Beatport Dj Charts 2023-09-21

DATA: 2023-09-21 TOTAL: 158 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

"Beatport DJ Charts 2023-09-21" offers a curated selection of the hottest and most influential tracks that are currently shaping the electronic music landscape. This chart, exclusively available on Beatport, showcases the top picks for the 21st week of September 2023, offering a glimpse into the sonic universe of DJs at the forefront of the industry. Among the top tracks featured in this chart are "Dancefloor Is Lava" by Martin Ikin & Wade, "Inside My Head" by Eli Brown, and "Drums Rockin" by Eddy M. These tracks capture the essence of electronic music, with their infectious rhythms and innovative soundscapes that are bound to ignite dance floors around the world. "Beatport DJ Charts" is a must-visit destination for DJs and music lovers looking to stay connected with the pulse of the electronic music scene.


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AJ Christou, Amal Nemer - Wild Mind (feat. Amal Nemer) (Original Mix)

Alvaro Smart - Te Gusta (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Amal (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Elevate (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Eraser (Original Mix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Tell Me (Original Mix)

DJ Fronter - Rocket (Original Mix)

Gene Farris - Body Shake (VIP Mix)

Mendo - Inocencia (Original Mix)

Mendo - Old School (Original Mix)

Will Clarke - Tricky (Extended Mix)

Alpha Zoo - Rub That (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Ayahuasca (Extended Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Trippin' (Original Mix)

Chinonegro - The Hook (Original Mix)

Discip - No Stop (Original Mix)

Eli & Fur - Temptation (Maxinne Extended Mix)

Mike Morrisey - D4 (Extended Mix)

Ranger Trucco - street knowledge. (Max Chapman Remix)

Ronnie Spiteri, Charley Stride - The Bronx (Original Mix)

Ryan Resso - Smile (Original Mix)

Bassel Darwish - Lami (Original Mix)

BeMore - Shake (Extended Mix)

Crewcutz - This N That (Original Mix)

Cristian Merino - Jammin' With My Grandmother (Original Mix)

Dabi, Baligion - Disfruto (Original Mix)

Jack Baron - TKS Mom (Original Mix)

Jay de Lys - Tired Of Loving (Original Mix)

Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick (Original Mix)

Kidoo - Want You (Original Mix)

Kieran San Jose, Reconeckt - Dale Pa Tra (Original Mix)

Lucas Bahr - Spam (Original Mix)

Ssero - AFFY (Original Mix)

Torha - Bum Bum Tam Tam (Remix)

Trallez - French Desire (Original Mix)

Viot, Vitor Vinter - FMF (Original Mix)

Ale Castro, The Checkup - Right There (Original Mix)

Crackazat - Everybody Talks About It (Cody Currie Remix)

DJ PP - Desert Night (Extended Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Hianali (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Let There Be House (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Scarface (Original Mix)

Dec Duffy - Bebington Rd (Original Mix)

Dec Duffy - Bout Now (Original Mix)

Dec Duffy - G&T (Original Mix)

Dec Duffy - Viper (Original Mix)

Delgado - Big Pimping (Original Mix)

HOSSAM - Family (Original Mix)

Jackard - Old Skool 96 (Original Mix)

Mood II Swing, Carol Sylvan - Closer (King Street Moody Club)

PARKER. - LDN TING (Original Mix)

Roberto Parisi - One (Original Mix)

Roberto Parisi - Over Me (Original Mix)

Roberto Parisi - Smash Up (Original Mix)

Sammy Virji - Forgetting (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - House 2 Heal (Original Mix)

Somersault - Take It From (Darius Syrossian Jackin House Remix)

Somersault - Take It From (Darius Syrossian Peak Time Slammer Remix)

The Funk Junkeez - Got Funk? (Sol Brothers Got Funk Klub Mix)

youANDme, Elli Altenberger - Everybody (The Checkup Organ Remix)

Axel Karakasis - Uncultivated (Original Mix)

Ben Reymann, Angioma - Metamorphose (Original Mix)

Christian Smith, Drunken Kong - Succession (Cesar Almena Remix)

Deas - Cut (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda - Never Witness (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda - Panzer (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda - Tagood (Original Mix)

