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DATA: 2024-04-06, TOTAL: 371 GENRE: Hard Dance, Hard Techno

Dive into the pulsating rhythms of the latest Hard Dance and Hard Techno tracks that are setting the dance floors ablaze this April. With a collection that showcases the raw energy and intense beats of the genre, enthusiasts can experience the innovative sounds crafted by top artists. These tracks are characterized by their relentless tempo, driving basslines, and the kind of adrenaline-pumping momentum that defines peak-time performances.


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ACOR - Jawbreaker Original Mix
ACOR - The Club Original Mix
AGAINS7 - 777 ug Original Mix
Acidus - BASS INTENSITY Original Mix
Adjuzt - IN MY ZONE Sanctuary Remix
Adrenalize - Illusion Original Mix
Adrenalize - Westside Original Mix
Aftermath - Fight The War Extended Mix
Alee, Unifire - Partyshit Extended Mix
Alex Farell, Fin Carroll - Bang Bang Original Mix
Alpha, Sub Sonik, Bass X Machina - No Surrender feat. Alpha Extended Mix
AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita - Fxx System Original mix
AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita - Katastrophe Original Mix
Anamorphic, Le Bask - The Soul Extended Mix
Anderex - Be With You Extended Mix
Andy The Core, Parkineos - MUSICA DEL DIABLO Original Mix
Angerfist, Gaston Zani - The Dark of the Night Original Mix
Anime - I'm So Fly Extended Mix
Anime, Broken Minds - Furious Anger Extended Hardcore Mix
Avi8 - Trapped Extended Mix
Balagan, Densha Crisis - The Core Original Mix
Bassbrain - Bass For Your Brain Extended Mix
Bassjackers, Timmy Trumpet - Classical Music Extended Mix
Ben 9mm - New School Hip Hop Remix By Nout Heretik
Brennan Heart, Blademasterz - Sound Of The Blade Original Mix
Bruno Artieda, MAIK (Es) - How it Feels Original Mix
CANCEL - Negate Strange Arrival Remix
CARV, TELETECH - Sound of Gaya Original Mix
Catscan, Starving Insect - The Rainmaker Original Mix
Cause of Death - New Beed Skullstep Original Mix
Celsius - TYUTYT The Outside Agency Remix
Cemon Victa - Hardcore Battlefield T-Junction & Rudeboy Remix
Cemon Victa - Industrial Equipment Darkcontroller Remix
Coone, Robert Falcon - All Of The Lights Extended Mix
Corrat - FWWM Original Mix
Cortex Thrill - AI Metamorphosis Anonymize Remix
Creeds - Push Up Partyraiser & F. Noize Remix
Crusherz - I.C.B Original Mix
Cryogenic - Now Is The Time Extended Mix
Cubic Nomad - Difficult Situation Original Mix
D-ceptor - Keeper Of Time Original Mix
D. Carbone - The World Of Hardcore Lenny Dee, Malke Remix
DIMENSION 9 - No More Holy X D. Carbone Remix
DJ Deepcore - Imperio Del Hardcore Original Mix
DJ Gizmo - The End Of The Beginning Original Mix
DJ Syndrome, The Surge Project - Elektrochoc Lenny Dee Remix
DJ Syndrome, The Surge Project - Elektrochoc Original Mix
DJ Thera - Desolation Phantom Pro Remix
Deevey - Fire Starts to Burn Original Mix
Demi Kanon - On The Edge Original Mix
Dennis Bauer - Change Original Mix
Dennis Bauer - More Bass Sebastian Groth Remix
Densha Crisis - Eternal Idols Original Mix
Dr Rude - Move Your Feet Extended Mix
