DATA: 2023-07-29 TOTAL: 330 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

Embark on an electrifying musical adventure with Beatport's New Releases for July 29, 2023. This eclectic playlist features an impressive lineup of genres that will ignite your senses and elevate your spirits. Feel the energy of the dancefloor with Big Room / Future Rave and let loose to the infectious beats of Dance / Electro Pop. Experience the futuristic sounds of Future House and the emotive melodies of Melodic House & Techno. Dive into the dynamic world of Progressive House and let House and Funky House get you grooving. For those craving intense vibes, Bass House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Hard Dance deliver with their high-octane sounds. Seek a more experimental soundscape? Discover the creative wonders of Trap / Wave, Future Bass, and Electronica. With this diverse collection of genres, there's something for every electronic music aficionado, inviting you to dance and lose yourself in the magic of the music.



12th Planet, Antiserum, Nyptane, YDG - Astral Projection (Original Mix)

89ers, Michael Rivera, Nikolai - Fever (Ready To Flow) (Original Mix)

1788-L - SABERNETIKS (Original Mix)

AR/CO - MOVE (Original Mix)

Achilles (OZ), Boris Foong - Launching (Extended Mix)

Adam Port, Theus Mago, Keinemusik, Martina Camargo - The Dream (Extended Mix)

Adam Reeves - Ikele (Altra Moda Original Mix)

Adapter - No No! (Extended Mix)

Ages, Azabim - Wasteman (Original Mix)

Alan Walker, Zak Abel - Endless Summer (BYOR Remix)

Alex Mers - Get Now (Extended Mix)

Alex Mueller - Metro (Extended Mix)

Amalle - Pollenflug (Original Mix)

Amel, Max Robinson - Hold On (Extended Mix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Figio's - Aquarium (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Francis Davila, Cami Jones - Mother Joint (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Lexlay - Left Hand (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph, Lexlay - Momii (Original Mix)

Ango Tamarin - Can't Eat (Extended Mix)

Antoine Clamaran - Mechanical Drums (Extended Mix)

Anyma (ofc), Rebuke - Syren (Extended Mix)

Apashe, Flux Pavilion, Joey Valence & Brae - Fracture (Original Mix)

Aresta - Undgrd (Extended)

Arielle Free, GotSome, Icarus - Levitate (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Mau P Remix)

Armin Van Buuren, Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Innellea Extended Remix)

Arnold & Lane - Body Flow (Original Mix)

Artelax - Higher (Extended Mix)

Atmos - Exchange (Original Mix)

Atmos - Immoral (Original Mix)

Augusto Yepes, Presi On, Renate - Mawu (Original Mix)

Awakcn, Robbie Hutton - Wounded In Love (Extended Mix)

Axel Boy, Unround - You Want Me (Extended Mix)

BIJOU, Honey & Badger - Daybreak (Extended Mix)

BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry (Miss Monique Remix)

BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry (Original Mix)

BLOOD PVCT - Offend The Dead (Original Mix)

BadVice DJ, Aleinad - Good Life (Extended Mix)

Badjokes - Hard Funk (Original Mix)

BeMore - Shake (Extended Mix)

Beauz, Pink Panda, RayRay - Flip It (Extended Mix)

Ben Nicky, Example - There It Is (Extended Mix)

BetweenUs - Escape (Extended Mix)

Big Gigantic, NGHTMRE - Disconnected (Original Mix)

Big Gigantic, NGHTMRE - Keep The Change (Original Mix)

Big Gigantic, NGHTMRE - Twilight (Something's Here) (Original Mix)

Big Gigantic, NGHTMRE, Olivia Sebastianelli - Back For More (Original Mix)

Big Gigantic, NGHTMRE, Safia - Never Loved You Like That (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Alone (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Baby Give It (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Burnin' Hot (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Kiss (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Love Joy (Beach Club Extended Mix)

Block & Crown - Out Of Touch (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Sealed (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Treat Her (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - Piano Thing (Original Mix)

Bobina - Digital Space (Extended Mix)