Eats Everything - Sprint (Truncate Remix)

Flits - Magnetic (Original Mix)

Hemissi - Birthmark (Original Mix)

Hertz - Box Head (Original Mix)

Jancen - Dub Tool 1 (OFF / GRID Remix)

KaioBarssalos - Soul Gap (Original Mix)

Lisa May (AUS) - Switch (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Generation (Original Mix)

Pfirter - Influence (Original Mix)

Procombo - Flux Spinner (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - Organ Grinder (Original Mix)

Ribé - Bajo el Olivo (Original mix)

SLV (DE) - Acid Edamame (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber - Righ (Original Mix)

The Advent, Thomas Hoffknecht, Pina Tesla - Stronger (Synth Tool)

Tiger Stripes, Oscar Escapa - Trance Like State (Original Mix)

Tomaz, Filterheadz - Los Hijos del Sol (Coyu Remix)

Daniel Weirdo - Amnesia (Extended Mix)

Hiboo, HK:22 - Zero Remorse (Original Mix)

Oliver Huntemann - Dimension (Metodi Hristov Remix)

Perpetual Universe - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Original)

Township Rebellion, NoNameLeft - Adriana Said (Original Mix)

Township Rebellion, NoNameLeft - Expand Now (Original Mix)

UMEK - Footmachine (Original Mix)

Unlighted - Dystopic (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein - Human Robot (Original Mix)

Zafer Atabey - Roots (Original Mix)

Axel Karakasis - Brickwork (Original Mix)

Carsten Jost - Pink (Original Mix)

DJ Hyperactive - Recorded In Chicago (Original Mix)

DJ T-1000 - Klendathu (Original Mix)

Deas - Cut (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Diamonds On My Mind (Extended Mix)

Fgarciolo - Revolution (Original Mix)

Indris - People of the World (Original Mix)

Joel Mull - Recalibration (Original Mix)

Len Faki - Astra (Original Mix)

M.I.T.A. - Raw Deal (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - Dear Majesty (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - BOND (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - EVOLUTION (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - FUTURA (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - NOVA (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot, Hugh Betcha - PROTO (Original Mix)

Schacke - The sickening (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Haze (Original Mix)

Vinicius Honorio - Conspiracy (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Robotic Arms (Original Mix)

Bolster - Don't Talk Just Rave (Original Mix)

Clif Jack - Imminent (Original Mix)

Dense & Pika - Brunt (Original Mix)

Don Weber - Can You Feel (Original Mix)

Dr. Motte, Jam El Mar - Music Is The Answer (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - I Want to See (Original Mix)

Filippo Peschi, Laurent Hayde - Coming Forward (Original Mix)

Filterheadz, PAGANO - Ursa Major (Original Mix)

HI-LO - BONZAI (Extended Mix)

HI-LO - CRESCENDO (Original Mix)

Horace Dan D. - Rave Legacy (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - 777 (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - PULSAR (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - ROAM ZWEI (Original Mix)

Juliet Fox - Lose Yourself (Original Mix)

Klaudia Gawlas - Resilience (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Afterglow (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani - Life Moves Fast (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani - Phantom (Original Mix)

Malia Nima - Blood (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Jungle (Original Mix)

Sara Simms, Adam James - Regenerate (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - False Prophets (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - Mental Warfare (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - Propeller Punks (Original Mix)

Sisko Electrofanatik - Unspoken (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Time (Original Mix)

Tao Andra - Gracias a la Vida (Victor Ruiz Remix)

Thomas Lizzara - El Medano (Original Mix)

Toni Dextor - Strobe (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz - Serpens (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz - Touch The Darkness (Original Mix)

Alex Bau - No Front (Original Mix)

Felix Da Housecat, Eats Everything - Voicenote (Marco Faraone Remix)

Marco Faraone - Any Good Vibe? (Original Mix)

Nicolas Taboada - Galaxy (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - System 5 (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber - Righ (Original Mix)

Tiger Stripes, Oscar Escapa - Feel The Music (Original Mix)

Tiger Stripes, Oscar Escapa - The Answer (Original Mix)

Tiger Stripes, Oscar Escapa - Trance Like State (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Activate (Original Mix)

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