Dr. Peacock, Helen Ka, Creeds | Hardside - We Are All Sleeping Extended
Dwaine Whyte, Psilocybin Laden - Connected Dwaine Whyte Remix
E-Force, Mc Livid - Lock And Load Extended Mix
E-Noid - Spell My Name Original Mix
El Desperado - EXTREME Original Mix
Element, Exproz - Consequences Extended Mix
Exproz - The Product Extended Mix
F. Noize - Rave Attack Original Mix
Floxytek, Billx - HO MY GOD!! Original Mix
Flymeon - Lord Distortion Original Mix
Fracture - Desolation Extended Mix
Fraw, Kruelty - MONSTER Extended Mix
Frontliner, Firelite - Electricity Extended Mix
Furyan, Hysta - New Rave Extended Mix
Gabriele De Maria - No Tears Pitch! Remix
Gabros - Infinite Energy Original Mix
Geck-O - The Big Question Original Mix
H! Dude - Devastate Original Mix
Hardez - Exploit Original Mix
Hellfish - We Sold Out Original Mix
Holy Priest - Shitty Kicks Original Mix
Hysta, MC Prime - Born To Go Hard Original Mix
I:Gor - Funkcid Original Mix
IGDA - Yes Yes Yes Original Mix
Indepth - HeartBeats Original mix
Inpulsa - Mind Control Extended Mix
Iridium - The Beast Inside Original Mix
JNXD, Tellem - Guestlist Extended Mix
Jesse Jax - Evolved Extended Mix
Joost, MCR-T - Buurman Uit Berlijn Original Mix
Kilbourne - Milkshake Original Mix
Korsakoff - Higher Extended Mix
Kronos - MOVIE DREAM Original Mix
LMCP - Baby I Don't Mind Original Mix
LXD - Glock Original Mix
Lenny Dee, The Sickest Squad - Smackdown Original Mix
Luca Agnelli - Let's Go Crazy Original Mix
Luca Maier, GEWOONRAVES, Zentryc - Fxck That Original Mix
Luciid - Bunker Buster Original Mix
Luciid - Fxck (Devin Wild Edit) Extended Mix
M.Smith - Drink, Pills & Kiss I-K-O Remix
MC RG, Soulblast - Hardcore Pounder Extended Mix
MC Syco, Unfused - What Would You Do Extended Mix
MUST DIE!, Lil Texas - We Need A Doctor Original Mix
Mad Dog - No Gimmick Original Mix
Maissouille - Back Flip Original Mix
Malgani - Get Buck Balagan Remix
Matt Scratch - Emergency Loop Original Mix
Micron - Icarus VIP Original Mix
Miss K8, Tha Watcher - Meteor Original Mix
N-Vitral, Deadly Guns - Crash The Party Original Mix
NEIKA - Nasty Original Mix
Neophyte - Rockin' Neophyte & Drokz Extended Remix
Nightshift - A FOR APOCALYPSE Original Mix
Nightshift - LOST & FORGOTTEN Extended Mix
Nightshift - NO SCHOOL Original Mix
Noisia, The Upbeats, Evil Activities - Dead Limit feat. Noisia feat. The Upbeats Evil Activities Remix
Nout Heretik - The Big Bertha Remix By Tripped
Onlynumbers - Istanbul's Night Intro
Ophidian - Your Mind Extended Mix
Oposition - Midnight Machination Original Mix
Panic - Early Rave Addict Extended Mix
Paul Clark (UK) - Dead To Rights Original Mix
Peckerhead - Other Beings Original Mix
Per Pleks, MACHINYST - CHEMICALS Extended Mix
Petrie - 360 Original Mix
Psiko, Flyp Fermentor - United Spirit Original Mix
Psyko Punkz, Sickddellz - Tik Tak Extended Mix
RVAGE - Hyperspace Extended Mix
Radical Redemption - Brutal X Original Mix
Radium - Party Starter Original Mix
Ran-D, E-Life - Code Of The Warrior Original Mix
Re-Style - Wildfire Adaro Remix Radio Edit
Regain, Exproz - Where U At Extended Mix
Regrave - Who I Was Extended Mix
Repix, STV, B-Nance - Pyro Extended Mix
Roentgen Limiter - Introspection Original Mix
