Beatport Dj Charts 2023-08-08

DATA: 2023-08-07 TOTAL: 395 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Elevate your musical journey with the Beatport DJ Charts for August 8, 2023. These charts serve as a compass for navigating the vibrant and ever-evolving electronic music scene. Carefully selected by top DJs and tastemakers, the tracks on these charts represent the forefront of creativity and innovation. From soulful deep house to atmospheric progressive trance, the charts encompass a wide spectrum of genres, ensuring there's something for every music enthusiast. Aspiring DJs and seasoned professionals alike can rely on the Beatport DJ Charts to discover the latest hits and hidden gems that are shaping the sound of tomorrow.



ANDATA - That's The Way (Extended Mix)

ARTBAT - Artefact (Original Mix)

Adrian Hour - Hear What They Hear (Danny Howard Extended Re-Edit)

Adrianna - Falling

Agents Of Time - Zodiac (Original Mix)

Aladarus, Shabaam - Conquest Of Paradise (Original Mix)

Alex Farell - Save Me

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz - Human Robot (Original Mix)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz - The Heed (Original Mix)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz, Born I - Darkplace (Original Mix)

Ali Bakgor feat. Lewyn - Future Past (Extended Mix)

Ali U - Some Ppl (Original Mix)

Alpha Tracks - Elektra (Original Mix)

Amelie Lens - Feel It (Original Mix)

Amelie Lens - Radiance

Anders - Visible

Andrew Meller - Insomnia (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)

Andruss - Frikitona (Original Mix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (D-Unity Remix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (Harvey McKay Remix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (Original Mix)

Anne - 60's Style

Anne - Distill

Annett Gapstream - Domino (Original Mix)

Arteforma - Osmosi

Astrix, DJ High Guy - Chaos (Astrix & Faders Remix)

Alexandr Craft, AvePaiso - Atacama (Original Mix)

Atlantis, ASHER SWISSA, LITCHI - In My Arms (Extended Mix)

Audiojack - Hypnotized (Original Mix)

Aura - Destiny (Original Mix)

Axel Karakasis - Handmade Circus

Baka G - Boogie Check

Bassel Darwish - Rouge (Original Mix)

Bastian Bux & Bizza - Energy Out

Belocca - Metamorphosis (Marie Vaunt Remix)

Belocca - Oracle (Original Mix)

Berndt Bechstein - Got That Friday Feeling

Beth Lydi - Lucid Nights (Extended Mix)

Blackchild (ITA) & Walter Ricci - Head On My Shoulder

Blame the Mono & DLV - Demons And The Ghost

Blondish - Call My Name (Extended Mix)

Bolier - Best Friend (Never Let Me Down) (Extended Mix)

Brandon Mints - Mosh Pit (Extended Mix)

Bushwacka!, Carl Cox, Chuck Roberts - Music Is Life (Deep Mix)

Bushwacka!, Carl Cox, Chuck Roberts - Music Is Life (Main Mix)

CASSIMM - All Right (Extended Mix)

CASSIMM - In My Mind (Extended Mix)

CJ Bolland - Horsepower (Christian Smith Tronic Treatment Remix)

CLESENT - Crank It

CamelPhat, London Grammar - Higher (Extended Mix)

Capricorn - 20HZ (Carl Cox Remix)

Carbon & Lampe - Never Alone (Original Mix)

Carl Cox - Acid Charge (Original Mix)

Carl Cox - Get After It (Original Mix)

Carl Cox, Christopher Coe, Cox and Coe - Nocturnal (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio - B.O.D.Y.L.O.C.K. (Original Mix)

Carlo Whale - Ephemeral (Original Mix)

Chemtrailz - The Future Is Matriarchy

Chico Rose - TIKI TIKI (Extended Mix)

Chloe & Bag - Delhi - Radio Edit

Chris Di Perri & Melanie Ribbe - I'm So Bad (Iglesias Remix)

Chris Di Perri & Melanie Ribbe - I'm So Bad

Chris Di Perri & Melanie Ribbe - Nonstop

Chris Lake & Aatig - In The Yuma (Extended Mix)

