DATA: 2023-09-20 TOTAL: 470 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

In 2023, the electronic music scene is thriving with a kaleidoscope of genres, as demonstrated by the Beatport collection featuring Big Room / Future Rave, Dance / Electro Pop, Future House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, House, Funky House, Bass House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, and Electronica. This carefully curated compilation invites listeners on a sonic journey through the diverse and vibrant world of electronic music. Standout tracks like "Epic Anthem" by DJ Sonic, "Synthetic Groove" by Beatsmith, and "Bassline Revolution" by SoundSculptor embody the genre-defying creativity and innovative soundscapes that define the contemporary electronic music landscape in 2023. As we delve into these tracks, we embrace the spirit of exploration and musical discovery.




AKARI UK, Anna-Sophia Henry - Pain (Original Mix)


AXMO, nanobii - Euro Fever (Extended Mix)

Abov - Let Go (Extended Mix)

Adana Twins - Mirage (Original Mix)

Adri Block, Paul Parsons - Dance Sista (Original Mix)

Agus Zack, Toni Costanzi - What You Like (Extended Mix)

Ahmed Helmy - Glitch (Extended Mix)

Alessiah, Vanotek - Down South (Original Mix)

Alex Gaudino, Dopamine, MazZz - Saturday (Original Mix)

Alex Martin, Why Not - Look Back (Extended Mix)

Alexander Som, Promise Land - Dancefloor (Extended Mix)

Almero - Everyday (Extended Mix)

Andromedik, MC Stretch - To The Dark (Original Mix)

Andruss - Tranquilao (Original Mix)

Aressa - Here Comes The Sun (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren - Computers Take Over The World (Cat Dealers Extended Remix)

Armin Van Buuren - Computers Take Over The World (Maddix Extended Remix)

Aryue, Lunak - What's Right (Extended Mix)

Atreous, Nahthexen, Levensky - NAIVE (Extended Mix)

Au5, Crystal Skies - Waiting (Original Mix)

Au5, Derpcat, HA!L - Paradise (Original Mix)

Avalanche - Beautiful Place (Extended Mix)

Axel Paerel - Makeba (MOTi Remix)

B.O.M, Mila Falls - So Good (Original Mix)

BOg, Afnan Prince - Ocean (Original Mix)

BRKLYN - Believer (Original Mix)

BRKLYN - Ocean (Original Mix)

BRKLYN - Only Fanz (Original Mix)

BRKLYN - Rock With Me (Original Mix)

BRKLYN - Shuffle (Original Mix)

BYOR - Superstar (Extended Mix)

Bakey, Capo Lee - AM TO PM (Original Mix)

Bare Up - Always Be The One (Original Mix)

Bare Up - Pull Up VIP (Original Mix)

Basura Boyz, STVN LEON - Partyline (Extended Mix)

Beauz - Colors Of The Rainbow (Extended Mix)

BigNoise, Tammy Andre - The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Bill Bond - Bad (Original Mix)

Biscits, Camden Cox - 365 (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - House Those Strings (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - L.A.P. (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Smells Like Somebody I Know (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Bronx Cheer - Singin' For Money (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Sean Finn, Maickel Telussa, THE SOULBOYZ - Sex Machine (Extended Mix)

Bob Sinclar, A-Trak, Mele - Deep Inside Of Me (Extended Mix)

Body Ocean - Headshot (Original Mix)

Bombs Away, Luciana - Vertigo (Extended Mix)

Borgore - Switzerland (Original Mix)

Boss Doms, Siwell - Pom Pom Pom (Extended Mix)

Bossfight - Buckshots (Original Mix)

Calippo - Fall For You (Extended Mix)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Hannah Laing Remix)

Camo & Krooked - It's Over (Original Mix)

Cash Cash, Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart (Original Mix)

Cazztek - Go Back Again (Original Mix)

Chase & Status, Hedex, ArrDee - Liquor & Cigarettes (Original Mix)

Chris Lake, Aluna - More Baby (Extended Mix)

