Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-12

DATA: 2024-01-12 TOTAL: 530 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica, Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno

If you’re a fan of techno, melodic house, hard techno, and electronica, you’ll love the latest compilation of Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-12. This collection features some of the hottest and most innovative tracks from the electronic music scene, including artists like Nico Moreno, Laren, Nitefreak, and Emmanuel Jal. You’ll find a variety of styles and sounds on this compilation, from dark and hypnotic techno to uplifting and groovy house. Don’t miss the last three tracks on the compilation: You Make Me Horny by Nico Moreno and Laren, Gorah by Nitefreak and Emmanuel Jal, and No Limits by Kisses at Dawn. These tracks will make you dance with their catchy melodies, powerful beats, and sensual vocals.





8288, AVE (DE) - Money Money (Original Mix)

8288, AVE (DE) - The Beat Goes (Original Mix)

AddHold - Congrats (Original Mix)

AddHold - Save It (Original Mix)

AddHold - Stalemate (Original Mix)

AddHold - Wish You (Original Mix)

AiKAi - Take Control (Original Mix)

Alex Nocera, Roy Batty, Andyrave - Move Your Head (Original Mix)

Alosoul - All I Wanna (Original Mix)

Alvise Ravanello, Fedric - Hit The Show (Original Mix)

Alvise Ravanello, Fedric - Introspection (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Seize (Original Mix)

Amar Redzovic - Cosmos (Original Mix)

Amar Redzovic - Future (Original Mix)

Amar Redzovic - Threshold (Original Mix)

Analog Novice, Samuel Terra - Ali (Original Mix)

Analog Novice, Samuel Terra - Souls (Original Mix)

Anderson Noise - Addicted (Original Mix)

Anderson Noise - Boston To Buenos Aires (Original Mix)

Anderson Noise - Knockout (Original Mix)

Anika Kunst - Introspective Trip (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale - Cerebral One (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale - Deep Space Manoeuvre (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale - Orbital (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale - Orbital (_asstnt & Roll Dann Remix)

Artjom Schmidt - Silver Clouds (Original Mix)

Atomic Moog - Time Perspective (Original Mix)

Ayesha Pramanik - Aaa+ (Original Mix)

Ayesha Pramanik - Mugai (Original Mix)

Ayesha Pramanik - Run (Original Mix)

Ayesha Pramanik - Stiches (Original Mix)

B-Hydra - Impulse (OHM (LB) Remix)

B-Hydra - Impulse (Original Mix)

Benetia Vero - Helpless (Original Mix)

Bokky - Definitely (Original Mix)

Bokky - Trefoil (Original Mix)

Bouras - Engine (Original Mix)

Bouras - The Beat (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Ethical Autodafe (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Imperium (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Time, Money, Power (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Unfaithful Militia (Original Mix)

Centeno - Hyelina Liquida (Original Mix)

Centeno - Incipiam (Original Mix)

Centeno - Nox Deambulatio (Original Mix)

Centeno - Passive Reditus (Original Mix)

Charles Mooyaart - Bruiser (Original Mix)

Chris Wach - Chirality (3AM Mix)

Chris Wach - Chirality (Original Mix)

Crime - Do Not Eat (Original Mix)

Crime - Hard Dinasty (Original Mix)

DIMENSION 9 - No Time To Watch Ya (ACOR Remix)

DIMENSION 9 - No Time To Watch Ya (Original Mix)

DIMENSION 9 - Sabotage (Original Mix)

DIMENSION 9 - Sabotage (Sopik Remix)

DSTRTD SGNL - Bass In Your Face (Original Mix)

Daniel Sbert - Move Like This (Original Mix)

Daniel Sbert - Pyramidal (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, B3RT1 - No More (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, Furtee - Neighbours (Extended Mix)

Dara Ashrafi - Flakenfanz (Original Mix)

Dara Ashrafi - Kino Der Toten (Original Mix)

Dara Ashrafi - This Is The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Decka - Vented (Original Mix)

Declan James - The Alarm (Original Mix)

Deddak - 2night (Original Mix)

Deddak - Cadenza (Original Mix)

Deddak - Wave Rave (Original Mix)

Devid Dega - Crazy V (Original Mix)

