DATA: 2023-05-02 TOTAL: 563 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Beatport's New Releases section is currently brimming with a diverse range of electronic music genres, including Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech. With over 563 high-quality tracks available for purchase, DJs and electronic music enthusiasts alike are spoiled for choice. Tech House and House dominate the selection, with their infectious grooves, hypnotic beats, and catchy vocal samples. Bass House and Jackin House offer a more upbeat, dancefloor-oriented sound, perfect for getting the crowd moving. Nu Disco / Disco brings a retro vibe with funky basslines and disco samples, while Deep House and Minimal / Deep Tech provide a more introspective, laid-back atmosphere. Whether you're a fan of classic house beats or cutting-edge electronic music, there's something for everyone on Beatport.



AUGUSTOH - Solo (Original Mix)

AURE - Montevideo (Original Mix)

AURE - Uh (Furz Remix)

AURE - Uh (Original Mix)

Aeshi Takeshi - Madripor (Original Mix)

Aeshi Takeshi - Trouble (Original Mix)

Aidan Bega - Sippin (Extended Mix)

Aidan Bega - Sippin (Instrumental)

Aldo Lizarazo - Come With Us (Original Mix)

Aldo Lizarazo - Somethings (Esteban Calvet Remix)

Aldo Lizarazo - Somethings (Original Mix)

Alessdy S - Absense (Original Mix)

Alessdy S - Give Me A Break (Original Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Change (Original Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Hit It (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)

Alez - Dark Blue (Original Mix)

Alez - Insolite (Original Mix)

Alisha - Changes (Mike Dunn BlackBall Mix)

Alisha - Changes (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, Cesar Mantilla - Numbers (Original Mix)

Andres Claro - On Point (Original Mix)

Andres Claro - On Point (Thomas Cerutti Remix)

Andres Claro - Over Me (Original Mix)

Andres Claro - Sombuay (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Chop Chop (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Playing With Fire (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia, Manu Fuentes - Discocut (Original Mix)

Anton Powers, Dee Freer - Feel The Love (Extended Mix)

Ardio Zemog - Mind Crusader (Original Mix)

Arkady Antsyrev, Legit Trip - Ice Lemon (Original Mix)

Arkady Antsyrev, Legit Trip - My Own (Original Mix)

Arkady Antsyrev, Legit Trip - Paper Dude (Original Mix)

Arthur Martinelli - Vem Kikando (Original Mix)

Arthur Martinelli, Matheuz - Safada (Original Mix)

BE.LOW - On This (Original Mix)

BE.LOW - Sunny Sky (Original Mix)

Baccus, ILyes - Alarma (Original Mix)

Baccus, ILyes - Rave Boulevard (Original Mix)

Baccus, ILyes - Smiley Signs (Original Mix)

Baccus, ILyes - Smiley Signs (Vitess Remix)

Ben Decent, MC Flipside - Audio Therapy (MC Flipside Mix)

Ben Decent, MC Flipside - Audio Therapy (Original Mix)

Benjamin Barth - About You (Original Mix)

Benjamin Barth - Back On (Original Mix)

Benjamin Barth - Hey Baby (Original Mix)

Bessegato - First Kiss (André Gazolla Remix)

Bessegato - First Kiss (Original Mix)

Bessegato - First Time (Andrew Azara Remix)

Bessegato - First Time (Original Mix)

Biagio Ess - File X (Original Mix)

Biagio Ess - Run 4 Clubs (Original Mix)

Biagio Ess - This Energy (Original Mix)

Bigstate, K-Mack - Heartless (Extended Mix)

Billy R, Sortech - Lila (Original Mix)

Billy R, Sortech - Smile (Original Mix)

Billy R, WM(Col), Campero - Always Be (Original Mix)

Binarium - El Fuego De La Noche (Original Mix)

Binarium - Venga Bass (Original Mix)

Biscits - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Black Loops - How Big Is The Universe (Original Mix)

Blackchild (ITA) - Desire (Original Mix)

Bored Machines - Moving On The Floor (Extended Mix)

Bruno Furlan - The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Bruno Laurindo - Marijuana (Original Mix)

Burana - Magnets (Original Mix)

Burana - Sonora (Original Mix)

Butane - Little Helper 400-1 (Original Mix)

Butane - Little Helper 400-2 (Original Mix)

CJ Jeff, Ellivia - One Two Three (Extended Mix)

