Beatport Best New Hype Deep House 2024-01-09

DATA: 2024-01-09 TOTAL: 145 GENRE: Deep House

If you’re a fan of deep house music, you’ll love the Beatport Best New Hype Deep House 2024-01-09 chart. This chart features the newest and most popular tracks from the best artists and labels in the genre, such as Jimpster, Black Loops, Demuir, and more. You’ll find a variety of styles and vibes on this chart, from smooth and soulful to groovy and funky. Don’t miss the last three tracks on the chart: Jimpster - The Way It Is, Black Loops - Dream2gether, and Demuir - The 3nity Returneth. These tracks will make you feel the deep house magic with their catchy melodies, warm chords, and crisp drums.





Aguila - Hazy Dew Original Mix

Alex Dittrich - Looking Around Mike Sharon Remix

Andrea Brown, Tony Fuel - Let's Rise 2023 Instrumental

Artmann - Stick Around Original Mix

B&S Concept - Freak Radio Version

BLAKE REYES - La Bella Primavera Original Mix

Bellaire, Contrecoeur - Take Me Higher Original Mix

Benjamin Fröhlich - Do You Wanna Dance (Rosa Red Remix) Original Mix

Black Soda, Deep Aztec - For The Seeing Kind Extended Mix

Black Suede - Deep Dirt Original Mix

Boo Williams - The Final Stop Original Mix

Brian Kage - Eight Ways 808 Mix

Bruno & Polinne - Espirítu Original Mix

Bubba Brothers - Bobby's Dream Frink Remix

CC:DISCO!, Jennifer Loveless - Magic (Is In Tempo) Extended Mix

Cantos, Hamza Rahimtula, George JJ Flores - Return to the Feelings (feat. George JJ Flores) Original Mix

Christian Cabrera - Choice Original Mix

DJ Haus, Last Magpie, e-freq - E-Freq By Nature Original Mix

DJ Heure - Archipelago Original Mix

DJ Sneak - Love Can Make It Happen Original Mix

Damon Carter - Kill Me in the Record Shop (Rekardo Rivalo Upmix)

Daniel Allen - 3 Days (Motego Muzik Remix)

Dano, Liam Connolly - Listen To Me Sen-Sei & Jason Merle Red Melon Refresh Remix

David Durango - In Love With You (Riccardo Rizza Remix)

Demarkus Lewis - Music Don't Stop Instrumental Mix

Demarkus Lewis - Tidy Sum Original Mix

Demuja - Liquid Happiness Original Mix

Denney, Bushwacka! - Daydreamer Original Mix

Dick Sant - Flanerie Original Mix

Discuji, Myotome - Timelines Original Mix

Distilled Noise - Dimmer Original Mix

Dompe - Shake My Soul Original Mix

Durango 95 - Wild Intentions (Original Mix)

Eigenwijs - You Are So Wonderful (Erasmus & Krieger Followers & Friends Remix)

Emiliano Leonel - Fire Original Mix

Emilio Mustafa - Danz Danz Original Mix

Erratic, Basic 96 - Project 3 Original Mix

Erratic, Basic 96 - Stellar Ludowick Remix

Ewan Jansen - Cybercanisco Original Mix

Ewan Jansen - Salt Circuit Original Mix

F.R.E.D.Y. - Jesus Among the Reeds Original Mix

Felipe Gordon - No Words Byron the Aquarius Dub Mix

Fiorious, Austin Ato - Feel No Pain Club Deluxe Mix

Franck Roger, Mr V - Come Back To Me Franck's Streets Vox Remix

Freestyle Man - Grind It Original Mix

GIDEÖN - Spellbound Original Mix

Galcher Lustwerk - Snackin' Original Mix

Garrett David - All Night (Opulence) Original Mix

Girls of the Internet, Anelisa Lamola - Affirmations feat. Anelisa Lamola Live From Battery Studios

Guy From Downstairs - Time Is Short And Love Is Original Mix

Hi, I'm Jack - Highway Original Mix

Hidden Spheres - My Names Original Mix

Intr0beatz - Clare Original Mix

Jaemus - Ezekiel Col Lawton Remix

Jammer, Skepta, A$AP Nast, Deki Alem - Time Original Mix

JaronPaulJones, The Whooligan - Do It Original Mix

Jeff The Fool, AOC Records - Premier Amour Original Mix

Jesusdapnk, DuBeats - By The Cover Radio Mix

Johnny D - Soleil_Dub (Original Mix)

Johnny Hulus - Backlog Original Mix

Jozef K - Hollow Ground Kempston Hardwick Remix

Julien Loreto - Pleasure Trip (Original Mix)