Devid Dega - Crazy V (Ozzy Sahin Remix)

Dimi Mechero - Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

Dimi Mechero - Looking For Space (Extended Mix)

Dkult - Contorcionismo (Original Mix)

Dkult - Interlúdio (Original Mix)

Dkult - Quebra As Costas (Original Mix)

Dkult - Salta (Original Mix)

Droplex - Come Here (Le Son Du Placard Remix)

Droplex - Come Here (Monococ Remix)

Droplex - Come Here (Original Mix)

Droplex - Through The Ether (Original Mix)

Drucal - Balas Locas (Original Mix)

Drucal - Fronteras Invisibles (Mariano DC Remix)

Drucal - Fronteras Invisibles (Original Mix)

Drucal - Sangre Inocente (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - All We Do (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - Bliss (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - Walk In The Dark (Original Mix)

Efanin - Efekt (Original Mix)

Efanin - Seeker (Original Mix)

Efanin - The Eye-Link (Original Mix)

Efanin - The Viper Hole (Original Mix)

Emkay - Alone (Original Mix)

Emkay - Arrival (Original Mix)

Fabrizio Murgia - Refraction Of Time (Original Mix)

Fabrizio Murgia - Soul (Original Mix)

Forest On Stasys - Altus (Original Mix)

FØSS - Get On The Floor (Original Mix)

Gaga, Mateo! - Viper (Berto (DE) Remix)

Gaga, Mateo! - Viper (Original Mix)

Ghoul (ZA) - Into The Light (Original Mix)

Ghoul (ZA) - Lost in Oblivion (Original Mix)

Giacomo Stallone - Quartz (Andy BSK Remix)

Giacomo Stallone - Quartz (Filterheadz Remix)

Giacomo Stallone - Quartz (Original Mix)

Giacomo Stallone - Quartz (Sandro Mure Remix)

Greg Gow - The Cockroach (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Back Arch (Axel Karakasis Remix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Back Arch (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Momentary Relief (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Momentary Relief (Spiros Kaloumenos Remix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Speed Drill (Original Mix)

Hernan Tapia - BlackRock (Original Mix)

Hernan Tapia - Weekend (Original Mix)

IOA - Purpose Of Life (Original Mix)

JAVAX - Dreams (Original Mix)

JAVAX - The Signal (Original Mix)

JBLLSTRS - Dreams (Original Mix)

JBLLSTRS - Mauritius (Original Mix)

Jacks Menec - Anasthasia (Original Mix)

Jacks Menec - Glitch Machine (Original Mix)

Javfstrackt - Workout - 09 (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Grooveride (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Universe (Original Mix)

Jil Tanner - Vibe Over Money (Original Mix)

Jody 6 - D.F.W.M. (Original Mix)

Jody 6, Secret Subject - Obliterate Your Mind (Original Mix)

Joey D. Sound - Acid Beat (Original Mix)

Joey D. Sound - All Eyes On Me (Original Mix)

K-Deey - Fish 'n Trips (Original Mix)

KNTRLVRLST - Step Up (Original Mix)

KNTRLVRLST, PALØ - Psychedelic (Original Mix)

Keah - Turning To See (Original Mix)

Keah - Turning To See (Roger Burns Remix)

Klanglos, Dominik Saltevski - Dystopia (Original Mix)

Klangphonics - Shapes In The Spray (Gone Remix)

Klangphonics - Shapes In The Spray (Original Mix)

Klint - Back 2 Back (Original Mix)

Klint - Blues & Machines (Original Mix)

Klint - Melodrama (Original Mix)

Klint - Wrong People (Original Mix)

Koschka - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Koschka - Mytho (Original Mix)

Koschka - Presto (Original Mix)

Kruger (UK) - Nerve Damage (Original Mix)

Kruger (UK) - Tainted (Original Mix)

Kuni - Awaken (Original Mix)

Kuni - Bay Of Fires (Original Mix)

Kuni - Empire Of Dirt (Original Mix)

Kuni - Empire of Dirt (Prelude) (Original Mix)

Kuni - Jiminy Cricket (Original Mix)

Kuni - Peaking Duck (Original Mix)

Kuni - Spore (Original Mix)

