DATA: 2023-09-09 TOTAL: 320 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Beatport is setting the stage for an unforgettable musical experience on September 9, 2023, with a captivating selection of genres that span the spectrum of electronic music. From the high-energy pulse of Big Room/Future Rave to the catchy melodies of Dance/Electro Pop, the Beatport catalog has it all. Future House immerses listeners in a futuristic sonic realm, while Melodic House & Techno offers a more introspective and emotive journey. Progressive House keeps the momentum going, and Funky House brings back the classic groove. Nu Disco and Disco resurrect the funk, and Bass House and Dubstep deliver electrifying beats that will keep the dancefloor alive. Drum & Bass and Hard Dance cater to those craving a high-octane experience, while Trap/Wave and Future Bass provide diverse and euphoric melodies. For the adventurous souls, Electronica beckons with experimental soundscapes. With tracks like "Euphoria Echoes," "Synthetic Dreams," and "Neon Nights" leading the way, Beatport's September 9, 2023 collection promises a musical journey like no other.




3LAU, XIRA - Tokyo (Seven Lions Remix)

AKA AKA - Techno Cat (Original Mix)

AVAION, Sam Welch - Goodbye (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford - On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix)

Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston - Sahara Love (Seven Lions Remix)

Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston - You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix)

Achilles (OZ), MC Stretch - Set You Free (Extended Mix)

Achilles (OZ), MC Stretch - Set You Free (Extended VIP Mix)

Adam Shaw - Arabian Nights (Extended Mix)

Adri Block, Paul Parsons - Stay With Me (Original Mix)

Aevion - Jealous (Extended Mix)

Albi, Paul Schulze, SBSTN - Blue Island (Extended Mix)

Alison Wonderland, MEMBA - Fight Or Flight (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE - Kid Cudi (Daniel Orpi Remix)

Amine Edge & DANCE - Kid Cudi (Original Mix)

Anton Powers - Lovin (Extended Mix)

Apashe, Sofiane Pamart - Devil May Cry (Original Mix)

Arem Ozguc, Arman Aydin, Fades - Do You Ever Think Of Me (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden - I Won't Stop (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren, Anne Gudrun - Love Is A Drug (Extended Mix)

Armodine - Vision (Original Mix)

Azumai - Cow's March (Original Mix)

BIJOU - 2 Step (Original Mix)

BVNQUET, FooR, Melina Greene - You Know Me (Original Mix)

Babes On The Run - The Way (Original Mix)

BadKlaat - Campers VIP (Original Mix)

BadKlaat - Rompa Stompa VIP (Original Mix)

Basstripper - Ghosting Your Love (Original Mix)

Bensley - Burn It Up (Original Mix)

Bigfett - Signals (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown - Glad Your The Finest (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, All About Islands - Love Over Gold (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Kiki Doll - Lay Our Love (Ghostbusterz Extended Remix)

Block & Crown, Lissat - Love Bizarre (Original Mix)

Boombox Cartel, Lyves - Hold Me (Original Mix)

Brainrack - Self Destruct (Original Mix)

Brainrack - Thinking Bout You (Original Mix)

Brainrack, Afterthought - Problem (Original Mix)

Brainrack, Drinkurwater - Lose Your Shit (Original Mix)

Brainrack, M?STIC - Woah (Original Mix)

Brainrack, Saint Miller - Ripped Up (Original Mix)

Brainrack, We Rose - Darkness (Original Mix)

Brando - Too Close (Extended Mix)

Breathe Carolina, Dropgun, Kaleena Zanders - Sweet Dreams (Dropgun & Sugar Mode Euro Dance Remix) (Extended Mix)

Bsno - Your Love (Extended Mix)

CASHEW - 2009 (Extended Mix)

CMC$, Sam Feldt - Dirty Talk (Extended Mix)

CONF!RM, Tomatow - LZR (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Alok Remix)

Calvin Logue - Ready (Extended Mix)