CLASS'88 - Gitana (Original Mix)

Cale & Cotto - Dangerous (Original Mix)

Cale & Cotto - Es (Original Mix)

Callyy - Twisted (Extended Mix)

Capeesh Society - Hard Talk (Original Mix)

Capeesh Society - The Anxious Mankind (Original Mix)

Capeesh Society - Unplugged (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Flex (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Ravers (Original Mix)

Carlos Salas, Meyemberg - Locotron (Original Mix)

Carlos Suarez - Bad Boy (Original Mix)

Carlos Suarez - Get You (Original Mix)

Carlos Suarez - I Believe (Original Mix)

Carlos Suarez - Ma Man (Original Mix)

Carlos Suarez - To Me (Original Mix)

Carmelo Prato - Heartbeat (Original Mix)

Cassiopeia - Happiness (Original Mix)

Cassiopeia - Not A Secret (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - Abaya (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - Limanade (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - New Order (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - Sogno Di Una Notte Di Mezza Estate (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us, RAYZIR - Special Sauce (Beltran Remix)

Chicks Luv Us, RAYZIR - Special Sauce (Original Mix)

Chico Rose - SO GROOVY (Extended Mix)

Close To Custom - Epiloque (Original Mix)

Col Lawton - Be Strong (Marc Cotterell Remix)

Col Lawton - Be Strong (Original Mix)

Cookiespookycrew - Gonna Do (Original Mix)

Cookiespookycrew - Siento (Original Mix)

Çesc - Broken (Original Mix)

Çesc - Change The Ritmo (Original Mix)

Çesc - Inside The Disco (Original Mix)

D-Tek - Fallin' (Original Mix)

D-Tek - NightLo (Original Mix)

D-Tek - Yaya Freak (Original Mix)

DAETOR - FEEL IT (Original Mix)

Dan Costello, Javi Miramontes - Just Dance (Original Mix)

Dan Costello, Javi Miramontes - Oh Ay (Original Mix)

Daniel Brooks - Industry (Original Mix)

Daniel Brooks - Stranded (DP-6 Remix)

Daniel Brooks - Stranded (Original Mix)

Daniel Brooks, PYRRHUS - Looking Good Tonight (Extended Mix)

DIMMISH - Rave (Original Mix)

DISCO SUCKS - Flirt (Original Mix)

DISCO SUCKS - Leave Town (Original Mix)

DISCO SUCKS - Press Eight Now (Original Mix)

DJ Dashcam - Put It All (Original Mix)

DJ Dashcam - Sexed Up (Original Mix)

DJ Dashcam - Shaken (Original Mix)

DJ Dashcam - Trapped (Original Mix)

DJ Fronter, Jholeyson - Bown Bown (Original Mix)

DJ Fronter, Jholeyson - Say Say (Original Mix)

DJ Lora - All I Want Is You (Extended Mix)

DJ Lora - Fading Pictures (Extended Mix)

DOUG!, Draxx (ITA) - Daba Daba Daa (Original Mix)

DTAILR - Hidin' (Extended Mix)

DVPT - Que No (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Cut It Back (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Rude Boi (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Sound (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Dope Stuff (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Moontime (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Moontime (Ruze Remix)

Dave Mont - PU$$Y (Original Mix)

David Cueto (ES) - Bumba (Original Mix)

David Lowe - Drop This (Original Mix)

David Lowe - No Good (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Dancing (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Tu Tu (Original Mix)

Deltech - D.A.W.G (Extended Mix)

Deltech - Real Ravers (Extended Mix)

Dennis Quin - Fame To Blame (Extended Mix)

Dennis Quin - Right On (Extended Mix)

Dennis Quin, Alice D In Wonderland - The Gryphon (Extended Mix)

Digital Koala - London 3000 (Original Mix)

Digital Koala - Rude Boy (Original Mix)

Digital Koala - The Minotaur (Original Mix)

Digitalism - 4th Floor (Original Mix)

Digitalism - Chicagostrasse (Original Mix)

Digitalism - Empty Warehaus (Original Mix)

Digitalism - Haus It Going (Extended Version)

Digitalism - Warehaus (Original Mix)

Dipa (ITA) - Straw Hat (Extended Mix)

Dirty Sound Boys, KT2 - Early Owl (Extended Mix)

