Beatport Guest Curators Genre Audio Example 2024-02-06

DATA: 2024-02-06, TOTAL: 273, GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting tunes to spice up your playlist, you’ll love the Beatport Guest Curators Genre Audio Example 2024-02-06. This is a collection of tracks from various genres, hand-picked by some of the best DJs in the world. You’ll find everything from techno to house, from melodic to minimal, from organic to indie. Some of the highlights include Soul Button - God Save The Rave, Dennis Cruz - Watch Where You Walk, and CamelPhat - Critical. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new sounds and artists that will make you dance all night long.


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8Kays - Lyra (Original Mix)

8Kays, Juan Hansen - Falling Down (Chris Avantgarde Remix)

A.C.N. - Hekima (Original Mix)

ADHM - I See Paradise

AIKON - Sandstorm (Original Mix)

AJ Christou - Back & Forth (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE) - Infinity (Extended Mix)

AKKI (DE) - Shiva (Extended Mix)

ARTBAT, Another Life - In Your Arms (Original Mix)

AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Mix)

Abbud, Marian (BR) - What You Gonna Do (Original Mix)

Abuk - Don't Say (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Computerized (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Let's Begin (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Red Room (Original Mix)

Add-us - Universe

Agents Of Time feat. Ross Quinn - Friend Of Mine (Extended Mix)

Agustin Pietrocola - Dimension (Original Mix)

Agustin Pietrocola - Forgotten (Original Mix)

Agustin Pietrocola - Sorcerer (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo, Fenky - Bandolera (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo, Fenky - Do You Like My Flow (Original Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Boyz Mind (Original Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Saturday Night (Original Mix)

Alex Lago - Tropical Vibes (Original Mix)

Alfa Romero - 84 (Extended Mix)

Alican - Stronger (EdOne Remix)

Alphadog - Real Borg (Extended Mix)

Alt Control - Miaka

Amal Nemer - Faith (Extended Mix)

Amir Telem - Awaking From Reality (Rauschhaus Remix)

Ango Tamarin & Hyde (OFC) - 3,6,9 (Extended Mix)

Anil Vardareli & Bilgehan Ünver - Destruction

Antrim - Meeting Point (Extended Mix)

Artslaves - Desire (Hector Couto Remix)

Audiojack - Lost Inside (Original Mix)

ĀEMYGDALA - Back On (Original Mix)

BP - Suppose We Are (Original Mix)

BRK (BR) - FUNKADELIC (Original Mix)

BRN - Unconditional (Extended Mix)


Badbox, Leo Gira, DTale - Crazy (Extended Mix)

Bondarev - Meteora (Cosmonaut Remix)

Bontan - Make It Work (Extended Mix)

Bontan - Make It Work (Nala Extended Remix)

Born Dirty, Tchami, Manny Torres - Ride Out (Original Mix)

Brigado Crew & MAC:ANNÂ - Existence (Extended Mix)

Brigado Crew, AFFKT - Python (Extended Mix)

Brigado Crew, Crisstiano - Kidness (Extended Mix)

CASSIMM - Downlow (Extended Mix)

CHIRUKA - Digital Dystopia (Original Mix)

Cameron Jack - The Vision (Original Mix)

Chapter & Verse - Tighten Up (Extended Mix)

Cheese & Cheese & Sunbios - Fiesta (Fairtone Remix)

Cheese & Cheese, Sunbios - Fiesta (Original Mix)

Chris Bowl - Silent Plain (Original Mix)

Coco, Rafäl (MA) - There's Something (DJ CHUS Remix)

Crvvcks - Plateau State (Extended Mix)

Curol - Tulum (Extended Mix)

D'Witches - Mil Amores (Original Mix)

DEEP INSIDE (UA) & Stephan Klauning - Gideon (Extended Mix)

DJ Mandraks, Kylian Lake & Lukes Du Mont - In The Back Room (Extended Mix)

DJ PP - Together (Original Mix)

DJ Wady, Afroloko - Eso (Original Mix)

DOT (BR), Rachel Reis - Eu Vou Pra Bahia (Extended Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Artica

Darlyn Vlys - Surrender (Original Mix)

Darque, Thandi Draai - Yonke (Original Mix)

David Novacek, Hrag Beko - In My Mind (Extended Mix)

David Tort & Markem - Move Ya Body (Extended Mix)

Deepment - Language (Dilby Remix)

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Da Capo & Kitty Amor Extended Remix)

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Jack Back Extended Remix)

Deomid - House Delivery (Original Mix)

Diamandy & Sandokan - Era

Diamandy & Sandokan - Millennials

Diego Acosta (UY), Chär Spinelli - Sonhos (Original Mix)

Diego Straube - Ohrwurm

Diplo, Hugel, Julia Church - Stay High (Zerb Remix) (Extended)

Dizharmonia, Skapi - Passion (Original Mix)

Dizharmonia, Skapi, Milanika - Inner Light (Original Mix)

Dom Dolla - Saving Up (Odd Mob Extended Remix)

Dombresky & JADED - Sound Of The Drums (Extended Mix)