Bobina - Digital Space (Instrumental Mix)

Body Ocean - Animal (Extended Mix)

Boris Being - I Wanna (Extended Mix)

Boston Bun - Don't Break My Heart (Harvey Sutherland Remix) (Extended)

Brando' - Lurking (Original Mix)

Brandon Caballero, Kevin Corral - Saburai (Original Mix)

C1W - Driver Seat (Original Mix)

CASSIMM - All Right (Extended Mix)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Original Mix)

Camo & Krooked, Mefjus - Nebula (Original Mix)

Capozzi - Cold Blooded (Original Mix)

Chakra - Home (Nusha Extended Remix)

Champagne Drip - Dream Dog (Original Mix)

Champagne Drip - Energy Healing (Original Mix)

Chapter & Verse - Drifting Away (Extended Mix)

Chase & Status, Bou, Irah, Flowdan, Trigga, Takura - Baddadan (Extended Mix)

Chimpo - Compass (Original Mix)

Chimpo - The Crab (Original Mix)

Chimpo - Treetop Golf (Original Mix)

Chimpo, Salo - Let Me Rise (Original Mix)

Chuck Shadow, Dread MC - Burner (Original Mix)

Cla$$ & JCult, Slang G (BR) - Attitude (Original Mix)

Club Soda, Peace Bringa, Damon Trueitt - Sign It (Extended Mix)

Collective Machine, Ledniczky - More Love (Club Mix)

Collective Machine, Ledniczky - More Love (Original Mix)

Culture Code, Donna Tella - Gone Too Long (Original Mix)

DJ Zinc - 138 Trek (Polo Lilli 145 Edit)

DJs From Mars, B Jones, Ayla - Hide And Seek (Mainstage Extended Mix)

DJs From Mars, B Jones, Ayla - Hide And Seek (Melodic Extended Mix)

DVBBS, Arkade, SEBii - ur so cute (Extended Mix)

Dallerium, Marsias - One Night (Extended)

Damien N-Drix, Maesic - Afterparty (Extended Mix)

Danielle Trebone - Set The Organ Bass (Original Mix)

Dave Crusher, JackMar - She Is Freak (Extended Mix)

David Guetta, MORTEN, Clementine Douglas - Something To Hold On To (Extended)

Devin Wild - Hold That Sucker Down (Original Mix)

Dimitri Vegas, Chapter & Verse - Friends (Marcus Santoro Extended Remix)

Disco Gurls - Let Loving Start (Club Mix)

Disco Gurls - Me And U (Club Mix)

Discoplex, Corrado Alunni - Double Pleasure (Extended Mix)

Div Eadie, Basstian, Somero, Alessa - Never Letting Go (Original Mix)

Dominik Gehringer - Enhanced (Extended Mix)

Dominik Gehringer - Human (Extended Mix)

Don Diablo - Still Cutting Shapes (Extended Mix)

DubVision, Jem Cooke - Take Me To Another World (Extended Mix)

Dubdogz, Reezer - Just Like You Do (Extended Mix)

Dyro, Ollo Vera - My Way (Original Mix)

EYELANDER - Commense (Original Mix)

Elderbrook - Tied To You (Yotto Remix)

Enveak - Addict To (Extended Mix)

Eugenio Fico - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Shermanology Remix)

Fioretti - San Pol (Original Mix)

Fioretti - Soave (Original Mix)

Flashmob, Devotionz - Jimmy Jim (Original Mix)

Flush - Bateau Blanc (Extended Mix)

Franky Nuts - Badman Sound (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Love Me Right (Original Mix)

Freejak - Sol d'en Serra (Extended Mix)

G-Pol, Loxterr - LULLABY (Extended Mix)

GUZ (NL), Ferreck Dawn - Kush (BLR Remix) (Extended Mix)

GUZ (NL), Ferreck Dawn - Kush (Millean. Remix) (Extended Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - Gangsta (Extended Mix)

Gabry Ponte, jayover - In The Club (Extended Mix)

