Beatport Dj Charts 2023-05-04

DATA: 2023-05-04 TOTAL: 210 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

The Beatport Dj Charts for May 4th, 2023, showcase a diverse range of electronic dance music genres. Leading the pack is the latest release from Dutch EDM superstar, Martin Garrix, with his track "Dreamer". Other notable tracks on the chart include "Heartbreak Anthem" by British EDM trio, Galantis, David Guetta and Little Mix, and "Lose You Now" by American progressive house DJ, Seven Lions. The Beatport Dj Charts are updated daily and serve as a reliable source of information for DJs and fans alike, offering insights into the latest trends and popular releases in the electronic music scene.



&Toni - All I Can (Original Mix)

ANOTR, Abel Balder - Relax My Eyes (Original Mix)

ARTBAT & Fred Lenix - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)

Aazar - That Thing (Original Mix)

Adana Twins - Everyday (Original Mix)

Adesse Versions - Push It Along (Original Mix)

Adryiano - Me and You and Her (Original Mix)

Against the A.I. - Cosmos (Extended Mix)

Airwolf Paradise - No Good (Original Mix)

Albert Zhirnov - Switchback (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Moon Child (Original Mix)

Alex Kennon - Flying High (Original Mix)

Alex Mills, N3RD - All I Want (Extended Mix)

Alisha - Changes (Extended)

Alma Negra - Dakar Disco (Crackazat Remix)

Alma Negra - Endless Summer (Soulphiction Remix)

Altinbas - Tenacity (Original Mix)

Andy Hart - Epsilon Girls (Original Mix)

Anna Kohlin - Night Retreat (Michel James Remix)

Anna Reusch - Let Me Take You There (Original Mix)

Archie Hamilton, HQA - Let The Light In feat. HQA (Extended Garage Dub)

Archie Hamilton, HQA - Let The Light In feat. HQA (Extended Mix)

Argia - Implacable (Original Mix)

Argia - Impossible Version (Original Mix)

Argia - XTZ (Original Mix)

Argia, JEPE - Salitre (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale, Robert Hoff - Spectrometry (Original Mix)

Artbat, Argy, Zafrir - Tibet (Original Mix)

Artbat, David Guetta, Idris Elba - It's Ours (Original Mix)

Artbat, Pete Tong, Jules Buckley - Age of Love (feat. Jules Buckley) (Original Mix)

Artbat, Shall Ocin, braev - Origin (Original Mix)

Bart Skils - Roll the Dice (Original Mix)

Ben Bux - Suns Out Drums Out (Original Mix)

Ben Rau - Heat It Up (Original Mix)

Bertolt Meyer - Where Did the Day Go (Original Mix)

Bjarki - Beach Song 3 (Original Mix)

Bleu Clair - Samsara (Original Mix)

Brock Edwards - 303 AM (NYC Steet Mix)

Butch - Panorama feat. Benjamin Franklin (Vocal Version)

Byron The Aquarius - Success (Original Mix)

Carbajo - PuZzy (Original Mix)

Chris Zippel, Piet Kämpfer - Everything Is Now (Extended Mix)

Christian Burkhardt - Stopover Goa (Original Mix)

Coco Cole, Dark Arts Club - Step To The Beat (Original Mix)

Collective States - Bacta Tank (Original Mix)

Cosenza - Doubble Troubble (Man,ipulate Remix)

Crackazat - Alfa (Original Mix)

Craze, Black V Neck - Ride That Thang (Original Mix)

D'Julz - Highway (Huerta Remix)

DESNA - High Priestess (Original Mix)

DJ Chus, Groove Foundation - That Feeling (Original Stereo Mix)

DJ Crisps - Keep It Up (Original Mix)

DJ Gregory - Block Party (Original Mix)

DJ Haus, Last Magpie, e-freq - Astral Projection (Original Mix)

DJ Slugo - Wouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe Too (Original Mix)

Dam Swindle - All I Want (Original Mix)

Dam Swindle - More Love (Original Mix)

Dam Swindle - The Break Up (Original Mix)

Dam Swindle, Jitwam - Coffee in the Morning (Original Mix)