Kuni - Thermal (Original Mix)

Lampe, Roman Adam - Real Choices (Original Mix)

Lampe, Roman Adam - We Do (Original Mix)

Linear System - Dubbing (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Goliath (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Out Of Control (Original Mix)

Luca Pointzero - Senses Overloaded (Original Mix)

Luca Pointzero - The Viper (Original Mix)

Luca Tresque - Fracture (Original Mix)

Luca Tresque - Short Pattern (Original Mix)

Luca Tresque - Starting Procedure (Original Mix)

Luca Tresque - Tripping Towards Sun (Original Mix)

Lucio Elia - Eclipse (Original Mix)

Luis Del Carmen, Parnassvs - Limitless (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Celestial Reflections (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Earth Heart (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Italian Groove (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Mindscapes Of Humanity (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Rugiada (Original Mix)

MIRA MIRA - Alive (Original Mix)

Magna Pia - Eleusis (Original Mix)

Magna Pia - Hieros Gamos (Inland Remix)

Magna Pia - Hieros Gamos (Original Mix)

Magna Pia - Mysteria (Original Mix)

Manni Dee - For Love & Money (Original Mix)

Manni Dee - Polarise (Original Mix)

Manni Dee, Grove - Super Soaker (Original Mix)

Manni Dee, Manuka Honey - All Of It (Original Mix)

Marcelo Demarco - M D 1 (Original Mix)

Marcelo Demarco - M D 2 (Original Mix)

Mark Pihlar - Our Problems (Original Mix)

Mark Pihlar - So Deep (Original Mix)

Mark Pihlar - Synthetica (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - From Past To The Present (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - Subliminal Fragment Part 1 Of 5 (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - Subliminal Fragment Part 1 Of 5 (Truncate Remix)

Mark Williams - The Harder They Come (Confidential Recipe Remix)

Mark Williams - The Harder They Come (Original Mix)

Markus Volker - Cobra (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - El Siempre Detrás (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Ufo (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Hypnotizing (Original Mix)

Mesh Convergence - Spiral Syncopation (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Afraid Of The Time (Vocal Mix 2024)

Metodi Hristov - The Unknown (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Disconnection (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Lazuli (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Out Of Control (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Dead (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Psychologically (Original Mix)

Monolix, SHADERER - No More (Original Mix)

Motog, Simon Sky - Forever (Original Mix)

Nakul C - Psyche (Original Mix)

Name_Less, J B I L O - Blaze (Original Mix)

Name_Less, J B I L O - CPU Overload (Original Mix)

Name_Less, J B I L O - Malfunction (Original Mix)

Name_Less, J B I L O - Overheat (M.I.T.A. Easy Going Remix)

Name_Less, J B I L O - Overheat (Original Mix)

NaoMind - Collapse For A Sunrise (Iron Perez Remix)

NaoMind - Collapse For A Sunrise (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Autonomia (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Fear (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Mud Puddle (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Random Thought (Original Mix)

Nico Cabeza - Laguna (Original Mix)

Nico Cabeza - Laguna (Terraza Danieli Mix)

Nico Cabeza - Repressed Memories (Original Mix)

Nico Moreno - Just A Country Boy (Original Mix)

Nico Moreno, Laren - You Make Me Horny (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Inside Out (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Perpetual Movement (Original Mix)

Nipun Divecha - Captain Planet (DJ Lion & Bullzeye Remix)

Nipun Divecha - Captain Planet (Original Mix)

Nipun Divecha - Xora (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Ao (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Kippu (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Outsider (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Renda (Original Mix)

Norvis - Fusion (Original Mix)

Norvis - Trinity (Original Mix)

Not A Headliner - Mystery Box (Original Mix)

Novem Vivit - Half-Life (Original Mix)

Nurmanov (UA) - Devils & Angels (Original Mix)

Nurmanov (UA) - Generation (Original Mix)

NØVEK - Escape (Original Mix)

NØVEK - Lucid Dream (Original Mix)

NØVEK - Magic Secret (Original Mix)

Pablo Diego - Oasis (Original Mix)

Pablo Diego - The Drop (Original Mix)

Pablo Diego - Warp 9.5 (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Outta Space (Extended Mix)