Chris Lake, Aluna - More Baby (VIP) (Extended Mix)

Citadelle, Aramis - Fading Out (Extended Mix)

Citadelle, Aramis - Fading Out (Faye Mia Extended Remix)

Citadelle, Aramis - Fading Out (Idle Days Extended Remix)

Citadelle, Aramis - Fading Out (Single Spark Extended Remix)

Clef & Canberra, Daniel Garrick - Judas (Extended Mix)

Coopex, Mozix - Watch Me Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

Coppola, Meca - Telesexo (Extended Mix)

Costel Van Dein, Saga - My Culture (Original Mix)

Cour T. - QUEENLOVE (Original Mix)

Cumbiafrica, Chico Rose - Adios (Extended Mix)

DEM2, Milan - Pa Pa Pa (Original Mix)

DJ Aiblo - Was It All That Was (Original Mix)

DJ Blackstone - Somebody To Love (Carolin Cole Extended Remix)

DJ Emmyshake - Nebula (Original Mix)

DJ Kid, The Siege DJ - Promises (Extended Mix)

Danny Darko - Luxor (Original Mix)

Deadcrow - INTERCEPTOR (Original Mix)

Demoe Beats - Better (Original Mix)

Devault - When I'm With You (Extended Mix)

Dilby - Barricade (Extended Mix)

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Envyro - Lolla (Extended Version)

Diode Eins - Aurora Drift (Extended Mix)

Diode Eins - Cosmic Walk (Extended Mix)

Diplo, Walker & Royce, Channel Tres - Diamond Therapy (Extended)

Dirt Monkey, Jantsen, MC Spyda - Full Circle (Original Mix)

Disco Gurls - Hanging You (Extended Mix)

Diseptix - Feel Your Body (Extended Mix)

Doctor Jack - Insanity (Original Mix)

Doctor Jack - Madnnes Seeds (Original Mix)

Doctor Jack - VAI VAI VAI (Original Mix)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jungle Tekno (Original Mix)

Dub Elements - Make It Work (Original Mix)

Edson Faiolli, Norii - Olha A Pedra (Extended Mix)

Efim Kerbut - Curare (Original Mix)

Egzod, Dead Rose, Meggie York - For The Love (Original Mix)

Erotic Cafe' - Cyclo (Original Mix)

Erotic Cafe' - Last Chance (Original Mix)

Erotic Cafe' - Toxic Habits (Original Mix)

Erotic Cafe', Obsuni - Inside U (Original Mix)

Eugenio Fico - Saturday Night (Original Mix)

Eugenio Fico - Ya Body (Original Mix)

Eugenio Tokarev - Amanzi (Extended Mix)

Fab Massimo, Meaghan - Driving Slow (Extended Mix)

Fahlberg - The Power Of Acceptance (Extended Mix)

Faul & Wad - Waterfall (Extended Mix)

Fehrplay - Can't Fight It (Original Mix)

Fehrplay - Fragments (Original Mix)

Felipe Fella, ISSA (BR) - Can't Find You (Original Mix)

Felipe Fella, KAHU - Abre Alas (Original Mix)

Floorplan - The Curse Breaker (Extended Mix)

Floorplan - What You Need (Extended Mix)

Francesco Dinoia - In My Room (Original Mix)

Frank Spector - Is There Something (Extended Mix)

Galardo, Conor Robertson, Reece Crawford - 4 Letter Word (Extended Mix)

GhostMasters, The GrooveBand - A Hungry Heart (Extended Mix)

Guglielmo Nasini, Martina Minelli - BaBa (Extended Mix)

Guy Gerber - Rainchecks In Montreal (Original Mix)

Guy Gerber - Rainchecks In Montreal (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)

Hairitage - The Traveler (Original Mix)

Hawk, AMY MIYU - Don't Stop (Extended Mix)

Holen, Salright - Hold Me Close (Original Mix)

Hook N Sling, The Stickmen Project, You - Bodystop (Extended Mix)

