Beatport Chart Toppers 2024 Hype

DATA: 2024-01-26 TOTAL: 333 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

If you are looking for the hottest and freshest sounds from the underground music scene, you need to check out the Beatport Chart Toppers 2024 Hype. This is a curated selection of the best-selling tracks from the emerging labels and artists that are making waves in the industry. Whether you are into drum & bass, house, techno, or indie dance, you will find something to suit your taste and mood. Some of the highlights include "The Right Choice" by DJ W!ld, "Club's Heaters" by Riva Starr, and "Balance 32" by Henry Saiz. Don't miss this opportunity to discover new and exciting music that will elevate your playlists and sets.





4SAKEN (AUS) - D.N.A. (Original Mix)

4SAKEN (AUS) - Dark Matter (Original Mix)

ARTBAT, Another Life - In Your Arms (Original Mix)

Acerbic - High Voltage (Extended Mix)

Acerbic - Speedbird 303 (Extended Mix)

AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita - Out Of Here (Original Mix)

AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita - We Came To Destroy The Club (Original Mix)

Ann Clue - Golden Child (Original Mix)

Arude - Nocturne (Original Mix)

Arude - Your Move (Original Mix)

Auriga (SP) - Atman (Danielle Ciuro Remix)

Auriga (SP) - Atman (Original Mix)

Auriga (SP) - Durga (Original Mix)

BAI - The Purpose (Original Mix)

BBwhite - Yes I Am (Original Mix)

Backb0ne - Ceasefire (Original Mix)

Backb0ne - Ciphered Realities (Original Mix)

Backb0ne - Just A Sunny Day (Original Mix)

Backb0ne - Twiddly Phases (Original Mix)

Backb0ne - Wanksta Yard (Original Mix)

Belocca - G.T.D. (Original Mix)

Ben Remember - Waiting 4 You (Extended Mix)

Benja Henley - Alternative Ending (Original Mix)

Bob Semp - Dynamo Drive (Original Mix)

Bob Semp - Inhale Exercise (Original Mix)

Bob Semp - Razor (Original Mix)

Bob Semp - Subterranean Struggle (Original Mix)

Borja Salvador - It's Never Gonna Be The Same (Original Mix)

Borja Salvador - On My Trips (Original Mix)

Brigado Crew - Symbiosis (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

Confidential Recipe - Shot (Original Mix)

Cristian Varela - Asymmetric (Ken Ishii Remix)

Cristian Varela - Asymmetric (P.E.A.R.L. Remix)

Cuyp - I See You (Original Mix)

Cuyp - I Want To Touch You (Original Mix)

D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Brentus Maximus - Charlie On The Moon (Original Mix)

D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Brentus Maximus - Lizard On The Moon (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - Show You My Love (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Like 80's (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Why Don't Ya? (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Ass Is Gonna Work (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Elektrik Deep (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Sacrifice Yourself (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - So Damn Electrik (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - The Tango Beat Drum (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - West Side Radio (Original Mix)

DOØL - Concentrate (Original Mix)

DOØL - Focus On (Broken Robot Remix)

DOØL - Focus On (Intro Mix)

DOØL - Focus On (Original Mix)

Dachshund - Cosy Mess (Original Mix)

Dachshund - Hidden Echoes (Original Mix)

Dachshund - Lust (Original Mix)

Deus Deserto - Implode (Original Mix)

Deus Deserto, S.A.A.D., SwayDee - Explode (Original Mix)

Diego Oroquieta - Cuerpo Endomorfo (Original Mix)

Diego Oroquieta - Jinete Sin Cabeza (Original Mix)

Diego Oroquieta - Sabor Mango (Original Mix)

Diego Oroquieta - Vaguada Costera (Original Mix)

Double Cheese - Basil Bliss (Original Mix)

Double Cheese - Jelly Beans Jukebox (Original Mix)

Double Cheese, Luis M - Sweet Confections (Original Mix)

Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Mopped (Original Mix)

DubVibe (HU) - Connection (Original Mix)

DubVibe (HU) - Disconnect (Original Mix)

Dubfire - Dark Matter (Drumcell Remix)

Dubfire - Escape (Truncate Remix)

Ezirk - Funky Boombastik (Original Mix)

Facundo Mohrr, Maxi Degrassi - Betimed (Original Mix)

Fede G - All Numbers (Original Mix)

Fede G - Hello (Original Mix)

