Beatport Indie Dance Top 100 New & Hype 2024-02-29

DATA: 2023-02-29, TOTAL: 132 GENRE: Indie Dance

If you are looking for the latest and hottest indie dance tracks, you should check out the best new indie dance chart for February 2024. This chart features 100 amazing songs that will make you want to dance all night long. Some of the highlights of this chart are:

  • Spring Girl by Maori and Adam Ten, a catchy and uplifting tune that combines melodic vocals, groovy basslines, and sparkling synths.
  • Dance With Ibiza by Ugo Banchi, a funky and energetic track that pays homage to the legendary party island with its disco vibes, vocal samples, and percussive beats.
  • One Way by Maori, a dark and hypnotic track that showcases Maori’s signature sound of deep and atmospheric indie dance, with a touch of oriental flair.

These are just some of the gems you can find in this chart, so don’t miss the opportunity to discover more indie dance music that will blow your mind.


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AH-MER-AH-SU, Masha Mar - Cherry Cherry Original Mix
ALADAG - Transistor Original Mix
Acid Cats - Kitt E Litter Original Mix
Aili - Nandakke? Original Mix
Alan Dixon, Speakman, Misty (EG) - Warm (Feeling) [Extended Mix] Original Mix
Alex Medina - Garden Muses Original Mix
Ambear, Losa - R Life Original Mix
Amvy - Nirvana Original Mix
Andrés, Xavi, Jezebell - Bibbles Baubles & Beads Mix
Anomali - Amnesia Original Mix
Anomali, Benicci - Origin Original Mix
Armonics - Music and Lights Original Mix
Armonique - Don't Make Me Wait Original Mix
Astore - Memory Original Mix
Astral Lights - Exoplanet In The Space Original Mix
Babyxxan - Milan Airport Original Mix
Bananarama, Krystal Klear - Do Not Disturb Krystal Klear New Wave Instrumental
Benjamin Fröhlich - I Forgot My Mantra NairLess Remix
Biesmans - Blitz Original Mix
Bonnie Spacey - Energy Original Mix
Boys' Shorts - Dark Room Rendez-Vous Original Mix
CHLOE (Thévenin), Ben Shemie, High Season - Hseas Isa Gordon Remix
CYRK - Nuit Blanche & Lunettes Noires Original Mix
Cancellieri, Sebra Cruz - Rollerball Original Mix
Cardillo DJ - Boombox Original Mix
Chicks On Speed, Captain Mustache - Shifting Basslines (feat. Chicks on Speed) Whitesquare Mix
Chudiy - Ruby In Diamond Le Rubriques Directors Cut Remix
Creasol - With You Original Mix
DJs Pareja - You & Me Dany F Remix
Dam Vera - Dolly Original Mix
Dam Vera - Quina Original Mix
Delon - Everybody Get Up Original Mix
Disastro - Koba Original Mix
Do, SE - Rua Saudade Agrabah Remix
Dominik Marz - Return to Alpha Original Mix
Dub Pepper - Citizen Extended Mix
Ede, Deckert, Sargland - Immer Curses Vocal Mix
Effin & Blindin - Weird Original
Elif (TR), REBRN - Your Body Original Mix
Esprit Divers - Diversion Original Mix
Far&High - Sans Vetements Prana Flow Remix
Favio Inker, Rodrigo AM - Chaos Ignition Original Mix
Fedele, Xx Isis xX - Burn Like Fire Fedele Remix
Federico Grazzini, Hindya - Twig Terrace Mix
Franz Matthews, Bonnie Spacey - Trust The Process Daddy Squad Remix
Gab Rhome - Overconsumed Extended Mix
Gal Shimol - Right Pace Original Mix
Ghost Cop - You Can Never Go Home Original Mix
Giorgio Brindesi - Acid Original Mix
Gorgin - Paradigma Original Mix
HiFi Sean - Clone Original Mix
I Promised Mom - After Hours Original Mix
Ippon - Against Original Mix
Jessy Mach - Fluo Tail Lights Instrumental
