Beatport New Dj Tracks 2024-01-19

DATA: 2024-01-19 TOTAL: 450 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica, Techno, Hard Techno

If you are looking for the latest and hottest tracks in Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica, Techno, and Hard Techno, you need to check out Beatport New Dj Tracks 2024-01-19. This is a curated collection of 450 high-quality tracks from some of the best artists and labels in the scene. You will find amazing tunes like Cerebral Awakening by Monarke, Mary From Heaven by Jay Perlestein, and Escape From Reality by THE ILLUSTRATED MAN. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new music and spice up your playlists with Beatport New Dj Tracks 2024-01-19.






ACME - Hung On (Original Mix)

ACME - Mooove (Original Mix)

AIKO INOUE - My Turn (Original Mix)

AIKO INOUE - Synchronicity (Original Mix)

AIKO INOUE - Synchronicity (Yuta Yamada Remix)

Amal Nemer - Muchos Besos (Extended Mix)

Amal Nemer, DiMO (BG) - Be Here (Extended Mix)

Blume (MEX) - Like This (Ander P Remix)

Blume (MEX) - Like This (Original Mix)

Blume (MEX) - Like This (Vitino Giambalvo Remix)

CASSIMM - Downlow (Extended Mix)

Calvin Pepper - House Controls Your Mind (Extended Mix)

Calvin Pepper - I Was An Alien (Extended Mix)

Ciclo - Groove Is Back (Original Mix)

Corrado Alunni - The Beat Goes On (Extended Mix)

Cribb - We Know (Original Mix)

DAMIEN ALMIRA - Fug (Artu Remix)

DAMIEN ALMIRA - Fug (Original Mix)

Da Lukas - Satisfy Your Soul (Extended Mix)

Dan Barrientos - Akila (Original Mix)

Dan Barrientos - Bailar (Original Mix)

Dan Barrientos - No Breaks (Original Mix)

Dan Barrientos - Warfare (Original Mix)

Danny Marx - The Revolution (Extended Mix)

Danny Serrano - Looking Good (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Que Dice Papa (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Take It Off (Original Mix)

David Tort, Markem - Move Ya Body (Extended Mix)

Deeplomatik - Feel You (Extended Mix)

Diego Cardarelli - Organ Jordan (Original Mix)

Fabio Ferro - I Have Some (Original Mix)

Fickry - Red Hot (Original Mix)

Fickry - Swing About (Original Mix)

Gabriel Deb, Jessie Wagner - Something About You (Extended Mix)

Gabriele Agostino - Riddeon (Original Mix)

Gabriele Agostino, Davide Marsala - Claw (Original Mix)

Gabriele Agostino, Jack Light - TNT (Original Mix)

HP Vince - Spaceship Commander (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL) - Blow (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL), Sammy Morris - Wimmes (Original Mix)

Iva Dive, Cristiana Pranto - Doub (Original Mix)

Iva Dive, Cristiana Pranto - Tribalaria (Original Mix)

Jame Starck, Dan Laino - Got To Keep On (Original Mix)

Jay Oss - It Feel So Good (Original Mix)

Jay Oss - Olive (Original Mix)

Jay Oss - The Club (Original Mix)

Jay Oss - What You Gonna Do (Original Mix)

Jay Oss - Your Words (Original Mix)

Kroose, Sheena - Stronger (Extended Mix)

Ky William, James Poole - Baila Le Digo (Original Mix)

LUCATI - Don't Stop Go (Original Mix)

LUCATI - Pangolin (Original Mix)

Lalo Leyy, Chanknous - The Elements (Extended Mix)

LeoK, Maty Badini - Back It Off (Kevinn Remix)

LeoK, Maty Badini - Back It Off (Original Mix)

Lucas Duarte - Police (Original Mix)

Manuel Guzman - Shabi (Neritaan Remix)

Manuel Guzman - Shabi (Original Mix)

Manuel Guzman - Siegfried (Original Mix)

Marco Santoro - I Got Ya' (Extended Mix)

MartinoResi, Armando Buendia - Dancing (Dani Corral Remix)

MartinoResi, Armando Buendia - Dancing (Original Mix)

