - Silver Fade
Trilucid - Stories In Light Extended Mix
Tuba Twooz - Gotta Be A Freak Original Mix
Ventt,Keparys,Nacho Varela,Cruz Vittor - Secret of the Nile - Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Remix
Vinayak A - Side Kicked
Vinayak A - The Call
Vinayak A,Lost Desert - The Call - Lost Desert Tranquil Days Remix
Vinayak A,Wolfframm - The Call - Wolfframm Remix
WESLEY (BR), Broken Adam - Silence & Secrets Extended Mix
Yves Eaux, Rehatta - Open the Doors AkpaLa Remix
rAin (MU) - Divinity Original Mix
sealtian - High Tide Original Mix

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