Pablo Say - Working Out (Extended Mix)

Parabol - Concorde (Original Mix)

Perpetual Universe, Justus Reim - Quantum Pulse (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Foundation (Caden Remix)

Plateau Sigma - Buskin (Objet Volant Remix)

Plateau Sigma - Buskin (Original Mix)

Plateau Sigma - Buskin (Reuben Stroud Remix)

Polygonia - Flumen (Original Mix)

Procopis Gkouklias - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

Procopis Gkouklias - Metal Voice (Original Mix)

Procopis Gkouklias - Soul Of Destiny (Original Mix)

Procopis Gkouklias - The Raven Scream (Original Mix)

Push - Transmitter Response (Extended Mix)

Ronnye M - Lumina (Original Mix)

Ronnye M - Stelar (Original Mix)

Rraph - Smialego Story 1 (Original Mix)

Rraph - Smialego Story 2 (Original Mix)

Rraph - Smialego Story 3 (Original Mix)

Rraph - Smialego Story 4 (Original Mix)

Rudni - Believe (Original Mix)

Rudni - Chimera (Original Mix)

Rudni - Defiance (Original Mix)

Rudni - Night Shift (Original Mix)

S-file - Addicted (Original Mix)

S-file - Planet Claire (Original Mix)

S-file - Restive (Original Mix)

S-file - Tender Roam (Original Mix)

SHVDZ - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

San Nicolas - Come With Me (Original Mix)

San Nicolas - Intimate (Original Mix)

Santiago Krenz - Invencible 777 (Original Mix)

Simone Zino - Freedom (Original Mix)

Simone Zino - Jungle (Original Mix)

Simone Zino - Venom (Original Mix)

Sinister Wave - Arrival (Original Mix)

Sinister Wave - Carnax (Original Mix)

Sinister Wave - Lost Galaxy (Original Mix)

Sinister Wave - Succubus (Original Mix)

Skober - Stranger (Original Mix)

Stef Mendesidis - Crocodile's Grin (Original Mix)

Stef Mendesidis - Kraken (Original Mix)

Stef Mendesidis - Nisha (Original Mix)

Stef Mendesidis - The Suspect Zone (Original Mix)

Steve C - My Pain (Original Mix)

The Sixth Sense - Plan B (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence (Extended Mix)

Tiga, Kolsch - Hand In Hand (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)

Time Assault, Diego Amaro - Concert 77 (Original Mix)

Time Assault, Diego Amaro - I'm Gonna (Original Mix)

Timo Lissy, Ondrone - Legend Of The Rainbow Serpent (Original Mix)

Tintin - Drowzy (Original Mix)

Tintin - Dwn (Original Mix)

Tintin - Layzr (Original Mix)

Tippstrip - Cyan Angels' Dream (Original Mix)

Tippstrip - Forehead's Solitude (Original Mix)

Tippstrip, Lia Vic - Invisible Storm (Original Mix)

Tom Wax, Rummy Sharma - Acid Will Survive (Original Mix)

Tony Romanello - Kumasi (Original Mix)

Tony Romanello, Salvatore Mediana - Techno Jungle (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Life (Felix Reichelt Remix)

Torsten Kanzler - Life (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Valhalla (Original Mix)

Trudge - Inertia (Original Mix)

Tsott - Tunnel (Original Mix)

UNTIDY WAX - Tridy  A (Original Mix)

UNTIDY WAX - Tridy  B (Original Mix)

UNTIDY WAX - Tridy C (Original Mix)

UNTIDY WAX - Tridy D (Original Mix)

Uncled - Reborn (Original Mix)

Vintage Aciid - Agony (Original Mix)

Vogmir - Deeper Level (Original Mix)

Vogmir - Fluid Remedy (Original Mix)

Vogmir - Mode Psi (Original Mix)

Vogmir - Undivided (Original Mix)

Volster - Acceptance (Original Mix)

Volster - Anger (Original Mix)

Volster - Denial (Original Mix)

Volster - Epilogue (Original Mix)

WLDERZ - Other Side (Original Mix)

Weston & Teston - Control (Extended Mix)

Weston & Teston, Joe McCann, 88 MPH - Hard To Breathe (Original Mix)

