Beatport Dj Charts 2024-01-16

DATA: 2024-01-16 TOTAL: 224 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you are looking for some fresh and exciting tunes to spice up your playlist, you might want to check out the No Sleep Chart 2024, curated by Florian Kruse. This chart features 10 tracks from various genres, such as Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica, and Techno (Peak Time / Driving). Some of the highlights include Can I Get The Light (feat. MOUI) by Florian Kruse, Look Around, It’s Gonna Be Fine by MAXI MERAKI, Ajna (BE), and Samm (BE), and Zoo Epika by blaktone.


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AJ Christou - Babaloop (Original Mix)

Andrés Hernández (VE), Giovanni Cather - Nosso (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (AVH Rework)

CASSIMM - Wanna Feel Something (Extended Mix)

Carly Wilford - The Dance (Extended Mix)

Cavi - F The Disco (Original Mix)

Dombresky - Lift Off (Extended Mix)

Dutchican Soul, Greg Van Bueren - Reckless Girl (Extended Mix)

Jay Vegas - Break Ya Down (Mark Knight Remix)

Mark Knight, D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better (Mark Knight Extended Remix)

Matthew Anthony, Chance King - Dream About It (Original Mix)

Mimmo Errico, CASSIMM, Leandro Da Silva - Yo Tambien (CASSIMM Remix)

Shiba San - Are You Feeling This? (Original Mix)

Ae:ther, Benjamin Yellowitz - Dynamite (Original Mix)


DJ Chus, Tosz, Olly Klars - To The Moon feat. Tosz (Extended Mix)

Danny Serrano - Looking Good (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Take It Off (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Time Out (Original Mix)

Dosem, Viviana Casanova - Out of Space (Dosem Remix)

Harry Romero, Shyam P - Mind Games (Original Mix)

Hot Since 82, Paige Cavell, Us Two - Never Enough (Original Mix)

Manati, KinAhau, Mars Attacks - Nos Faniamos (Ray Barretto Tribute Mix)

Maori, Adam Ten - Spring Girl (Extended)

Nick Curly - Ushuaia (Extended Mix)

Roach Motel - Wild Luv (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Simon Doty - Footloose (Extended Mix)

Vintage Culture, Franky Wah - Alive (Themba Extended Remix)

Volen Sentir, Makebo - Alchemist (Original Mix)

Volen Sentir, Makebo - Into the Stars (Original Mix)

Yolanda Be Cool - Unity (Original Mix)

Afriqua, Life on Planets, Brandon Lucas, Cornel West - My Tribe (Senzala Remix)

Betoko - Break that sound (Original Mix)

Bryan Kessler - Fingernails And Breakfast (Original Mix)

D-Formation - Danza Sonora (Original Mix)

D-Formation, Blueheist - Miuzek (Original Mix)

DJ Chus, D-Formation - New Dawn (Vocal Mix)

DJ Chus, Tosz, Olly Klars - To The Moon (Guzzk Remix)

Danny Serrano - Looking Good (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Take It Off (Original Mix)

Ede - Do My Thing (Dixon Rework)

Harry Romero - Liquid Samba (Extended Mix)

Harry Romero - Mira (Original Mix)

La Santa - Bombo (Original Mix)

La Santa, Augusto Yepes - Kalima (Original Mix)

Masaki Morii - Rock The Drum (Original Mix)

Oscar De Rivera - Blue Velvet (DJ Chus Remix)

SOMMA, LE YORA - Que Pasa (Original Mix)

Sabo - Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix)

Samer Soltan - Chasing You (Original Mix)

Simon Doty - Footloose (Extended Mix)

Theologos - What a Shame (Original Mix)

William Kiss - BE WITH U (Extended Mix)

Yulia Niko, Luke Alessi - Scuze Me - Yulia Niko Remix (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer, Raxon - The Signal (Day Mix)

Bákayan - Fireflies (Original Mix)

Christian Nielsen - Come For It (Extended Mix)

Florian Kruse, MOUI - Can I Get The Light (feat. MOUI) (Original Mix)

Hunter/Game, U S H N U - Reload (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT), Filippo Nardini - Could You Feel The Love? (Original Mix)

Julian Wassermann - Hallodri (Original Mix)

MAXI MERAKI, Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Look Around, It's Gonna Be Fine (Extended Mix)

blaktone - Zoo Epika (Original Mix)