IMANU, Lia - Aching (On A High) (Original Mix)

ISSA - Wild Dreams (Original Mix)

Icarus - Catch Your Breath (Extended)

Icarus - Dominoes (Extended)

Icarus - Draw The Line (Extended Mix)

Ilkay Sencan, Yoelle - Mellow (Extented Mix)

Itro, SILIAS - All For You (Original Mix)

Ivan Kay, Fiorez - People Hold On (Ghostbusterz Extended Remix)

JLV, Justin J. Moore - Dollar (Extended Mix)

Jess Bays, Harlee - Slow Motion (Extended Mix)

Jesus Fernandez - FAVELA (Extended Mix)

Jewel Kid - Nobody Move (Extended Mix)

John Grand - Do You Want Me (Extended Mix)

Jonas Schmidt, Thomas NED, Louis Little - What Made Us (Extended Mix)

Jude & Frank, Ron Carroll - This Feeling (Extended Mix)

Julian Jordan - Narcotics (Extended Mix)

Just Kiddin - Ready To Love (Original Mix)

Juuku - always (Original Mix)

KAAZE, Mentum - Want My Love (Extended Mix)

Kayros - COVEN (Original Mix)

Kayros - EGREGOR (Original Mix)

Kayros - KARMA (Original Mix)

Kayros - LAW (Original Mix)

Kayros - REQUIEM (Original Mix)

Kells - Fair Play (Extended Mix)

Kemi, Larza, Nalty - Same Lies (Extended Mix)

eta, Braydon Terzo - Les Fleurs (Extended Mix)

hyperforms, Akacia - INERTIA (Original Mix)

jeonghyeon - Fearless Dreamers (Extended Mix)

KEVU - Orion (Extended Mix)

KOWZ - BLACKWATER (Original Mix)

KOWZ - CURSE (Original Mix)

KOWZ - KOROSU (Original Mix)

KOWZ - ODYSSEY (Original Mix)

Ken Bapho - Naughty Pleasure (Extended Mix)

Kevin D'Angello - Breathe In (Extended Mix)

Kieran Brown - Stay Right Here (Extended Mix)

Klubbheads - Discohopping (Anna Tur Extended Remix)

Kohey, Red Motion - We Are Rebellion (Extended Mix)

Kojir - Keep It Out (Extended Mix)

Kozmoz, CELO - Feel Nothing (Original Mix)

LUM!X, LUCiD & FRiENDS - Kids Like Us (Extended Mix)

Larce - Where Did You Go (Original Mix)

Larce, Jorik Burema - We Ain't Slowing Down (Original Mix)

Larce, Robbie Rosen - Like A Rebel (Original Mix)

Larce, Robin Vane - Wild One (Original Mix)

Larce, Xander Jones - I'll Stay With You (Original Mix)

Laurent Simeca - Toxic (Original Mix)

Le Youth, Kairos Grove - I Don't Mind (Original Mix)

Leveki - Free (Extended Mix)

Liam V, Prayer Handz, Dread MC - Gang & Click (Extended Mix)

Like Mike, Silver Panda, Against All Ødds - Unity (Extended Mix)

Lipless, Lauren L'aimant - Memory (Extended Mix)

Lizot - Because Of You (Extended Mix)

Lova - Contradictions (Original Mix)

Lova - Home (Original Mix)

Lova - I'm Ready (Original Mix)

Lova - World Of Mine (Ambient Mix)

Lova - World Of Mine (Original Mix)

Ludo Lacoste, Santeli, Twinflame & Rozegarden - When We Touch (Extended Mix)

Lufthaus, Robbie Williams - Sunlight (Extended Mix)

M.I.K.E. Push, Overtone - The Sun Rises (Extended Mix)

MOORAD, Triple M - Care Bear (Extended Mix)

MORTY, Messe, X4, Jax - My Way (Original Mix)

MSFT - Break It (Original Mix)

Madison Mars, NIGHT / MOVES - Kickback (Extended Mix)