Fede G - Under The Fog (Original Mix)

Fede G - Where Are My Dreams (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - Lose You Like It Hard (Ayako Mori Remix)

Felix Reichelt - Lose You Like It Hard (Dennis Bauer Remix)

Felix Reichelt - Lose You Like It Hard (Felix Wehden Remix)

Felix Reichelt - Lose You Like It Hard (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - Lose You Like It Hard (Sebastian Groth Remix)

Ferhat Albayrak - Lunar Exhale (Magna Pia Remix)

Ferhat Albayrak - Lunar Exhale (Original Mix)

Ferhat Albayrak - Phantom Lord (Original Mix)

Flug - Catch It (Original Mix)

Frank Biazzi - Addict (Original Mix)

Frank Biazzi - Connexion (Original Mix)

Frank Biazzi - Electrik (Original Mix)

Fukumachi - Berlandieri (Original Mix)

Fukumachi - Gijoe (Original Mix)

Fukumachi - Nautilus (Original Mix)

Fukumachi - Ziggy Tap (Original Mix)

Galexis - Particles (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Rizza - Day Dreamer (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Rizza - My Mind (Original Mix)

Gotshell - Acid And Die (Original Mix)

Gotshell - Fluctuación Paralela (Original Mix)

Gotshell - Forest (Original Mix)

Gotshell - Who I Am (Original Mix)

Harvey Ross - The Beat (Original Mix)

Horatio, PAGANO - Raving Adventures (Just Frank Remix)

Horatio, PAGANO - Raving Adventures (Kamil Van Derson Remix)

Horatio, PAGANO - Raving Adventures (Original Mix)

Horatio, PAGANO - Raving Adventures (SS Ventura Remix)

Horatio, PAGANO - Raving Adventures (Sebastiaan Hooft Remix)

Hotmood - Latin Flava (Original Mix)

[ Wex 10 ] - On The Line (Original Mix)

[ Wex 10 ] - Powerave (Original Mix)

[ Wex 10 ] - Revolution (Original Mix)

[ Wex 10 ] - The Volume (Original Mix)

dc11 - Stroboscopic Slow Motion (Original Mix)

dc11 - Temporary Culture (Original Mix)

dc11 - Tensing Knuckles (Original Mix)

dc11 - The Fine Art Of Bullshit (Original Mix)

INSOLATE - Chichende (Original Mix)

INSOLATE - Fast Road To Nowhere (Original Mix)

INSOLATE - Female Alpha (Lady Tazz Remix)

INSOLATE - Female Alpha (Original Mix)

Jacom - Drops (Original Mix)

Jacom - Hypnosis (Original Mix)

Jacom - Hypnosis (Pushmann Remix)

Jacom - Running Away (Mode_1 Remix)

Jacom - Running Away (Original Mix)

James Harcourt - Disintegration (Original Mix)

James Hurr, Arthur Baker - Powder In The Nose (Extended Mix)

Jeremy Wahab - Black Star (Original Mix)

Jeremy Wahab - Xtc (Original Mix)

Jerome Baker - Introspection (Original Mix)

Jerome Baker - Look Within (Original Mix)

Jordan Carey - Turn out the Light (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Call 4 Miss Anita (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Dale Dale (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Disco Nights (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Euphoric (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - My Mind Was Made Up (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - One of A Kind (Intro) (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Peak's Theme (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Testing (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - Blood On The Floor (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - Dexo (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - Hardcore Rabbit (Original Mix)

Junior (TR), Koray T - Alive (Original Mix)

Junior (TR), Koray T - Power (Original Mix)

Keith Carnal - Blade Walker (Original Mix)

Keith Carnal - Dark Clowns (Original Mix)

Keith Carnal - Immaculate (Original Mix)

Keith Carnal - Morning Glory (Original Mix)

Ken@Work - Hearts & Thrills (Original Mix)

Kenny Bizzarro - Party Madness (Original Mix)

Klint - All In (Original Mix)

Klint - Forces (Original Mix)

Klint - Immersive Culture (Original Mix)

Klint - Tomahawk (Original Mix)

Kristian Heikkila - Karbon (Original Mix)

Kristian Heikkila - Knowledge (Original Mix)

Kry (IT) - Waves (Original Mix)

Lander B - Aroniko (Original Mix)

Lander B - Garlic (Original Mix)

Laserstein - ANS (Original Mix)

Laserstein - DMT (Original Mix)

Laserstein - HOW (Original Mix)