Will Lewis - Robots vs Humans (Original Mix)

Xesus Xanchez - Pulsar (Extended Mix)

Yoikol - Sacrifice (Original Mix)

ØURSPACE - Another Reality (Original Mix)

ØURSPACE - Expression Of Soul (Original Mix)

0Gravity - Another Dimension (Extended Mix)

ALIGASH - Quicksand (Extended Mix)

ALIGASH - Quicksand (Fuenka Extended Remix)

AREO - Vibrations (Extended Mix)

ARIV3 - Enigma (Original Mix)

ARIV3 - Enigma (Ruben Karapetyan Remix)

ARQLYTE - Sapphire (Extended Mix)

Abstract Emotion - Lighter Than Air (Original Mix)

Abstract Emotion - Lighter Than Air (Vocal Mix)

Ahmed Helmy - Multiple Realities (Extended Mix)

Air Project, Odarka - World On Fire (Dub Mix)

Air Project, Odarka - World On Fire (Extended Mix)

Airborn, Clara Yates - With You (Spencer Newell Extended Remix)

Alex M.O.R.P.H., John Meva - Cassiopeia (Original Mix)

Alex Merk, Jaden Perry - Elysian Echoes (Extended Mix)

Alex Prima, Adara - Teleport (Extended Mix)

Alex Prima, Adara - Teleport (Steve Dekay Extended Remix)

Alex Stendor - The Return To Home (Extended Mix)

Alima - Out Of Love (Extended Mix)

Allan Berndtz, U-G - Enoshima (Extended Mix)

Amok Dee, DJ Dean - Threshold (DJ Dean Extended Mix)

Amok Dee, DJ Dean - Threshold (Extended Mix)

Andre Wildenhues, Rebecca Louise Burch - Your Light (Extended Mix)

Andrewboy - Alone (Extended Mix)

Andrewboy - Alone (Wailey Remix)

Andrewboy - Dream Of You (Extended Mix)

Andy Judge - Heaven Voices (Extended Mix)

Andy Newtz - When We Collide (Extended Mix)

Astral Zephyrus - Hearts Between The Stars (Intro Mix)

Astral Zephyrus - Hearts Between The Stars (Orchestral Mix)

Astral Zephyrus - Hearts Between The Stars (Original Mix)

Atribút - Echoes (Extended Mix)

Atropate - I Miss A Good Day (Extended Mix)

BiXX - Weather The Storm (Extended Mix)

Blake Walker MTL - Dimension (Extended Mix)

Blake Walker MTL - Dimension (Ursarix Extended Remix)

Casey Rasch - Sky (Extended Mix)

Chris Oblivion - Momentum Overdrive (Extended Mix)

Chris Oblivion - Momentum Overdrive (Psy-Trance Mix)

Claudiu Adam, Tara Louise - Keep Holding On (Extended Mix)

Costa, Ellie Lawson - Sky Chaser (Extended Mix)

Cris Grey, Parnassvs - Crimson Moon (Extended Mix)

DGoh - Redemption (Extended Mix)

DJ Phalanx - Hope (Extended Mix)

DJ Spaceman, Sunryz - Under Control (Extended Mix)

Daniel Kandi, Reborn Sound System - To Light A Fire (Original Mix)

Daniele Filaretti - Tension (Extended Mix)

Danny Fervent - Always You (Abstract Vision & Victor F. Dub Remix)

Danny Fervent - Always You (Abstract Vision & Victor F. Extended Remix)

Darwin - Curveball (Original Mix)

Das Pharaoh - Watt Is Right? (Original Mix)

David Adam, Stephan Pestalozzi - Step Into Future (Extended Mix)

Definitions, CHAR - All We Have (Extended Mix)

DiNazarov - Island Dream (Original Mix)

DiNazarov - New Beginning (Original Mix)

Dmpv, Anveld - Silence Of The Night (Extended Mix)

Drival - El Cairo (Extended Mix)

Dustin Husain - Midnight Club (Extended Mix)

EDU BRAVO - Air-F (Extended Mix)

Elenski - Meek (Original Mix)

Elissandro - Awakening (Intro Mix)

Elissandro - Awakening (Original Mix)