Dominik Gehringer - Strange World (Extended Mix)

Dubdogz, Ruback, Ticon - Dance Is The Answer (feat. Raja Ram) (Extended Mix)

Eagles & Butterflies - Juno Dancin'

El Mukuka x Mario da Ragnio x Dante T. - Alsafar (Original Mix)

Emi Galvan, DJ Zombi - Frequency Shift (Extended Mix)

Emi Galvan, DJ Zombi - Train Affair (Extended Mix)

Enamour, Run Rivers - Crystallized (Extended Mix)

FJL - Night Creatures

Fairtone - That I Want

Far&High - Sans Vetements (Adam Sellouk & ORISS Remix)

Far&High - Sans Vetements (Plastic Robots Remix)

Far&High - Sans Vetements (Prana Flow Remix)

Franklyn Watts, Swavé - Me Vuelve Loco (Original Mix)

Frink - Axis (Original Mix)

Frink - Changes (Original Mix)

Furtee, Daniel Weirdo - Magic (Original Mix)


Gabriele Toma - Muevete (Original Mix)

Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito, Helen Tesfazghi - It's Not Right (Moojo Remix)

Gino Da Koda - Geakin' (Extended Mix)

HI-LO, Space 92 - GENESIS (Extended Mix)

Habitatt - Fly With Me (Extended Mix)

Hannah Wants, Jem Cooke & Sam Divine - Cruel Intentions (Extended Mix)

Hard To Tell, Yet More - Voila (Original Mix)

Hollaphonic, Voost - It's A Vibe (Extended Mix)

ID ID - Skip (Original Mix)

Idd Aziz & The Angels (IL) - Jungle Walk feat. Idd Aziz (Kellerkind Remix)

Ira Ange & Tanit - Rue De Babylon

Ivory (IT) - It's A New Day (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - With Me (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - Yeah! (Original Mix)

James Mac x Vall - Try Again (Extended Mix)

James Stewart, MoBlack & Anis Hachemi - Sabor

Jason Johnson - Reality Is Now (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti - S.O.S. (Original Mix)

Joeski, Harkati - Genuine Divine (Original Mix)

Joezi - Pursuit of Happiness

Jon.K - Turn the Music Up

Jose Galvis - Ritmo y Cadera

JØKR & KODA (AR) - Muse (Monococ Remix)

K'Alexi Shelby - The Ron Hardy Memo (Riva Starr Remix)

Karavagy - Independent (Joone Remix)

Karlo Wanny - Lose Kontrol (Carbon Remix)

Karretero - Show Your Hands (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Ibu 3000 (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Snorkel Combat (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Fab Massimo, T'Shan Williams - Don't Leave Me This Way (Extended Mix)

Khouri - Now (Extended Mix)

enai & Afnan Prince - Visionaire (Extended Mix)

jairo delli - Banki (Original Mix)

jairo delli - Sexy (Nacho Scoppa Remix)

jairo delli - Sexy (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Terri-Anne, Johnny Malek - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)

KiRiK - Belle Vie

Kid Cut - White Noise (Extended Mix)

Kimotion - Right Here Right Now

Kolsch, Perry Farrell - I Talk To Water (CamelPhat Extended Remix)

Korolova, MotherEarth, Tyoz - Nightshapes (Extended Mix)

Kos:mo - The Tribe (Original Mix)

Krash! & Underlow - Connected (Vakabular Remix Extended)

Ky William, James Poole - Baila Le Digo (Original Mix)

La Santa Music - Oasis

Lampe, Frank Spector - Be Careful (Original Mix)

Lauren Lane - Fair Game (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani, Eli Brown, OFFAIAH - When I Push (Original Mix)

Legit Trip - Magyar

Lucho Bragagnolo - Purize (Original Mix)

Luis M - Synthuation

MOSKA - No Signal

Makid - Takadum

Marasi - Under My Bed (Extended Mix)

Marc DePulse - Better Than That

Marc DePulse - Intergalactic

Marc DePulse - Slave (Original Mix)

Marc Lenz - People Are People (Original Mix)

Mariz - Secrets (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden - Don't Abuse It (Extended)

Mateo! - Underground (Original Mix)


Maxxim, flanerr - Moments of Wonder (Extended Mix)

Mayro - Chimi

Mayro - Colorful World

Maz (EG) & KARPOVICH - Soul Searching (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Break Point (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Eureka (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Reflex (Original Mix)

Michel De Hey - Fertist (Extended Mix)

Micronica - Just One (Original Mix)

Micronica - You Will See (Original Mix)

Mike Newman - Anytime You Want (Original Mix)

Mila Journée - No Control (Extended Mix)

MoRsei - Sacred Planet

Molac - The Sense of God

Monococ & JØKR - Skyward

Monococ, JØKR - Aviator (Original Mix)

Myd - Together We Stand (Chambord Remix)

NICK BENNETT - The Way You Get (Extended Mix)

NUFECTS & PAUL (AR) - Something Different (Jamie Stevens Remix)

Nautik (US) - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Nick Pappa - Maneye