Daniel Dash - That Feeling (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Mantra (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Rude Boi (Original Mix)

Dateless - Geekin (Original Mix)

David Penn - Get Loose (Extended Vocal Mix)

Dee Montero - Freedom (Original Mix)

Demuir - Werq. Feel. Gruv. Vogue. (Original Mix)

Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte (Original Mix)

Developer - Freaky Signals (Original Mix)

Developer - Ghost Groove (Original Mix)

Dionigi - No Sun (Nebula Mix)

Dirty Secretz, Gary Tuohy - Love On My Mind (Original Mix)

Doctor Dru, Hardt Antoine - Setting Of The Sun (Hardt Antoine Remix)

Dok & Martin - Generation (Original Mix)

Don Rimini, Jackin Trax - U Could Be Mine (Original Mix)

Duke & Jones - Bracadu (Extended Mix)

Dutchican Soul, Troy Denari - Whats On Your Mind (Extended)

Earth n Days - The Kinda Love (Extended Mix)

Eden Prince - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Edone - Brine (Ivory IT Re-traxx)

FOUK - Don't You Want to Boogie (Original Mix)

FOUK - Kill Frenzy (Original Mix)

Fabich, KASPERG - Luv 4 Real (Extended)

Fiberroot - Dentro del Exterior (Original Mix)

Fred Lenix, Dino Lenny - Motivator (Original Mix)

Fred Lenix, Overgivelse - Surrender (feat. Overgivelse) (Extended Mix)

Fruhwerk - Don't Look Up (Original Mix)

Frynn, Julya Karma - Eye Of The Storm (Original Mix)

Gabriel Rocha - Away With Monotony (Original Mix)

Gabriella Vergilov - Kristalen (Original Mix)

Geeyo Ibra - El Toro (Extended Mix)

Gene Richards Jr - Get That (Original Mix)

Gianfranco Di Paola, Inoa - Come On (Original Mix)

HI-LO - BRAZIL (Extended Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Brain Malfunction (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Fracture Clinic (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Recon Team (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - The Wasp (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - The Wasp (The Southern Remix)

Henri Bergmann, Fat Cosmoe, Wennink, Jonathan Kaspar - Higher Dimension (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)

Hot Since 82, Jem Cooke - Buggin' (Original Mix)

Hotswing - Work It (Earth n Days Extended Remix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Work For Me (Original Mix)

In Deep We Trust - Ba:sen (Pool Party Dub Mix)

J.Pe Bruna, Arbea - Good Vibration (Thurman Remix)

Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - Bone Jaw (Original Mix)

Jad & The - Hyp.Not.Ik (Original Mix)

James Organ - Polly 11 (Original Mix)

Jess Bays, Hayley May - Colourblind (THAT KIND Remix)

Jimi Jules - Speed Meditation (Original Mix)

Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Scuba's Dub of Doom)

Joe Vanditti, Alex Bohemien - Play This Game (Extended Mix)

Jordan Peak - Pressure Point (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Room 2 (Original Mix)

Joshwa - Bass Go Boom (Original Mix)

Junior Simba - Focus (Original Mix)

KPD - Everyday (Extended Mix)

Kassian - 8th Movement (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - Andiamo (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - Our House (Original Mix)

Kendal - Come To Me (Club Mix)

Kevin Over - Virginia (Original Mix)

Klint - Arsenic (Original Mix)

Kolsch - Cold Air (Original Mix)

Kolter - I Feel It Right (Original Mix)

Kydus - Eunoia (Original Mix)

La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix)

Lars Huismann - New Way (Original Mix)

Larse - A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix)

Latmun, YOUniverse (IT) - Get Up (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani - Life Moves Fast (Original Mix)

Le Twins - Takata (Extended Mix)

Lego - El Ritmo De Verdad (Swag's Machacado Dub)

Lewis Fautzi - Malleability (Original Mix)

Linear System, Kimahri - Vessel (Original Mix)

Losless, Roman Kyn - Something I See (Original Mix)

Louis Millne - Do It (Original Mix)

Low Steppa - Out My Way (Original Mix)