Jimmy Batt - The Enigma Original Mix
Jon.K, Kuman (RU) - Movimiento Original Mix
Jonbers - Don't Know You Anymore Original Mix
Jorkes - Animal Original Mix
Josh Caffe, Paranoid London - Start To Fade with Josh Caffe Original Mix
K2W0 - Groove in G feat. Dandara Maori Remix
KARPOVICH, RSTQ - No Time for Caution Karpovich, Maz (EG) Remix
KDA, Jonbers - In Fashion Drag Race Remix
KDA, Jonbers - In Fashion Extended
Kalipo, Local Suicide, Dina Summer - Unter Strom Club Edit
Kalipo, Local Suicide, Dina Summer - Unter Strom Original Mix
Kem Otto - Oya Original Mix
Kholina - Mythic Original Mix
Lee Marrow - Cannibals Ba Bov Ba Bon ZYX Edit
Luca Vera - Those Guys Are Crazy Original Mix
Luminog - Moving Original Mix
Luxxury - Strangely Familiar Original Mix
MARMA - Murray Mints Original Mix
Madd Rod, Noporn - Tropicalismo Dark Original Mix
Maori - One Way Original Mix
Marc DePulse, Mollono.Bass - Rays Marc DePulse Remix
Marc Gonen, Kantel - Right Now Dub mix
Marie Davidson, Soft Crash - Your Last Everything feat. Marie Davidson Alen Skanner Remix
Martin Noise, Della - Macumba Elfenberg Remix
Marvin & Guy - Who Dis Original Mix
Maur - Disco Tool Extended Mix
Max Joni, Maltitz - Chaoskinder Original Mix
Mmyylo - Just One Mission Original Mix
Neurotiker - Ghetto Birds Original Mix
Nick Hanzo, Ludviq - Am Zug Original Mix
Niv Ast, Kimshies - She Said Late Night Version
Noya Chekoral - Fomo Original Mix
Olivia, Three Less One - Anesthetized Feeling Original Mix
Orbital - Belfast David Holmes Remix
Panthera, Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys - Flame Damon Jee Remix
Partiboi69 - Playin' Original Mix
Pim Secle, Burkakke - The Future Original Mix
Rafael - SOMETIMES Original Mix
Raxon - Your Fault Original Mix
Renato Cohen, Daddy Squad - When You Think About It Renato Cohen Extended Mix
Rex The Dog, Eli Escobar - Change This Pain For Ecstasy Eli Escobar Remix
Ricardo Ruben, Cali Burton - Ritmo Furtivo Original Mix
Rodion, Local Suicide - Abu Dhabi Los Mekanikos Remix
Roglar - Pandora Original Mix
Roman Flügel - Rules Original Mix
Romina Cohn, Naiborg - Kiss Me I Want to Make Love Back From The Wave Remix
Rotciv - Freiheitzeit Original Mix
Ryan Hill - Indigo Original Mix
Sahar - Stereo Love Original Mix
Sapphist Eye - Seedy Streets Club Tularosa Remix
Sarah Wild - Ready To Fly Original Mix
Seb Wildblood, Waterworld - Touch Me Original Mix
Secret Factory - Neon Jaguar Odyssey Original Mix
Sexy Lazer - Mid Life Crisis Colossio & Theus Mago Remix
Sexy Lazer - Mid Life Crisis Panthera Krause Remix
Shaun J. Wright - Superficial (Is That A Crime) Original Mix
Sian, Damon Jee, SIIE - A Contre Jour Original Mix
Sister Bliss - Do It Right Extended Mix
Soma Soul, Nelleke - Send The Rain Soma Soul Revision
Stevie Cox - Expansion Original Mix
Stupid Flash - Disorder Original Mix
TERR, Shubostar - Brave New World Original Mix
Tending Tropic - Hondebrok Original Mix
Theus Mago - Nocturne Original Mix
Torha, Earstrip - Make A Move Original Mix
U-Msk - Stop Fabrizio Mammarella Remix
Vahicabi - Takka Original Mix
Vakhtang Iluridze - The Ground Warm Original Mix
Vitalic, Loman - Start Again Vitalic remix
WAXNWAX - sha267 Original Mix
WhoMadeWho, RY X - Love Will Save Me Original Mix
Xols - That Time Of The Night Original Mix
Zeitstill - Akzeptanz der Angst Lauer Remix - Grab Your Guitar Original Mix

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