Massimo Conte - Don't Wanna Stop (Simon Emme Edit)

Mata Jones - Memorie (Original Mix)

Mata Jones - Memorie (Synth Mix)

Matias Javier - Sechon (Original Mix)

Matias Javier - Thunder (Original Mix)

Mike McFly, General Moses - Soca Bomb (Original Mix)

Niteplan - ILUVU.RO (Original Mix)

Pat Lok - Love FM (Extended Mix)

Pat Lok - Love FM (Gettoblaster Remix)

Pat Lok - Love FM (LUPO.THEBOY Remix)

Pat Lok - Love FM (Mr. V All Love Variant)

Pat Lok - Love FM (Ragel Mood Remix)

Philip Z, Bando (GR) - Phonk (Original Mix)

Philip Z, Bando (GR) - Watch Yourself (Original Mix)

SEDOM - Inside Of You (Original Mix)

SEDOM - The Night Of My Life (Original Mix)

Santy Perizzotti - Face To Face (Original Mix)

Santy Perizzotti - Funky Two (Original Mix)

Sebastian Xottelo - Trick Trick (Original Mix)

Sergio Borja - Love (Original Mix)

Sergio Borja - Tardes Sin Redes (Original Mix)

Sergio Borja - Willy Mey (Original Mix)

Simon Adams, Diego Broggio - Walking On Dancefloor (Original Mix)

Stephano Franca - Tailer (Original Mix)

Stephano Franca, Forgett - Downtown (Original Mix)

Stones & Bones, Intro To Music Theory - Loca (Tektonauts Extended Remix)

Stones & Bones, ToniCba, Reine Mash - Amathongo (Stones & Bones Extended Club Mix)

Thomas Abbriata, Feddox - WTF (Original Mix)

Toby Simpson - Little Helper 410-1 (Original Mix)

Toby Simpson - Little Helper 410-2 (Original Mix)

Toby Simpson - Little Helper 410-3 (Original Mix)

Toby Simpson - Little Helper 410-4 (Original Mix)

Toby Simpson - Little Helper 410-5 (Original Mix)

Xuacu - Paz Profunda (Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO) Remix)

Xuacu - Paz Profunda (Original Mix)

Xuacu - Paz Profunda (Wil Son Remix)

Yugo Sanchez - MNCO (Original Mix)

Zaebits - House Thing (Original Mix)

Alien9 - Aatma (Original Mix)

Alien9 - Sanket (Original Mix)

Anders (BR) - Bulbo (Original Mix)

Anders (BR) - Emblema (Original Mix)

Answer Code Request, Amotik - Hazardous (Original Mix)

Answer Code Request, Amotik - LED (Original Mix)

Answer Code Request, Amotik - Wide Range (Original Mix)

Belcebuitres67 - Old Machine (Original Mix)

Bella Bits - Rave To The Grave (Original Mix)

Bella Bits - We All Go (Original Mix)

Bella Bits - You Lick Windows (Original Mix)

Brankelo, Rand - Dark Scene (Original Mix)

Brankelo, Rand - Marimba (Original Mix)

Brankelo, Rand - Spackwards (Original Mix)

Brankelo, Rand - Weird (Original Mix)

Byrd - Body Or Mind (Original Mix)

Byrd - FEEL THE RUSH (Original Mix)

Crime - Do Not Eat (Original Mix)

Crime - Hard Dinasty (Original Mix)

DASH3D - Hypnotherapy (Original Mix)

DASH3D - Mmtrique (Original Mix)

DASH3D - Orden Inverso (Original Mix)

DASH3D - Otherside (Original Mix)

DJ CHOON - Enter The Rave (Original Mix)

DJ CHOON - Enter The Rave (Sandro Mure Remix)

DJ CHOON - Rage (N.O.B.A Remix)

DJ CHOON - Rage (Original Mix)

DJ CHOON, Lively Racket - AI Report (Original Mix)

DJ CHOON, Lively Racket - AI Report (Rakkatack Remix)

DJ Dextro - Another Day (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - My House (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - The Room (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - What You Give Is What You Get (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - Improved Hybrid Model (Original Mix)

Dan Sesko - Finally (Original Mix)