Nico Morano & MeWhy - Everything I Own (Gorje Hewek Remix)

Nicolas Soria - I'm Here Now (Mass Digital Remix)

Nicolas Viana - Heat Waves (Original Mix)

Nihil Young & Juliane Wolf - Glacier (Original Mix)

Nihil Young - Ultima (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young feat. Adam Nazar - Pardes (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young, Adam Nazar - Pardes (Extended Mix)

Niko The Kid - Deeper Love (Extended Mix)

Nix - Mysteria

No Hopes, Sean Finn - Deep End (Ghostbusterz Extended Remix)

NoNameLeft - Step One (Original Mix)

Noya Chekoral - Fomo


Oceanvs Orientalis & Idil Mese - Heart Pieces (Mustafa Ismaeel Remix)

PACS - Timeshift (Extended Mix)

PEATY - Bamako

Palavas, Konvex & The Shadow, meloko - You Can't Get Away (Musumeci Remix)

Paluma, Yolanda Be Cool - Get Into It (Extended Mix)

Pedroz (BR) - Keta (Original Mix)

Phonique & Bakka (BR) - Animal Instinct (Atom IE Remix)

Phonique & Bakka (BR) - Animal Instinct (Sam Welt & Axel Valley Remix)

Piem, Penny F. - Headstrong (Extended Mix)

Piero Pirupa, Tom Enzy - Que Pasa (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink, Christian Burns - Lost & Found (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

Purple Disco Machine, Asdis - Beat Of Your Heart (Club Dub)

Purple Disco Machine, Asdis - Beat Of Your Heart (Extended Mix)

QT-HIGH, Kasango, ROBINS - Lost (Extended)

RÔDEZ - We Trust

RY X - Lençóis (Love Me) (Cassian Remix)

RY X - Lençóis (Love Me) (Extended Version, Cassian Remix), Dorian Craft - Magic Carpet (Original Mix)

Rebuke, Ella Balinska - Digital Dream (Club Mix)

Revere - Gu Ni Ikkitai (Original Mix)

Ricardo Molinari, Renato (CL) - Work Work (Original Mix)

Ruback & Adam Sellouk - Deeper (Extended Mix)

Ryan Hill - Indigo (Original Mix)

Ryven - Mahoya (Original Mix)

SHAZZE - Deception (Innēr Sense (ofc) Remix)

SIAAH, DJ Phellix - Jaane Barbat

SLVR & Lena Sue - By My Side (Extended Mix)

SOMMA - Traino (Original Mix)

Saison - Suffer (Fouk Extended Remix)

San Pacho - No Guest List (Original Mix)

Sante Sansone - Moment (Original Mix)

Santiago Garcia - Mundo Interior

Several Definitions - Should We Given (Collé Remix)

Shayan Pasha - Synonym (HAFT Remix)

Shayan Pasha - Synonym (Kenan Savrun Remix)

Siwell - Jealousy (Extended Mix)

Smooth Criminal - The New World (Original Mix)

Smooth Criminal - The Other Side (Original Mix)

Soel - Leave No Trace (Original Mix)

Soel - Reverie (Original Mix)

Soldera, Mehen, Lady Vale - Love Hangover (Original Mix)

Soñadora - Paca

Soultight - RVT (Original Mix)

Space 92, HI-LO - ORION (Extended Mix)

Spartans & Afnan Prince - Letting Go (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown - Good Times (Emanuel Satie Extended Mix)

Steve Angello - ME (Extended Mix)

Steve Levi - Dance with Me

Sunbios - Examined (Rafael Cerato Remix)

TMPLE - The Girl In The Room (Original Mix)

Taleman - Habitat (Erdi Irmak Extended Remix)

Taleman - Melodyt (Den Macklin Extended Remix)

Taleman - Melodyt (Lisandro Extended Remix)

Techu - Def Not (Original Mix)

Th;en - By My Side (Original Mix)

Th;en - Running (Original Mix)

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (John Summit & Silver Panda Extended Remix)

Thomas Ferell - Space Walk (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S. - Aksijan (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S. - Mirazh (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Dark (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix)

Tom & Collins, Alexander Som - No Pares (Extended Mix)

Tonerush feat. Pragma - Enarxis (Extended Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Turn My Speakers Up (Original Mix)

Tripolism, MEERA - Whatever We Call It (Original Mix)

Valer den Bit - Feel Me (Extended Mix)

Victor Vergara - Funkaza

Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre & Tom Breu - Weak (Extended Mix)

Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre & Tom Breu - Weak (Marco Lys Remix)

Walker & Royce, VNSSA - I Don't Remember (Original Mix)

Wh0, Mark Knight, James Hurr - Turn Me Deeper feat. Kathy Brown (Extended Mix)

Wurtz & Nebs Jack - I Understand Perfectly (Extended Mix)

ZERB, Franky Wah, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki (Franky Wah Remix)

Zac - Tucupi Trip (Extended Mix)

Zuffo - Stop To Go (Extended Mix)

th;en, Carlo Whale - Say It (Original Mix)

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