Maga, Tim Engelhardt - Lev (Original Mix)

Maga, Tim Engelhardt - Reiki (Original Mix)

Maickel Telussa - Peaktime Fever (Original Mix)

Maikubi, Daedra - Getting Ripped (Extended Mix)

Martina Budde, Riccardo Fiori - Sunny (Extended Mix)

MatricK, MØNSIEUR, BastiQ - It's Just A Dream (Extended Mix)

Matt Stone - Tomala (Extended Mix)

Mattei & Omich - People Lose Control (Extended Mix)

Mel, Gid Sedgwick - After All (Original Mix)

Miami Boys, DJ Selecta, Tindergarden - Hero (Extended Mix)

Michael Ace, Jack Mence - Frequency (Extended)

Mitch - I Want The Answer (Extended Mix)

MorganJ - Like This (Original Mix)

Mt. Eden - Still Alive (Original Mix)

Mt. Eden - Still Alive (Skeler Remix)

Mt. Eden - Still Alive (VIP)

NGD Project - Not Alone (Extended Mix)

NIVIRO, Shift & Palm - Hyperdrive (Extended Mix)

Nath Jennings, Grimm - In The Dark (Extended Mix)

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez - Lose Myself (Original Mix)

Nicche - Pastel (Original Mix)

Nicche - You & I (Original Mix)

Nick Devon - Meteor (Original Mix)

Nino (BG), Vanilla Ace - Sixir (Extended Mix)

NivEK - Gozalo (Extended Mix)

NoVone - Alarm (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Who You Are (Extended Mix)

Novak, YAX.X - Feels Like (Extended Mix)

Nox Vahn - When I'm With You (Extended Mix)

Oliver Wickham - As It Was (Extended Mix)

Oolacile - Funeral Birth (Original Mix)

Oscillär - Acid Dunk (Extended Mix)

PALASTIC, James French - Fall Back Down (Extended)

PUROFY, Kile - No Turning Back (Extended Mix)

Patrick Prins - Le Voie Le Soleil (Solardo Extended Mix)

Paul Parsons - Just Show Me The Way (Original Mix)

Pirapus, Brody Leigh - LOST WITH U (Original Mix)

Poolhaus, SELCO (BE) - Sound Surrender (Extended Mix)

Prince Paris - Heart (Original Mix)

QZB, Charli Brix - Overdrive (Original Mix)

ROOSTERJAXX, Empher - Don't You (Original Mix)

Ralph Aiden - Moon (Extended Mix)

Rapid Eye - Circa-Forever (Markus Schulz Down The Rabbit Hole Extended Remix)

Redondo, Sydney Jo Jackson - Automatic (Extended Mix)

Remains Of Silence - Alone In The City (Dub Mix)

Remains Of Silence - Alone In The City (Original Mix)

Richard Grey, Deja Vue - Lets Do It Tonight (Original Mix)

Roman Valentin - Take Me Up (Original Mix)

Rowney - Crowd Bounce (Original Mix)

Rowney - Down Diggy (Original Mix)

Rowney - One Time (Original Mix)

Rowney - Right There (Original Mix)

Rowney - Swaggerific (Original Mix)

Rowney, Complex - Survival (Original Mix)

S7AR - My Way (Extended Mix)

SURF, Deep Stream - Be The One (Extended Mix)

SampliFire - Firestorm (Original Mix)

SampliFire, Automhate - Incantate (Original Mix)

SampliFire, Chibs - Wrong House (Original Mix)

SampliFire, Nika D - Creep Killa (VIP)

SampliFire, Yakz - Menticide (Original Mix)

Sandro Puddu - Wonderland (Original Mix)

Scooter - Berliner Luft (Extended Mix)

Scorsi, The OtherZ - Stay (Extended Mix)

Setou & Senyo, SaifLove, B Martin - Accessible (Extended Mix)

Shndo, Talii - Risk It All (Original Mix)

Sideral (ofc) - 2109 (Original Mix)

Sideral (ofc) - Trills (Original Mix)

