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DATA: 2023-02-26, TOTAL: 108 GENRE: Afro House

If you are looking for the best new Afro House music to spice up your playlist, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the hottest tracks that have been released in February 2024, featuring talented artists and producers from across the globe. Whether you prefer upbeat rhythms, soulful vocals, or deep grooves, you will find something to suit your taste in this selection of Afro House gems. Here are three tracks that we recommend you to check out:

  • Soweto Blues by Julian Gomes feat. Busi Mhlongo. This track is a tribute to the legendary South African singer Busi Mhlongo, who passed away in 2020. Julian Gomes blends her vocals with a smooth and funky Afro House beat, creating a nostalgic and uplifting vibe.
  • Mama Africa by Peppe Citarella & Mijangos. This track is a celebration of the diversity and richness of African culture, featuring samples of traditional instruments and chants. Peppe Citarella and Mijangos deliver a powerful and energetic Afro House anthem, perfect for the dancefloor.
  • Afrika by Cee ElAssaad & Thandi Draai. This track is a collaboration between Moroccan producer Cee ElAssaad and South African singer Thandi Draai, who both share a passion for Afro House music. They combine their talents to create a melodic and soulful track, with a catchy chorus and a groovy bassline.

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&ME - Avalon Original Mix
Aero Manyelo - Mooki Original Mix
Alex Twin, Joezi - Sweet K Extended Mix
Antonio Sax, Piruchi Apo - Saborabo Elvis Castellano Remix
Argento Dust, Shimza - All Alone (feat. Argento Dust) Original Mix
Aroop Roy, Fox Meropa - Re Bulele (feat. Fox Meropa) FNX Omar remix
Benny T - Dark Elephants Original Mix
Black Motion, Prince Kaybee, Shimza, Ami Faku - Uwrongo Original Mix
Blanka Mazimela, Caliber Afrofusion - Lost and Found Original Mix
Bob Sinclar, Africanism, ARKADYAN - Leleley Extended
Boddhi Satva - Rising Original Mix
Boddhi Satva, Ade Alafia Adio - Transition Jackson Brainwave Remix
Boddhi Satva, Erin Kimberly - Now Or Never Gregor Salto Dub
Bun Xapa - Yeke Yeke Original Mix
Carlo Daudt - Hot Original Mix
Cee ElAssaad, Babalwa Soul - Indabazakho Vocal Mix
Chris Groovejey - Candela Original Mix
Coco, Rafäl (MA) - There's Something DJ CHUS Remix
Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest Original Mix
Cuneyt Cilingiroglu, Idd Aziz - Richiana (feat. Idd Aziz) Masšh  remix
DJ Stingray, WNOISE - ILU Original Mix
DJ Tomer, Fanzo, Ricardo Gi - Heartbreak VooDoo Tribe Mix
Da Capo - Umbovukazi Original Mix
Daomega - New Dawn Original Mix
Darksidevinyl - Sahara Original Mix
Darksidevinyl - What that thing called Original Mix
Darque, Thandi Draai - Yonke Original Mix
David King Dj - Chaka Chaka Original Mix
David Mayer, Floyd Lavine - Sondela feat. Xolisa Original Mix
Dele Sosimi - E Go Betta Ryan Murgatroyd Remix
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey Da Capo & Kitty Amor Extended Remix
Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham - Ko Ko Vocal Mix
Double Drop - Portals Original Mix
Dr Feel, Sontshikazi - Hlala Nami Original Mix
Eastar, Diephuis - Hoye Mama Original Mix
El Mukuka, G.Zamora, Theresa Ng'ambi - ZIMELE feat. Theresa Ng'ambi Extended Mix
Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano, Helen Tesfazghi - It's Not Right Moojo Remix
Emmanuel Jal, Francis Mercier - Hustla Extended
Emmanuel Jal, KEENE, Angelos - Budáh Djeff Remix