Laserstein - ZEN (Original Mix)

Lauren Ritter, Tenesha The Wordsmith - I Surrender (Original Mix)

Limara, Dimitri Nakov, Natacha Atlas - Nocturne (Curol Remix)

Luca Olivotto - Dream Of You (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Faces (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Faster (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Flow (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Get Up (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Love Moves (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - No Chains (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Sexy Owl (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Showdown (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Soundgarden (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory, Lazy Ants - DEBRUYNE (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory, Lazy Ants - TD401 (Original Mix)

Manti - Anomaly (Original Mix)

Manti - Freedom (Club Version)

Manti - Freedom (Monophase (IT) Retrospective Remix)

Manti - Freedom (Original Mix)

Marcal - Steady (Original Mix)

Marco Faraone - My Zone (Original Mix)

Marco Panzeri - Seven-Seven (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - Escape From Reality (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - Fly High (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - Possession (Original Mix)

Marianne DJ - Oriente (Original Mix)

Marianne DJ - X1 (Original Mix)

Mashk - Galata (Extended Mix)

Mashk - Galata (Marc Wiese Remix)

Mashk - Galim (Extended Mix)

Mashk - Galim (Salbah Remix)

Matteo Matteini - Bunkergroove (Original Mix)

Mavalo - The Time Is Now (Original Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - Like That (Original Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - OG Chords (Original Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - Takin It (Original Mix)

Mike Chenery - I Don't Like Disco (Original Mix)

Mirjami - New Chapter (Crage D Remix)

Mirjami - New Chapter (Haindo Remix)

Mirjami - New Chapter (Original Mix)

Nailbiter - Boogie (Original Mix)

Nailbiter - Cut The Mid Range (Original Mix)

Nailbiter - Dfunk (Original Mix)

Nathan Katz - For You (Original Mix)

Ola Roström - Dark Saints (Original Mix)

Ola Roström - The Future (Original Mix)

Oliver Kalte - Artifact (Original Mix)

Oliver Kalte - Rotation (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki - There Is Something Special About Boxhagener Platz (Original Mix)

Orbe - Clockwise (Original Mix)

Orbe - Incremental (Gianluca Caiati Version)

Orbe - Incremental (Original Mix)

Orbe - Push - Pull (Original Mix)

Orbe - Real Time (Original Mix)

Orbe - Velocity (Original Mix)

Pedro Capelossi - Aftershock (Original Mix)

Pedro Capelossi - Rainbow Road (Original Mix)

Pedro Capelossi - Same But Different (Original Mix)

Perfo - Just A Love Letter (Original Mix)

Perfo - Just A Strobe (Original Mix)

Perfo - Where Is Pete (Original Mix)

Pfirter, Filip Xavi - A New Reality Awakens (Original Mix)

jUjU (SE) - Catalyst (Original Mix)

jUjU (SE) - Line_Sinker (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - La Vida (Original Mix)

Pfirter, Filip Xavi - Damage Joy (Original Mix)

Plucka - Lenses (Original Mix)

Plucka - That Road (Original Mix)

Plucka - Tunnel (Original Mix)

Qindek - Livetake (Early Nite) (Original Mix)

Qindek - Persuasive (Original Mix)

RVDMNTL - Ephemerality Of Success (Original Mix)

RVDMNTL - Ephemerality Of Success (RNGD Remix)

RVDMNTL - Matter Of Years (Original Mix)

RVDMNTL - No Artist Must Show Their Appearance (Original Mix)

RVDMNTL - Nothing Is Enough Relevant (Original Mix)

RVDMNTL - Roots And References (Original Mix)

Ramiro Drisdale - Feel & Move (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - Contaminated (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - Turbulence (Original Mix)

Rich Venom - Dreamride (Original Mix)

Rick Pier O'Neil, David Weed - D-Train (Original Mix)

Rick Pier O'Neil, David Weed - D-Train (Ulrich Van Bell Remix)

Roi - Dushane (Oliver Rosemann Remix)

Roi - Dushane (Original Mix)

Roi - Hodei (Original Mix)

Roi - Machico (Original Mix)

Roi - Planeta Picor (Original Mix)

RooneyNasr - Bad Behaviour (Original Mix)

Rudosa - Just Another Joint (Original Mix)

Rudosa - The Gift (Beau Didier Remix)

Rudosa - The Gift (Original Mix)

Rudosa - Together (Original Mix)