GhostMasters - Everyday (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Funky Party (Club Mix)

Ghostbusterz - All My Love (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Jack & Rose (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Somebody Help Me (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Culum Frea - The Way Love Goes (Original Mix)

Giorgio V. - Pretty Woman (Original Mix)

Grabbitz - Let It Bloom (Original Mix)

Grafix, MC ID - Recruiter (Original Mix)

Grooveyard - Mary Go Wild (Michel De Hey Remix) (Extended Mix)

HIIDRA, Yvvan Back - Me Gusta (Extended Mix)

HYPELEZZ, Oscar House, Gina Livia - What We Are (Extended Mix)

Hancock - Different Story (Original Mix)

Hancock - Falling (Original Mix)

Hannah Laing, RoRo - Good Love (Tiësto Extended Remix)

Harry Romero - Liquid Samba (Extended Mix)

Harry Romero - The Journey (Extended Mix)

Henry Daniel - Brassneck (Original Mix)

Hugel, Francis Mercier, Victor Démé - NaNa Djon (Original Mix)

Iman - Bouncin (Original Mix)

J Bookey - See You Dancing (Original Mix)

J Bookey - Thunder (Original Mix)

J Bookey, Dreps - Run (Original Mix)

J Bookey, Eksman - Shutdown (Original Mix)

JLV - Human (Extended Mix)

Jack Beats, Qlank - 5AM (Original Mix)

Jake Bleu - Bang That (Original Mix)

Jakka-B - Bring Me (Extended)

James Dece - Alkaline (Extended Mix)

Jay Eskar, Kris Kiss - Fire (Extended Mix)

Jay Eskar, Kris Kiss - Get That (Extended Mix)

JaySic, Castor & Pollux - Legends (Extended Mix)

Jean Marie, Danny Ores, Thomas Deil - Me Gusta (Extended Mix)

Jérome, Teknoclash, Lost Identity - Sugar Rush (Original Mix)

Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick (Original Mix)

Joanna Magik - Got Something (Extended Mix)

Joanna Magik, Smalltown DJs - Dancefloor (Extended Mix)

John Summit, Hayla - Where You Are (Zedd Extended Remix)

Julien Curtis - Shaker (Extended Mix)

K1LO, CMAX - Help (Extended Mix)

Kaleena Zanders, Anabel Englund - Anything 4 U (Extended Mix)

Kasablanca > - Am I Dreaming? (Øostil Extended Mix)

jeonghyeon, KDH, SGNLS - Bulletproof (Extended Mix)


KONNJR - Vortex Intermission (Original Mix)

KREAM, CoCo Star - I Need A Miracle (Extended Mix)

Kazden, Apaztron - Vibes (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Joe Diem - Eivissa (Extended Mix)

Khlystov - Ghost (Extended Mix)

Kid Massive - Everybody Somebody (Extended Mix)

Kill The Noise, HALIENE - Give Out (Original Mix)

Kill The Noise, Vulgatron, PAV4N - Broken Panes (Original Mix)

Killswitch - Mug (Original Mix)

Killswitch - My Selecta (Original Mix)

Kiral, Mason Young - Quiero Decirte (Extended Mix)

Kisch, EVALINA - Love Like This (Extended Mix)

Klubbheads - Like This Like That (Original Mix)

Klubbheads - Rock The Party (Original Mix)

Klubbheads - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Koven - Chase The Sun (Extended Mix)

Kyle Walker - Bliss (Extended Mix)

L3N - The Crew (Original Mix)

LUCATI - Feel It (Original Mix)

LUM!X, Séb Mont - Burn (Extended Mix)

Lastlings - Out My Head (Original Mix)

Late Night Alumni - Beautiful (Myon x Hoten Extended Mix)

Latte - Can't Hide (Original Mix)

Latte - Consequences (Original Mix)

Latte - Dr Strange (Original Mix)

Latte - Horcrux (Original Mix)

Latte - The Awakening (Original Mix)

Leftwing:Kody - I Want You (Original Mix)

Leftwing:Kody - Windmill (Original Mix)