Djebali, Hipp-E - Fall Into Groove (M-High Remix)

Djebali, Hipp-E - Fall Into Groove (Original Mix)

Djebali, Hipp-E - Hang Around (Original Mix)

Djebali, Hipp-E - Supa Star (Original Mix)

Dook - Bout U (Original Mix)

Dook - Checkin' In (Original Mix)

Dook - Ur It (Original Mix)

Dubman F. - Black Jack (Hrag Beko Remix)

Dubman F. - Black Jack (Original Mix)

Dubman F. - C3 (HORUZ Remix)

Dubman F. - C3 (Original Mix)

Dubman F. - C3 (lefthandsoundsystem Remix)

Dylan Griffin - Doesn't Matter (Luke Hess Remix)

Dylan Griffin - Doesn't Matter (Original Mix)

Dylan Griffin - Tumbling (Original Mix)

Eden Prince - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Ekoboy - El Jaleo (Original Mix)

Elias - Disco For Milton (Original Mix)

Elias - Savage (Boggan Remix)

Elias - Savage (Flor Coto Remix)

Elias - Savage (Original Mix)

Emanuele Inglese - Hypnotation (Extended Mix)

Emilia Verdi - Alone (Dub Mix)

Emilia Verdi - Alone (Extended Mix)

Ethan Marin - It Is What It Is (Original Mix)

Facunh, Pedro Campodonico - Carnavalozo (Extended Mix)

Facunh, Pedro Campodonico - Latin (Extended Mix)

Fenoma - Check In (Original Mix)

Fenoma - Flight Dance (Original Mix)

Fenoma - Return (Original Mix)

Fer BR - B3Auty (Original Mix)

Fer BR - B3Auty (Riaz Dhanani Remix)

Fernando Curto - Run Baby (Original Mix)

Fernando Curto - Stop Drop (Original Mix)

Ferreck Dawn, The Melody Men - Vibe With It (Extended Mix)

Figueredo (AR) - One Two Shake Shake (Original Mix)

Figueredo (AR) - Tamo En Japon (Original Mix)

Flaminik - Skit (Original Mix)

Flaminik - So Sorry (Original Mix)

Funkin Matt, Maya Vik - MIA (Extended Mix)

GIDEÖN - Fridays (Original Mix)

GaYa - PID (Original Mix)

Gabriel Evoke - Emotions (Original Mix)

Gabriel Evoke - Get Loose (Original Mix)

Gabriel Evoke - Get Loose (Sam Haskin Remix)

Gabss - Its Acid (Original Mix)

Glitzerpalast, Noah Loco - Feelin Me (Original Mix)

Gorge - Tayo 2.0 (Original Mix)

Greta Levska - Green Smoke (Original Mix)

Greta Levska - Radio Gretaaa (Original Mix)

Groovboy - Goo (Original Mix)

Groovboy - Restart (Original Mix)

Guglielmo Rantica - Monday (Original Mix)

Guglielmo Rantica - San Andreas (Original Mix)

Guglielmo Rantica - UMM (Original Mix)

Harrison BDP - What We Had (Original Mix)

Hermin Hernandez - Smile (Original Mix)

Horatio, Paul K Morris - Stomper (Dub)

Horatio, Paul K Morris - Stomper (Eric Powell Remix)

Horatio, Paul K Morris - Stomper (Original Mix)

Hosse - That's Enough (Original Mix)

Hosse - Which Floor (Original Mix)

Hotmas, Nicool - Good Time (Original Mix)

Hotswing - Work It (Earth n Days Extended Remix)

ICTV - Super Plus (Original Mix)

Ivan Gennari - Movimiento (Original Mix)

Ivan Gennari - Unnamed (Original Mix)

J. Willian - Decide (Original Mix)

J. Willian - Following You (Original Mix)

J. Willian - Saying Nothing (Original Mix)

JNJS - Descent (Original Mix)

JNJS - Grey Room (Original Mix)

JNJS - Ixos (Original Mix)

JNJS - Yojimbo (Original Mix)

JOTA (ES) - All Right (Original Mix)

JOTA (ES) - Toxic (Original Mix)

JOTA (ES) - Toxic (The Sahoo Conection Remix)

Jack Swift - Can I Wait (Louden Remix)

Jack Swift - Can I Wait (Original Mix)

Jack Swift - Solero (Original Mix)

Jaded, Melle Brown - Silence (Extended Mix)