Luke Donnachie - Focus (Original Mix)

M-High - That Reminds Me (Original Mix)

Madben - Addicted (Original Mix)

Madben - Circuit Breaker (Original Mix)

Makez - Feel the Same (Original Mix)

Malin Genie - Wooble (Original Mix)

Man.E - Maya (Alex Neri Remix)

Mario Ochoa - Rush (Original Mix)

Mark&Thom - Tell Me (Extended Mix)

Mason Collective - A Little Affection (Extended Mix)

Massimo Di Lena - Delirious (Original Mix)

Mene, ACA (YU) - No Me Impolta (Original Mix)

Mia Mendi - Superhero (Glowal Remix)

Milo Raad - Blackmail (Original Mix)

Miss Kittin, ANNA - Forever Ravers (Original Mix)

MistaJam - Nothing Else Matters (Extended Mix)

Nebraska - Cop Show (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Mute Navigator (Original Mix)

Orient (ES) - Chiki Ta (Extended Mix)

Oriol Mubu, FreedomB - You Got Me (Original Mix)

Orlando Voorn - Soundsystem (Original Mix)

Paige, Megan Kashat - Meaningless (Extended Mix)

Pale Blue - Together Alone (Kölsch 'I Have You' Remix)

Patrice Baumel, C.A.R. - Four Down (Club Mix)

Paul C, Paolo Martini - Whew (Original Mix)

Perdu - Jane's World (Original Mix)

Peter Van Hoesen - Purity Death Spiral (Original Mix)

Peverelist - Pulse II (Original Mix)

Phara - Order Disorder (Original Mix)

PillowTalk - Soft (Original Mix)

R.M.K - Kokane (Original Mix)

REj - Babylon (Original Mix)

Rex The Dog - Change This Pain For Ecstasy (Extended Version)

Roberto Pagliaccia - Without You (Alberto Remondini Remix)

Roberto Surace - Como Dije (Original Mix)

Roog - Feel My Desire (Extended Vocal Mix)

Roxe - Smack (Extended Mix)

Ryan Resso - Trip (Original Mix)

Sam Divine, Hayley May - Face In The Crowd (Extended Mix)

Samuele Scelfo - Flashback (Luca Donzelli Remix)

Sandy Rivera, Haze - Freak (Original Mix)

Scan 7 - The Best Is yet to Come (Original Mix)

Scuba, Bakongo - Morph Beat (Original Mix)

Shall Ocin - Colapso (Original Mix)

Shall Ocin, Braev - Broken Hearts (Original Mix)

Shift K3Y, J. Worra - All The Girls (Extended Mix)

Sidney Charles - Bassline Theory (Original Mix)

Sil - Blue Oyster (Richy Ahmed Extended Remix)

Silvano Del Gado, Alexandre Billard, Nasree - Afrikka (The Cube Guys Latino Gang Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - Give Me A Voice (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - Radiocarbon (Original Mix)

Stephan Barnem - Everlasting Morning (Original Mix)

Stephan Barnem, Futuristant - Don't Cry (Ambient Version)

Stephan Barnem, Futuristant - Don't Cry (Original Mix)

Stephan Barnem, Futuristant - Elysium (Original Mix)

Stephan Barnem, Odd Oswald - Follow You (Original Mix)

Switch Disco, Ella Henderson - REACT (Extended Mix)

TOBEHONEST - Conquistador (Extended Mix)

The Cube Guys, Double Dee - My All (Club Mix)

The Hacker, Fedele - Spike Express (The Hacker Remix)

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Common Courtesy (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Elements (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 141 (Under Black Helmet Remix)

Toto Chiavetta - Homme Libre (Original Mix)

Troels Abrahamsen, Kolsch, ARTBAT - All That Matters (feat. Troels Abrahamsen) (Artbat Remix)

Tuccillo - Movin' On (Original Mix)

Wade - The Movement (Original Mix)

Warren Blake - Check (Extended Mix)

Wax Motif, Riordan - La Samba (Original Mix)

Will & Batty - All I Want (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Degradation (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Side By Side (Original Mix)

paskman - Gozar (Original Mix)

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