Beatport Best New Hype Electronica 2024-01-10

DATA: 2024-01-09 TOTAL: 186 GENRE: Electronica

If you’re looking for the most innovative and experimental tracks in the electronica genre, you’ll want to check out the Beatport Best New Hype Electronica 2024-01-10 chart. This chart features the latest and greatest tracks from the best artists and labels in the genre, such as Hoshina Anniversary, Yugen Disciple, Earth Trax, and more. You’ll find a range of styles and sounds on this chart, from ambient and glitchy to techno and downtempo. Don’t miss the last three tracks on the chart: CL01_10 by SCENTED, Mother Of Mine (GLA Airport) by The Black Dog, and Recovery by Warmth. These tracks will mesmerize you with their complex textures, atmospheric melodies, and soothing rhythms.





&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Ali Love - Confusion Majid Jordan Remix

30drop - Obsidian Echoes Original Mix

AFFKT - Arpichulo Original Mix

AIKON - Come Together Original Mix

AIKON, Kyozo - Dark Horse Original Breaks Edition

ALADAG - Pool Original Mix

AO (MX), Santiago Luna - What It Takes To Love Max Freegrant Remix

Ada, David Hasert, DAMH - Black Night Superpitcher Remix

Adam Nickey - Escape Original Mix

Aheloy! - rO Original Mix

Allume - Oceania Original Mix

Amberscent - Attempt n.2 Original Mix

Amtrac - Nobody Else Original Mix

Anagrams - Birds on Clifton Original Mix

Artaria - Zing Extended Mix

AtomTM - Texturen VII Original Mix

Audio Bullys - As We Step Original Mix

Barry Can't Swim - Dance of the Crab Extended

Ben Bondy, k2dj - K Original Mix

Benatural - Diodon Original Mix

Bergsonist - Avant Original Mix

Beyonders, NØS (Beyonders) - Cantilever Original Mix

BlauDisS - Healing Embrace Original Mix

Bruce - Rush Of Love Original Mix

CLANN - Arise Instrumental

CRi, Everyone You Know - Miroir Miroir feat. Everyone You Know Original Mix

Carrier - FATHOM Original Mix

Catching Flies - Tides Original Mix

Charlotte de Witte - Abada Original Mix

Chicola - Every Pain Got A Name The Intro Version

Christopher Willits - Crescent April + VISTA Remix

Ciccio, 2mo - Seaweed Jazz Club Original Mix

Culsu - Atmolead Original Mix

DJ Koze - Blissda Original Mix

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic 2023 Redux

Danny Daze - Room 115 Original Mix

December - An Accident In Favor Of Human Life Original Mix

Disaffected - Raindrops Original Mix

Doc Sleep - Erased Original Mix

Dominik Eulberg - Gelbspötter Etapp Kyle Remix

Dominik Eulberg - Grauspecht Acid Pauli Remix

Duke Boara - Woodwick Close Original Mix

Dusky - Mr Man Dusky Revisit

Echonomist, Alexandros Miaris - A Different Frame Original Mix

Efdemin, Afar - Vervain Efdemin's Acid Dream Remix

EugenyH - Going to Fix My Antenna Original Mix

EugenyH - Searching for Signal Original Mix

EugenyH - Voice of the Void Original Mix

Everything But The Girl - Nothing Left To Lose Extended Club Mix

Everything But The Girl - Nothing Left To Lose Four Tet Remix

Ex.Hale - Hyperactive Original Mix

Fauxplay - Avalon Gai Barone Positive Vibe Re-Touch

Finetune - Piano Original Mix

Flume, Lorde - Tennis Court Flume Remix

Foodman - Pichi Pichi Original Mix

Forster - Fame Original Mix

G.B. - Desaparecido Original Mix

GGGG - 0101 Original Mix

GHEIST - Impala Original Mix

GHEIST - River Original Mix

GMJ, Matter - EXT 135 GMJ & Matter Ambient Reprise

Ghoulish, Natalya O'Flaherty - Comedown Chorus Original Mix

Guy J - 94 Blossom Original Mix

Guy J - Drifting Memory Original Mix

Guy J - Lost & Found AM Mix

Hainbach, Afar - Vervain Hainbach Rework

Hannah Archambault - Un Lieu Ou Loger Nos Corps Original Mix

Hoshina Anniversary - Amanojaku Original Mix

Hoshina Anniversary - What Can We Leave Behind In This World この世界に何を残せるか

Hugo Trist - Shelter Original Mix

Hyuza - Tsumugi Original Mix

Iag & Omoc - Nuvola Original Mix

Inamo - La Llama feat. Niña indigo Sasha Carassi Remix

James Harcourt - Refraction Original Mix

Jamie Stevens - With You Distant Breaks Mix

Jeremy Olander - Hollow Halls Original Mix

Joan Bibiloni - Nits De La Sultana Original

Jody Wisternoff, James Grant, Nōpi - Freefly Extended Mix

Jon Gurd, Reset Robot - Ashen Original Mix

Jon Gurd, Reset Robot - Celeste Original Mix

Kite Rush - Stardust Miky Falcone Remix Edit

Klaptra - Agua Original Mix

Kolsch - Goldfisch Original Mix

LAR - Collide Extended Mix

LAR - Collide Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix

Lamin Fofana - Bench Mi Mode I: In Motion Original Mix

