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TOTAL: 239 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

Alexander Popov Believe Chart


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Dompe Make You Move Charts

Hannah Laing Murder On The Dancefloor Chart

Hot Since 82's ADE trax. Chart


Joyce Muniz October 22 Chart

Kellie Allen - Put Sum Down On It Chart

Maxinne - Its On Fire Chart

Miss Monique Biosphere Chart

Pirez - An Ace In The Crate October



Abstract Vision - Mind Control (Extended Mix)

Alexander Popov, Kitone - Believe (Extended Mix)

Bryan Kearney - Kaia (ASOT 1088)

D72 - Burning (Extended Mix)

Dash Berlin - Oceans (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix Extended)

Eldream, Mark Wild, Arba Han - Vavilon (Extended Mix)

Milad E, David Deere - Mars (Extended Mix)

NLAV - Epic (Extended Mix)

PressPlays - Nobody (Extended Mix)

Seegy - Mantra (Extended Mix)

AJ Christou, Gabriel Torres - Raw Life (Original Mix)

Acid Mondays, Ali Love, The Show, Wolfgang Haffner - Everything (The Martinez Brothers Mix)

Chucky73, The Martinez Brothers, Florentino - Dominicana (The Martinez Brothers + Florentino Remix)

Classmatic, Mc Th - Catuca (Original Mix)

D'Julz - Da Madness (The Martinez Brothers Feat. Phil Weeks Edit)

Daniel Orpi - Sientelo (Original Mix)

Fleur Shore - No Hoes (Original Mix)

Jaden Thompson - Closer (The Martinez Brothers & Jesse Calosso Extended Remix) (Original Mix)

Jansons - Twisty (Original Mix)

Jesse Calosso, Jean Pierre - House Arrest (Original Mix)

Marco Tropeano, Sam Koperberg - Libertad (Original Mix)

Martin Buttrich, The Martinez Brothers, Martin Buttrich & The Martinez Brothers - 9 Pound Hammer (Original Mix)

Rhoger, Blockhead, Yoni La Voz - Volando Alto feat Yoni La Voz (Original Mix)

THEMBA, Brenden Praise - Ashamed (The Martinez Brothers Extended Remix)

Teddy Pendergrass, The Martinez Brothers - The More I Get, the More I Want (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers, Miss Kittin - Stuff In The Trunk (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers, Rema, Gordo - Rizzla (Mochakk Remix)

The Martinez Brothers, Scott Storch, Leven Kali - Just A Feeling feat. Leven Kali feat. Scott Storch (Extended Original)

Tiga & The Martinez Brothers, Tiga, The Martinez Brothers - Aphex N Girls (Original Mix)

Tommy Vercetti, Owen William - Where Ya Wanna Be feat. Owen William (Original Mix)

Alan Nieves - MDE

Alan Nieves - Outside

Alann M - Cristal

Alann M - Don't Call Me

Alann M - It Wasn't Me

Aney F. - Feel The Music

Aney F. - Good Vibrations (Original Mix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Rasta Movement

Ben Walsh (UK) - Zoomin

Farouki - Thurr

Farouki - Trippin'

Farouki - Vibrationz

Franco BA - Make It Right

Franco BA - Tranquilo

Gianni Firmaio - Tete Du Beat

GruuvElement's, Iulian Badea - Gravity (Original Mix)

GruuvElement's, Iulian Badea - Our Culture (Original Mix)

James Wyler - All Mine

James Wyler - Insomnia

Joe Vanditti - Corruption

Joe Vanditti - Poppin

Juan (AR), Jiggy (IT) - Midi Fight (Original Mix)

Juan (AR), Marko Zalazar - Catch You (Original Mix)

Kidoo - Flow Up

Kidoo - Introh

Kidoo - Put On (Original Mix)

Mat.Theo, Gianluca Rattalino - Don't Forget (Original Mix)

Mata Jones, Cesc - Music

Mata Jones/Cesc - Today

Mene - Way Back (Original Mix)

Mene, Dmitri Saidi - Tra Tra

Nukem - Oltre I Confini

Poor Pay Rich - Firefly

Poor Pay Rich - Need You (Original Mix)

Poor Pay Rich - Shine

Rone White, Rowen Clark - Doin Nuttin

Rone White/Rowen Clark - Doin Nuttin

Stefano Crabuzza - Coming Girl (Original Mix)

Stefano Crabuzza - Differently (Original Mix)

Stefano Crabuzza - Shake Shake

Stefano Noferini - Someone

Stefano Noferini, Alann M - My Body (Original Mix)

Stefano Noferini, Alann M - My Soul (Original Mix)

