DATA: 2023-09-02 TOTAL: 280 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

On September 2, 2023, Beatport unveils a tantalizing array of electronic music genres, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic wonderland. This collection encompasses everything from the euphoric beats of Big Room and the forward-looking sounds of Future Rave to the infectious grooves of Dance, Electro Pop, and the entrancing melodies of Melodic House & Techno. Dive deeper into the genre spectrum with the pulsating rhythms of Progressive House, the timeless appeal of House, and the funky vibes of Funky House. Bass House and Dubstep bring the intensity, while Drum & Bass and Hard Dance fuel the adrenaline. For those craving a fusion of styles, Trap/Wave offers an innovative twist. And last but not least, find solace in the ethereal soundscapes of Future Bass and Electronica, completing this diverse musical journey.



1788-L - BREAK LIMIT (Original Mix)

A-Audio, Luke Truth, Parly B - Rebel Music (Original Mix)

AC13, Mila Falls - iSpy (Original Mix)

ARTY - Jump (Extended Mix)

Adriatique, WhoMadeWho - Miracle (Original Mix)

Adrien Toma - Dancerka (Extended Mix)

Alexander Popov, Chester Young, Whiteout - Overtaking (Extended Mix)

Alexander Popov, Chester Young, Whiteout - Overtaking (VIP Extended Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Ayahuasca (Extended Mix)

Andrew Liogas, Lost Identity, Teknoclash - Blackout (Original Mix)

Andy Snow - I'll Stay (Extended Mix)

Andyg, Matt Dybal - Bounce To The Beat (Extended Mix)

Antoine Clamaran - Loose Control (Extended Mix)

Antoine Delvig, Fred Pellichero - The Snake (Rework) (Extended Mix)

Arielle Free - Feels So Good (Extended Mix)

Arley, Descend - Running Away (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren - Lose This Feeling (Extended Mix)

Aryue - Nothing To Lose (Original Mix)

BRAINWAVEZ - Crackdown (Original Mix)

BRAINWAVEZ - Flames (Original Mix)

BRAINWAVEZ - Mirage (Original Mix)

BRAINWAVEZ - Synapse (Original Mix)

Becky Hill, Chase & Status - Disconnect ([IVY] & Sudley Remix)

Beverley Knight - Last One On My Mind (Moto Blanco Remix) (Extended)

Bhaskar, 2STRANGE - Power In My Soul (Curol Remix) (Extended Mix)

Bleu Clair - Mean Sumthin (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown - It's My Religion (Dope Demand Mix)

Block & Crown - Make Me Love You (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Steppin In September (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, DJ Groovemonkey, Flores Gabrielle - Dance The Night (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown, Jessy Sunders - Forget Me Nots (Block & Crown Never Forget Extended Mix)

Brohug - Rats (Original Mix)

CASSIMM, Bruno Blanc - House Affair (Extended Mix)

CHYL, Haus Of Panda, MYLK - Ignite (Original Mix)

Cafe Disko, Eyezic, TetraTara - Lost Summer

Cafe Disko, Meggie York - Found Me (Original Mix)

Cafe Disko, She Is Jules - In My Mind (Original Mix)

Cafe Disko, soul.peddler - Self Discovery (Original Mix)

Caroline Roxy - Butterflies (Original Mix)

Castor & Pollux, Cloudrider - Beatdown (Extended Mix)

Cat Dealers, Dom Vallie - Party Crashers (Extended Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, Nala - Hot Mess (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, Nala - Me Me Me (Original Mix)

Chicane, Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Ilan Bluestone Extended Remix)

Citizen Kain - Lunar (Original Mix)

Citizen Kain - Stories (Original Mix)

Crasca, Saxaq, Bishu D - Firestorm (Extended Mix)

CultureKind - Embrace (Extended Mix)

DJ Hybrid - Down We Go (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - Everynight Everyday (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - High (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - Ruffneck Request (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - They Dont Know (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid, Rider Shafique - New Dawn (Original Mix)

DOIL - RIOT (Original Mix)

DOIL - VENOM (Original Mix)

DOIL, MVSLO - CARNAGE (Original Mix)

Daniel Portman - Feel It (Extended Mix)

Danny Time, AK RENNY - The Promises (Original Mix)

Danyel Irsina, Lizwi - Send Me (Extended Mix)