Elissandro - Awakening (Piano Mix)

Enemy 9 - Limitless (Extended Mix)

Eximinds - Perseus (Extended Mix)

Ezequiel Arias, FOLGAR - You (Extended Mix)

F4T4L3RR0R - Convergence (Extended Mix)

Fahjah, Ezra Hazard - Little Love (Extended Mix)

Fancy Power - Visions (Extended Mix)

Fantazm - Indeterminate (Extended Mix)

Fros7novA - Never Say Never (Extended Mix)

GAIA-X - Unfolding Light (Original Mix)

Ghanbari - Gargantua (Extended Mix)

Ghanbari - Gargantua (Lost In Space Mix)

Glenn Molloy, The Dirtbirdz - Glacier (Extended Mix)

Go Shine - Blue Fog (Extended Mix)

Hein - The Narrow Path (Original Mix)

Hopeful Echoes, D72 - Destined (Extended Mix)

Horizons (IT) - Haarlem (2 A.M. Mix)

Inger - Million Words (Original Mix)

Inner Heart - Together On The Horizon (Original Mix)

JES - Let It All Come Down (Allen Watts Extended Remix)

Jackob Roenald - Balance (Extended Mix)

Jake Taylor - Break Out (Extended Mix)

James Dust, Noff, JODIE POYE - Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love (Extended Mix)

James iD - Horizon (Extended Mix)

Jamie Walker - Addicted (Extended Mix)

Jamie Walker - Feel The Energy (Extended Mix)

Jardin - Illuminate (Extended Mix)

Jeef B - Loss Of Emotions (Extended Mix)

Jicode, Chione - Eternal (Original Mix)

John Clarcq - Khao Suay (Original Mix)

John Grand - Metanoia (Extended Mix)

Johnny O. - Fantasy Girl (JAN DE VICE Extended Remix)

Jon Mangan - Break The Line (Extended Mix)

Juan Almiñana Obando - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Julia Eliza - Shadows (Extended Mix)

Julia Eliza - Truth (Extended Mix)

a.l.f, Anna Tucker - Dance Away The Darkness (Extended Mix)

a.l.f, Anna Tucker - The Light (Extended Mix)

Kaimo K, Emma Horan - Forget About Us (Extended Mix)

Kenny Mitchell (UK) - Adhara (Original Mix)

Kojun, Kev Blundy, nümind - Butterflies (DJ Version)

Kristoffer Ljungberg - Horizon (Extended Mix)

Kroman - Don't Walk Away (Black Strand Extended Remix)

Kroman - Don't Walk Away (Extended Mix)

L1mixe - Ring Of Freedom (Extended Mix)

LKX - Multiverse Wanderer (Extended Mix)

LTN - I Will Follow (Extended Mix)

Leon Hardy - Hamburg To Berlin (Extended Mix)

LinMou - Midnight Zero (Extended Mix)

Luca Antolini, Andrea Montorsi - Voice Of Dream (Extended Mix)

Lyd14, Rik Crofts - Better Me (Extended Mix)

MLiFe - Reflection (Original Mix)

MOKX - Ancient Echoes (Extended Mix)

Mark Wilks - Deepest Truth (Extended Mix)

Master Beat Projekt - Palpatine (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax, Johan Vilborg - Rise (Extended Mix)

Meraj Deylami - Breakthrough (Chill Out Mix)

Meraj Deylami - Breakthrough (Extended Mix)

Mhammed El Alami, EGGSTA - Upside Down (Extended Mix)

Mike Saint-Jules, Apollo Nash - Afterburn (Extended Mix)

Mike Zaloxx - Caelum (Extended Mix)

Mikhail Tseslyuk - North Pole (Extended Mix)

Moroni - Black & White (Intro Mix)

Moroni - Black & White (Original Mix)

Myde - Fell From Heaven (Extended Mix)

Mynax - Forgotten Planet (Original Mix)

Natalie Murray - Ripple (Original Mix)

Nathaniel Sim, Neil Rowe - Concentr8 (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young - Comfort Zone (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young - Oxygen (Extended Mix)

Nils Hoffmann, The Kite String Tangle - Holding Me Back (Extended Mix)

