Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-16

DATA: 2024-01-16 TOTAL: 210 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

The Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-16 is a great way to discover the best new music in electronic dance music genres. This is a compilation of the best new tracks in genres such as house, tech house, jackin house, deep house, minimal, and deep tech. You will be impressed by the variety and creativity of the music, featuring some of the most renowned and innovative DJs and producers in the industry. Whether you are in the mood for a catchy house track, a bouncy jackin house track, a smooth and deep deep house track, a minimal and sophisticated minimal track, or a deep and edgy deep tech track, you will find it in the Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-16. Some of the remarkable tracks are Santiago & Carlitos - La Fiesta, Chantal Lewis-Brown - Feel The Love, and Skylin3 - The Way You Move. Don’t wait any longer and check out the Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-16 and discover the best new music.





Adam Jasim, Red Comet - Pulling Through (Original Mix)

Agents Of Time, Ross Quinn - Friend Of Mine (Extended Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Hyperdust (Original Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Reactor (Original Mix)

Alle Farben, Lewis Thompson, Mae Muller - Love Hurt Repeat (Extended Mix)

Alok, Bebe Rexha - Deep In Your Love (Extended Mix)

Alvaro Smart - Dare You (Original Mix)

Angara - Rwanda (Original Mix)

Angara, Gregory Esayan - Sun (Original Mix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Drone (Albees Remix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Evasion (DJ Rusty Remix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Feeling (Xyde Remix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Look Inside (Findr Remix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Nasa (Dunk Remix)

BASSHUNTERZ - Strong Mind (Dunk Remix)

BURNR - Joanna (Extended Mix)

Basic Rhythm - Woozy (Original Mix)

Benzi, Schlnglein - Blame (Original Mix)

Bowers & Bidwell - Falling (Extended Mix)

Bridges - Nightcalls (Original Mix)

CHAN (US) - All I Need (Extended Mix)

Carlos Agraz, Mijail - Dame Roce (Original Mix)

Carol Seubert - Me Gusta (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Knowledge (Extended Mix)

D.O.D, Hannah Boleyn - Dominos (Extended Mix)

Dario Nunez, Nolek, Mathieu Ruz - Sobre La Arena (Extended Mix)

Dark Heart, Be No Rain - Visions (Extended Mix)

David Tort - Lost In Acid (Crusy Extended Remix)

Dead Rose, Stryer - Wild (Original Mix)

Delta Heavy - Ecstasy (Original Mix)

Deviu, Garlington - Inhale (Extended Mix)

Deviu, Garlington - Sounder (Extended Mix)

Disco Lines, J. Worra, Anabel Englund - Cutting Loose (Extended Mix)

Emmit Fenn - The Chase (Rebūke Remix Extended)

Fatum, biskuwi - Termination (Original Mix)

Felix Jaehn, Leony - Waking Up (Extended Mix)

Galo - Orange Soda (Original Mix)

Grafix, Elipsa - Miss A Moment (Original Mix)

HIIDRA, Justri - My Jack (Extended Mix)

Hector Couto, Rendher - Break Down (Dennis Cruz Remix)

Hector Couto, Rendher - Break Down (Original Mix)

Hector Couto, Rendher - Ey Key (Original Mix)

Hollaphonic, Voost - It's A Vibe (Extended Mix)

HoneyLuv, Roland Clark - This Is My Life (Extended Mix)

Hreez, Monica Koleva - Try Again (Extended Mix)

Hugel, Alex Guesta - Ready To Go (My Addiction) (Extended Mix)

Hyde (OFC) - Croissant (Extended Mix)

Jesus Fernandez, Javi Reina - Hablando Claro (Original Mix)

Juanito - Baybee (Extended Mix)

KEVU - Galactica (Extended Mix)

Kendrick D&B - 98 (Original Mix)

Kendrick D&B - Insanity (Original Mix)

Kendrick D&B - Money (Original Mix)

Kendrick D&B - VTD (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Duwayne Motley, Kelli Sae - Somebody To Love (Extended Mix)

Kiholm - Interstellar (Extended Mix)

Kormak - Bags (Extended Mix)

Late Delivery - Straight Fire (Extended Mix)

Lost Sky, ANGELPLAYA, Chris Linton - Unbreakable (Original Mix)