Enzo Siffredi, BAQABO, Joezi - Kuparara Feat. BAQABO Original Mix
Eryc Karezza - Libre Original Mix
Fish Go Deep, Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause Atmos Blaq Extended Remix
Gabsy, Ransac - Tarzn Feat. Gabsy Original Mix
Giorgio Bassetti - Melodia Original Mix
Hanna Hais - Ya Weldi Andreas Horvat Remix
HomeBoyz - Bantu War Chant Original Mix
Hypaphonik, Luthando Mzi - Countdown Original Mix
IIBRA, Abdé - Nós E Ponto feat. Mallu Viturino Extended Mix
ISAAC GUEYE - Spanish Romance (Afro) Original Mix
Inache - Andale Original Mix
Innellea - Escaping Nambaka Original Mix
Ira Ange, Tanit - Rue De Babylon Original Mix
Jack Freeman - I See You Oscar P Rework
Jazzuelle, Kali Mija, Enrico & Carmo, Lati (BR) - Me Ama (feat. Kali Mija) Original Mix
Joezi, Cesaar - Black Sand Original Mix
Kid Bamboo - Inca Extended Mix
Lemitz, A.S.O.M. - The Keys Extended Mix
LevyM - Bluebird Extended Mix
Lionayve - Last Goodbye Vocal Mix
Lisa Shaw, From P60 - Magic Enoo Napa Remix
Lizwi, DeMajor - Traveller Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix
Lizwi, ODARA (BE) - Ubuhle Bezwe Original Mix
Louie Vega, Nico Vega - How He Works (feat. Nico Vega) N-You-Up Remix
MA.YA LARA - Loca Me Original Mix
Malive, Nelson D, Kaê Guajajara - Asas Extended Mix
Manybeat - The Gypsy Woman Original Mix
Moon Rocket - Jazzy Moon Original Mix
Mozambo - Aya Original Mix
Mr. V, FNX OMAR - The Place Original Mix
NAAMANE - Cabo Negro Original Mix
Nanghiti, KAKI (NL) - Love Is Real Gina Jeanz Remix
NenaHalena, AMEME - Own The Fire Extended Lit Mix
Nes Mburu, Alex Wann - Peperuke feat. Nes Mburu Extended Mix
Nico Morano, MeWhy - Everything I Own Gorje Hewek Remix
Nico Morano, MeWhy - Juno Love Santiago Garcia Remix
Niki Muxx - Tumhe Original Mix
Nuzu Deep, DR Phil RSA - All My Children Native P. Remix
QT-HIGH, Kasango, ROBINS - Lost Extended
QUE DJ, ZVRI - Yini Ukusha Original Mix
RE\MIND - 1995 Original Mix
Renate, Presi On, Augusto Yepes, Pacho Carnaval - Cuarto Oscuro (feat. Pacho Carnaval) Extended Mix
Ricardo Criollo House - El Sueño Original Mix
Richard Anthony Davis, Dave Anthony - I Don't Know Why Manoo Remix
Robin M - Tu Sawa Original Mix
Roland Clark, HoneyLuv - This Is My Life Bontan Extended Mix
Saint Evo - Wahyu Original Mix
Sasson (FR), Mont Rouge - War Cry Original Mix
Shimza - Champagne Original Mix
Silyvi, Two Strong - Quando Fui A Benguela Original Mix
Sinvergüenza - Tanzalé Original Mix
Sofiya Nzau, Harjex - Jamuke Diamond Dealer Remix Extended Mix
Soul Star, Tomi H - Nnangalimbe Original Mix
Soweto Gospel Choir, Groove Terminator - Good Life (Impilo Emnande) Siphe Tebeka Remix Extended
Space Motion - Baiana Original Mix
Space Motion, Sofiya Nzau - Ketya feat. Sofiya Nzau Original Mix
Spencer Brown, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Wilt Claybourne - Awu Wemadoda &friends Mix
Starving Yet Full, MOSY - On My Mind Original Mix
Stevo Atambire, CISUMMI - DIKEBO Sparrow & Barbossa Remix
Tabia, TIMATHI - Celestial Klement Bonelli Remix
Tabia, Wilson Timba - Uyabizwa feat. Tabia Original Mix
Thandi Draai, Cee ElAssaad - LoMhlaba Original Mix
Tina Ardor, Hendrick Sam - Create Extended Mix
Touzani, Sofiya Nzau - Ouria Deka West & Hill Remix
Tres, Crate Classics, Raz & Afla - Pusana Raz & Afla Remix
Tricepa - Bongo Addiction Side A
Vander, Fiin - Macao Extended Mix
Yamil, Rosalinda de la Espada - A Ti Nada Mas feat. Rosalinda de la Espada Original Mix
Yolanda Fyrus, Mr. Blasé - Niyabaleka feat. Yolanda Fyrus Original Mix

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