S3rl - The Few and the Many DJ Edit
Showtek - We Speak Music Again D-Sturb Extended Remix
Slinks - Darkside Tekno Original Mix
Smile Demon - Lost Cosmonaut Original Mix
So Juice, Dual Damage - CALL ME Pro Mix
Sopik - Far From Heaven Original Mix
Sopik - Heavyweight Original Mix
Soundchecka - The Last Fomorian Extended
Speakerdeamon - Tricked Stormrage Remix
Spitfire - Lucifer Extended Mix
Stan Christ - Maxillary Original Mix
Stormrage - Unity Original Mix
Stormtrooper - Midnight Magic Extended Mix
Stormtrooper, Waldhaus - Peace, Love, Unity. Original Mix
Sub Zero Project - Maze Of Memories (Reverze Anthem 2024) Extended Mix
T-Menace - Sound Killa Original Mix
TNT - The Speed Extended Mix
Technoboy, TNT, Tuneboy - Rhythm Extended Mix
Tha Watcher, Deadly Guns - Time Heist Official Masters of Hardcore 2024 Anthem (Extended Mix)
The Carnage Corps - Not Alone Original Mix
The DJ Producer - The Metaphysical Multiverse Original Mix
The Outside Agency - Eject Original Mix
The Outside Agency - Engage Original Mix
The Pitcher, Szen - Good Life Extended Mix
The Prophet, Brennan Heart - Wake Up! (Major Conspiracy Remix) feat. Brennan Heart Extended Mix
The Prophet, Malice - Ichiban Original Mix
The Purge, Fraw - Worlds Collide (Omnya Remix) Original Mix
The Satan - Face Your Doom Original Mix
The Satan - The Devil's Last Wish Extended Mix
The Straikerz, So Juice - Underground Extended Mix
The Twins Artcore - Twin Beats Original Mix
Tripped - Hugs Are Drugs Original Mix
Tripped - Squirrel Power Original Mix
UNTMD - Voodoo Original Mix
Unphased - Hybrid Original Mix
Unresolved, KELTEK - Cage (Feed Them The Rage) Original Mix
VENTUR - Confession BOTL remix
Vernex - Paris Original Mix
Vernex, The Blood of Rage - Anarchy Original Mix
Vertile - No Sleep Extended Mix
Veyla - Give Me A Beat Original Mix
Visceral - Collapse Original Mix
Void Settler - Arbasar Original Mix
Vortek's - Bring The Rave Original Mix
Vortek's - Phonk Off Tekno Extended Mix
Vortek's, Teksa, Spice Up! - Therapy Extended mix
Ybrid - Inane Havocknoize Remix
A*S*Y*S - Verknipt Nochmal (Original Mix)
A.P. - Holographic Original Mix
Acidus, MXGN - Bounce Back (Original Mix)
Adorn - Cumbia Original Mix
Aida Arko - Hedonistic Society (O.B.I. Remix)
Aida Arko - Hedonistic Society (Original Mix)
Aida Arko - We Raise The Sun (Jacidorex Remix)
Alex Farell & Fin Carroll - Bang Bang
Alex Farell & TELETECH - N17 Dub
Alex Farell - Jungle Boy
Alex TB - When I Techno (Juliana Yamasaki Remix)
Alignment - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Alignment - Dance For Me (Original Mix)
Alignment - Malfunction
Alignment - The Sound (Original Mix)
Angie Taylor - Limbus Instrumental
Anml Mthr - Cannonball Mython Remix
Arkus P. - Amokfahrt Nach Polen DJ Amok Remix
Auriga (SP) - Atman (Danielle Ciuro Remix)
Auriga (SP) - Kiliye Original Mix
Auriga - Kiliye
BLK BUG - Tunnel Vision Original Mix
BYORN - Adagio For Strings
BYORN - Bass Fusion
BYORN - Ekstasis
BYORN - Shivaya
Baly - Activate
Basswell - Party Everyday
Benno Bengalo - My Mind Original Mix
Bentech & Sis - No One Takes Me Down (2021 edit)
Berba PT - Dinner D. Carbone Remix