Jale - Mariachi (Ender Royers Remix)

Jale - Mariachi (Original Mix)

Jame Starck, Danny Coleman - Take It (Extended Mix)

Jamie Coins - Derretech (Original Mix)

Jamie Coins, Mas Negro - Tinga (Original Mix)

Javier De La Vega - The Addams Fammily (Original Mix)

Javier De La Vega - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Javier Labarca - Mirror Moon (Original Mix)

Javier Labarca - Surface People (Original Mix)

Jay Caesar - Come A Long (Anton C Remix)

Jay Caesar - Come A Long (Original Mix)

Jay Tripwire - Iwontstop (Original Mix)

Jay Tripwire - Mary Wanna (Original Mix)

Jay Vegas - Come Back (Classic Disco Instrumental Mix)

Jay Vegas - Come Back (Classic Disco Mix)

Jiggler - Calima (Original Mix)

Jiggler - Masca (Original Mix)

Jodium - Constellation (Original Mix)

Jodium - Mount Crenel (Daniel Meister Remix)

Jodium - Mount Crenel (Original Mix)

Jodium - The Happening (Original Mix)

Jorca - Control (3ngine Remix)

Jorca - Control (Original Mix)

Jorca - Time Won't Slow Down (Original Mix)

Jorca - Time Won't Slow Down (The Sahoo Conection Remix)

Jorge Favela, Mareels - Wait 4 You (Original Mix)

Jorge Lefenda - Fourier (Original Mix)

Jorge Lefenda - Laplace (Original Mix)

Jorman M. - Save My Life (Original Mix)

Jose Vilches - Shines In The Night (Original Mix)

Josh Butler - Closed Loop (Original Mix)

Josh Butler - Feedback Loop (Original Mix)

Josh Butler - Open Loop (Original Mix)

Josu Freire - Work (Original Mix)

Juan Zolbaran, Beatshot - Doppler Street (Original Mix)

Juan Zolbaran, Beatshot - Tequila Boom! (Original Mix)

Juan Zolbaran, Beatshot, Martina - Otra Vez Llego La Mañana (Jorge Savoretti Remix)

Juan Zolbaran, Beatshot, Martina - Otra Vez Llego La Mañana (Original Mix)

Julio Bravo, Mattr. (UK) - Talk About (Original Mix)

Junior Sanchez - La Cueva (Original Mix)

Junior Sanchez - No War (Drum Mix)

Just.Jax - Back To You (Extended Mix)

KASSIMIL - Body (Original Mix)

KASSIMIL - Brazil (Bizen Lopez Remix)

KASSIMIL - Brazil (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - Andiamo (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - Our House (Original Mix)

Kenny Kelly - Going Insane (Original Mix)

Kevin Corral - Electrolyte (Original Mix)

Kinetic Minds - In The House (Original Mix)

Kolter - I Feel It Right (Original Mix)

LO'99, Ray Foxx - Steppin' (Extended Mix)

LOVAT - INFCTD (ALCODA's Groove Remix)

LOVAT - INFCTD (K1's Outerspace Remix)

LOVAT - INFCTD (Mason Talbot's Organ Remix)

LOVAT - INFCTD (Mura's Acid Remix)

LOVAT - INFCTD (Original Mix)

Lee Foss, SPNCR, Awsumo - We So Future (Original Mix)

Leon The Lover - All I Need (Original Mix)

Leon The Lover - Volcano (Original Mix)

Lexx Groove - Human Mistakes (Extended Mix)

Licha Paz - Mains (Original Mix)

Licha Paz - Sw33ty (Original Mix)

Lit Square - Never Leave You (Original Mix)

Lit Square - Your Love (Original Mix)

Litchy & Smiley - Feel Myself (Original Mix)

Litchy & Smiley - Take It Back (Original Mix)

Low Disco - Baked (Original Mix)

Low Disco - Evolution (Original Mix)

Low Disco - Rasta (Original Mix)

Low Steppa - Out My Way (Original Mix)

Lowjess - The Addams (Original Mix)

Loz Seka, KEFFI, HARRT, Altere, Alex Lauthals - Delirio (Extended Mix)

Luca Cucullo - B&Bitch (Original Mix)

Luca Cucullo - Damn Me (Original Mix)

Luciano Candia - Level Up (Original Mix)

Luciano Candia - Realist (Original Mix)