Amount - Did I Dream? (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, Nick Edwards, Cami Jones - Your Feelings feat. Cami Jones (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Torbellino (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Masterblaster (Extended Mix)

Azzecca - Aerial Phenomenon (Original Mix)

Cole Knight - Keep It Cute (Ben Sterling Remix (Extended))

DJ Misjah, DJ Tim - Access (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)

Danny Snowden - Essence (Original Mix)

Fallon (IE) - Lonely Feelings (Extended Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Apollo (Original Mix)

GIGSTA - Explicit Language (Original Mix)

Gorgon City - Smoke (Original Mix)

Gorgon City, Bbyafricka - Biggest Regret (feat. Bbyafricka) (Extended Mix)

Max Dean - No Feelings (Original Mix)

Max Styler - Hypnotic (Extended Mix)

Max Styler, Westend - Rhythm Machine (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - U Gotta (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Outta Space (Extended Mix)

Riordan - Needle On The Record (Extended Mix)

Thomas Bogdan - Piano Happiness (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE), Noel Deyzel - Grow feat. Noel Deyzel (Extended Mix)

Cherryphonic - Heel Hook (Synth Mix)

Chris Avantgarde - The Last Time (Original Mix)

Gizmo & Mac - Solar System (Original Mix)

Hernan Tapia - BlackRock (Original Mix)

Hernan Tapia - Weekend (Original Mix)

MOTVS, Patrick Scuro - Beating (Extended Mix)

Marie Vaunt, Frank Spector - Cosmology (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - The Unexpected (Original Mix)

Tom Wax - My & Your House (NXT LVL SHT Mix)

Iulian Badea - Balamuc (Original Mix)

Iulian Badea - Be So (Radio-Edit)

Iulian Badea - Dope (Original Mix)

Iulian Badea - Sky (Original Mix)

Iulian Badea - The Real Deal (Original Mix)

Nathan Adams - Solace (Extended Mix)

Nathan Adams, Iulian Badea - Eclipse (Extended Mix)

Negru - Back In The Game (Original Mix)

Negru - Play Hard! (Original Mix)

Negru, Iulian Badea - Dynamite (Original Mix)

Alpharisc - Circus Fear (Original Mix)

Are:gone - Above Us (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Romantic Marble (Original Mix)

CRAVO - Sunbeam (Original Mix)

ERR0 - Alprazolam (Original Mix)

Marcelo Demarco - M D 1 (Original Mix)

Marcelo Demarco - M D 2 (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Suspect (Original Mix)

Uncled - Reborn (Original Mix)

memoNbr - The 6 Sinister (Original Mix)

OFF / GRID - Step Back (Original Mix)

Arjun Vagale - Orbital (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Klint - Blues & Machines (Original Mix)

Mark Reeve - Body Control (Original Mix)

Mark Reeve - Generation (Original Mix)

Mark Reeve - Imagine (Original Mix)

Pryda - Lycka (Original Mix)

Shed - Shot Rhythm (Original Mix)

Simone Zino - Venom (Original Mix)

Ankytrixx - Baby 2000 (Original Mix)

EdOne - Oh Men (Extended Mix)

GENESI (ITA) - Acid (All Night Long) (Extended Mix)

Kos:mo - Sonic Motion (Original Mix)

Laherte - Brake (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Rumble (Original Mix)

Nico de Andrea, Vanetty - Ethnica (Extended Mix)

Philipp Wolf - I Miss You (Extended Mix)

Rafael Cerato, Mia Mendi - Snake Eyes (Extended Mix)

Rafael Cerato, Mia Mendi - Snake Eyes (Pavel Petrov & Peppou Remix)

Rafael Cerato, Mia Mendi - Snake Eyes (widerberg Extended Remix)

RanchaTek, Phased - Voices (Original Mix)

Spartaque, Brennen Grey - Start the Rave (Original Mix)

Tiga, Disfreq - Louder Than A Bomb (Disfreq Remix)

Will Clarke - New Generation (Avision Remix)

2000 And One - Wan Poku Moro (Riva Starr 'Warehouse Love' Remix)

AJ Christou - Babaloop (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - I'm Gonna Make It (Original Mix)

Italobros - Midnight (Original Mix)

Italobros - Sonhar (Original Mix)

Jaden Thompson - Bad Whine (Original Mix)

Mendo, Angel Heredia - Paratu (Original Mix)

Mickael Espinosa - La Moet (Nico Ramírez Remix)

Mickael Espinosa - La Moet (Original Mix)

