Beatport Exclusives Only Week 31 (Big Pack)

DATA: 2023-08-02 TOTAL: 259 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

In Week 31, Beatport Exclusives Only takes the spotlight, spotlighting an unparalleled collection of tracks that are exclusively released on the platform. Packed with boundary-pushing music, these exclusives provide a glimpse into the forefront of the electronic music scene. From deep and immersive progressive house to experimental and genre-defying productions, the Week 31 selection caters to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. DJs, producers, and fans alike can revel in the excitement of discovering hidden gems and standout releases that are bound to leave a lasting impression on dancefloors worldwide. With Beatport Exclusives Only Week 31, the quest for cutting-edge sounds and fresh inspiration is effortlessly fulfilled.




19:26 - Mission

Across Boundaries, Chris Stussy, Locklead - Daydreamer

Across Boundaries, Chris Stussy, Locklead - Nightcreeper (Original Mix)

Across Boundaries, Chris Stussy, Locklead - Sense of Future (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - No Hate (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - No Hate (Trippy Mix)

Adam Beyer - Robotic Arms (Original Mix)

Adam Port, Keinemusik, Martina Camargo, Theus Mago - The Dream feat. Martina Camargo (Extended Mix)

Ae:ther, Benjamin Yellowitz - Dynamite (Original Mix)

Alan Fitzpatrick - D.F.A.M. (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo - Hands Up (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo - Latin Flow (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Amal's Dream (Amal's Extended ViP)

Ammo Avenue - Bass Rider (Extended Mix)

Andata - Black Milk (Teenage Mutants Remix)

Andre Moret - Max (Leo Perez Remix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Lexlay - Left Hand (Original Mix)

André Salmon, Michael Joseph, Lexlay - Momii (Extended)

Angel Heredia - Jazzy Sax

Angelo Ferreri, Adam Twelve, Deeprule - Take (Original Mix)

Anyma (ofc), Rebuke - Syren (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Mau P Extended Remix)

Armin Van Buuren, Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Innellea Extended Remix)

Artche - Adrenaline

Atóm (IE) - Zenith (Original Mix)

Augusto Yepes, Presi On, Renate - Mawu (Original Mix)

Avision - Space 777

BLONDISH x Eran Hersh x Darmon with Madonna - Sorry (with Madonna) feat. Eran Hersh feat. Darmon (Miss Monique Remix)

Bastian Bux - Pawa (Original Mix)

BeMore - Shake (Extended Mix)

Bec - Sixth Dimension

Belman - Sentido (Original Mix)

Ben Beckman - Danza la Danza (Original Mix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Dance All Night (Extended Mix)

Bendtsen, Neumann - Die Welt (Original Mix)

Bendtsen, Neumann - Diminish (Original Mix)

Berni Turletti - Prana Vayu (Original Mix)

BetweenUs - Escape (Extended Mix)

BizZa - Lekker (Original Mix)

Blair Suarez - Jiggy

Bob Tosh, Stjepanek - Utopia (Original Mix)

Bog & 19:26 & Diana Miro - Underwater (Massano Remix)

Booka Shade, Jan Blomqvist, Joplyn - Blaze (J.O.P. Remix)

Bossta - A New Kind of New

Bress Underground - In My Soul

Bushwacka!, Carl Cox, Chuck Roberts - Music Is Life (Main Mix)

Byron the Aquarius - Not My Cellphone!!!

CLARAA - Kukaya feat. Ashimba (Fka Mash Remix)

Carlo Lio - Jack that body

Carlo Lio - The Drum

Chapter & Verse - Drifting Away (Extended Mix)

Chinonegro - The Hook (Original Mix)

Clarity - The Catwalk

Classmatic - Hypnotize (Original Mix)

DEM2 - Tulum

DJ Dextro - Circus Symbiosys

DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, DAN:ROS - Good For You (Extended Mix)

DJ Koze - Candidasa

DJ Koze, Sophia Kennedy - Wespennest

DJ W!LD - Underdog (Main Mix)

DONT BLINK - CAME TO MOVE (Broken Future Remix)

Dajusch - It's the E

Dale Howard - Fetish

Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys - Late Dance

Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys - Leaving Earth

Danny Avila & Heerhorst - The Procedure (Original Mix)

Danny Avila & Ramiro Lopez - Diablo

Danny Avila - Chase The Sun (Extended VIP)

Danny Avila - Notre Dame (Amazingblaze Remix)

Darius Syrossian - Hianali (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Oh Yeah

Dave Summit - Move On (Extended Mix)