Dan Sesko - Solar Ray (Original Mix)

Dario Mass, Marco Effe - Chain (Original Mix)

Dario Mass, Marco Effe - Exagon (Original Mix)

Dario Mass, Marco Effe - Retorica (Original Mix)

Dark Saw - Mani-Pul-Arte (Original Mix)

Dark Saw - Psico Killer (Original Mix)

Dark Saw - Shape (Original Mix)

Dark Saw, Bluntac - Black Milk (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer, PITCH! - I Dont Flex (Original Mix)

Don Palo - Babylon (Original Mix)

Don Palo - Calypso (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Franca (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Le Chaser (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Lucrezia (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Magda (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Santa Cunegonda (Original Mix)

Donato Dozzy - Velluto (Original Mix)

Dstm - Crazy For Your Heaven (Original Mix)

Dstm - Cute Business (Original Mix)

Dstm - Inspired Mission (Original Mix)

Duniz - Involved (Bjørnson Remix)

Duniz - Involved (Original Mix)

Duniz - Once (Original Mix)

Duniz - Once (RE-SET Remix)

Electrorites - Are You Ready To Go (Original Mix)

Electrorites - Never Give Up (Original Mix)

Electrorites - Regeneration (Original Mix)

Electrorites - The Secret Of Change (Original Mix)

Eli Brown, Layton Giordani, OFFAIAH - When I Push (Original Mix)

Emiliano Cassano - Granular (Alfonso Forte Remix)

Emiliano Cassano - Granular (Dario Caruson Remix)

Emiliano Cassano - Granular (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - Brave (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - No Struggle (Original Mix)

Go-z - Diatom (Original Mix)

Gred Plas - Concentrate (Extended Mix)

Greg Gow - 35 Fathoms (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Pocket Lighter (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Sleeping Prophet (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Soul Seek (Original Mix)

Heiko Laux - Do More (Original Mix)

Heiko Laux - We Are Fucking This Up, People (Original Mix)

Heiko Laux - We Are Fucking This Up, People (Transposed)

Herbrido - Balance (Original Mix)

Hioll - Afrosampleo (Original Mix)

Hioll - Exit Controls (Original Mix)

Hioll - Routing (Original Mix)

Hioll - Tribalsynth (Original Mix)

ISMAIL.M - Altered State (Original Mix)

ISMAIL.M - Utopia (Original Mix)

Jaku - Andromeda (Original Mix)

Janein - TM01 (Fiedel Remix)

Janein - TM01 (Original Mix)

Jason Johnson, Patrick Scuro - Resurrection (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Bjelle (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Kate (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Rita (Original Mix)

Josh Wink, Truncate - Possibilities (Elisa Bee Remix)

Josh Wink, Truncate - Possibilities (Original Mix)

JØKR - Lucifer (Original Mix)

JØKR - Ouroboros (Original Mix)

Kad - Eggs (Original Mix)

Kad - Sensitive (Original Mix)

Karlo Wanny - Lose Kontrol (Blacktextured Remix)

Karlo Wanny - Lose Kontrol (Carbon Remix)

Karlo Wanny - Lose Kontrol (Original Mix)

Karotte - KROT (Original Mix)

Karotte - Tomeli (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Ibu 3000 (Metodi Hristov Remix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Ibu 3000 (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Snorkel Combat (Original Mix)

Linear System, Yrsen - Echoes Of Oblivion (Original Mix)

Linear System, Yrsen - Fractal Shift #2 (Original Mix)

Linear System, Yrsen - Fractal Shift (Original Mix)

Linear System, Yrsen - Silent Resonance (Original Mix)

Linear System, Yrsen - Synthetic Reverie (Original Mix)

Lucas SIlvero - Ignición Primaria (Original Mix)

Lucas SIlvero - La Caverna De L'escale (Original Mix)

Lucas SIlvero - Triangulo De Fuego (Jero Clares Remix)

Lucas SIlvero - Triangulo De Fuego (Original Mix)

Lucas SIlvero - Triangulo De Fuego (Pulso Remix)

MarAxe - Agenda (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Calibre (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Change (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Tic Toc (Original Mix)

