Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-23

DATA: 2024-01-23 TOTAL: 150 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

If you are looking for the hottest and freshest tunes in the electronic music scene, you need to check out Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-23. This is a curated selection of the best new tracks from various genres, such as dance, electro pop, big room, future rave, future house, melodic house, techno, progressive house, house, funky house, bass house, UK garage, bassline, dubstep, drum & bass, trap, and wave. You will discover amazing songs from talented artists, such as Dj Snake, Skrillex, and Marshmello, who are featured in the last three tracks of the list. Don’t miss this opportunity to update your playlist with the latest and greatest hits from Beatport Best New Tracks 2024-01-23.




Achilles (OZ), Maurya Sevak - Dreams (Extended Mix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Reyett - Hot Sauces (Gettoblaster Remix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Reyett - Hot Sauces (Original Mix)

Andrea Guido - Trepa (Extended Mix)

Apexape, Zitah - You Don't Know (APEXAPE YDK Extended Mix)

BP - Reaching Stars (Original Mix)

BP - Suppose We Are (Original Mix)

BRN - Unconditional (Extended Mix)

Ben Nicky, WUKONG, David Rust - Let Me Go (Club Mix)

Bennie, Nu Elementz - I Want It (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Repeated Process (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Block & Crown Remix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Dark Intensity Remix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Ghostbusterz Remix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Luca Debonaire & Mike Ferullo Remix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Pretty Poison - Nightime (Stonebridge Remix)

Bound To Divide - Stay (Extended Mix)

Brannco, Run Rivers - Make It Home (Extended Mix)

CANDL - Culture (Original Mix)

CANDL - Toxic (Original Mix)

CLB - Distress Signal (Original Mix)

CLB - Something In The Water (Original Mix)

CLB, 9MM - Meditation (Original Mix)

Calussa, Meca - Get Tired (Extended)

Clarx, Shiah Maisel, M.I.M.E - Pull Me In (Original Mix)

Cris Ocana - Uno, Do, Tre (Extended Mix)

DLMT, Kamino - Body Music (Extended Mix)

Danny Quest - The Freak (Extended Mix)

Darlyn Vlys - Rampage (Original Mix)

Darlyn Vlys - Surrender (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead - LA On Acid (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead - MTHFKZ (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead - Moombers (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead - Under Pressure (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead, Aaar, Zairah - Peluca (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead, Fatman Scoop - Listen (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis, Good Times Ahead, Valentino Khan, Dixson - Humo (Original Mix)

Dirt Monkey, Mr. Bill, Ellika - Bones (Original Mix)

Disco Dice - Nudisco Trap (Original Mix)

Doctor P - Repetition (LAXX Remix)

Doctor P - Repetition (Original Mix)

Drumskull - Scrolling Shooter (Dwarde Remix)

Drumskull - Scrolling Shooter (Original Mix)

Drumskull - Switch Up The Flow (Original Mix)

Drumskull - Unknown Structure (Original Mix)

Eli & Fur - You're So High (10 Years On) (Sasha Extended Remix)

Fatboy Slim, Beardyman - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Bruno Martini Remix)

Fein Cerra - Sacré Coeur (Extended Mix)

Firebeatz - Move Like Dis (Original Mix)

Grigoré - Heart Pure (Original Mix)

Hannah Wants, Sam Divine, Jem Cooke - Cruel Intentions (Extended Mix)

Hydrolikz - Fire Alarm (Original Mix)

Hydrolikz - Frequency (Original Mix)

Hydrolikz - Scientist (Original Mix)

Hydrolikz, Diamond - High (Original Mix)

Itro - Never Let You Down (Original Mix)

Jackers Revenge - Psycho Killer (Original Mix)

Jake Silva, Frankie Sims - Focus Is You (Extended Mix)

Jamie G (UK) - Beat (Extended Mix)

Jean Bacarreza, Jane Kovitz - Believe In The Music (Original Mix)

Juntaro - Selecta (Extended Mix)

Justin Martin - Make Me Feel (Like Dancing) (Original Mix)

Justluke - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)

Justluke - Dance With Me (Extended VIP Mix)

Kleu, DJ Hybrid - All Nighter (Original Mix)

LVNDSCAPE - That Feeling (Extended Dub Mix)

LVNDSCAPE - That Feeling (Extended Mix)

Lenzman, Redeyes - Midnight Fantasy (Original Mix)

Lenzman, Redeyes - Nag Champa (Original Mix)

Lenzman, Redeyes - Play Around (Original Mix)