Luigi Birofio - Agitado (Original Mix)

Luigi Birofio, Gabri3lo - Two Song (Original Mix)

Luke Humbles - Fading Memories (Original Mix)

Luke Humbles - Jungle Bounce (Original Mix)

Luke Humbles - Wywd (Original Mix), Gunman - Everybody Down (Original Mix), Gunman - Roxy (Original Mix)

M33CH - Good Timess (Original Mix)

M33CH - Volteamos (Original Mix)

MADDOW - Soul (Original Mix)

Madri - Addictions (Original Mix)

Madri - Addictions (Teddy Walker Remix)

Madri - Take A Ride (Original Mix)

Madri - Underground Air (Original Mix)

Majestic - Annihilator (Extended Mix)

Manuel De Lorenzi - 330 Old Street (Original Mix)

MARTEN HØRGER, Shift K3Y - Get Real High (Extended Mix)

MATHEI - Exterminate (Extended Mix)

MATHEI - Hundred Degrees (Extended Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Con Air (Original Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Mirrors (Original Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Pull It (Original Mix)

Mari Ferrari - After We Laugh (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin, The Melody Men - Feel The Same (Extended Mix)

Martino Resi, Albert Lopez - Excited (Original Mix)

Martino Resi, Albert Lopez - Movement (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Danilo Armas - Enough (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Danilo Armas - Love & Extasis (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Juan Dragster - Realize (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Juan Dragster - Southamerica (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Juan Dragster - To The Top (Original Mix)

Mason Collective - A Little Affection (Extended Mix)

Mason Collective - Lost My Way (Extended Mix)

Mat.Joe - Tapinha (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari, SoShy - Back To This (Extended Mix)

Matt Wills - Cease And Desist (Original Mix)

Matt Wills - Forget Facts (Ed Hodge Remix)

Matt Wills - Forget Facts (Original Mix)

Matt Wills - Titan (Original Mix)

Maximo Quinones - Oye (Original Mix)

Mene, Mendo, Any Loida - Eso Lo Que Quiero (Original Mix)

Mick Jerome - Cafecito (Nicola Brusegan Remix)

Mick Jerome - Cafecito (Original Mix)

Mick Jerome - Mas O Menos (Dc Dubz Remix)

Mick Jerome - Mas O Menos (Original Mix)

Mike Kings - The Time Is Now (Cassiopeia Remix)

Mike Kings - The Time Is Now (Original Mix)

Mike Kings - The Time Is Now (Sunfloat Remix)

Mikey North - Flashy (Original Mix)

Mikey North - Hold Up (Original Mix)

Mikey North - My Beat (Original Mix)

Mikey North - No Reality (Original Mix)

Milka (UK) - Funkatron (Original Mix)

Milka (UK) - Grounded (Original Mix)

Milka (UK) - I Just Want To Say (Original Mix)

Milka (UK) - Subway Sax (Original Mix)

Misc Mood - Feel It (Original Mix)

Misc Mood - Gta (Original Mix)

Misha (US) - French Affair (Original Mix)

Misha (US) - Let's Ride (Original Mix)

Misha (US) - The Naz (Original Mix)

Mo'Cream, Andre Espeut - Find The World (Original Mix)

Mr. Lady - Late Nights (Original Mix)

Mr. Lady - The Game (Original Mix)

Mr. Lady - The Years (Original Mix)

Mr. Nunez - Electro Funk (Original Mix)

Mr. Nunez - Shutting Down (Original Mix)

Mr. Nunez - Tick Tock (Original Mix)

Ms Pika - Is The Moment (Original Mix)

Ms Pika - Special Key (Original Mix)

Mtty - Oma The Wailmer (Original Mix)

Mtty - Shtüm (Original Mix)

Mtty - That's Nonsensical (Original Mix)

Mtty - Wonki (Original Mix)

NAAiV - Free Walking (Night Mix)

NAAiV - Kindly Reminder (Original Mix)

NAAiV - Not A Rude Song (Original Mix)

Nacho Duran, Seba Opazo - Sunday (Original Mix)

Nacho Duran, Seba Opazo - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Naju - La Playa (Original Mix)

Naju - Oasis (Original Mix)

Nala - Growth (Dub Mix)

Nala - Growth (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Blackwater (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - I'll Be Gone (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Talk To The DJ (Original Mix)