Stefano Noferini, Alann M - Ready (Original Mix)

Superchip/Kryoman - Dancing on Mars (Original Mix)

Superchip/Kryoman - Your Love

Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Affection (Original Mix)

Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Cloud21 (Original Mix)

Alonso, Sunday Noise - Hardest

Ben Murphy - 90's Party (Original Mix)

Ben Murphy - Music Saved My Life (Original Mix)

Ben Murphy, Kayla - Fire Inside (feat. Kayla) (Original Mix)

Benny Delara - Blade Walker (Original Mix)

Benny Delara - CXY (Original Mix)

Benny Delara - Explorer (Original Mix)

Callum Edwards - Euphoria

Callum Edwards - Everything

Callum Edwards - Games We Play

Chesster, Pablo Hdez - City Life

Chesster, Pablo Hdez - L8 Night Drive

Chesster, Pablo Hdez - Multiverse

David Ink, Sunday Noise - Heat

James My & Criss, Federico Moore - Ring Ring

James My & Criss/Federico Moore - Galaxy

James My & Criss/Federico Moore - Submarine

Jordan2, Gianluca Rattalino - Irritated (Original Mix)

Jordan2, Gianluca Rattalino - Thrill me (Original Mix)

Jordan2, Gianluca Rattalino - Thrill me (Sebastian Ledher, BreakFunk Remix)

Lele Mas - Young Vibes

Lele Mas, Rapha (Italy) - Body lenguage (Original Mix)

Lessa - Babukka (Original Mix)

Lessa - Micromaniachi (Original Mix)

Lessa - War With Dreamers (Original Mix)

Nasinok - Flight 17 (Original Mix)

Nasinok - Follow (Original Mix)

Nasinok - Triad (Original Mix)

Nato Diaz, Sunday Noise - 80_s

Pablo Hdez, Agustin Klein - Imagination (Nacho Bolognani Remix)

Pablo Hdez, Agustin Klein - Imagination

Pablo Hdez, Agustin Klein - My Mind

Riverside ITA - Dont Care (Original Mix)

Riverside ITA - No Motif (Original Mix)

Riverside ITA - World Off (Gianluca Rattalino, Withoutwork Remix)

Sebastian Ledher, Alessio Bianchi - Choise (Avante UK , Remix)

Sebastian Ledher, Alessio Bianchi - Choise (Original Mix)

Sebastian Ledher, Alessio Bianchi - Sweet Mother (Original Mix)

Sebastian Ledher, BreakFunk - Inside (Genetika Remix)

Sebastian Ledher, BreakFunk - Inside (Original Mix)

Sebastian Ledher, Sebastian Diaz - Space Maschine (Daniel Meister Remix)

Sebastian Ledher, Sebastian Diaz - Space Maschine (Lucio Agustin Remix)

Sebastian Ledher, Sebastian Diaz - Space Maschine (Original Mix)

Stiven Escarraga - Bangkok (Original Mix)

Stiven Escarraga - Mae (Original Mix)

Stiven Escarraga - Tokaj (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise - Crazy

Trentz - Atmosphere (Original Mix)

Trentz - Bring it Back (Original Mix)

Alex Preston, Mo'Funk - When It Comes To Love (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Just A Moment (Original Mix)

Dompe - Jacky (Original Mix)

Dompe - Make You Move (Original Mix)

Dompe - Should I Stay (Original Mix)

Kerri Chandler, Dreamer G - Hurry Up [Ministry of Sound] (Kerri's Again Mix)

Luuk Van Dijk - Hot Stuff (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Dancemaster (Original Mix)

Sinan Kaya - No Shelter (Dompe Remix)

The Checkup, Elisa Elisa, Demuir - The Truth (Demuir's Playboi Edit)

Vincent Caira - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Azzecca - I've Been Waiting (Extended)

Base 22, Drax Nelson - Get To Work (Original Mix)

Boys Noize, Skream - Trip (Extended Mix)

Disfreq - Time Is Now (Extended Mix)

Hannah Laing - Murder On The Dancefloor (Extended Rave Edit)

Maddix - No Escape (Extended Mix)

Meg Ward - TekHerGucci (Original Mix)

Question Mark - The Birds (Original Mix)

Scoop - Drop It (Original Mix)

Stephen Kirkwood, Hannah Laing - Don't Wanna Go (Extended Mix)

Alan Nieves - Okay Alright (Original Mix)

Alex Kennon - Chasing Sun (Original Mix)

Alex Kennon - Flying High (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Just A Moment (Original Mix)

Austin Ato - All I Want (Original Mix)

Ben Rau - Burning (Extended Version)