Lenzman, Redeyes - Shine So Bright (Original Mix)

Lotrax - Bogus (Original Mix)

Lotrax - Pedal To The Metal (Original Mix)

Luke Alexander - Elevate Your Love (Extended Mix)

Mahmut Orhan, Ribale Wehbe - Andalusian (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden - Don't Abuse It (Extended)

Markus Schulz, HALIENE - Death Of A Star (Extended Mix)

Martina Budde - El Fin De Semana (Extended Mix)

Maxinne, Shyam P - Collide ( Remix)

Melinki, Medic MC - Hold On (Original Mix)

Melinki, Medic MC - Horizon (Original Mix)

Merk & Kremont - Bim Boom Bam (Mr. Pig Extended Version)

Mike Candys - My Speakers (Extended Mix)

Mike Newman - Anytime You Want (Original Mix)

Mohican Sun - Absolution (Original Mix)

Mohican Sun - Blurred Peak (Original Mix)

Mohican Sun - Green Silk (Original Mix)

Mohican Sun - Scatter (Original Mix)

Morrow - Hypnosis (Original Mix)

Morrow - Old Heads (Original Mix)

Myd - Together We Stand (Chambord Remix)

Nautik (US) - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Niko The Kid - Deeper Love (Extended Mix)

Norii, Grimix, Azooland - Moving Up (Extended Mix)

Omneum, Finalfix - Resonance (Audio Remix)

Oracle, Holochrome - Strangers (Original Mix)

Oracle, Holochrome - Where Does The Light Go (Original Mix)

PUMP! - BANANAS (Extended Mix)

Paluma, Yolanda Be Cool - Get Into It (Extended Mix)

Pedroz (BR) - Keta (Original Mix)

Pietro, Anzzo - Bajo La Luna (Extended Mix)

Pietro, Maya - Atarraya (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink, Christian Burns - Lost & Found (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

Rebuke, Ella Balinska - Digital Dream (Club Mix)

Retrika, Alvi - I Feel Whole (Extended Mix)

Roddy Lima, SPECT3R - Lie To Me (Original Mix)

SICK INDIVIDUALS - Love Like That (Extended Mix)

SKGN, EDGR, Swedish Red Elephant - Children Of Our Time (Extended Mix)

SOMMA - Falante (Original Mix)

SOMMA - Traino (Original Mix)

SOMMA, JEWELS, Jabulile Majola - Delakufa (Extended Version)

Sansixto - Kickback (Extended Mix)

Sentinel Groove - Mr. DJ (Original Mix)

Siwell - Jealousy (Extended Mix)

Snakehips, Laurel - Bringing Me Home (Extended Mix)

Snakehips, Laurel - Bringing Me Home (OMNOM Extended Mix)

Soel - Leave No Trace (Original Mix)

Soel - Reverie (Original Mix)

Soultight - RVT (Original Mix)

Spencer Brown - Curve (Invōker Mix)

Spencer Brown - Good Times (Emanuel Satie Extended Mix)

Stephani B, Jessica Hammond - Can't Stop Loving You (Extended Mix)

Sylva Drums, Bruno Zarra - Myself (Original Mix)

T & Sugah - Imma Give (Original Mix)

T.U.R.K - Break It Down (Original Mix)

TCTS, ManyFew - Push Me (Extended Mix)

Tesen, Profile - Defender (2023 VIP)

Thykier - Just Like You (Extended Mix)

Tinlicker, Circa Waves - Nothing To Lose (Original Mix)

Tinlicker, Julia Church - Slipstream (Original Mix)

Tinlicker, Tom Smith - This Life (Original Mix)

Tom & Collins, Alexander Som - No Pares (Extended Mix)

Toxic Wraith, NVM3X - Without You (Extended Mix)

Tujamo, MEDUN - Heaven Is A Place (Extended Version)

Valentino Khan, Bipolar Sunshine - Satellite (Extended Mix)

Walker & Royce - Tha Tea (Original Mix)

Walker & Royce, VNSSA - I Don't Remember (Original Mix)

Wh0, Mark Knight, James Hurr, Kathy Brown - Turn Me Deeper (Extended Mix)

gyrofield - Forever Ballet (Original Mix)

gyrofield - French Grey (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Gossamer (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Harsh Sun (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Maybes (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Oligarch (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Ones And Somehows (Original Mix)

tunnl vision - I Killed My Techno (Original Mix)

tunnl vision - Obelisk (Original Mix)

tunnl vision - Tonight (Original Mix)

tunnl vision, Kate McGill - Alive (Original Mix)

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