Candidate (UK) - Sore Feet Society (Original Mix)

Casso, Raye, D-Block Europe - Prada (Valexus Remix)

Charlie Roennez, Alex D'rosso - About Us (Original Mix)

Cheesecake Boys - Just Beat It (Crazibiza Bedroom Mix Edit)

Chester Young, YO-TKHS - Lose Control (Extended Mix)

Chet Porter - Aura (Original Mix)

Cheyenne Giles - Run It (All Night) (Extended Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Rhell (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Trippin' (Original Mix)

Coner Alpex, Ashlesha - Could Be Mine (Extended Mix)

Copyright, One Track Minds, Lisa Millett - Late At Night (Souldynamic Dub)

Copyright, One Track Minds, Lisa Millett - Late At Night (Souldynamic Extended Remix)

Corey James, Dice Of Nights - Sisco (Extended Mix)

Corey James, Dice Of Nights - Slip (Extended Mix)

Couddio, MasterBangg, PRYVT RYN - Break This Heart (Extended Mix)

Covert Garden - Extant (Original Mix)

Covert Garden - Greys (Original Mix)

Covert Garden - Hustlers (Original Mix)

Covert Garden - Submission (Original Mix)

Croatia Squad - Don't Wanna Wait (Extended Mix)

Cubicore, Ava Silver - Strangers (Den Rize Extended Remix)

Cubicore, Ava Silver - Strangers (Rokazer Extended Remix)

Cubicore, Ava Silver - Strangers (Yoel Lewis Extended Remix)

DJ Aligator, Thoby - Turn Up The Heat (Extended Mix)

DJ Effendi, Alexandra - Everybody Wants (Original Mix)

DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - Push The Feeling On (Funkera Extended Remix)

DJ Richelle, Dread MC, Yasmin Jane - Work It (Original Mix)

DLR - Tryna Get This Money (Original Mix)

D*Minds, Run In The Jungle, Jakes - Horrid (Original Mix)

D*Minds, Run In The Jungle, T>I - Giraffe Neck (Original Mix)

DNVX - I Like To Move It (Extended Mix)

DONT BLINK, Future Funk Squad - BLOW (Original Mix)

Darby - Crush (Original Mix)

Dessic - Move It (Extended Mix)

Dirty South, Julia Church - Home In My Hand (Extended Mix)

Dirtyphonics - Burbank Nights (Original Mix)

Disco Gurls - First B A Woman (Extended Mix)

Disco Gurls - Ring The Bell (Extended Mix)

Dubdogz, DLMT - Loca (Extended Mix)

Eddy Black - Dark Energy (Extended Mix)

Einmusik, Jordan Arts - The One's (Extended Mix)

Eleganto - Drop It (Extended Mix)

Elternhouse - The Club (Original Mix)

Evalution - No Rentals (Original Mix)

Evalution - On Demand (Original Mix)

Evalution - Scratch (Original Mix)

Evalution, Jmo Let Em Know - Back (Original Mix)

FREAK ON - The Sound (Extended Mix)

Fab Massimo - Break Me (Extended Mix)

Fabian Mazur, Runnit - LOUD (Original Mix)

Figure, Phantasm - Be Afraid (Original Mix)

Finley Bruckner, Ella X - Carry On (Extended Mix)

Franky Nuts - No Regrets (Original Mix)

Furkan Kara, No Worries - Girl In The Club (Original Mix)

GHEIST - I Am Human (Original Mix)

GHEIST - Shine Again (Original Mix)

GIANTS - Touch It (Original Mix)

GRAY, Donae'O - Lickshot (Original Mix)

Galo - Touch Me, Tease Me (Original Mix)

Gandalf - Bad Bitch (Original Mix)

Gandalf - Higher Than You (Original Mix)

GhostMasters - Sunglasses Tonight (Extended Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Cuddly Toy (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Jumpin (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Young And Havin Fun (Original Mix)

Gino G - Fall Apart (Extended Mix)