Chris Stussy - Seeing & Believing (DJOKO Extended Remix)

Craig & Grant Gordon - Common Ground (Original Mix)

Dennis Quin - Dedication To House Music (Extended Mix)

Dusky - Stick By This (Maruwa Remix)

Harvard Bass, Bontan, Melé - Dirty Dancing (Bontan & Melé Remix)

Lea Lisa - Love To The End (Manchester Club Mix)

Mennie - Fusion (Original Mix)

Piem, Richard Ulh - Snappy (Original Mix)

Ruff Stuff - Gut Feel (Original Mix)

Sante Sansone - Rising (Original Mix)

Boris Werner - Thrillings (Original Mix)

Calvin Clarke - Apollo (Original Mix)

Jesse Calosso - Boogeytime (Original Mix)

Jose M, Ciclo - QR For Payments (Original Mix)

Juanito - Tchoukar (Original Mix)

Oxia, Eric Borgo - Plastic Bed (Original Mix)

RIZZ (BE) - Conscious (Original Mix)

Riva Starr, Todd Terry - This Is The Sound (Extended)

Shermanology - Souljack (Original Mix)

Sirus Hood - Trapped In (Original Mix)

Sosa UK, Prok & Fitch - Dance Lapse (Extended)

Wodda - Who's This (Original Mix)

Agoria - Mad Max (David Carretta Remix)

Alex Virgo - About Last Night (Original Mix)

Decius, Lias Saoudi, Maggie The Cat - Show Me No Tears (Extended Version)

Emmet Read - Machine Cardio (Original Mix)

Mulya - Rivalda (Joyce Muniz Remix)

Psybody, Cromby - 2S+ (Cromby's Snake Remix)

Queer On Acid - Better Days (Lupe Remix)

Terr - Only For Tonight (Extended)

You Man, Skelesys, Local Suicide - Moustache (You Man Remix)

Demarzo - Some Grit (Original Mix)

Den Haas & Close To Custom - Dealerz (Original Mix)

Dimmish - Critical Space

Hidde van Wee - Transformer

Madvilla - Feel It (Original Mix)

Shroom - Get Phunky

Sidney Charles - Grey Area

Tiptoes - Put Sum Down On It (Kellie Allen Remix)

Tommy Vercetti - Over The Line (Original Mix)

Twoslice - Nano (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Tremors (Original Mix)

Classmatic - Bape

Defex/blondewearingblack - We Are The Beat (Maxinne Remix)

Franky Rizardo - No Critics

Haynes - Left to the Right

Jordano Roosevelt & Maxinne - Vibration (Original Mix)

Josh Butler - Fuck The Regs (Extended Mix)

Maxinne & Jordano Roosevelt - It's On Fire (Original Mix)

Ruben Mandolini - The Bates

Sam Curran - Jungle Hive

Bigfett - Everything Is Energy (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Anyma (ofc) - The Sign (Extended Mix)

Che Jose - Andromeda (Extended Mix)

Das Pharaoh - My Everything (Extended Mix)

Horisone - Fade (Extended Mix)

Kaskade, deadmau5, Kx5 - Alive feat. The Moth & The Flame (Extended Mix Beatport Exclusive)

Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin, Shall Ocin - Atlas (Shall Ocin & Artbat Remix)

Miss Monique - Biosphere (Extended Version)

Stereo Express - Transcendence (Original Mix)

Weekend Heroes, Zac - Hold The Dust (Original Mix)

Anton C - Headshot

Daniel VI - Blunt (Original Mix)

Falla - Time for This

Falla - To the Floor

Federico Moore - I'll Be (Original Mix)

Gabffer - Sunshine (Original Mix)

Jake Cusack - Good Vibez (Radio Edit)

Lucas Orosei - Lola

Milion - New Dimension (Original Mix)

Perky Wires - New Beat (Original Mix)

PireZ_ - Come And Getya (Original Mix)

Sascha Sonido - Get Stupid

Timid Boy - Duhesme (Original Mix)

Unknown7 - Freak

CID - Deep In Your Heart (Extended Mix)

Eli Brown - Deep Down (Original Mix)

HI-LO, DJ Deeon - WANNA GO BANG (Original Mix)

Juanito - No Joy (Original Mix)

Luan Trombin - The Rock (Original Mix)

Mark Dekoda - Rave Harder Techno Bass (Original Mix)

Niteplan - Junkz (Original Mix)

Roxe - Cubano (Extended Mix)

The Martinez Brothers, Rema, Gordo - Rizzla (Mochakk Remix)

Vitor Vinter, Sudden Heat - The Hook (Original Mix)

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