David Lindmer - Echoes Of The Algorithim

David Lohlein - Hotel Pool

Deeft, Torha - Demaga (Original Mix)

Dense & Pika & Rawfox - Bugz (Extended Mix)

Derbart - Quicksand

Diego Sosa - For You

Dilby, Albuquerque - Cedric's House (Original Mix)

Discip - Dopamine (Original Mix)

Discip, CHASEWEST - U. (Original Mix)

Dizharmonia - Nyx

Dominik Schwarz - Black Hour

Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic & Reset Robot - Sandman (Reset Robot Remix)

Duke Dumont & Nathan Nicholson - Losing Control (Extended Mix)

Duke Dumont - Drumapella (Original Mix)

Duke Dumont - Mumble Man (Original Mix)

Duke Dumont - The Chant (Extended Mix)

Dxrk daaku - RAVE

Elderbrook - Tied To You (Yotto Remix)

Eli & Dani & Adam Sellouk - Desire

Eli Brown - Love Is Free (Extended Mix)

Fab Massimo - Fake It (Original Mix)

Fabri Tacc & Renzo. - Sticky (Original Mix)

Final Request - Hakka

Folamour - Post Tenebras Lux (Extended Version)

GIGEE - Mind Games (Original Mix)

Gabe, Marco Strous - Snogo (Extended Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - Funky (Original Mix)

George Smeddles - Feel Good (Original Mix)

George Smeddles - Love (Original Mix)

George Smeddles - Trippy Dust (Original Mix)

George Smeddles - Up My Sleeve (Original Mix)

Gianni Firmaio - Sign (Original Mix)

Gino Da Koda - Selecta (Original Mix)

Greta Levska - Streets (Dachshund Remix)

Gui Boratto - Drink In Paris (Vintage Culture Remix) (feat. Lhana Marlet)

Hannes Bieger & Ursula Rucker - Poem for the Planet (Steve Bug Remix)

Harry Romero - The Journey (Extended Mix)

Hector Diez - I Love My Eyes

Henrik Villard - Take It Outside (Original Mix)

Hi-Lo - Bonzai (Extended Mix)

Hi-Lo - Crescendo (Original Mix)

Hof - Contact (Original Mix)

Hugel, Francis Mercier, Victor Démé - NaNa Djon (Original Mix)

ID ID - My Moods

Ignacio Arfeli - Feel The Bass (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Imagine (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - Feelin' (Club Edit)

Jacob (IL) - English Teacher

Jacob (IL) - Right Here Right Now

Jager & Sassa - Far Away

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix)

John Summit & Hayla - Where You Are (Gorgon City Extended Remix)

John Summit - In Chicago (Danny Avila Extended Remix)

Joyhauser - A Beautiful End Of The World (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - LXR02 (Original Mix)

Juos - Tiburon

JØRD, Watzgood - Boom Boom Clack (Extended Mix)

edetto - We Don't Know (Original Mix)

Kabi (AR) - Dual (Original Mix)

Kabi (AR) - Spicy (Original Mix)

Kalmer - Remember Me

Kamino (UK) - Lower Frequency (Original Mix)

Kasablanca > - Am I Dreaming? (Øostil Extended Mix)

Kevin Knapp & Andreas Henneberg - Funky Enough (Original Mix)

Kofla - Callejero (Original Mix)

LUV - I'm Me

Lampe - Wide Open

Late Replies - What The Funk (Original Mix)

Latte - Horcrux (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibanez & Agustina Aliaga - Burn It Up (Original Mix)

Leblanc (FR) - Abyss

Leblanc (FR) - Astral night

Lefthook - Keepin' On

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands (Extended)

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands (Original Mix)

M.I.T.A. - King Size Diva (Original Mix)

Malandra Jr. - Shock To The Beat (Original Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante

Manda Moor, Trangaz - El Peligro (Ibiza Mix)

Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - Be (Original Mix)

Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - People (Original Mix)

Marco & Polo - I'm In Love

Marco & Polo - Kama Sutra

Marco Faraone - Don't Tell Me What To Do

Marco Strous - Slay

Marco Strous, Gabe - Snogo (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Sgt Slick, Beverley Knight - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Extended Mix)

Martin Occo - Okay (DJ Entwan Remix)

Martin Occo - Okay

Martin Occo - Rock The Party (Tomas Bisquierra Remix)

Martin Occo - Rock The Party

Massano - Nodosuba

Matt Sassari & Soshy - Back To This (feat. SoShy) (Extended Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - I'm So Bad (Iglesias Remix)

Melvin Spix - Destroyed (Original Mix)