Darius & Finlay, Rave Republic, Simon Erics - Blackbeard (Extended Mix)

Deadcrow - EMBERLIGHT (Original Mix)

Deeper Purpose - Get Up (Extended Mix)

Dense & Pika - Backstage Mute (Extended Mix)

Dense & Pika - Lack Of Light (Extended Mix)

Dense & Pika - Move Your Body Back (Extended Mix)

Deorro, Dave Mak, Scheffwell - Hands Up (Extended Mix)

Dillon Francis, Alesso, Clementine Douglas - Free (Extended Mix)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, Afro Bros, Akon - She Knows (3 Are Legend x MANDY Extended Remix)

Dirt Monkey, SIPPY - Bassface (Original Mix)

Don Diablo, Retrovision - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)

Dryman, Sirmo - Gangster (Original Mix)

Dryman, Sirmo - Rollin' (Original Mix)

Dub Elements - School Of Hard Knocks (DJ Hybrid Remix)

Dub Elements - Thunder (René LaVice Remix)

Dub Elements, IHR - Phosphorescence (Save The Rave Remix)

Dub Elements, Levela - Hee-Haw (Mob Tactics Remix)

Dub Elements, Maniatics - Without You (Madface Remix)

DubVision, Nu-La - The Horizon (With You) (Extended Mix)

Edward Snellen, Alev - Day By Day (Extended Version)

Enta - Chemistry (Original Mix)

Enta - Detox (Original Mix)

Enta - Gimme Dem Chips (Original Mix)

Enta - Homesick (Original Mix)

Eugene, Eater - demon stroke (Original Mix)

Fedde Le Grand - Elektro (Extended Mix)

Florian Picasso - Work It (Extended Mix)

Flux Pavilion, Conrank - Where You At (Original Mix)

FooR, Killa P, Irah, Long Range - Black Bandana (Original Mix)

FooR, Killa P, Irah, Vibe Hunter - Russian Black Bandana (Original Mix)

Funkin Matt - Firmament (Extended Mix)

GBSN - Act Like That (Original Mix)

GBSN - Maybach (Original Mix)

GBSN - Out My Mind (Original Mix)

GBSN - Stabs (Original Mix)

Gabry Ponte - Easy On My Heart (Original Mix)

Gavril, Lorux - In My Face (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Material Lovin (Original Mix)

Glen Horsborough , Zsak, Sydney Jo Jackson - Way I Feel (Extended Mix)

Gozeom - Days And Days (Original Mix)

Gozeom - Fake ID (Original Mix)

Gozeom - Rainbow Dreams (Original Mix)

Gozeom - Under Pressure (Original Mix)

Gui Boratto - Pilgrim (Extended Mix)

HOUZN - Keep On Moving (Original Mix)

Habstrakt, IMANU - Libre (Honey & Badger Remix)

Hackerbeatz - Do My Thang (Extended Mix)

Hackerbeatz - Groove Stop (Extended Mix)

Hardwell, Machine Made - Human (Extended Mix)

Hayden James, AR/CO - We Could Be Love (Original Mix)

Hoang, Nøll, RUNN - Made For (Original Mix)

Hystatus - End Of Transmission (Original Mix)

Izadi - D.F.W.M. (Original Mix)

Izadi - Docile (Original Mix)

Izadi - Hypnotic (Original Mix)

Izadi - Third Eye Funk (Original Mix)

Izadi, brunchbeatz - Foresight (Original Mix)

J:Kenzo - Linton Rockers (Original Mix)

J:Kenzo - Preaching Dub (Original Mix)

Jamie Hai - Islands (Original Mix)

Jen Payne, Piero Pirupa, Tasty Lopez - Because The Night (Extended Mix)

Jesse James - We Are The Warriors (James Silk Remix)

Jesse James - We Are The Warriors (Original Mix)

Jetty Rachers, Lionis, Walter Alan, Aleinad - Life Of Mine (Extended Mix)

Joël Fabrice - Tocsin (Extended Mix)

Jurgen Vries - The Opera Song (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)

KAAZE - La La Life (BLK RSE Extended Remix)

KYANU, DJ Gollum, Empyre One - Stereotype (Original Mix)

Karen Harding - Wrong Places (Extended Mix)

Kevin D'Angello - Space Train (Berlin) (Extended Mix)

Kevin D'Angello - Space Train (Extended Mix)