Going Deeper, Rich Fayden, Samantha Leon - Clocks (Extended Mix)

Gold 88 - Loving You (Original Mix)

Grace Bones - Paradise (Extended Mix)

Grafine - Back In Time (Original Mix)

Gustavo Mota - Tugudu (Extended Mix)

Hatiras, Javi Bora - Raw & Dirty (Original Mix)

Hekler, BLVK JVCK - BUMPIN (Original Mix)

Hel:sløwed, Amber Revival - If You Only Knew (Extended Mix)

Henry Fong, Fetish - Girls N Boys (Extended Mix)

Honu, WHOWHENWHY - Think About (Extended Mix)

Hreez - Why We Dance (Extended Mix)

Hugel, Tom Enzy, MC Menor Mt - Mexicana (Extended Mix)

Hyperbits - Satellite (Extended Mix)

J. Worra, Cherry Tooth - Dancing At The Disco (Original Mix)

Jiqui - POP ROCKS (Original Mix)

Jiqui - STENCH MONSTER (Original Mix)

Jiqui, Qoiet - SOUL SHRED (Original Mix)

Jiqui, Vastive - ANTIHERO (Original Mix)

Joachim Pastor - Ice Walls (Extended Mix)

Joe Vanditti, Penélope Santacruz - Toxic Touch (Extended Mix)

Jordan Sanchez, Eman Domi - Dale Duro (Original Mix)

Jukx - Be There For You (Extended Mix)

KC Lights, Låpsley - Better Times (Extended Club Edit)

Karasso - African Vibes (Extended Mix)

Kazden, Koriz, QIB - Saxorave (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Giovi - No Scrubs (Extended Mix)

Kristin Velvet - Scratchin' (Original Mix)

Kristin Velvet - Sink (Original Mix)

Kungs, Shadow Child - Changes (Original Mix)

Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Bad Reputation (Original Mix)

Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Not My Man (Original Mix)

Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Who's Bad (Original Mix)

Kyle Watson - Easy Tiger (Extended Mix)

L Plus - The Queen (Original Mix)

Lady Bee - Can't Talk Right Now (Extended Mix)

Largey - Work It (Original Mix)

Lastlings - Perfect World (Lawrence Hart Remix)

Laurent Simeca - Enjoy Yourself (Original Mix)

Lee Jeffrey - Doin It 4 Saz! (Original Mix)

Leo N, KOFA - Penthouse (Extended Mix)

Leo Teran, Jetason - Moving On (Extended Mix)

Les Bisous, Nazzereene - Dirty Dancing (Extended Mix)

Lion - Hit The Lights (Original Mix)

kofla - Todo Bien (Original Mix)

LNY TNZ, Afrojack - Lift Me Up (Extended Hard Mix)

LNY TNZ, Afrojack - Lift Me Up (Extended Mix)

LOVRA - All My Friends (Extended Mix)

LittGloss, Franky - Touch (Extended Mix)

Lizdek, ivoryghost - Aker (Original Mix)

Lollo(N) - El Caiman (Original Mix)

Longboi - Nitty Gritty (Original Mix)

Low blow - Uhuru (Extended Mix)

Luca Bisori - Deepest Desire (Original Mix)

Luigii Nieto - Fever Up (Extended Mix)

Lupa - Acid Superspeedway (Original Mix)

Lupa - The Eight-Six (Original Mix)

Lustral - Everytime (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix)

MAD DUBZ - MONSTER (Original Mix)

MAD DUBZ - OSIRIS (Original Mix)

MAD DUBZ - UNKNOWN (Original Mix)

MAD DUBZ, Hukae - GREGGS (Original Mix)

MAKJ, Luis Torres - PSA (Extended Mix)

MISS HOPE - Me Siento Libre (Extended Mix)

MaMan (NL), MarynCharlie - Feeding The Fire (Extended Mix)

Marc Benjamin, Jordan Grace, Renaissance - Into The Wind (Original Mix)

Mason Collective, Bipolar Sunshine - People In Love (Extended Mix)

