Beatport Best New Hype Hard Dance / Hardcore 2024-01-09

DATA: 2024-01-09 TOTAL: 106 GENRE: Hard Dance / Hardcore

If you’re looking for the hottest and hardest tunes in the hard dance and hardcore scene, you need to check out the Beatport Best New Hype Hard Dance / Hardcore 2024-01-09 chart. This chart features the latest and greatest tracks from the best producers and labels in the genre, including The Satan, Vein, Frostbite, and more. Don’t miss the last three tracks on the chart: Inner Rage & Dimun - Still Damp, Satirized - Buzzin Off, and Frostbite - Destructive Elderlies. These tracks will blow your mind with their intense beats, heavy bass, and raw energy.





A-Kriv, Andy The Core - LISTEN TO MY SOUND Original Mix

AXL, GEWOONRAVES, Jayron - Murdock Original Mix

Akira - Smoke Dad Original Mix

Al Twisted, Twisted Society, Social Dizorder - The Judge Original Mix

AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita - Voxx Robot Original Mix

Andy The Core - HARDCORE SI FOREVER (RBX Remix) RBX Remix

Angerfist, Reinier Zonneveld - Take U Back Reinier Zonneveld's 2023 Mix

Artheist - Avantgarde Original Mix

Atmozfears, Caelum - Voices Calling feat. Caelum Original Mix

Atmozfears, RE-PULZE - Back 2 You DJ Mix

Audiotricz, Sephyx - Realign Original Mix

B-Front, Ran-D - Our Legacy Extended Mix

Bass Modulators, Bass X Machina - Take Control Original Mix

Bulletproof - Detonate Extended Mix

Cemon Victa - Born in Obscurity Original Mix

Code Black - Fly Original Mix

Coone, Brennan Heart, Max P - Forgive Me feat. Max P Extended Mix

Coone, Wildstylez - Run For Cover Extended Mix

Cryogenic, Hysta - Player Nr. 1 Original Mix

Crypsis, High Voltage, Act of rage, Deluzion, Nolz, RVAGE - Back In Town feat. Deluzion feat. High Voltage feat. RVAGE Extended Mix

D-Sturb - Limitless Extended Mix

DEEZL, So Juice, Cybergore - WHITE_NOISE Extended Mix

DELE.VINGNE - rA9 Original Mix

DJ Furax - Supersaw 2.0 DJ Francois 2022 Remix

DJ Isaac - Feel so Good Original Mix

DJ Thera - Symphon-E Original Mix

Da Mouth Of Madness, Urban Nasty - Propaganda Original Mix

Da Tweekaz - I Want It All Extended Mix

Darkcontroller, B1zz3r - Darkness Is Coming Original Mix

Darksider - Artificial Blood Original Mix

Deadly Guns - The Afterparty Original Mix

Detest, Angerfist - The Untouchables Extended Mix

Detest, eDUB - Sick Raver Original Mix

Divinez - Liar Original Mix

Doktor, Showtek, Sub Zero Project - Legends Extended Mix

Dr. Peacock, Mr. Ivex - Totality of Reality Original Mix

Drokz, Da Mouth Of Madness - Veterans Original Mix

E-Force - Bassride Extended Mix

Enzyme X - Catatonic Original Mix

F. Noize - Never Stop The Party (Street Fight) Extended Mix

F. Noize, S-KILL - Gremlins Extended Mix

Fraw - Future Sounds Sparkz Remix

Frenchfaces - HeatSeaker Original Mix

Furyan - Mysteries of Creation Extended Mix

Furyan, Steen - Turbo Extended Mix

Future Is Offline - Grosse Vibe Original Mix

Goetia - Knock Out Extended Mix

Hellfish - Get Out Of My Pub Original Mix

Hellfish - We Love PRSPCT Original Mix

Hellsystem - Visionary Extended Mix

Hungry Beats - Zkurvenej Život Original Mix

Hysta, MC Robs - Hardcore Master Original Mix

Insane S - Gas Pedal Original Mix

Johnny 7, Lady Error - Like This! Original Mix

Kickdown - Bring It Back Original Mix

Korsakoff, Ricardo Moreno - This Feeling Extended Mix

Kronos - New Generation Original Mix

Levenkhan, Yosuf - Rise To Fame Original Mix

Link - IT'S ABOUT TIME Original Mix

LunaKorpz - DOWN LOW Original Mix

Mad Dog - Xtreme Audio Official Thunderdome 2023 Anthem

Madnezz - Ho Ho Ho Original Mix

Mat Weasel Busters - Life & Death Original Mix

Meccano Twins - G.A.K.B. Original Mix

Mr. Bassmeister, Shafar - Coke Original Mix

N-Vitral, Furyan - Deep In The Underground Extended Mix

Nightshift, Da Mouth Of Madness - Made it to Thunderdome Original Mix

Noir Fluo - Le Produit Von Bikräv Remix

Noxy - Hit Me with the Hardcore Original Mix

OTM - Ejari Original Mix

Origin8a & Propa - Falling Down Original Mix

Peckerhead - Dream Original Mix

Psiko, Barotek - Kill [S]layer Original Mix

RVAGE - Drop That Extended Mix

Radical Redemption - Codebreaker Extended

Ran-D, D-Sturb, Xception - Dance With The Devil Kick Edit Extended Mix

Rawframez - MF Man Extended Mix

Re-Style, Hysta - Broken Dreams Extended Mix

Rebelion - Das Ist Kein Techno Extended Mix

Resolute, Cold Confusion - Rise Up Extended Mix

Revler - To The Beat Original Mix

Riguana - Got Beef? Original Mix

Riko, Genic - DANCE TILL YOUR DEAD Original Mix

Robotics - Feel The Pain Original Mix

Rotterdam Terror Corps - Good vs Evil Original Mix

Sara Landry - Legacy Original Mix

Showtek, Earl St. Clair - Dear Hardstyle Extended Mix

Showtek, Justin Prime, Lost Identity - Cannonball (feat. Lost Identity) Lost Identity & Teknoclash Extended Remix

Skully, Robin Clark, Loudar, Alphachoice, Examind - We Never Fall Relentless Remix

Soulshaver - Ritual Original Mix

Spitnoise - Armageddon Noxiouz Remix

Stormtrooper - Finest Selection Original Mix

T.O.T.A. - Throw the Beat Original Mix

TETCHKO - Loose Cannon Original Mix

TNT, Coone - This Deejay Extended Mix

Tamika, S3rl - Rave All Night DJ Edit

Tharken, Wheelhatz - Your Dance Extended Mix

The Keytown Connection - Bass Go Boom Original Mix

The Saints - Take That Pill Extended Mix

Thyron - ACID ANOMALY Original Mix

Thyron - VIRUS (IN MY MIND) Original Mix

Undesired - Oldschool Extended Mix

VYAX - Afterlife Pro Mix

Vasto, Kenai, Cryex, Scarra, MC Synergy - APEX - The Brotherhood Original Mix

Zeltak - Money Speaks Original Mix

ZØRG - Killa' Original Mix

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