Beatport Hard Techno Top 100 August 2023

DATA: 2023-08-17 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Hard Techno

Unleash your inner audiophile with the Beatport Hard Techno Top 100 August 2023, a pulsating assemblage of tracks that redefine the limits of sonic intensity. This chart is a gathering of hard techno's finest, featuring tracks that meld driving rhythms, industrial textures, and a relentless groove. As you delve into the world of hard techno through this compilation, you'll encounter a sonic landscape that's both darkly entrancing and fiercely exhilarating. From subterranean basslines to mind-bending synth work, these tracks form a sonic narrative that resonates with those who revel in the raw, unapologetic energy of hard techno. Let the Hard Techno Top 100 be your gateway to an immersive experience that promises to electrify your senses.




APHØTIC - From The Back

Acor - Believe

Acor - Fight For Freedom (Original Mix)

Activator - Zombie

Alex Farell - 90's Motherfucker

Alignment - Attack

Alignment - Close Your Eyes

Alignment - Dance For Me

Alignment - Deep Space

BYØRN - Ekstasis (NOVAH Remix)

BYØRN - Ekstasis

BYØRN - Shivaya

BYØRN - Underground Hour

Bastet, Samuel Well - Oh Shit

Bitonal, MonoDynamic - Notaufnahme 2023 (Bastet Remix)

Bitonal, MonoDynamic - Notaufnahme 2023 (Niereich Remix)

Blame the Mono, DLV - Demons And The Ghost

Blame the Mono, DLV, Palastoni - Getrieben Von Der Bassline

Cancel - FxCK Around

Cancel - Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death (Original Mix)

Carv - Brembo

Carv - Dance MF

Carv - Masked Rules (Original mix)

Carv - Out Of Space

Carv - Say My Name

Carv, DeGuzman - TempoPusher (Original Mix)

Creeds - Push Up (Club Version) (Club Version)

Creeds - Push Up (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Flashback (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Work My Body (Original Mix)

Dominik Saltevski - Sensual, on Ecstasy (Sped Up Version)

ECZODIA - Devil's Motel

Franck - Hear The Sound

Gianni Di Bernardo - No Anger

Gianni Di Bernardo - No Business

Gonzi, Creeds - Donkers

H! Dude - Psycko (Original Mix)

H! Dude - Worms

HOEHENANGST - Investigation

Holy Priest, Elmefti, Faceless - F*CK THE POLICE

Holy Priest, Elmefti, Faceless - Fuck This

Kamarasa (ES), Peerk - Hardy

Kevin D'Angello, Kevin D - Space Train

Klangkuenstler, Obernauer - Die Welt Brennt (Original Mix)

Klaps (BE) - War Tapes

Krypton - The Beginning of the End (Svetec Remix)

Luca Agnelli - Destroy the World

Luciid - Fxck

Luciid - Paro Hour

Marco Leckbert - Cymbal Dance

Marco Leckbert - Lethal Choice

Marco Leckbert - The Dark Side Of The Club

Marco Leckbert, Luca Maier - Saturday Night Problems

Mha Iri - Bam Bam Bam

Mha Iri - Good Energy

Mha Iri - Have A Nice Trip

Mha Iri - Rise Up

NEIKA, Creeds - Run Away (Original Mix)

Nico Moreno - This Is For My Haters

Nineted - Feet Down

Novah - A Savage

Nur Jaber & Amstra, Nur Jaber, Amstra - Seduce and Destroy

PISAPIA (IT) - Bass Trap (Original mix)

PISAPIA (IT) - Broken Line

PISAPIA (IT) - Hybrid Boom

PISAPIA (IT) - Psycore (CARV Remix)

PISAPIA (IT) - Psycore

PISAPIA (IT) - Sky Walker

PISAPIA (IT) - Stranger (Original mix)

PISAPIA (IT) - System Damage

Pako Marckx - The Dominator (Original Mix)

ROTURA XXL - To The Reverse

Ramiro Lopez - The Sound (Original Mix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Sopik Remix)

Roentgen Limiter - Do It! (Original Mix)

Roentgen Limiter - Final Kombat

Rudaki - Bastards (Original Mix)

Rudosa, Blicz - Split Your Love

SIKOTI - Everybody

SIKOTI - Sleep When You're Dead


Sara Landry, Godtripper - Chaos Magicka

Scove, Veyla - Endorphin

Scove, Veyla - Let The Bass Kick

Sopik - Free Your Mind

Stan Christ - Trepidation

Stan Christ, Gianni Di Bernardo, RBX - 1994 (RBX Remix)

Stan Christ, Zeltak - Closer Enemies

Supermode, Maddix - Tell Me Why (Maddix Extended Remix)

Svetec, Sikztah - We Just Want Some Boom Boom (Original Mix)

The Obsessed - Free Yourself

Triptykh - Bass Keeps Going (Original Mix)

Triptykh - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)

Triptykh - Unholy (Original Mix)

Trym - Trinity (Amelie Lens Remix)

Ultimo - Ready or Not

VIDØ - Sorry Baby

Zeltak - Feel Like

Zeltak - Getting Close to Me

Zeuz - Drop Drop Drop (Original Mix)

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