Coil - Letzte Abend auf der Welt

Cour T. - TRiiiBAILE

DJ Bone - Our Cosmic BBQ

DJ Dextro - Self Inductance (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Touch Me (Original Mix)

DJ Nightnoise - Curiosity

DJ Nightnoise - Private Eyes

DOMO (ES) - Lunatic

Daniel Portman - Resist the Time (Extended Mix)

Danny Avila & Heerhorst - Dynasty (Original Mix)

David Tort - Not Good (Extended Mix)

Deeper Purpose - The Stutter (Extended Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Lloraras (7am Mix)

Disclosure, London Grammar - Help Me Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

Disco Gurls - Let Me Go (Extended Mix)

Discomatix - Kiula (Scruscru Remix)

Djseaneboy - Motion (Original Mix)

Alexandr Craft, AvePaiso - Do Mi No (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin - Raider

Dominik Saltevski - Sensual, on Ecstasy (Sped Up Version)

Dutchican Soul, Mr. V, Karmina Dai, Artone - Fun (Artone Extended Remix)

Dwson - Tormented Soul (Original Mix)

E.T.H (Italy) - Wolfy

EANP - Forget

ESSED - Bump (Extended Mix)

Earth n Days - Lose Control (Extended Mix)

Ebass - Cutting Edge

Eddy M - Reminder (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Love Is Free (Extended Mix)

Elijah Wolfe - So Sexy

Enamour - Body Test

Enrico Chirchiello - Say (Extended Mix)

Erly Tepshi - Sunrise (Original Mix)

Ethan Heich - Ardhi (Andrea Martini Remix)

Everdom - Monitum (Original Mix)

Everdom - Negativa (Original Mix)

Far Distance - Into The Future (Original Mix)

Felguk - I Can Feel It (Extended Mix)

Fendler - Positive

Fideles - Waterfall (Extended Mix)

Florian Gasperini - Sometimes I Love U (Extended Mix)

Flug - Psychopath

Flume, London Grammar - Let You Know (Original Mix)

Franco Schmidt - Follow Me

Franky Rizardo - Love Me Right

Franky Rizardo - Pressure - Corrupt Nation - The Last Shimmer

FreedomB - Perfection (Original Mix)

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Waiting For The Sun

Funk Assault - That's the Funk Assault

GAWP & Elijah & Grundy & Zof - A Lot

Gaston Fiore - Sadly True

George Tounisidis - Albedo

Giacomo Stallone - Horus (Original Mix)

Giacomo Stallone - Mythology (Original Mix)

Gianni Di Bernardo - No Business

Gianni Firmaio - Oasis

Godzi - Tasty Smile

Godzi - Wait A Minute

Goodboys & Benny Benassi - Further Away (Extended Mix)

Goom Gum - Set & Setting (Original Mix)

Gorgon City & Nez - Pose

Gorje Hewek & Volen Sentir - Ghosts (Extended Mix)

Green Velvet & Classmatic - Bigger Than Prince (Classmatic 2k23 Remix)

Green Velvet, Patrick Topping - Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Greg - Dance For Me (Original Mix)

Gurhan - Andromeda

Gurhan - Take Me To The Back

bawab, Sydka - Bolt (Original Mix)

c & Ellie Goulding - Miracle (Hardwell Extended Remix)

Hardtrax & O.B.I. - Schabernack (Original Mix)

Hemka - Majora

Herr Krank & Deborah Aime La Bagarre & Vitess - Another Piano Test (Vitess Remix)

Hertz - Clutch (Original Mix)

Hertz - Gear Shift

Hof - Contact (Original Mix)

Hollden - Mona Loser (Club Addiction Rework)

Holt 88 - Yourself

Horatio, Angelica de No - Release (Tech Us Out Remix)

Horisone - Wait 4 Me

ID ID, Leo Diniz (BR) - Moda One (Original Mix)

ISMAIL.M & Redspace - Answers

Ignacio Arfeli - Feel The Bass (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Imagine (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Infinity (Original Mix)

Ismail.M - Amnesia (Redspace Remix)

Ismail.M - Amnesia (Original Mix)

Ismail.M - Hyperfocus (Original Mix)

Ismail.M - Realism (Original Mix)

JHerrera - Groove Tap

JHerrera - Slow Thumpin'