Nord Horizon, Sarah Russell - Not A Sound (Extended Mix)

Nurkesh - Imperfection (Original Mix)

Nurkesh, Mi KiT - Muzyka (LTN, Ghostbeat Remix)

Nurkesh, Mi KiT - Muzyka (Original Mix)

Obie Fernandez - Rebel Anthem (Black XS Remix)

Obie Fernandez - Rebel Anthem (Original Mix)

Oliver Smith, Tom Bailey - Everything (Extended Mix)

Ormus - Jessed (Original Mix)

Ormus - Netzach (Original Mix)

Ovnimoon - Feel On Me (Original Mix)

Paul Cry - The Voice Of The Future (Extended Mix)

Paul Elov8 Smith - ISOTOPE (Extended Mix)

Paul Thomas - Talk Tonight (Extended Mix)

Peter Miethig - Reflection (Extended Mix)

Physical Phase - You Don't Know (Extended Mix)

Plutian - Sonar (Extended Mix)

Ponymeadow - Over The Edge (Dennis Sheperd Extended Remix)

Ponymeadow - Over The Edge (Extended Mix)

Primestate Project - White Sensation (Original Mix)

Ralphie B - Homestead (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix)

Rixson - Ascension (Extended Mix)

Robby East, Kuala - Love In Slow Motion (Extended Mix)

Robert Nickson - Transcend (Extended Mix)

Roman Messer, Diandra Faye - Why So Serious (Extended Mix)

Ron With Leeds - The Beauty Of Imperfection (Extended Mix)

Sam Fletcher - Seeds Of Love (GeorD Extended Remix)

Sam Fletcher - Seeds Of Love (GeorD Intro Remix)

Sam Fletcher - Seeds Of Love (GeorD Orchestral Remix)

Sam Fletcher - Seeds Of Love (GeorD Remix)

Seegy, Kaimei - Easy (Extended Mix)

Sergey Shabanov - Loafer (Extended Mix)

Silver7, Kiddy, Jodie Poye - So Far Away (Original Mix)

Solarstone, Stine Grove - The One (Extended Mix)

Somna, Mike Schmid - Me Minus You (Pablo Artigas Extended Remix)

Soundtoys - Alive (Original Mix)

Starry Major - Shining Star (Extended Mix)

Steve Dekay - Acid Rain (Extended Mix)

Sunflare - Balearic Grooves (Extended Mix)

Sunflare - Bay Just For Them (Extended Mix)

Sunflare - Praia Formosa (Extended Mix)

Sunflare - Vila Baleira (Extended Mix)

Super Luminal - Hold The Line (Extended Mix)

SØNIN - Nano (Extended Mix)

SØNIN - Nightlife (Extended Mix)

TEKNO, DJ T.H. - Tremble (Extended Mix)

Tagavaka - Nadir (Extended Mix)

Talla 2xlc - No Fate (Zyrus 7 Extended Remix)

The Lima Project - Mystify (Extended Mix)

The WLT, Oana - You Won't Forget Me (Extended Mix)

The WLT, Oana - You Won't Forget Me [Nu Ma Vei Uita] (Extended Mix)

Tim Verkruissen - Velvet (Extended Mix)

Tranceflight, Goan Wave, Sascha Milde - Stop Destroying Our World (Atmosphere)

Tranceflight, Goan Wave, Sascha Milde - Stop Destroying Our World (Extended Version)

Travel5 - Tears Of An Angel (Extended Mix)

Travel5 - Tears Of An Angel (Intro Mix)

Travel5 - Tears Of An Angel (Orchestral Mix)

Trey Mirror, Maguire - Heaven Out Of Hell (Original Mix)

TroniKol - Konzo (Extended Mix)

Troy Wyse - Kameleon (Extended Mix)

Tru Concept, Romany - Fading (Extended Mix)

UDM - Hypersonic (Extended Mix)

UNWA - Black Sun (Original Mix)

VcMin, SuwranP - Dark Energy (Suwranp Extended Remix)

Will Rees, Rhys Elliott - Defector (Extended Mix)

Wright & Davids - MMXXIV (Original Mix)

ZOYA - Endless (Extended Mix)

ZOYA - Eternity (Extended Mix)

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