Mario Piu, Housewerk, Ducamp - The Phone (Original Mix)

Mozzy Rekorder - Vision (Original Mix)

Mwamwa - Feta (Original Mix)

My Nu Leng, MNL. - Slow Motion (Original Mix)

My Nu Leng, MNL. - So True (Original Mix)

My Nu Leng, MNL. - Somerset Drift (Original Mix)

My Nu Leng, MNL. - Vanishing Point (Original Mix)

My Nu Leng, MNL., Collette Warren - Lesson Learned (Original Mix)

NP-Rio - Discovery (Original Mix)

NP-Rio - Odissey (Original Mix)

Newest - What You Saying (Original Mix)

No Deffy - Colapso (Original Mix)

No Deffy - Fastfetch (Original Mix)

No Deffy - Hybrid Language (DJ Dextro Remix)

No Deffy - Hybrid Language (Original Mix)

Novem Vivit - Infinity (Original Mix)

Nuke - Ambush (Original Mix)

Nuke - Morse (Original Mix)

Nuke - Red Dots (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Amarante 9am (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Ferramenta (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Nota (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Regra (Original Mix)

OHM (LB) - Greed (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Melodrama (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Sawing A Person In Half (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Smoke And Mirror (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Suspension (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - The Disappearing Act (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - The Grand Illusion (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - The Human Cannonball (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - The Pledge And The Turn (Original Mix)

Ose - 7 Minutes In Heaven (Original Mix)

Ose - Heavy Metal (Original Mix)

Ose - Lend An Ear (Original Mix)

Phoenix Movement - Interactive (Original Mix)

RUBIØ - Bre Petrunko (Original Mix)

RUBIØ - Earthquake (Original Mix)

Reinier Zonneveld, Kiki Solvej - Sünden (Original Mix)

Rian Wood - In My Mind (Original Mix)

Rian Wood - Never Dies (Original Mix)

Rian Wood - Thunderdome (Original Mix)

Saamo Vixen - Ashes Remain (Original Mix)

Saamo Vixen - Summon Satan (Original Mix)

Sashtek - Chemtrails (Extended Mix)

Schroomp - Gundam (Original Mix)

Schroomp - Turn It Up (Original Mix)

Shio Tian - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Shio Tian - Sunburn (Original Mix)

Skudge - Hidden Location (Original Mix)

Skudge - The Wind (Original Mix)

Skudge - Wander (Original Mix)

Smooth Criminal - The New World (Original Mix)

Smooth Criminal - The Other Side (Original Mix)

Smooth Criminal, Mameel - Endless Forward (Original Mix)

TEMPLE (IN) - Midnight Pyre (Original Mix)

TEMPLE (IN) - Pilgrim (Original Mix)

TOLOKA - Barbarus (Original Mix)

TOLOKA - Indian Dance (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Deem & Sieze (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Deem & Sieze (Truncate Remix)

Tanvi - Ecomaniac (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Gray Matter (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Liminal Spaces (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Off Balance Vortex (Original Mix)

Tanvi - Slippery Desire (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Dark (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Lucid Dreams (Nanoplex Remix)

TiM TASTE - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix)

Tiago MooD - Dust (Original Mix)

Tiago MooD - One Way (Original Mix)

Tiefton - A Traveller Between Life & Death (Original Mix)

Tiefton - Breathing Thoughtful Breath (Original Mix)

Tiefton - Phantom Of Delight (Original Mix)

Tiefton - Proof Of Folding (Original Mix)

Tiefton - Upon My Sight (Original Mix)

Tom Alloc - Back To Terra (Original Mix)

Tom Alloc - Mars (Original Mix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Da Game (Amrit Remix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Da Game (MandShoua Remix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Da Game (Original Mix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Del Fear (APHE Remix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Del Fear (Automata Remix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Del Fear (JNTN Remix)

Tomchilla, LEKTRK - Del Fear (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 1 (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 2 (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 3 (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 4 (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 5 (Original Mix)

VHS - TBI 6 (Original Mix)

Zero Dayz - Scared Business (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)

Zero Dayz - Scared Business (Gareth Wild Remix)

Zero Dayz - Scared Business (Joey Beltram Remix)