Kevin D'Angello - Space Train (Paris) (Extended Mix)

Kim'starr - Off Your Feet (Extended Mix)

Kliran.B - Feel Your Love (Extended Mix)

Knoir - CURE (Original Mix)

Knoir - FEED OLD FISH (Original Mix)

Knoir - IN LOVE WITH U (Original Mix)

Knoir - PUMP (Original Mix)

Knoir - fight4survival (Original Mix)

Kolombo - Cara (Original Mix)

Kolombo - Freeze (Original Mix)

Kosling, Samlight - I Don't Need To Dream (Extended Mix)

barking continues - free (Korzana & 2Dash Remix)

barking continues - free (Original Mix)

capshun - ON BLAST (Original Mix)

jaakob - Take Me Home (Extended Mix)

Laidback Luke, Raphi - Waiting For U (Dub Edit)

Laidback Luke, Raphi - Waiting For U (Extended Mix, Jake Silva Remix)

Laidback Luke, Raphi - Waiting For U (Extended Mix, Ramblo Remix)

Laurent Simeca - All Night To The Sun (Stev Dive Extended Remix)

Le Shuuk, MERYLL - High On Life (Extended Mix)

Le Youth, Emme - Talking Like That (Original Mix)

Lexlay - Black Mamba (Original Mix)

Lexlay - Buena Vida (Original Mix)

Lost Frequencies, Tom Gregory - Dive (Extended Mix)

Love Kr3w - One More Night (Extended Mix)

M.I.K.E. Push - Swirl Bliss (Extended Mix)

MATTN, DJs From Mars, Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Extended Mix)

Mandidextrous - Keep Me High (Original Mix)

Marsh - Veil (Extended Mix)

Matador - Luna (Original Mix)

Matador - Sol (Original Mix)

Max Magnani - Kill The Groove (Original Mix)

Me & My Toothbrush - Let Me Love You (Extended Mix)

Mesa & Boss - Beat Drop (Extended Mix)

Mike Candys - Say You Will (Extended Mix)

Mike Morrisey - D4 (Extended Mix)

Mike Morrisey - Malfunktion (Extended Mix)

Mo Falk - Deeper (Extended Mix)

Mon DJ, Groove Amigos - Shotgun (Extended Mix)

Monty - Brain (Original Mix)

Monty - Gas Tank (Original Mix)

Monty - Mad Man (Original Mix)

Monty, Liam Bailey - No Sunset For Soul (Original Mix)

Monty, Trail - Argentique (Original Mix)

Mozey - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Mozey - Volcano (Original Mix)

Murdock, Sena - Reign (Original Mix)

Nari, Lissat - Ti Sento (Original Mix)

Nari, Steve Tosi - Sorcerer (Original Mix)

Ninetails, Jen Jis - You In My Mind (Extended Mix)

Nookie, Ruth Royall - Hero (Original Mix)

Nookie, Ruth Royall - We Shall Overcome (Original Mix)

NuBass, Legacy - Like This (Original Mix)

OVSKY - Feelings (Extended Mix)

OddKidOut, Cecilia Gault - APOLOGIZE (Original Mix)

OddKidOut, San Holo, Artemis Orion - CLOUDY STORIES (Original Mix)

OddKidOut, Young Viridii - THIEF (Original Mix)

OddKidOut, ellie d. - WISH YOU WELL (Original Mix)

Odssey - The Past (Original Mix)

Oliver Heldens, Shantel - Bucovina 2023 (Extended Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto - In The Dark (Original Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto - What We Need (Original Mix)

Orjan Nilsen - 9910 (Extended Mix)

Pauline Herr, Jon Casey - Toxic (Original Mix)

Piem, Might Delete Later - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)

Pig&Dan, Siavash - Call The Hitman (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan, Siavash - Out The Jungle (Original Mix)

Pink Panda, Chemikkal - Eyes On Me (Original Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Everyday People (Extended Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Everyday People (Viot Extended Remix)

Purple Velvet Curtains - All This Time (Original Mix)

QZB - Riot Gear Romance (Original Mix)

Quintino, Plastik Funk - Go Stupid (Extended Mix)

R.A.T. - Boom (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Marnik & VINAI Remix) (Extended Mix)

Ranger - Need Your Love (Extended Mix)

Redondo, Elliot Fitch - The Only One (Extended Mix)