Jack Wins x 220 Kid x Caitlyn Scarlett - If This Isn't Love (Jay Robinson Remix)

Jansons - Messan

Jens Mueller - Discovery

Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick

Jonatas C & Melanie Ribbe - Synthesis

Joris Turenhout - Mojo (Extended Mix)

Josh Samuel - Turn Up (Extended Mix)

Judy Jay, C-Blak - Zoom Love (Extended Mix)

Just Emma & Matuli & Cascandy - Traumend im Gras (Cascandy Remix)

Justin Marchacos, Unseen. - Omnipotent (Paul Anthonee Remix)

Justus - Dumda (Extended Mix)

Justus - Free Love (Extended Mix)

Justus - Speed (Extended Mix)

Justus - The Sound (Extended Mix)

K2W0 - Peach To A Plum (Original Mix)

KHAS - Bustah

KI & KI - To the vibe (rework)

KPD & Rion S - Show Me (Extended Mix)

Kapoor - Dejavu (Original Mix)

Kaskade & Deadmau5 & Kx5 & Sofi Tukker - Sacrifice (Extended Mix)

Kaskade & Justus - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)

KeeQ - Sweet Little Nothing (Extended Mix)

Keizer Jelle & Kaiser Project - Blood Angels (Extended Mix)

Kenan Olden - Feel 90s (Original Mix)

Kevin Knapp & Andreas Henneberg - Funky Enough (Original Mix)

Kevin Saunderson, Alex Kennon & Dantiez - Bass Into the Future (Original Mix)

Kevin de Vries & Mau P - Metro (Extended Mix)

Khlystov - Ghost (Extended Mix)

Konrad Black & Martin Buttrich - Siamese Connection

Konsagrade - Those Times

Kreature - Sub Check

Kyle Watson & Tania Foster - Escaping It (Original Mix)

Kyle Watson - See Your Truth (Extended Mix)

Kyle Watson Ft. Tania Foster - Escaping It (Original Mix)

LEON (Italy) - Ye Ye Ye Yeah

Lake Avalon - Life In Motion (Original Mix)

Late Replies - What The Funk (Original Mix)

Latmun - Free Your Mind

Laurent Garnier, Alan Watts - Tales from The Real World featuring Alan Watts (Original Mix)

Laydee V & Collien - Placebo (Original Mix)

Laydee V & Luco Lands & Monita Dah - Life (Dubman F. Remix)

Laydee V & Luco Lands & Monita Dah - Life (Meet Remix)

Laydee V & Luco Lands & Monita Dah - Life

Laydee V & Luco Lands - London (Clean Version)

Laydee V & Monita Dah - What Do You Expect? (Meet Interpretation Remix)

Laydee V & Monita Dah - What Do You Expect? Rework

Laydee V - Deep End (Meet Redubmix)

Laydee V - Dubroom (Original Mix)

Laydee V - Overdrive (Matias Prieto Remix)

Laydee V - Symbiosis (Original Mix)

Laydee V - Systematic (Venntaur Remix)

Lewis Legacy - Telefunk

London Grammar - Baby It's You (Dot Major Extended Remix)

London Grammar - Baby It's You (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)

London Grammar - Hey Now (Arty Remix)

London Grammar - Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

London Grammar - If You Wait (Jamie Jones 4Z Extended Remix)

London Grammar - Lord It's a Feeling (goddard. Extended Remix)

London Grammar - Lose Your Head (CamelPhat Extended Remix)

London Grammar - Oh Woman Oh Man (MK Remix)

London Grammar - Sights (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

London Grammar - Strong (High Contrast Remix)

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

Louden - Raveolution

Lout - Secret (Original Mix)

Luke Dean - Diss You Right

Luke Dean - Strictly Different

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands

M-High - The Answer

M.I.T.A. - Too L8 (Original Mix)

MINT (JPN) - Turn It Up

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (Extended Mix)

Mahalo - Notice You (Extended Mix)

Mahony, Carloh - Gemini (Original Mix)

Maksim Dark - Metalix

Malikk - Git Your Punk

Malov - Nemesis (Original Mix)

Manuel Di Martino - 10247 (Gene Richards Jr Werk This Remix)

Marc Romboy - Hanenda (Original Mix)

Marc Romboy - Hanenda (Will Clarke Remix)

Marck D - Shake It (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Hardgroove 4 Life (Ben Sims Remix)

Mark Broom - You Got Me (Dj Love Mix)

Mark Broom - You Got Me (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - Bring You Love (Ben Sims Edit)

Mark Williams - We Work It!