Lubelski - Synth City (DJ Minx Extended Remix)

Lubelski - Synth City (Original Mix)

Lubelski - Tear The Roof Off (Extended Mix)

Matt Dylan - Vitality (Extended Mix)

Max Mendez - Get On Down (Original Mix)

Michael Milov - Closer (Extended Mix)

Mike Martel - Pararu (Extended Mix)

Nōpi - Legend World (Extended Mix)

Nōpi - Tree (Extended Mix)

Nōpi, Jody Wisternoff, James Grant - Freefly (Extended Mix)

Otherwish - After All This Time (Original Mix)

Otherwish - Falling Down (Original Mix)

Otherwish - Let It Fade (Original Mix)

Otherwish - Meant To Be (Original Mix)

Otherwish - U R Love (Original Mix)

Otherwish - You Against The World (Original Mix)

Overdrive, Yung Link - Roll 1 Up (Extended Mix)

PLS&TY, Tudor - Yours (Cat Dealers Extended Remix)

RSquared - Scream (Original Mix)

RudeLies - You Are Mine (Extended Mix)

SINO - Hold Me Close (Original Mix)

SINO - Wasted (Original Mix)

Shiba San - Diva Drums (Original Mix)

Silent Phocus - Mood Swing (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Keep On Funkin (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Organic Life (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Soul Splitters (Original Mix)

Skybreak, Dani Demand - The Epic Octopus Song (Original Mix)

Steve Angello - ME (Extended Mix)

Steve Aoki, JJ Lin - The Show (Steve Aoki & Lucas & Steve Remix) (Extended Mix)

Subsonic - Feel Ur Touch (Original Mix)

Sully - XT (Original Mix)

TWENTY SIX, Darcey - Stan (Kevin McKay Extended Mix)

Teddy Killerz - Untitled 6 (Skrimor Remix)

Tomoyoshi - Ecstasy Rising (Original Mix)

Tomoyoshi - Inner Mind (Original Mix)

Tomoyoshi - No Sanctuary (Original Mix)

Tomoyoshi - Techwise (Original Mix)

Viv Castle - Shadow Dance (Original Mix)

Viv Castle - This Is Your Brain (Original Mix)

W&W, Bassjackers - Why Am I Doing This?! (Extended Mix)

Walter Wilde - Hold On (Original Mix)

Wasabi, GIOC - Panamericano (Original Mix)

Wigman - Lonely (Original Mix)

Wigman - Love Me (Original Mix)

Wigman, Sam Pyro - Subtracted (Original Mix)

Wuki - Sunshine (My Girl) (Sofi Tukker Extended Remix)

Yves Larock, Oomloud - Mesmerize (Extended Mix)

Yvvan Back - Get On The Floor (Hotswing Extended Remix)

Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki (Extended Mix)

Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki (Major Lazer Remix Extended)

AUGUSTOH - Money (Original Mix)

AUGUSTOH - Shop (Original Mix)

AUGUSTOH - Shop (Santy Perizzotti Remix)

Adam Ashe - Ironic (Original Mix)

Alex Demez - Dos Cuerpos (Original Mix)

Brny Owl - Baila Mariposa (Original Mix)

Brny Owl - Tus Ojos (Original Mix)

Chris De La Soul - Dirty Elephants (Original Mix)

Chris De La Soul - Techno (Original Mix)

DJ Dove - Electricize (Extended Mix)

DJ Fronter - Va Da Bun Da (Koleto Remix)

DJ Fronter - Va Da Bun Da (Original Mix)

Daniel Ortiz - Bump (Original Mix)

Daniel Ortiz - Cinco Sentidos (Original Mix)

Daniel Ortiz - Photosynthesis (Original Mix)

Daniel Ortiz - Urban Myth (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack, David Treble - Sintonia (Extended Mix)

Danny Leblack, David Treble - Squirtle (Extended Mix)

Diego Gonzales, Just One Nite - Automata (MINT (JPN) Remix)

Diego Gonzales, Just One Nite - Automata (Original Mix)

Diego Gonzales, Just One Nite - Handicap (Moobi Remix)

Diego Gonzales, Just One Nite - Handicap (Original Mix)