Nephews - Get B (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Silom (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

Nicola d'Angella - Fake Life (Original Mix)

Nicola d'Angella - I Hate U (Original Mix)

Nicolas Laini - Rap (Original Mix)

Nicolas Laini - Situation (Original Mix)

Nicolas Laini - Situation (Stefano Kosa Remix)

NightFunk - Tequila (Extended Mix)

Nostalgix - Step Back (Original Mix)

OG Verse - Black Parrot (Original Mix)

OG Verse - No Sleep (Original Mix)

Octave - No Ice Cubes (Enzo Leep Remix)

Octave - No Ice Cubes (Original Mix)

Octave - You Can Touch (Original Mix)

Odd Mob, GD Vandal - Been Dreaming (Extended Mix)

Okain - Botellon (Garrett David Remix)

Okain - Botellon (Original Mix)

Okain - Escape The Lobby (Original Mix)

Okain - With You All Along (Original Mix)

Old Turn Wood - Here Comes The Night (Original Mix)

Omar Svenson - Adiccted (Original Mix)

Orphaa - Agitacion (Original Mix)

Overtracked - All We Got (Original Mix)

Overtracked - Suspect (Original Mix)

Parkker - Back To (Original Mix)

Parsec (UK) - Coiled (Original Mix)

Parsec (UK) - Comotion (Original Mix)

Parsec (UK) - Get Down (Original Mix)

Patrick Topping, Might Delete Later - Make Me Happy (Extended)

Per QX, Filip Grönlund, Elias Bravo, Max C - You & Me (Original Mix)

Per QX, Filip Grönlund, Elias Bravo, Max C - You & Me (Re-Tide Remix)

Petser - Cuando Ruge La Marabunta (Original Mix)

Petser - Veneno Plus (Original Mix)

Piero Pirupa - To The Sky (Original Mix)

Pietro Barbieri - Life (Original Mix)

Pietro Barbieri - The Speech (Original Mix)

Pitt Larsen - Dancing Queen (Original Mix)

Pitt Larsen - Rumba (Original Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Clappa (Extended Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Naughty (Extended Mix)

Proove (UK) - Put It On (Original Mix)

Proove (UK) - Put It On (Tilman Remix)

Proove (UK) - Walkin' (Original Mix)

Proove (UK) - We, The People (Original Mix)

Protect - True Porpose (Original Mix)

Protect - Tumulus (Original Mix)

markyno - Big Buddy (Original Mix)

Q.S.C - Acid (Original Mix)

RaKe (Italy) - Emotioinal Drive (Nicola Brusegan Remix)

RaKe (Italy) - Emotioinal Drive (Original Mix)

RaKe (Italy) - Emotioinal Drive (Tommaso Pizzelli Remix)

RaKe (Italy) - Loc 98 (Original Mix)

Rama.W - Nafta Super (Julian (AR) Remix)

Rama.W - Nafta Super (Mich One Remix)

Rama.W - Nafta Super (Original Mix)

Rama.W - Nafta Super (Rode Zayas Remix)

Ramin Rezaie - We Freak (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - As the World Turns (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Gotta Get Mine (Dewalta Remix)

Ray Mono - Gotta Get Mine (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Shit Dont Stop (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze - Play It Straight (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze, Malle - Drop It Low (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze, Malle - Going Deeper (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze, Mestizø - Borderless (Esteban Calvet Remix)

Remi Blaze, Mestizø - Borderless (Original Mix)

Retromigration - Radioactive (Original Mix)

Reuben Anderson - Erased (Original Mix)

Reuben Anderson - Time (Original Mix)

Ricardo H - Focal Point (Original Mix)

Ricardo H - Organ Society (Original Mix)

Rob Duke - Cascade (Part 1) (Original Mix)

Rob Duke - Cascade (Part 2) (Original Mix)

Rob Duke - Tools (Original Mix)

Romy Black, Janine Dyer - Can't You See (Extended Mix)

Rony Seikaly - Denial (Extended Mix)

Rony Seikaly - Talk To Me (Extended Mix)

SOFAT - Noitada (Original Mix)

SameSame - Back With Cheese (Original Mix)

SameSame - Makaronne Charonne (Original Mix)

SameSame - Purple High (Original Mix)

SameSame - Roadtrip To Paris (Original Mix)

Sarp Ozaydin - DYWM (Original Mix)