San Nicolas - Balancer (Monococ Remix)

San Nicolas - Balancer (Original Mix)

San Nicolas - Breath (Original Mix)

Scruscru - Melting Down (Original Mix)

Seth Schwarz, Solidmind, Lydgen, ARTEMIDES - Create The Universe (Original Mix)

Sevenn, Space Motion - Delete Time (Extended Mix)

Shadym - Esrevee (Original Mix)

Shadym - FCK:VS (Original Mix)

Shadym - Floorcontroll (Original Mix)

Sinca - Printemps (Original Mix)

Skinner (UA) - Machine (Original Mix)

Skinner (UA) - War Continues (Original Mix)

Slone - Body Sushi (Original Mix)

Slone - My Mind (Original Mix)

Slone - Rain (Original Mix)

Slone - Trojan (Original Mix)

Slone - Truancy (Original Mix)

Somelee - Quicksilver (Original Mix)

St Germain - So Flute (Simon Vuarambon Remix)

Stagira - Montar (Original Mix)

Stagira - Vanta (Original Mix)

Stewart Birch - Loveless (Original Mix)

Stewart Birch - Slave for Your Love (Original Mix)

Streeploos - Don't Wake Up (Original Mix)

Streeploos - Lsd (Original Mix)

Streeploos - We Come For You (Original Mix)

Subaru Ito - Geak (Original Mix)

Subaru Ito - Muzan (Original Mix)

Sxnxrxs - Einstein Rosen Bridge (Original Mix)

Sxnxrxs - Ondas Gravitatorias (Original Mix)

Sxnxrxs - Teseracto (Original Mix)

Sxnxrxs - Ton 618 (Original Mix)

Teknopappa - Creature (Original Mix)

Teknopappa - Wicked Games (Original Mix)

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (John Summit & Silver Panda Extended Remix)

Thomas Hostler - Between Transitions (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Electron (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Last Episode (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Memories (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Purple Line (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Rand (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Shine (Original Mix)

Thomas Hostler - Symphony (Original Mix)

Tom Wax - The Terminator (Original Mix)

Tom Wax, Drea Perlon - NXT LVL SHT (Original Mix)

Tombish - Around We Go (Original Mix)

Trinidad Shevron - All Of A Piece (Original Mix)

Trinidad Shevron - Loyalties (Original Mix)

Trinidad Shevron - Morally Grey (Original Mix)

Trinidad Shevron - Tears For No Reason (Original Mix)

Unknown Concept - Close Call (Greenwolve Remix)

Unknown Concept - Method To The Madness (Miles From Mars Remix)

V.Rock, Deadfunk - Escape The Future (Original Mix)

Valentino Mora - Diatom (Original Mix)

Valentino Mora - Plasma (Original Mix)

Valentino Mora - Polarization (Original Mix)

Valentino Mora - Portal (Original Mix)

Vasco Ispirian - Acid Tears (Original Mix)

Vasco Ispirian - March Third (Original Mix)

Vasco Ispirian - Mirage (Original Mix)

Vasco Ispirian - Una Y Otra Vez (Original Mix)

Vasco Ispirian - Wickbush (Original Mix)

Vonderau - Get Real High (Dennis Bauer Remix)

Vonderau - Get Real High (Eugen Kunz Remix)

Vonderau - Get Real High (Niereich Remix)

Vonderau - Get Real High (Original Mix)

Wassu, Bona Fide - Threshold (Original Mix)

Wildacre - Vamp Amp (Original Mix)

Wildacre - Wöld Rythm (Original Mix)

Wildacre, Qindek - Mutant Entity (Original Mix)

YOURS - DÓNDE ESTÁ (Masters At Work Disco Dub)

YOURS - DÓNDE ESTÁ (Masters At Work Rowdy Remix)

YOURS - DÓNDE ESTÁ (Masters At Work Straight Beat)

Yotto, Anden - Will You Remember Me? ( Extended Mix)

Z.e.n.i.t.h., Lady Crazy - Limiti E Frequenze (ÄRIA (AR) Remix)

Z.e.n.i.t.h., Lady Crazy - Limiti E Frequenze (Original Mix)

Zagan - Conrad (Original Mix)

Zagan - Femto (Original Mix)

Zagan - Slan (Original Mix)

Zagan - Ubik (Original Mix)

Zagan - Void (Original Mix)

Zisko - The Wolfpack Ceremony (Original Mix)

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