Black Traffic - Gangsta
Bollmann - Rampage (Creeds Remix)
CELEC - AcidStage Dorian Parano Remix
Cancel - Panic (Sub Terra Remix)
Caravel & TELETECH - Unfaithful
Caravel & TELETECH - Valley of Ashes
Carv - Brembo
Carv - Say My Name
Cerrot - 151 miles per hour Original Mix
Charlie Sparks (UK) - Denki
Charlie Sparks (UK) - Rude Boy Selecta
Claas Herrmann - Ripple
Comababy - Hooligan Food Original Mix
Coolio & Holy Priest & 1 World - Gangsta's Paradise (Extended Version)
Crazy Jack & Hans Glock & Yuki Jade - Japan
Creeds - Push Up (Original Mix)
D.A.V.E The Drummer - Dirty Squat Rave Original Mix
D.A.V.E The Drummer - Dirty Synth Rave Per Pleks Remix
D.A.V.E The Drummer - Kids on Pills Lukas Remix
D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Neuroshocked Original Mix
DIMENSION 9 - No More Holy X D. Carbone Remix
DRAKK - Pump The Bass Original Mix
Daniela Haverbeck, Acid Flux - 2machines Original Mix
Daniela Haverbeck, Sheefit - Push Me Up Original Mix
David Temessi & Marco Ginelli - Beeps & Fucks (Original Mix)
David Temessi, Gabros - Put Your Phone Away ACOR Remix
Deborah de Luca - Croce
Disintegrator - Lock On Target Original Mix
DneL - Glue Elements Original Mix
Drakk - Fallen Angel (Original Mix)
Dynamo City - One Night In Hackney Ayako Mori Remix
Dynamo City - One Night In Hackney Miss Djax Remix
E1. - Can You Hear Me (Black Traffic remix)
EFESIAN - Violate
EXMOSS - Host Tr8or Remix
Elmefti & Holy Priest & Faceless - Fuck This (Original Mix)
Esther Dune - Discipline vs Dominance Original Mix
Exis - Bass In Your Face (Original Mix)
FOSS - CRUISIN (Original Mix)
Fatima Hajji - Adrenalina (Original Mix)
Fatima Hajji - FiestaH Techno Go! Hard Version
Fernanda Martins - Lurba Zumba Original Mix
Franck - Hear The Sound
Frank Deka - Possession (Original Mix)
Frankyeffe - Save Me (RiVid Remix)
Freak Unique - Bass Pumpin' (Original Mix)
Freak Unique - Programmed To Kill (Svetec Remix)
Funk Tribu & TELETECH - Drummers
GALLO - Basalisk (Original mix)
Gonzi & Creeds - Donkers
H! Dude - 135.3 DB
Hardtrax - Interruptor Original Mix
Helix - Life Death and Chocolate Original Mix
Holy Priest - Agilator (Original Mix)
Hypnoskull, Tunnel - Lose Control Original Mix
I Hate Models - Werewolf Disco Club
Ikkhi - In Your Mind Original Mix
Johnny Piras - Born To Rave Original Mix
Junkie Kid & Omaks - HEY DJ
Juul Exler - ABYSS
KALINA947 - Underworld Orchestra
Kx Chr - Snake Bite (Original Mix)
|NMLS| - Listen To The Dark
Lestrange & Benefice & Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini - The Beautiful People
Lex Digital - Zeromus Original Mix
Luca Agnelli, PISAPIA (IT) - Eyes On Us (Original Mix)
Luca Maier - Push The Tempo
Luciid - Paro Hour (Luciid VIP)
Luckes, Minus 25 - Drone Attack Original Mix
Lukas, Buchecha - Just Respect Original Mix
Lukas, Fatima Hajji - Drop that beat Original Mix
MAHTAL - All In This (Original mix)
MOIA - Nirvana Impulsive Behaviour Remix
MOIA - Nirvana
Maddix & The Rocketman - 90s Bitch (Extended Mix)
Malgani - Get Buck (Balagan Remix)
Manu Kenton, Rotor - Silver Box Original Mix
MarAxe - Tribal MarAxe Rework
MarAxe, Coutts - Acidic (Original Mix)
Marco Leckbert - Schranz Will Never Die