Marlon Hoffstadt & Dangerous Dreaming - Trouble Shooter (Dub Mix)

Martin Kinrus - Cosmic Energy (Original Mix)

Mascota & D-Trax - Paloma (Crazibiza Bedroom Mix)

Massano - The Blaze (Extended Mix)

Matara - Notte (Original Mix)

Mathame - There Is A Light (Original Mix)

Matichap - Savoir Faire

Matt Guy - Wait No More (Extended Mix)

Matt Jenks - La Mia Vita (Extended Mix)

Matthias Tanzmann & Black Circle - Masina (Extended Version)

Mattia Scolaro - Fam (Original Mix)

Max Dean - Impressed (Original Mix)

May Larke - Eyes Closed

Melanie Ribbe & Dakar - Double Take

Melanie Ribbe & Jonatas C - Utopia

Mha Iri - Rise Up

Michael Katana - Help Me

Mihalis Safras & Yvan Genkins - Las Solteras (Extended Mix)

Mihashu - End of Time (Original Mix)

Mik&Ale - Back To Funk (Original Mix)

Mike Newman - Do It You Know (Original Mix)

Mike Sharon - That Thang (Janeret Remix)

Misstress Barbara, Paul Nazca - Corniche (Original Mix)

Modi Nochi, Tim Enso - I Feel Love

Monococ - The Carousel (Original Mix)

Monococ - The Crow (Original Mix)

hngT - Artificial Awareness (Original Mix)

ivan masa - Acid Mind (Original Mix)

Moonwalk - Alternate Reality

Moonwalk - Beyond

Muratt & Lichenologist - That's Right (Original Mix)

MynD - On The Drum (Original Mix)

NDW - Grindhouse (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - Trippin' (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - Wanna Dance (Original Mix)

Nairo - Cloud Runner (Original Mix)

Nate Katz - I'm Happy

Nautik - Lose Myself (Extended Mix)

Nicola Gavino - Caribe Xpress (Original Mix)

Nicole Moudaber - Intentionally (Carl Cox Remix)

Nikko Culture, Coultoff, Tina Lm - Silence (2023)

No Hopes, Max Freeze - We Play House (Extended Mix)

Novah - A Savage

Null - Mirage (Original Mix)

OMNOM - Know I'm Bad (Original Mix)

Ochu Laross - Greening (Vowel Remix)

Oden & Fatzo X Camden Cox - Lady Love (Extended Mix)

Oliver Huntemann - Dimension (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki & Andhim - Orbit

Orkidea - Warehouse Requiem (Extended Mix)

Ozbek & Batkan Abz - Infinity (Zafer Atabey Remix)

PETDuo - Hyped Demons (Schiere RMX)

PISAPIA (IT) - Sky Walker

PÔNGO - Navigator (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Everybody In The Club (Extended Mix)

Pablo Say - You Never

Paige - Pretend (Extended Mix)

Pako Ramirez - Brain Damage (Original Mix)

Pambouk - Like a Dream (Original Mix)

Pambouk - Lost in Space (Original Mix)

Panthera - The Love Machine (2023)

Paride Saraceni & Zilia - Show Me

Pax - Air (Extended Mix)

Pedro Costa - Fragile Beat

Philip Z - Love Of House (Original Mix)

Phonique - Voltage (Original Mix)

Phyter & I-K-O - Raveland

Piem & Crusy & Might Delete Later - Snap It (Extended Mix)

Project89 & Aron Volta - Back Again (Original Mix)

Psyche & Carl Craig - From Beyond (Ataxia Remix)

RONY Group - Sai Baba (Original Mix)

Rabteu & La Kajofol - Devious Light

Radio Slave, NEZ - Wait A Minute (Dixon Extension)

Rafa Barrios - Baila Conmigo

Rafael Osmo - Solar (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez - The Sound (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia, Gaston Zani - Friction (Original Mix)