Michael A - Cherry Blossom (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - In Meinen Traumen

Miguel Matoz - Synthiose

Monococ - Trinity (Original Mix)

Mr. G - Sing It Loud

Mulya - Mundu Fires

Nacho Scoppa - Baddest On The Block (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - January (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - Trippin' (Original Mix)

Nacres - Naturalize (Mayro Remix)

Namik & 96 Vibe - Tribal Break (Extended Mix)

Nandu, Radeckt, Tripolism - Dope Dance (Extended Mix)

Nausica - Ella Dice

Newman (I love) - The Moon and the Stars (Extended Mix)

Newman (I love) - The voices of Scylla (Extended Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - Over (Extended Mix)

Nick Matthew - Open The Gate

Nick Morgan - Shook Part 3

OFF  &  GRID - Devastating Groove

Oliver Huntemann - Dimension (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki - Branka

Oliver Koletzki - Orbit

Omar Labastida & Matt Shelder - Everybody Bounce

Oravla Ziur - Grammys (Extended Mix)

Pablo Fierro - AMOROS

Pacs - Transient

Pan-Pot & Hugh Betcha - PROTO

Paskman - Roller Coaster (Original Mix)

Paulette Meier - Come Join the Circle

Phonique - Voltage (Original Mix)

Pornbugs - Echoing In My Mind

Pryda - Of Me (Original Mix)

Push & Beico - Injection

RIMARKABLE & SACRED H3ART - Complications (Extended Mix)

Rafa Barrios - Dumdum

Ramon Tapia - Bring It On Down (Original Mix)

Raphael Mader - Isolation

Read the News - Playground Electric

Renzo. - Blvcked Out (Original Mix)

Renzo. - Shake The Room (Original Mix)

Roc Dubloc - Be Free (Extended VIP Mix)

Royksopp, Pixx - Like An Old Dog (Maceo Plex Remix)

Samson - Que Bonita

Sansixto - Black Shades (Extended Mix)

Sezer Uysal, VIIA, Aves Volare - Believers Of Change (Angelov Remix)

Shlomi Aber - Fuego

Shuski - So So

Sidney Charles - Hip Cracker (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - Turnover

Simone Glad - Makukhanye Feat. Yolanda Fyrus (Original Mix)

Skober - Spiritual Experience (Original Mix)

Sonata Collective - Boom Boom Pow (Extended Mix)

Sosa UK - Dusty Showbiz (Extended Mix)

Spada, Mardraüs - Beirut (Extended Mix)

Steve Bug & blondewearingblack - To Be Led

Steve Bug, Cle - Hallucinous (Leeni & Danilo Kupfernagel Remix)

Stuckeyrella - On the Floor

Supernova - Magic Stars (Extended Mix)

T78 & Angelala - No Guestlist (Extended Mix)

TJIG, The Journey, Ivan Gough - Amore (Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens Remix)

TOBEHONEST - Where Ya At (Extended Mix)

Tao Andra - Gracias a la Vida (Victor Ruiz Remix)

Th;en - Don't Stop (Extended)

Th;en - Katania (Extended)

Th;en - Magic Light (Extended)

The Deepshakerz, Black Savana - Yari Ari (Original Mix)

The Southern - Jck This

Thomas Schumacher & Lilly Palmer - Crave (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Come Closer

Tiesto - Traffic (Kryder & Dave Winnel Extended Remix)

Tilda - Subtile

Toby Romeo, Tim Hox - Bulla (Extended Mix)

Tomy Wahl - Asram

Tony Bruno - Forget About The World

Trangaz, Manda Moor - El Peligro (Ibiza Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Lo Siento (Original Mix)

Truth x Lies - Esta Vaina (Extended Mix)

Tube & Berger & Nick Schwenderling - Work My Body (Extended Mix)

Tuccillo - Magic Circles (Original Mix)

Umek - Footmachine (Original Mix)

Upercent - Tranqui Tronco (Original Mix)

Victor Arruda - Into the Wild

Vini Vici & Reinier Zonneveld - Distorted Reality (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture with Bhaskar & Meca ft The Vic - Tina (Extended)

Volaris - Don't You Know (Extended Mix)

Wally Lopez - The Art of Reinvention

Weska - Halcyon

William Kiss - Like This

YAME, Systema - Not Minimal (Original Mix)

Yaya - Ebi Awon (S.A.M. Remix)

Yes Wizard - Elephant & Castle (Duke Dumont Remix)

Yves V & Sem Thomasson - Sound Of A Beating Heart (Bhaskar Extended Remix)

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