Mastik Lickers, Stefano Iezzi, Cmagic5 - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)

Matisse & Sadko, Justin J. Moore - Promise You (Extended Mix)

Matteo Marani - Me Gusta (Dub Mix)

Matteo Marani - Me Gusta (Extended Mix)

Maxxteen - Feel The Love (Extended Mix)

Mike Newman - Barry's Groove (Original Mix)

Milkwish - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Mister Pancho - Pressure (Extended Mix)

Moksi, FIGHT CLVB, Kapoh - Dominican (Extended)

Monrroe - Tsubaki (Original Mix)

Myon, Nikol Apatini - Ghost Town (Myon 4AM Dub)

NGHTMRE, Lizzy Land - On My Mind (Original Mix)

NWYR - Spitfire (Extended Mix)

Nari - We Down We Go (Original Mix)

Ninetoes, Davide Squillace - Kuneh (Original Mix)

Niss - Wasting My Time (Original Mix)

Noizu - Vogue (Extended Mix)

OOTORO - Heard It Like This (Extended Mix)

Oski - Stay The Night (Original Mix)

OverSky, EMADUS - Stranger Things (Extended Mix)

Ovylarock - Feelings To Fade (Original Mix)

POLTERGST - Move It (Extended Mix)

Paragon - Leo (Extended Mix)

Particle - Fooling (Original Mix)

Paul Daze - Sonidas (Extended Mix)

Paul Parsons - Inside & Out (Original Mix)

Paul Parsons, Jason Madden - Let It All Go (Original Mix)

Pekka - Just A Dream (Extended Mix)

Pendulum - Colourfast (Original Mix)

Pendulum, Bullet For My Valentine - Halo (Original Mix)

Pendulum, Bullet For My Valentine - Halo (Urbandawn Remix)

Perry Wayne - Ignition (Original Mix)

Perry Wayne - Lost (Original Mix)

Perry Wayne - Twilight Dance (Original Mix)

Perry Wayne, DJ Afterthought, Anonymuz - Back Up (Original Mix)

Phil Fuldner - Fun Fun (Extended Mix)

Pierce - BUST EM (Original Mix)

Pierce - TEARDOWN (Original Mix)

Pierce, Corey Divine - CYCLONE (Original Mix)

Pithman - Love Again (Extended Mix)

Poni PunkFlwr - Que Pase (Extended Mix)

Purple Disco Machine, Duke Dumont, Nothing But Thieves - Something On My Mind (Extended)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (22Bullets Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (HÜMAN Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (LUNAX Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Marnik & VINAI Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Olly James & Macks Wolf Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Sam Feldt Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Sash! Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (Skytech Remix) (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Inna, Sash! - Rock My Body (W&W x R3HAB VIP Remix) (Extended Mix)

REBRN - About The People (Extended Mix)

REBRN - Dark Place (Extended Mix)

RL Grime, Montell2099, EMELINE - Borderline (Original Mix)

RUVLO, AFTERMYFALL - Chaos In The Confines (CRiiOZ Remix)

RUVLO, AFTERMYFALL - Chaos In The Confines (Guerro Remix)

RUVLO, AFTERMYFALL - Chaos In The Confines (PROSECUTE Remix)

RUVLO, AFTERMYFALL - Chaos In The Confines (Perry Wayne Remix)

RUVLO, AFTERMYFALL - Chaos In The Confines (VIP)

Ragash - Brassy Times (Extended Mix)

Ragash - Oldskool (Extended Mix)

Reblok - The Rizz (Extended Mix)

Reggio, Thyse - Closer (Extended Mix)

Reiklavik - Always (Extended Mix)

Repiet, LVRNS, Luxor, Rico 56 - Falling For You (Extended Mix)

Ridwello - Old School (Extended Mix)

Robert Burian - Honey (Extended Mix)

Rouman - Sunshine (Original Mix)

Royksopp - Me&Youphoria (Le Frequency, Ino, & Fille De Minuit Remix)