Lasai, Landikhan - Children of the Moon Original Mix

Lawrence - Haze Original Mix

Lawrence Hart - First Light Original Mix

anamē (SE) - Bermondsey Bender Extended Mix

anamē (SE) - Fiji Extended Mix

beSonic - 6 Pm Original Mix

besch1er - Onxfloww Original Mix

LP Giobbi - All I Need Extended Mix

Le Frit - Lotophagie Original Mix

Leaving Laurel - the family we find Original Mix

Leonardo Piva, Dan Barrell - I Got This Feeling Original Mix

Liliane Chlela - The Forlorn Original Mix

Lord Of The Magi - CHRONOWARP Original Mix

Louise Spencer, Thomas Trueman - Lost In Tundra Original Mix


MAXXII, Jad Taleb - Je Suis Vous feat. Maxxii Original Mix

Maicol MP, Steedo - Ants March Original Mix

Mall Grab - I've Always Liked Grime Original Mix

Maps - Southbourne Original Mix

Marco Solforetti, Leonardo Piva, Alex P Bickel, Simone Papi, 'M IN - Pink Original Mix

Marco Solforetti, Leonardo Piva, Alex P Bickel, Simone Papi, 'M IN - Running Away Original Mix

Marco Solforetti, Leonardo Piva, Alex P Bickel, Simone Papi, 'M IN - Step by Step Original Mix

Marsh - Endless Dave DK Ambient Mix

Martin HERRS - Do We Love Each Other Original Mix

Martin HERRS - Forgotten Original Mix

Mattr - Gaija Original Mix

Max Effe - Soma Extended Mix

Max Freegrant - Lost Destiny Original Mix

Mika Oki - Stuck in It Original Mix

Miradasvacas - I, II, III Original Mix

Miss Grit - Perfect Blue Aron Kobayashi Ritch Remix

Mod21 - What do we do now Original mix

Monosenso - Paris Original Mix

Myoptik - Open the Capercaille Bath Original Mix

Nadia Struiwigh, DJ Nobu - Nana DJ Nobu Remix

Naomie Klaus - Walk With Your Romance A story of a Global Disease LP, bonus track

Neuro... No Neuro - This Time For Sure Original Mix

Noir - Serene Original Mix

Nojanoise - Pabulum Original Mix

Nuke Watch - Mutually Assured Destruction Original Mix

ODESZA, Sudan Archives - Selfish Soul ODESZA Remix

Om Unit - Folding Shadows Remastered 2023

Orkidea - Warehouse Requiem Extended Mix

Osmo Lindeman - Kinetic Forms Original Mix

PSXSGA - Boogers in the Dark Original Mix

Paul Baule - Au Max Extended Mix

Paul Baule - Illusionist Extended Mix

Paul Baule - Oortic Clouds Extended Mix

Peter and the Roses - Breathe Brodinski Remix

Piper Spray & Lena Tsibizova - Fisher Original Mix

Plastikman, Richie Hawtin - Drp 2023 Remastered

Polygon Rainbow - Approaching Eternity A Path Untold Remix

Popp, Polygonia - Ronpchi Original Mix

Rami Chami - Humans and Machines Original Mix

Ranj Kaler, Nathan Jones (UK) - Break the Chains Original Mix

Real Lies - Shirley Road Original Mix

Red Axes, Polo & Pan, Sunoco - Desperado Original Mix

Reid Willis - Sifting Through The Years Extended Version

Rezident - Air Extended Mix

Robert Hood, Femi Kuti - Variations 1 Original Mix

Roisin Murphy - CooCool Original Mix

SMR LVE - Olya Original Mix

Sahar Z, Snarky GreenMan - Before it Ends feat. Snarky GreenMan Original Mix

Salamanda - Nostalgia Original Mix

Sasha Carassi - Ametista Original Mix

Sasha Carassi - Nexus 6 Original Mix

Sasha Carassi - Onirica Original Mix

Sean La'Brooy - Snow Storm Original Mix

Sensorythm - Fulfilling Universe Original Mix

Serti - Funny joke Original Mix

Solar Alliance - Under Vänern Original Mix

Sub Focus, Machinedrum - 1000 Miles feat. Sub Focus Original Mix

Superpitcher, schaufler vs schaufler - schaufler vs schaufler part 1 Original Mix

Sycco - Ripple Memphis LK Remix

Tapirus - Calm Interval Part 1 Original Mix

Taradu - Marea Caliente Male Vocal Mix

Taradu - Marea Instrumental Mix

The Allegorist - IYO IYE Original Mix

The Black Dog - Transmission Start Remastered

The Chemical Brothers - No Reason Ewan McVicar '1994' Remix

The Glitz - Dicktator Club Mix

Third Son - So High Original Mix

Tim French - Veritas (Truth) Phil Jubb Remix

Tim Green - Time Doesn't Have to Heal Original Mix

Verboten Berlin - You Said No Original Mix

WSR - Flatwound Original Mix

Wave Temples - Taboo II Extended

Weith - Omen Original Mix

Weska - Come Home Original Mix

Weska - Mar Original Mix

Xspance - Light-Layers Original Mix

YOU N I. - Paper Planes Sails

Yellow Claw, SORN - Cold Like Snow lofi remix

Yet More - Human Nature Original Mix

Yotto, Franky Wah - Just Over Franky Wah Extended Remix

You Us We Them - Curiosity Original Mix

salute, No Rome - Run Away With You Original Mix

stereo mind - Time Is Up Lee Jordan Remix

swills, Phil Mills - Etude I Original Mix

zensei ゼンセー - lucid Original Mix

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