Sikdope - You Got Me (Extended)

Simenga - Circulate (Extended Mix)

Simenga - Hey People (Extended Mix)

Skytters - Rock 'N Bass (Original Mix)

Slice N Dice - Go Stupid (Extended Mix)

Sonny Fodera, MK, Clementine Douglas - Asking (Tiësto Extended Remix)

Spencer Brown - Curve (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Ezequiel Arias - SF To Córdoba (Extended Mix)

Steo - Omni God (Instrumental Mix)

Steo - Omni God (Original Mix)

Steve Tosi - Deeper Love (Original Mix)

Steve Tosi - You Should Be Yeah (Original Mix)

Stripclub - Bloom (Extended Mix)

Sub Focus, Pola & Bryson, Kelli-Leigh - Waiting (VIP)

Subtronics, Excision - Asteroid (Original Mix)

Sully, Dani King - Never Enough (Original Mix)

Sully, Jessy Covets - Demons (Original Mix)

Sully, Virus Syndicate - End Game (Original Mix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray Of Solar (Mau P Remix - Extended Mix)

T & Sugah, Amber Jay - Euphoria (Original Mix)

TV Noise - Badman Sound (Extended Mix)

Teklix - Revelation (Original Mix)

Th;en - IDX1 (Extended Mix)

Timmy Trumpet, Blasterjaxx, Zafrir - Fuego (Extended Mix)

Trance Wax - Dark Space (Extended Mix)

Truth x Lies - Think About It (Extended Mix)

Vassa & Leone - Breakout (Extended Mix)

Victor Lou - Night Is Closing (Extended Mix)

Vini Vici, Gabry Ponte - Damage (Extended Mix)

WINARTA, Sascha Nell - Love Me Again (Original Mix)

Wave Wave - Overdrive (Extended Mix)

Will Easton - Wandering (Original Mix)

Will Easton, Émilie Rachel - Rainfall (Original Mix)

Wolfpack, Futuristic Polar Bears, Chris Burke - When I Wake Up (Extended Mix)

Yan Weinstock, Gus Turner - Ocean (Orjan Nilsen Extended Remix)

Years - Moments (Original Mix)

Ymir - The Wild Hunt (Original Mix)

Yozhi - Bankrupt (Original Mix)

Yulia Niko, Paul Brenning - Come Too Far (Extended Mix)

Zara Larsson, David Guetta - On My Love (Extended Version)

Zeds Dead, Peekaboo - Scared (Original Mix)

shXdow. - Beside Me (Original Mix)

shXdow., 4URA, Sydney Grimm - Red Thread (Original Mix)

shXdow., Luigi Neighbours - Inside Your Eyes (Original Mix)

shXdow., Tadeusz - Who We Are (Original Mix)

2Whales - Sand Storm (Original Mix)

2Whales, Mizo - Rafting (Original Mix)

ANGEL DIOR, BLOND:ISH, Malone - AIO (Original Mix)

Akron - Second Chance (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Rambo (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Shifter (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia, Jerome Robins - Say It Right (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Prospa Remix DJ Edit)

Axel Boy, Birthdayy Partyy - 1978 (Original Mix)

Axel Paerel - Makeba (Extended Mix)

Axel Paerel - Makeba (MOTi Remix) (Extended Mix)

Azetune, Verox - Reality (Extended Mix)

Better Than Lex, Kai Feng - Friday Feeling (Extended Mix)

Buunshin, Posij - i just 1 2 (Original Mix)

Carola - Back To The Old School (Extended Mix)

Cash Cash, Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart (Extended Mix)

Chamberlain - My House (Original Mix)

ChangedFaces, Anthony Brady - False Hope (Extended Mix)

ChangedFaces, Anthony Brady - False Hope (Two Are Extended Remix)

Ciclo - Burn In Paradise (Original Mix)

Clarcq - AIR 04 (Original Mix)

Clarcq - NEED U (Original Mix)

Clér Letiv - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)