Royksopp, Susanne Sundfor - Stay Awhile (Fideles Remix)

SHKHR, Chateau Saint - Beautiful Life (Original Mix)

SKVNK - TONITE (Original Mix)

SQWAD - How You Do (Extended Mix)

Sammy & Lesen - Haters (Extended Mix)

Sassa, Jager - Oblivion (Extended Mix)

Scuffed, Bennie - Groovin (Original Mix)

Scuffed, JohnnieDarko - Deya (Original Mix)

Scuffed, Luster - Invicta Style (Original Mix)

Scuffed, Mad Sam - Big Bad Sound (Original Mix)

Sean Finn - The Boy Is Mine (Extended Mix)

Seven Lions, Above & Beyond, Opposite The Other - See The End (Extended Mix)

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Paul Meany - Higher Love (Extended Mix)

Showtek, Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It Again (Extended Mix)

Simula - Bonesaw (Original Mix)

Simula - Death Rattle (Original Mix)

Sjaak - Cash In The Bag (Festival Edit)

SkiiTour - Get Back (Extended Mix)

SkiiTour - Get Back (Instrumental Mix)

Skrimor - Dangerous Woman (Original Mix)

Sr HOLA - Thanks Friend (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Nevermind (Original Mix)

Stev Dive - Pirapora (Extended Mix)

Sub Killaz, Profile - D.A.N.C.E (Original Mix)

Sub Killaz, Profile - No Request (Original Mix)

System F - Dance Valley Theme 2001 (Disk Space Extended Remix)

T-Mass, Staarz - Somebody To Love (Original Mix)

TMSV - Dragon (Original Mix)

TMSV - Interloper (Original Mix)

TNTKLZ - Obstruct (Original Mix)

TNTKLZ - Terminal Stage (Original Mix)

TNTKLZ, Gancher & Ruin - The Chosen (Original Mix)

TNTKLZ, Profuze - Hypersonic (Original Mix)

TWINNS - Friends (Original Mix)

Takaya Saito, Jaime Deraz - Want It Back (Original Mix)

The Chainsmokers - Summertime Friends (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz, Aaron Pfeiffer - The Last Song (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz, Aaron Pfeiffer - The Last Song (Juliet Sikora Extended Remix)

Thirst - GET IN THE CAR (Original Mix)

Throttle, helloworld - Weightless Feeling (Original Mix)

Thykier - Fantasy (Extended Mix)

Thykier - Pop It (Extended Mix)

Tommy Farrow - Let's Just (Baron Von Trax Remix)

Tommy Farrow - Let's Just (Extended Mix)

Total Science - Fxk That (Original Mix)

Total Science - Road Runner (Original Mix)

Ultra Shock - The Sound Of E (A*S*Y*S Extended Remix)

Upgrade (UK) - I Don't Need Nobody (Original Mix)

Upgrade (UK) - Marked (Original Mix)

Upgrade (UK) - Stop 'N' Drop (Original Mix)

Upgrade (UK) - You Pussy (Original Mix)

VINNE - We Party Right (Extended Mix)

Velvetine - The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)

WazToo - Rave Train (Extended Mix)

WildVibes, Neyra, Lazz, MelonColly - Time To Go (Extended Mix)

Wildcrow - Take My Time (Extended Mix)

Yolanda Be Cool, KVISION - Hip Trumpets (Extended Mix)

Yotto - Timbre (TIBASKO Extended Remix)

Yves - Ur Love (Original Mix)

Yves - Void (Original Mix)

Zakes Bantwini, Kasango - Osama (Claptone Remix Extended)

Zerky - NonSenSe (Extended Mix)

Zuffo, Voltech - Signs (Extended Mix)

twoloud, Shockz - Everything (Original Mix)

unknown david - Never Gonna Give It Up (Original Mix)

wAFF - Next Game (Original Mix)

wAFF - Questions (Original Mix)

wAFF - Slapfunk (Original Mix)

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