Lokevivi, Alex O'Clock - Gatillo (Original Mix)

Louis The Child - How High (Original Mix)

Lufthaus, Robbie Williams - Alcohol (Extended Mix)

MAA - Tell You (Extended Mix)

MaMan (NL) - Lichtjaar (Extended Mix)

MaMan (NL) - Singularity (Extended Mix)

Mahmut Orhan - Ederlezi (Extended Mix)

Malaa, Wax Motif - Otherside (Original Mix)

Malandra Jr. - Shock To The Beat (Original Mix)

Malandra Jr. - Shock To The Beat (VLTRA Remix)

ManyFew, The Ritchie Family - I'll Do My Best (Extended Mix)

Marc Benjamin, ROOSTERJAXX - Do It For Daddy (Extended Mix)

Marco Strous, Gabe - Snogo (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Sgt Slick, Beverley Knight - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Extended Mix)

Mark Sixma - Just Noise (Extended Mix)

Markis - Breathe (Extended Mix)

Martina Budde - Black Is Black (Original Mix)

Marvin Aloys, Elysia - New Memories (Extended Mix)

Massane, Grigoré - Cryo (Extended Mix)

Massimo Lippoli - More Pressure (Original Mix)

Matroda - In The Air (Original Mix)

Matt Guy - Wait No More (Extended Mix)

Matt Guy - Where We Started (Extended Mix)

Matthouse, SOBNOIZE - Closer (Extended Mix)

Mauricio Cury, Aren Hils - The Only Way Is Up (Original Mix)

MaxMillion - I Know (Extended Mix)

Mees Salomé, Tailor - Power Over Me (Extended Mix)

Metanoia - The Edge (Original Mix)

Metanoia, Yasha - Gorgon (Original Mix)

Michael Anthony - The Chants (Extended Mix)

Mihalis Safras, Caie - Sweating (Original Mix)

Mike Williams, The Him, Travie's Nightmare - Down The River (Extended Mix)

Mima - Feel Alright (Dub Mix)

Mima - Feel Alright (Extended Mix)

Moisinn - Synthetic Cough (Original Mix)

Moji, Tbr - Rebellion (Extended Mix)

Moksi, Mike Cervello - The Treble (Original Mix)

Morgan Page, SMACK - Sweet Venom (Extended Mix)

MozX - Chasing Rainbows (Original Mix)

Naffe - Essence (Extended Mix)

Nari - Shine On (Original Mix)

Nari - The Hanging Tree (Original Mix)

Neyra, Division One (KR) - Fall Apart (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob - XTC (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob, Basura Boyz - Blisters On My Feet (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob, Basura Boyz - Guest List (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob, Birthdayy Partyy - Underground (Extended Mix)

Original Sin, Sub Zero, Gracie Van Brunt - Deeper (Original Mix)

Oskah - One More Chance (Extended Mix)

Piem, Crusy, Might Delete Later - Snap It (Extended Mix)

Pig&Dan, Livi - Electricity (Original Mix)

Pretty Pink - Manipulate (Extended Mix)

Pryda - Of Me (Original Mix)

Quintino - Good Time (Extended Mix)

Quix - Trust (Original Mix)

Quix - Trust (VIP Mix)

RMA - Secret (Extended Mix)

Redondo, Caius - The One You Love (Extended Mix)

Riya, Subten, L-Side - Control (Club Mix)

Riya, Subten, L-Side - Control (Vocal Mix)

Robert Burian - I Want It (Extended Mix)

Roc Dubloc - Be Free (Extended VIP Mix)

Roda, Roum - Best Side (Extended Mix)

Rowen Clark - Power (Original Mix)

Royksopp, Pixx - Like An Old Dog (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Ruben De Ronde, FSHO, SodiumHot - Can You Hear (Extended Mix)

Ryan Shepherd, Malou - Feel So Good (Extended)


SIIK, Sickrate - All I Care (Extended Mix)

SIPPY - Get Wompy (Original Mix)