Sarp Ozaydin - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Sayro - Always Here (Original Mix)

Sayro - Brujo (Original Mix)

Seb Zito - Lights Down (Extended Mix)

Seb Zito - Lights Down (Raumakustik Extended Remix)

Sebastian Eric - Hope (Original Mix)

Sebastian Eric - Never Miss (Original Mix)

Sebastian Eric - Resetat (Original Mix)

Seek Arguedas, Ivan Kook - Emania (Original Mix)

Serkan Celik - Beat Back (Original Mix)

Serkan Celik - Groove Soul (Original Mix)

Shakti (UK) - Metropolitana (Original Mix)

Shakti (UK) - This Music (Original Mix)

Ship Wrek, Dillon Francis - Night In Milan (Extended Mix)

Silat Beksi - Act 1 (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Aida (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Break It Up (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Enrezig (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Kernel (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Rototom (Original Mix)

Silque - Hold On (Extended Mix)

SkiiTour, N2N - Slip N Slide (Extended Mix)

Sllash & Doppe - Bamboleo (Original Mix)

Неизвестный исполнитель - sonic soul orchestra, kathy brown- touch me (risk assessment extended mix).mp3

Sonny Fodera, Paul Woolford, Ella Henderson - Like I Used To (Extended Mix)

Sonny Zamolo - Hold Me (Extended Mix)

Soulsearcher - Feelin Love (DJ Fudge Extended Remix)

Stahou - Interview (Original Mix)

Stahou - Movin' (Original Mix)

Stahou, Tom Marc - Emergency (Original Mix)

Steve Bug - Alto Adige (Original Mix)

Steve Bug - Trentino (Original Mix)

Supernova, Cardellino - Tuyo (Supernova Vinyl Extended Mix)

Tape Maschine - Bird's Cave (Original Mix)

Tape Maschine - Bird's Cave (Za__Paradigma Remix)

Tape Maschine - Ick (Original Mix)

Tape Maschine - Maggy (Original Mix)

The Cap Boy - Funky Vibes (Original Mix)

The Cap Boy - Happy Flight (Original Mix)

The Shooters - Papi (Extended Mix)

Thudoor - Ceva Se Intampla (Original Mix)

Thudoor - Extorsiune (Original Mix)

Thudoor - Now Dance (Original Mix)

Thümbler - Style (Original Mix)

Todd Terry, Leia Contois - The Sound (Extended Mix)

Toni Varga - Due Clizz (Bizza Remix)

Toni Varga - Due Clizz (Original Mix)

Toni Varga - Due Clizz (Sebastian Ledher, Sunday Noise Remix)

Toni Varga - Grooving Work (Original Mix)

Umberto Pagliaroli, Grasso & Maxim, Igor Zanga - Esto (Extended Mix)

Unker - 90s Love Song (Original Mix)

Unker, R 417 - Passed Out (Original Mix)

VM(ITA) - Ringing (Extended Mix)

Viccenzo - Ready To Wake Up (Original Mix)

Viky (IT) - Dale (Original Mix)

Vindem - Follow! (Original Mix)

Vindem - Make It (Original Mix)

Vons - Freaky Fail (Original Mix)

WIFO - Babee Ohh (Original Mix)

WIFO - Hunter (Original Mix)

WIFO - Lagunas (Original Mix)

WLAD - Head Down Roller (Original Mix)

WLAD - Stomping To The Beat (Original Mix)

WLAD - Stomping To The Beat (ZYNK Remix)

Wade - The Movement (Original Mix)

Warp - Disconnected (Original Mix)

Warp - Down Like That (Original Mix)

Warp - Lost In The Moment (Original Mix)

Warp - Subculture (Original Mix)

Wax Motif - Telugu Tech (Extended Mix)

YIA - Fly Away (Original Mix)

YIA - Party Grooves (Original Mix)

YIA - Upstairs (Original Mix)

YORY - Impulsa (Original Mix)

YORY - Morning Stamp (Original Mix)

Yago Moyer - Bromo (Original Mix)

Yago Moyer, Josh Martin - Cotopaxi (Original Mix)

Yago Moyer, Nikolay Mandzhakov - Turron (Original Mix)

Yulia Niko, Paul Brenning - Feeling (Extended Mix)

Yulia Niko, Paul Brenning - Just A Feeling (Maxim Lany Extended Remix)

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