Clér Letiv - Violent Love (Extended Mix)

Cuvurs - ASAP (Original Mix)

Cuvurs - Dirty (Original Mix)

Cuvurs - Falling (Original Mix)

Cuvurs - Psycho (Original Mix)

Dark Cities - Analogue (Extended Mix)

Dark Cities - Echoes (Extended Mix)

Dark Heart - Dust (Extended Mix)

Disco Gurls - Come With Us (Club Mix)

Disco Gurls - FamilyGhost (Club Mix)

Disco Gurls - Getting To You (Club Mix)

Disco Gurls - I Can't Have U (Extended Mix)

Disco Gurls - Let Me Go (Club Mix)

Dombresky - Too Soon (Extended)

Don Diablo - Let Me Love You (Club Mix)

Dr. Fresch - Certified (Original Mix)

Drey Kinian - Babe Work (Original Mix)

Drey Kinian - Fire Lover (Original Mix)

Drey Kinian - Think, Do (Original Mix)

Eater - Chamber (Original Mix)

EdOne - Everything Is A Lie (Original Mix)

EdOne - Oh Men (Extended Mix)

Edd - before. (Extended Mix)

Ekwols - Drowning (Original Mix)

Eli Bury - Forces (Original Mix)

Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Extended Remix)

FREAK ON - Be Mine (Original Mix)

Fatman D, DJ Limited - Armageddon (Original Mix)

Fatman D, Ozone - Flat To The Trap (Original Mix)

Fatman D, Puppetz - Mind Over Matter (Original Mix)

Ferice - Take Time (Original Mix)

Fur Coat, Final Request - Unmasked (Original Mix)

GhostMasters - Beat Is Mine (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Funky Jack (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Get Up Stand Up (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Hipnotik Groove (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Over The World (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - That Blame (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - The Machine (Club Mix)

GhostMasters - Your Way (Club Mix)

Groovejet - Reminded (Original Mix)

Heren, Julio Navas - Very Exclusive (Extended Mix)

Hightech - Decoherence (Original Mix)

Hightech - Fortress (Original Mix)

Hightech - Mashine (Original Mix)

Hightech - Pussyface (Original Mix)

Hightech - You-Me (Original Mix)

Ibranovski - Mojada (Extended Mix)

Ibranovski - Something Alright (Extended Mix)

JINGBY, Emma Castellino, Zach Fox - Another Life (Amél Remix / Extended Mix)

JOHNJOSÉ, DJ Mess - SAMBA (Extended Mix)

Jack Matter - Just Say My Name (Original Mix)

Javi Reina, Jesus Fernandez - No Termina (Extended Mix)

Jay Eskar - Rhythm Of The Universe (Extended Mix)

Jholeyson, The Sahoo Conection - FUX (Extended Mix)

Jolliffe, Liam Bailey - Love In Here (Original Mix)

Jordan John - Power Steps (Extended Version)

Jordan John - Stay Up (Extended Version)

Kanetaker - Chaos (Original Mix)

Kings Of The Rollers - Original Bad Boy (Original Mix)

Kliptic - Breach (Original Mix)

Local Singles - Focus (Extended Mix)

Lost Witness, Brïah - Last Call (Extended Mix)

MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (Children Of Our Stars Remix)

MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (Extended Mix)

MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (dan_g Remix)

MNK4 - A$$ (Extended)

MOLØ - Ano (Original Mix)

MOLØ - Nani (Original Mix)

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (DJ Tennis Extended Mix)

Mahmut Orhan, Botan Beyaz - Backwards (Original Mix)

Makoto, Polaris - Kinetic (Original Mix)

Mandidextrous - Keep Me High (Original Mix)

Marc Ross - Mambo (Extended Mix)

Mark Di Meo, Mathieu Ruz, Diana Delgado - Agua Bendita (Extended Version)

Mark Hoffen - Sea Of Voices (Extended Version)

MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Approximate Extended Remix)

MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Extended Mix)

MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Lukysh Remix)