Rayo (ITA) - Fire Up (Original Mix)

Red Scan - Unstable Mind

Reinier Zonneveld & Kiki Solvej - Keine Liebe & Kein Rave (Original Mix)

Resonances (IT) - Rio (Original Mix)

Robert Miles x Karl8 & Andrea Monta - Children (Lose Control) (Extended Mix)

Royksopp & Pixx - Like an Old Dog (Maceo Plex Remix)

Roze (FR) - Overtoom (Original Mix)

Röyksopp, Pixx - Like An Old Dog (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Ruben Mandolini - Unica (Extended Mix)

Rudosa & Blicz - Split Your Love

Sahaf - Middle East Power (Radio Edit)

Sahaf - Personal Space (Radio Edit)

Salome Le Chat - Time To Move

Sansixto - Black Shades (Extended Mix)

Sante Sansone - Conversation (Original Mix)

Sante Sansone - Live It Up (Original Mix)

Saytek - IYNDUB01 (Live)

Sean Finn - Calinda (Qubiko Extended Remix)

Seebo - Time To Lie (Original Mix)

Sean Finn - External (Original Mix)

Sharam Jey ,  F.A.R - COME ON! (Original Mix)

Siege - Freedom (Extended Mix)

Silver Panda - Human Heart (Extended Mix)

Skoden - Break It Down

Skrillex x Boys Noize - Fine Day Anthem (Extended Mix)

Slam - Activate (Original Mix)

Sons Of Charlie - The Enemy Between My Ears

Sophijan, Abraxa - Fading Away (Original Mix)

Sorley - Let It Shine (Extended Mix)

Sosa UK - Bring It Back

Space Motion feat. Sofiya Nzau - Keyta

Stan Christ & Gianni Di Bernardo & RBX - 1994 (RBX Remix)

Steve Aguirre & Hever Jara - Feels Good (Original Mix)

Taken Name, Grindvik & Peder Mannerfelt & Taken Name & Grindvik & Peder Mannerfelt - Half Life

Tao Andra - Gracias a la Vida (Original Mix)

Tarter, Lutgens - Violent Madness (Original Mix)

Teenage Mutants with Heerhorst & PETER PAHN - Dark Clouds (Original Mix)

The Cube Guys - West End Girls (300th Pride Mix)

The Glitz - Papu

The Hidd3ns & Michael Ra Feat. Zi - Don't Burn Me (Extended Mix)

The Rocketman - Running (Extended Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Come Closer

Tiesto - Traffic (Kryder & Dave Winnel Extended Remix)

Tigerhead - Looking Glass

TimAdeep, Judy Jay - Ready to Shine (Extended Mix)

Tjarda - Can You Feel It

Toby Romeo & Tim Hox - Bulla (Extended Mix)

Tony De Vit - Burning Up (Nicole Moudaber Extended Remix)

Tony Romera & Crusy - Attracted (Extended Mix)

Tough Art - Hold Up (Extended Mix)

Truncate - Work Ya Ass (Ben Sims JFF Edit)

US Two - Cherry On Top

US Two - What's Your Name

Ugur Project - Desolate

Uncertain - Frame (Original Mix)

Underdave - To Lose Control (Extended Mix)

Unit Boy - Indian Swag

Überhaupt & Außerdem - The Waiting Snake (Original Mix)


Vakabular, Under Sanctions - Uncharted Land (Extended Mix)

Victor Hunter - 1234 (Original)

Victor Ruiz - Touch The Darkness (Original Mix)

Vincent Vossen - 16x16 (Original Mix)

Vowel - United Boutique (Malkovish Remix)

Vowel - United Boutique

Walker & Royce - Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)

Wamdue Project - King of My Castle (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)

Watermät & Raumakustik - Out Of My Head (Extended Mix)

William Kiss - Got It (Original Mix)

Womack - Sometimes

XY with Simenga & Hotinga - Fouk (Original Mix)

YUTA YAMADA - Good Point (Original Mix)

YUTA YAMADA - In Good Spirits

YUTA YAMADA - The Back Streets in Zaandam


thea & schtu - Reality (Original Mix)

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