Riley James, Ben Potts - Ghost Of You (Extended Mix)

Ryan Shepherd, Darla Jade - Deep Of The Night (Extended Mix)

SAINT PUNK, Krysta Youngs - Without You (Extended Mix)

SHEPS - HEY! (Extended Mix)

Sam Eight, Emiah - Send It (Extended Mix)

Sam Holland - State Of Mind (Extended Mix)

Sam Holland - Take It Higher (Extended Mix)

Sean Finn, Block & Crown - Rock That (Extended Mix)

Sean Moon - Ritmo Africano (Extended Mix)

Sentinel - Get That Love (Extended Mix)

Seven Lions, Nostalghia - Serpent Of Old (Caster Remix)

Sevenn, Silver Panda - Deep Space (Extended Mix)

Sidney Charles - House 2 Heal (Original Mix)

Simon Fava, Yvvan Back, Martina Camargo - Se Danza (Extended Mix)

Sons Of Maria - All The Things We Had (Extended Mix)

Soulchaser - Movin On (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Qrion - 20ms (Extended Mix)

Steve Angello, AN21 - Valodja (Kryder Extended Remix)

Steve Aoki, Tony Junior - Kids (Original Mix)

Supermassive, Ben Boas - Deep Inside (Original Mix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray Of Solar (Alex Wann & Sasson Remix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray Of Solar (Original Mix)

Synergy - Illuminate (Original Mix)

T & Sugah - Danger (Original Mix)

T>I, Trex - Horror Movie (Original Mix)

T>I, Trex - Will Power (Original Mix)

TM1 - Blooma (Original Mix)

Tatsunoshin, Jade Key, Meredith Bull - Summer's End (Original Mix)

Th;en - Ava (Original Mix)

Th;en - Phenomenon (Original Mix)

The Checkup, DJ Merci - Feel The Heat (Original Mix)

The Checkup, DJ Merci - Get On The Floor (Original Mix)

The Checkup, DJ Merci - House Music Baby (Original Mix)

The Illustrious Blacks - Kaleidoscopic Planet (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson, Novak - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

Tigerlily - Disco Baby (Extended Mix)

Toby Romeo, Declan J Donovan - Alive (Extended Mix)

Tom & Jame - Make The Crowd Go Nuts (Extended Mix)

Trance Wax - The Story (Extended Mix)

UBUR - Liar (Original Mix)

Umbree - To The Side (Extended Mix)

Underbelly - Mmmm (Mmmm, Mmmm) (Original Mix)

Underbelly - Mmmm (Mmmm, Mmmm) (P3PPER Remix)

VCTRE - Pull Up (Original Mix)

VEATZ, KTTK - Get Rekt (Extended Mix)

Vanic - Sold My Soul (Original Mix)

Vanic, Holy Wars - Sacrifice (Original Mix)

Vanic, WISNER - Echoes (Original Mix)

Ventura, Ruddek, Summ Musik - Together (Extended Mix)

Vesk Green - Frequency Fusion (Original Mix)

Victor Tellagio - Jack (Extended Mix)

Vila (AR) - Weekend Driving (Corva Remix) (Extended Mix)

Vila (AR) - Weekend Driving (Extended Mix)

Vion Konger, KYPT, East Dawn - Cynical (Extended Mix)

Voost, Leo Wood - Someone (Extended Mix)

WZA - After Party (Original Mix)

Waeys - B.B. (Original Mix)

Waeys - Raw Flavour (Original Mix)

Waeys, PAV4N - Vision (Original Mix)

Waeys, SOLAH - 10,000 (Original Mix)

Wax Motif, Camden Cox - In My Hands (Original Mix)

Wilkinson, Kioto Bug - Never B Mine (Original Mix)

Will Sparks, JESSCA - Dark Water (Extended Mix)

Wuki - Sunshine (My Girl) (Extended Mix)

Wux - Feel The House Music (Original Mix)

Yubik, Paul Brenning - Reckless Savings (Original Mix)

Yves G - Suavemente (Extended Mix)

ZYNØX - Sally (Extended Mix)

ZeroFG, Halana Roma - Runaway (Extended Mix)

ZeroFG, Halana Roma - Runaway (ZeroFG Dub Mix)

Zuffo - Mess (Extended Mix)

Zurra - Wasting My Time (Extended Mix)

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