Mickael Espinosa - Tukutu Takata (Original Mix)

Milo (CH) - Jaker (Original Mix)

Morry, Draxx (ITA), DaChoyce - Dale Vuelta (Extended Mix)

Osunlade - Momma's Groove (Jimpster's Slipped Disc Mix)

Ramoss - Style (Original Mix)

Steve Aguirre, Hever Jara - Feels Good (Original Mix)

Toman - Madrugada (Original Mix)

Balthazar & JackRock - In the Club (Original Mix)

Charles D (USA) - Let Me Tell You This (Extended Mix)

Cristoph - Tha Music (Original Mix)

Cristoph - Tha Music (Original Mix)

D-Unity - Expression (Original Mix)

Drunken Kong - All We Do (Original Mix)

Future Funk Squad, DONT BLINK - BLOW (FOOTWURK Remix)

Heerhorst - Wimbo (Original Mix)

J72 - Pia (Remaster)

KARKIL, Førehand - Like You (Original Mix)

Kryder, Dope Earth Alien - Let's Begin feat. Dope Earth Alien (Extended Mix)

Matt Guy - Give Me What I Want (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Hypnotizing (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Rumble (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Outta Space (Extended Mix)

Pablo Say - Working Out (Extended Mix)

Phoenix Movement - Refraction of Time (Original Mix)

Popof, Alan Fitzpatrick - Rough N Raw (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez, Spartaque - Janfry (Lucas Aguilera Remix)

SHVDZ - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

Teenage Mutants, D3FAI - Fashion (Original Mix)

The Reactivitz - Jungle (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence (Extended Mix)

Tita Lau - I Can't Take No More (Extended Mix)

Vikthor, AdamK - Don't Give In (Extended Mix)

Adam Beyer, Raxon - The Signal (Day Mix)

DJ Hell, Naiborg - Acid Boyfriend (Thomas Schumacher Remix)

Hard To Tell - Last Forever (Original Mix)

LUMI (FIN) - Look The Other Way (Original Mix)

LUMI (FIN) - The Unknown (Original Mix)

Mac Declos - I wanna see u move (Original Mix)

Maceo Plex, Tyler Hill - Nasty (Original Mix)

Nebari - Move (Gameboyz Remix)

Sian, Burko, KASIA (ofc) - Surrender (TH;EN Remix)

Theus Mago - X-Control (Original Mix)

Wassermann - W.I.R. (DJ Hell Mix)

blaktone - Analog, Digital (Original Mix)

AIKON - Rain Dance (Original Mix)

Agoria, Rami Khalife, Noémie - Teardrops (Don't Stop The Music) (Angelos remix)

Carlita, Black Circle, Calussa - Fell In Luv (Black Circle Remix (Extended))

Da Mike - Project XI (Original Mix)

Johannes Brecht - Arp Piano (Club Version)

Lehar - Maybe Yes (Original Mix)

Martin Waslewski - Undressed (Original Mix)

Notre Dame - Amuse (Original Mix)

Super Flu, Dancing on Lego - Dear Friend (Extended Mix)

Super Flu, Mar+Mer - AMA (Original Mix)

narou - again and again (Solomun Remix)

Dani Sinergia - Deeper (Extended Mix: Beatport Exclusive Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Tobago (Original Mix)

Dua Lipa - Houdini (Adam Port Mix)

Landis LaPace - Appeal (Original Mix)

Morris Revy, Marc El Khoury, YusMusica - Wenenuwe (Original Mix)

Realm Of House - Jungle Circus (Arawakan Drum mix)

The Deepshakerz, Aaron Pfeiffer - The Last Song (Juliet Sikora Extended Remix)

The Deepshakerz, Lexa Hill, Afrika System - Anikana-O (Extended Mix)

Deltech - Rythmic Danca (Original Mix)

Jamie Coins, Classmatic - S.W.A.G (Original Mix)

Jewel Kid, Matt Sassari - Get Down Low (Extended Mix)

Mattia Scolaro - Hit The C (Original Mix)

Ragie Ban, Duarte (BR) - Thugs in the House (Original Mix)

SIDE B - 3 and 4 (Original Mix)

Stefano Noferini - Party After Party (Original Mix)

Techin - Lambança (Extended Mix)

Tim Baresko, Lukky - So Good (Original Mix)

Tony Romera - Boiling Room (Extended Mix)

Tony Romera, Low Steppa - Dance To The Music (Extended Mix)

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