Zero Dayz - Scared Business (Original Mix)

memoNbr - The 6 Sinister (Original Mix)

Ø [Phase] - Edge Runner (Original Mix)

Ø [Phase] - Guesswork (Original Mix)

Ø [Phase] - Merchant (Original Mix)

Ø [Phase] - Plot Twist (Original Mix)

AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)

Abstract Vision, Victor F. - More Than Machine (Extended Mix)

Alan Morris, Elixus - Impossible (Extended Mix)

Alex Merk - Ephemeral Reality (Extended Mix)

Allende - Fading Light (Original Mix)

Amirali - Deep Inside (Eelke Kleijn Deep Inside The '90s Extended Remix)

Andrew Kochetov - Epos (Extended Mix)

Andrew Mirt, Djoy, Sergey Salekhov - Bentula (Extended Mix)

Andrew Rayel, Tensteps - Let Me Love You (Extended Mix)

Andy Nold - The Place (Extended Mix)

Angels&Tilove - Chasing The Stars (Extended Mix)

Anto Cortez - One Destination (Original Mix)

Anton By - My Way (Extended Mix)

Artento Divini, Hit The Bass - Rave The Future (Extended Mix)

B.R.K. - El Dia De La Bestia (Original Mix)

BT, Christian Burns - Save Me (John Askew Extended Remix)

Baz Za - Colorist (Extended Mix)

Ben Starmore - Eastern Nights (Extended Mix)

Bound To Divide - Stay (Extended Mix)

Bowers & Bidwell - Falling (Extended Mix)

Boxer, RYTERBAND - Oceans (Extended Mix)

Bryn Whiting - We Are Home (Extended Mix)

C-Systems, Aina - Take Me Home (Extended Mix)

CEAUS, Andy's Echo - Awakening (Extended Mix)

CEAUS, Andy's Echo - Nomad (Extended Mix)

Cenk Basaran - Coming From Paradise (Extended Mix)

Chakra - I Am (Paul Denton Extended Remix)

Chris Connolly - Aurelion (Extended Mix)

Chris M, Jason Gray - Euphoria (Extended Mix)

DANCCER - Prisoner (Extended)

DJ Miho - Sound Of Silence (Original Mix)

DJ T.H., Cyre - Cala Tarida (Extended Mix)

DJ-Elven, D-Myo - Beautiful Life (Extended Edit)

Dalmoori, Kaselia - Wilderness (Extended Mix)

Damian Wasse - Giza Opening (Extended Mix)

Damus, Lyd14 - Una Tantum Vita (Extended Mix)

Daniel Seabra, Casper Nederhoff - Elatio (Extended Mix)

Dave Aldana - 85th Street (Original Mix)

Dave Aldana - Hollow (Original Mix)

Davey Asprey - Catch (Extended Mix)

David Forbes - Is It Trance? (Extended Mix)

Db Mokk, Fabio Franco, Fabio Solazzo - Collider (Extended Mix)

Ed Sánchez, Maq, Maxine - Under The Sun (AFTERUS Extended Mix)

Enamour - Brush The Dust Off Your Soul (Extended Mix)

Enamour - The Quieter You Are (Extended Mix)

Enamour, Run Rivers - Crystallized (Extended Mix)

Enlusion, Introspecto - Stormchaser (Original Mix)

Epidemika - Fragile (Extended Mix)

Eugenio Tokarev - Colours (Extended Mix)

Farves, Catching Shapes, ArkAngel - Lines (Kozua Extended Remix)

Fonzerelli - Don't Look Back (Extended Mix)

Frank Dueffel - Valletta (Extended Mix)

GiBoss - Higher (Original Mix)

H.M.B.L - Rain Love (Extended Mix)

Han Beukers - Nebula (Extended Mix)

Hanna Finsen, Raz Nitzan - Something Special To Give (Extended Mix)

Indecent Noise - JK Is Dead (Extended Mix)

Indigo Starlight - Can You Hear Me (Extended Mix)

Invisible Signs - Hidden In The Mountains (Original Mix)

Joe Davies - Berserk (Extended Breaks Mix)

Joe Davies - Berserk (Extended Mix)