Dom Ryan - Baeb (Original Mix)

F3LIX A. - Diamonds (Extended Mix)

F3LIX A. - Pearl (Extended Mix)

Frank Franco - False Truth (Original Mix)

Frank Franco - Loyalty Lies (Original Mix)

Glasidum - A Creative Way To Fall (Original Mix)

Glasidum - For Real (Original Mix)

Glasidum - Ravenator (Original Mix)

Gucho - El Rapohouse (Original Mix)

Gucho - Tucora (Original Mix)

Hardskin - Zoom Zoom (Extended Mix)

Hardskin, Franklyn Brooks - Te Fuiste (Extended Mix)

Hollaphonic, Voost - It's A Vibe (Extended Mix)

Hyde (OFC) - Croissant (Extended Mix)

Jack Kennedy - Hook Or Crook (Original Mix)

Jamahr - Lost & Found (Massimo Girardi & Ilario Liburni Remix)

Jamahr - Lost & Found (Original Mix)

Jamahr - Odissea (IZIL Remix)

Jamahr - Odissea (Original Mix)

Joel Cantone - Quest (Original Mix)

Joel Cantone - Watch Me (Original Mix)

Jose Torres - Discipline (Original Mix)

Jose Torres - Haaro (Original Mix)

Khonsu The Child, AUSMAX - Disco Barbie (Original Mix)

Khonsu The Child, AUSMAX - Vibin' Out (Original Mix)

Kill Them With Colour - Otra Vez (Original Mix)

Kolter - Hier Lang, Bitte ! (Original Mix)

Kolter - I Need A Fix (Original Mix)

Kolter - Keep Bustin' (Original Mix)

Kolter - Search & Discover (Original Mix)

Kolter - You Can Have It All (Original Mix)

Kormak - Bags (Extended Mix)

Krasch - Levitate (Carl Waller Sophia Stardust Remix)

Krasch - Levitate (Original Mix)

Krasch - Time For Love (Original Mix)

Krasch - Trooved (Original Mix)

Lautaro Mauti - BMB (Original Mix)

Lautaro Mauti - IT's Time To (Original Mix)

Manu Desrets, Bodeler - Provera (Original Mix)

Manu Desrets, Bodeler - Supa Hero (Original Mix)

Martin Mosquera - Lucky One (Original Mix)

Martin Mosquera - Natural High (Original Mix)

Mauricio Traglia - Out (Extended Mix)

Mauricio Traglia - Radio (Extended Mix)

Merk (ITA) - Kiss My Beat (Original Mix)

Misha (US) - Floor Killah (Original Mix)

Misha (US) - Old Soul (Original Mix)

Misha (US), nocapz. - Dominicana (Original Mix)

Natan Ant - Loose My Mind (Original Mix)

Natan Ant - This Feeling (Original Mix)

Notorious Lynch - Island Fever (Extended Mix)

Pablo Juarez - Dreams (Original Mix)

Pablo Juarez - Emotions (Original Mix)

Petzoo - Arabic Love (Original Mix)

Petzoo, Macka&Max - Party Up (Original Mix)

Phill Prince - Got The Love (Original Mix)

Phill Prince - Imal E (Original Mix)

Phill Prince - That's What (Original Mix)

Pinto (NYC) - Hustle (Original Mix)

Pinto (NYC) - Jazz EFX (Original Mix)

Rafael - Amit (Original Mix)

Rafael - Riddle (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Beat (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Hit The Club (Original Mix)

Salva Martin - Chemist (Original Mix)

Salva Martin - Misunderstood (Original Mix)

Sergio Fernandez - Playa Del Carmen (Original Mix)

Sergiodnine - Dance (Original Mix)

Sergiodnine - Rock Da House (Original Mix)

Shiba San - Diva Drums (Original Mix)

Starwoodz - Dance To Groove (Original Mix)

THR3MIND - Dance It! (Original Mix)

THR3MIND - Let Me Theree (Original Mix)

Vales - Shake 'N' Swing (Original Mix)

Vales - Warm The Room (Original Mix)

WILDSVG - Intentions (Original Mix)

WILDSVG - Leave Me (Original Mix)

Wasabi, GIOC - Panamericano (Original Mix)

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