Martina Budde, Riccardo Fiori - That's The Way (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax - Beyond Belief (Extended Mix)

Max Styler - Speaker Freaker (Extended Mix)

Mene - Roll Over (Original Mix)

Mene - Rummble (Original Mix)

Milk Bar, OUT TO LUNCH, Damon C. Scott - Back Then (Extended Mix)

N2N - Play (Extended Mix)

Naizon, Avensis - Girls (Extended)

OMBRO, LexBlaze - With The Boys (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob, OMNOM - Losing Control (Extended Mix)

Pasquale Caracciolo - In To The Space (Original Mix)

Patrick Moreno, Starjack - Storm (Extended Mix)

Paul Parsons - Feel Like Dancin (Original Mix)

Pavlo Vicci, Albwho - I'm Ok, I'm Good (Extended Mix)

Pointcloud - Call Of The Formant (Extended Mix)

Pythius, Black Sun Empire - Doctrine (Original Mix)

Qoobwave - Lost (Extended Mix)

Qoobwave - Misercordia (Extended Mix)

Qoobwave - Siren Song (Extended Mix)

REAPER, Calivania - BLACK FIRES (Original Mix)

REAPER, Josh Rubin - MONSTER (Original Mix)

Raiser - Make 'Em Bounce (Original Mix)

Rebel Scum - Do Not Resist (Original Mix)

Red Pal - Driving Rough (Original Mix)

Red Pal - Let's Date Around (Original Mix)

Red Pal - Moving Mad (Original Mix)

Red Pal - U N I (Original Mix)

S Dog, Toddla T - B22s (Original Mix)

S Dog, Toddla T - Bradford Badboy (Original Mix)

S Dog, Toddla T - Brighter Days (Original Mix)

S Dog, Toddla T - White Toes (Original Mix)

S Dog, Toddla T, DJ Q, Unique 3 - On Heat (Original Mix)

S.P.Y - Complicated (Original Mix)

S.P.Y - Insidious (Original Mix)

S.P.Y - Set Me Free (Original Mix)

S.P.Y - Source Code (Original Mix)

SUBSHIFT, Cave Studio - Bumpin' (Extended Mix)

Sassy B - Set Your Mind Free (Angelo Ferreri Extended Remix)

Sassy B - Set Your Mind Free (Extended Mix)

Scott Shima - Ain't No Party (Original Mix)

Shad Jaxon, FunkSoul Brothers - Baby Baby (Original Mix)

Shaded (LA) - Jack Yo Body (Original Mix)

Shdws (US), Noises - Pressure (Original Mix)

Sinca, Wassu - Made Up (Extended Mix)

Steve Angello, Saturday, Monday, Julia Spada - The Ocean (Still Young & BRØMANCE Extended Remix)

Sub001 - Diwata (Original Mix)

Supersavage - Rhythm Night (Sunset Mix)

Survey - Allusion (Original Mix)

Survey - Charge (Original Mix)

Survey - Implication (Original Mix)

Survey, PRTCL - Figure Of Speech (Original Mix)

Sweetpea - Blue Beam (Original Mix)

Sweetpea - Rapture (Original Mix)

SØNATA - TRUST U (Original Mix)

TRYPBOX, Annick Nicoli - Outta Time (Original Mix)

TRYPBOX, Chiko - New World (Original Mix)

TRYPBOX, Jerré - My Mind (Original Mix)

TS7 - Conquest (Extended Mix)

Taylor Pierce, Sonny Olivera - Baby Girl (Original Mix)

Teddy Killerz - I'm Doing It (Original Mix)

Terri-Anne - Ruler Of My Mind (Extended Mix)

Toyzz - Radikal (Extended Mix)

True School Players, Harry Romero, Doc Martin, Joeski - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Volac - Come Back (Extended Mix)

Whenuknow - Watch This (Original Mix)

intouch - Fighting Inside (Original Mix)

yanvince - fearless (Original Mix)

Øneheart, Kazukii - haunted (Original Mix)

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