Johan Gielen, Arkayne - Save Face (Club Mix)

Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno (Extended Mix)

Kiholm - Interstellar (Extended Mix)

Kudus - Formula (Extended Mix)

Kyau & Albert, Thomas Lizzara - Rebalance (Extended Mix)

Levitate - Camino (Extended Mix)

Liam Melly, Code2, Chelsea Holland - Run (Acoustic Mix)

Liam Melly, Code2, Chelsea Holland - Run (Extended Mix)

Luminn, Roxanne Emery - In the Silence (Rinaly Extended Remix)

Magnettor, Ren Faye - Open Arms (Extended Mix)

Maratone - All You Want (Extended Mix)

Mark Van Rijswijk - Laguna (Extended Mix)

Matt Dylan - Vitality (Extended Mix)

Mehran Vedadi, Irina FOX - I Will Survive (Intro Mix)

Mehran Vedadi, Irina FOX - I Will Survive (Original Mix)

Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Extended Mix)

Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Intro Mix)

Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Original Mix)

Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Piano Mix)

Morgin Madison, Ryan Lucian, Jas. - Tell Me Who You Are (Extended Mix)

N-sKing - Gentian (Extended Mix)

N-sKing - Mirage Of Nightmare (DJ Tranceair Extended Remix)

Natalie Gioia, Dan Thompson - Be In Love (Ryan K Extended Remix)

Nihil Young - Ultima (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young, Adam Nazar - Pardes (Extended Mix)

Nikos Geladis - Darkness Surrender (Extended Mix)

Nitrous Oxide, Katie Marne - Stay (Extended Club Mix)

Nuta Cookier - Acubens Star (Original Mix)

Nuta Cookier - Uranos (Basscontroll Remix)

Nuta Cookier - Uranos (David Aarz Remix)

Nuta Cookier - Uranos (M.I.K.E. PUSH Back2Basics Remix)

Nuta Cookier - Uranos (SANNA-C Remix)

NyTiGen, Trance Reserve - Ecstasy (Extended Mix)

Open Visor - Ready To Fly (Extended Mix)

Passive Progressive, Oats - Dreaming (Extended Mix)

Paul (AR) - Can't Escape (Extended Mix)

Paul Fletcher - Again (Extended Mix)

Paul Skelton - Impromptu In C Minor (Extended Mix)

Paul Sure - Guitar Hero (Extended Mix)

Paul Van Dyk, Saad Ayub, Elevation - Ouverture (Extended)

Phillip Castle, EMATA - Ethereal (Extended Mix)

Protoculture - Starfield (Extended Mix)

Rafael Osmo - Wheels Of Time (Original Mix)

Renegade System - In My Life (Extended Mix)

Revolution 9 - Remember (Extended Mix)

Rick Pier O'Neil - I Found Myself (Original Mix)

Roger Shah, Rene Ablaze - Ab Aeterno (Extended Mix)

Ross Rayer - With You (Extended Mix)

Sam Allan, Émilie Rachel - Unbreakable (Extended Mix)

Semblance Smile - With You (Original Mix)

Semper T. - Absent Smile (Original Mix)

Simply Drew - Radiance (Extended Mix)

Sinful Biz - Magnetic (Extended Mix)

Snow Flakes - Home (Extended Mix)

Soundtoys - Somewhere (Original Mix)

Soundtoys - Sunset In Bali (Original Mix)

Soundtoys - Themis (Original Mix)

Speed DJ, WINTERBORN - Antares (Extended Mix)

Sunda - Mirage (Julian Del Agranda Extended Remix)

Super8 & Tab, LÜRUM, LYCA - Hold The Fire (Extended Mix)

Talla 2xlc, Airwalk3r - My Best Decision (Extended Mix)

Talla 2xlc, RRAW! - Just Breathe (Extended Mix)

Temple One - Pacific Palisades (Extended Mix)

The JacKMan - Travelers (Original Mix)

Vinny DeGeorge - Paradiso (Extended Mix)

Volaris - Close To You (Extended Mix)

Yusef Kifah, Lab4, Shock:Force - Champaigne (Extended Mix)

Yves Larock, Oomloud - Mesmerize (Extended Mix)

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