SSR, MarshallYu - Up All Night (Original Mix)

SadBois, ARNHEMIA, Rickie Lane - Bringing Me Back (Original Mix)

SadBois, MashBit, UNDY - Lonely Nights (Original Mix)

SadBois, PatFromLastYear, Micah Martin - Worst Day Ever (Original Mix)

SadBois, Tenzo, LÚTHIEN - What It Feels Like (Original Mix)

Salvatore Ganacci - Your Mother (Extended Mix)

SampliFire, Automhate - Incantate (Original Mix)

Sansixto - Black Shades (Extended Mix)

Sean Finn - Batucada (Extended Mix)

Sebastian Davidson - Grotto (Original Mix)

Sebastian Davidson - Who You (Original Mix)

Selecta J-Man, Suku - Couple Guinness (DJ Limited Remix)

Showtek, Justin Prime - Cannonball (Will Sparks Extended Remix)

Simon Fava - Esamba (Extended Mix)

Simon Sim's, Luny - Take It Or Leave It (Extended Mix)

Somna, Julie Thompson - Pretty Lies (AMIDY Remix)

Sophie Lloyd, Amy Douglas - Sweet Love (Love Hangover Extended Mix)

Sora - CHIKARA (Original Mix)

Sora - SAKU (Original Mix)

Sora, DeathFlore - END POINT (Original Mix)

Spada, Mardraüs - Beirut (Extended Mix)

Spada, Steand - So Cold (Extended Mix)

Starsplash, Special D. - Free (Original Mix)

Stefan Gruenwald, Michael Simon - Smooth Operator (Original Mix)

Steve Angello - Monday (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Magnificence Extended Remix)

Steve Angello, Wh0 - What You Need (Extended Mix)

Supernova - Magic Stars (Extended Mix)

Supernova, Tabi Gazele - Soul Connection (Extended Mix)

T&C Sound Unlimited - Funky Fever (Molo 20 Mix)

TECH IT DEEP - La La La (Extended Mix)

TOBEHONEST - Where Ya At (Extended Mix)

TWENTY SIX, Tayson Kryss - Buscando Money (Extended Mix)

TYNAN, SUAHN - Then It Begins (Original Mix)

TYNAN, SUAHN - Then It Ends (Original Mix)

Teddy Killerz - Tek No (Original Mix)

Teddy Killerz, Mozey - Break My Heart (Original Mix)

Th;en - Don't Stop (Extended)

Th;en - Katania (Extended)

Th;en - Magic Light (Extended)

The Chainsmokers, Shenseea - My Bad (Original Mix)

The Sauce - BBQ Truths (Original Mix)

The Shapeshifters - Do What You Wanna Do (Extended Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Triple Frontier (Original Mix)

Tiga, Hudson Mohawke, Channel Tres - Feel The Rush (Original Mix)

Tom Staar - Pterodactyl (Extended Mix)

Tony Vinchi - Hear Me Now (Original Mix)

Tripolism, Nandu, Radeckt - Dope Dance (Extended Mix)

Truth x Lies - Esta Vaina (Extended Mix)

Tujamo, Azteck, Inna - Freak (Extended Mix)

Usai, Charlie Ray, MAGH - Dance Dance (Extended Mix)

VENGA, Zanillya - Play With (Original Mix)

Valy Mo, DJ Bose - The Middle (Original Mix)

Volaris - Don't You Know (Extended Mix)

W&W, AXMO - Ritmo De La Noche (Vamos A La Playa) (Extended Mix)

WZA - Hear Dis (Original Mix)

War - Justice (Original Mix)

War - To Shape The Fire (Original Mix)

Willone - Dream State (Original Mix)

Yantosh - Reality (Extended Mix)

Younotus, Mat.Joe - Treat Myself (Extended Mix)

ZHU - Changes (Club Mix)

ZOYA - Sonic Serenity (Extended Mix)

longstoryshort - LET’S GET ILL (Original Mix)

t e s t p r e s s - U (Extended Mix)

unknown david - Take It Slow (Original Mix)

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