Marco Leckbert - Turn The Music Up Original mix
Matt M. Maddox - Psycho Original Mix
MechaLAB - Hellmarch (Morison Remix)
Mha Iri - Bam Bam Bam
Mython, Xenon (DNB) - Ratsn Roaches
Mzperx - Ah Shit (Radio edit) (Per Pleks Remix)
Nico Moreno & GRAVEDGR & ANGEL CANNON - Why Was I Chosen
Nico Moreno & Reinier Zonneveld - Hard Kicks Cheap Thrills
Nico Moreno & Warface - 2 Be High
Nico Moreno - Make Sacrifices For Glory
Nico Moreno - T'as Cru Quoi
Nico Moreno, Laren - You Make Me Horny (Original Mix)
Nicolas Julian & NOTMYTYPE & AenJay - Jump Dance Move Bounce
Niem & Kai - Devil's Cry
Niereich - Shooter Kill Original Mix
Noise Not War - Bass Rider Original Mix
Nona - E240
Noneoftheabove & Coppa - Mardi Gras (Original Mix)
Notax - Indecifrabile Original Mix
O.B.I. - Definition of Hard Techno Lukas & Fernanda Martins Remix
O.B.I. - Mental Disease Original Mix
Ophidian - Stalker Original Mix
PETDuo - Dose Letal 50 Original Mix
PETDuo - We've Got The Guns (Original mix)
Pako Marckx - Emulate
Paul Winter - Dark Transcendence (Original Mix)
Perc, Sissel Winsent - Static Feat. Sissel Wincent Original Mix
Raveyeff, E - Machine - Sweet Apathy Original Mix
Razor - Worth Fighting For Waldhaus Remix
Redemption - Let Me See That Body
Reinier Zonneveld - Sonar (Original Mix)
Rude Awakening - Incomplete Darkness Kay D Smith Remix
Rude Awakening - Revolting Against Kay D. Smith Remix
Rudosa - What I Want to Say Original Mix
SIKOTI - One More Time
SIKOTI - You Can't Hide
Samantha Togni - London Slurp Original Mix
Sara Landry & Godtripper - Chaos Magicka (Original Mix)
Sara Landry & Veseli - The Morrigan
Sara Landry - Legacy (Original Mix)
Seema - Das Kondom Robert Natus Remix
Seema - Trivialmusik Original Mix
Sepromatiq - Flashtrash Original Mix
Seven Synths - Electric Zoo (Original Mix)
Skoden - Kikz
SlugoS - Dressed In Decay Original Mix
Solyd - RUN IT BACK (Original Mix)
Sound Hunters - Tremors ROTURA XXL Remix
Sprintech - Flex Buchecha Remix
Stan Christ & Nevlin - You Want This
Stan Christ - Maxillary
Stigmata - Tell-Tale Heart Original Mix
Storm - Helical Original Mix
Supermode & Maddix - Tell Me Why (Maddix Extended Remix)
SveTec - Ragga Original Mix
Sven Wittekind, Robert Natus - Heroes of the Future Original Mix
Svetec - Your Favourite Little Chaos
T78 - Another Dimension (Original Mix)
T78 - Hell Or Heaven (Activator, Diabeat Remix)
TASSERY - Catch The Light Original Mix
Taha Sezgin, Erkut - Behind The Castle B2 Remix
The Obsessed - Free Yourself
Tripped - Hips Don't Fly Original Mix
Tripped - Hips Don't Fly
Tripped - This Does Not Contain Rave Stabs Original Mix
Triptykh - Bass Keeps Going (Original Mix)
Triptykh - Let The Bass Kick
Veseli - Cry For Me
Veseli - Murderous Intentions
Veseli - Swords
Vladimir Dubyshkin - sinking horse
Vonderau - Get Real High Eugen Kunz Remix
Vortek's - No Karma
Xenia (UA) - Dirty Minded Original Mix
Yello, A*S*Y*S, Jam El Mar - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (Excess Mix)
Zero Dayz - Scared Business Gareth Wild Remix
luke&flex - Awaken Original Mix
luke&flex - Increase Rhythm MarAxe Remix

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