Justnique - Don't Touch My Juno Original Mix

Kasper G - Hunden På Festen (Dub) Original Mix

Ka§par - Whatchadoo Raw Mix

Kevin Yost - How Little Original Mix

Kolter - Licks n Hits Original Mix

Kuna Maze - Dawn Byron the Aquarius Remix

Kx9000 - Millenium Civic Original Mix

Lars Wickinger - Orphan Black (Original Mix)

Lauer - Enso Original Mix

Le Dust Sucker - Everybody Used To (Original Mix)

Leon Phal - Vibing in Ay Folamour Remix

Leon Vynehall - Duofade Original Mix

Luca Garaboni, Marzio BigHouse - New York Extended Mix

Mac Manus Paris - Kub House Original Mix

Malin Genie, Frits Wentink - Engage Original Mix

Manuel Costela - Sun Waves Lebedev (RU) Remix

Manuel Darquart - Del Sol Space Ghost Remix

Marasco - What Original

Marc O'Tool - This Place (Original Mix)

Marcus Soulbynight, Mat Bekos - How Much Money You Got Original Mix

Martin-es, Retrofract - Dreamer Original Mix

Maxage - Scabies Remix (Leon Remix)

Mc4len - Classy Original Mix

Metrika, Siopis - Linda (Ekkohaus Remix)

Miro Pajic - House of Gloom (Original Mix)

Mobo - Back Then Original Mix

Modat - Money Walk Deep Mix

Module One, Soela - Let's Spend Some Time Outside Original Mix

Moko - House of Devil (Original Mix)

Mood Tree - Hollow Man Original Mix

My Friend Dario - Tellaro Original Mix

NTFO - Exquisite Original Mix

NairLess - Zugzwang Original Mix

Nenad J. - Dig Deeper Luis Bravo's Stripped Remix

Nicco (N.D) - No Stranger Original Mix

Nick Curly - Ushuaia Extended Mix

OBSTKR - Flavour Zone (Original Mix)

Oddvar - Falling free (Original Mix)

Offshore and Coen - Around Midnight Original Mix

Owain K - New Horizon Original Mix

PACH. - Straight To Earthling Original Mix

PNFA - Magic Mustard Machine (Toast Hawaii Remix)

Pablo Hdez - Famara Original Mix

Paul Woodhouse - We Can Get It On (Jon Pascoe Remix)

Philippa - Hold Original Mix

Politics Of Dancing - INTO THE CLOUDS Original Mix

Pornbugs - Cielos Dachshund Remix

Pornbugs, Frink - Wheels Turning Jamahr Remix

Raffaele Ciavolino - Say My Name Extended Mix

Ravelston - Sherrifhall Cryodome Original Mix

Rich Martinez - Digital Deep (Gil Aguilar 208 Westside Edit)

Roland Cortante - What Do You Want (Original Mix)

Ron Trent, Jerome Sydenham - Skylinez Original Mix

Roy Mclaren - When You're Near Original Mix

Ruff Stuff - Foundations Original Mix

Salomo - Boundless Waters Original Mix

Sasse - Twelve Things Guilt Original Mix

Satoshi Fumi - Gimme the Sound (Original Mix)

Solid Blake, Perko, Cyberdine Systems Corp. - Funktion Generator Perko & Solid Blake Remix

Somersault, Aron Volta - Re-Verse Original Mix

Soulphiction - Misty Roots (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley, Gareth Cole - Feeling Original

Steve Semtex - Dai (Oscar OZZ Remix)

Subb-an - Inner Mind Original Mix

TRACER - Love Fantasy Dirty Channels Edit

Taron-Trekka - Sit Back (Original Mix)

Ten Fingerz - Wee Groovy Thang Original Mix

Ten Years Lost - The Bitter Tearz Of Petra Original Mix

Terry Grant, Spiritchaser - Be Free Extended Instrumental

Thabo (DE) - Calamari Kawaii San Remix

The Architect, Seven Davis Jr., Jon Dixon - One Day At A Time Original Mix

The Policy - De Unie Original Mix

TheTime - Don't You Original Mix

Tim Harper - I Know You Gonna Dig This Original Mix

Tom Haw - Movin' Original Mix

Vele - Rest Art Original Mix

Vicmari - Local Play Original Mix

Vittorio Brena - In My Mind Original Mix

WAPO Jije - O Flopo Original Mix

Yambow, Vitaline - Put the Bassi Up Yambow Remix

Youandewan - Sofa Surfa Original Mix

Zopelar - Shibuya Original Mix

mpeg (DE) - Gentle Grit Original Mix

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