DATA: 2023-05-30 TOTAL: 200 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Discover the latest trends in electronic music with Beatport's new selection of genres including Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech. Released on May 30, 2023, this curated collection of 200 high-quality tracks offers a diverse range of sounds and styles for electronic music enthusiasts. From the infectious grooves of Tech House and the soulful melodies of Deep House to the pulsating beats of Bass House and the nostalgic vibes of Nu Disco / Disco, there is something for every music lover in this compilation. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of electronic music, Beatport's latest release is sure to satisfy your musical cravings. Stay up to date with the freshest sounds and let the music transport you to a world of rhythm and harmony.



ADR (UK) - KOKO (Original Mix)

ADR (UK) - No Place Like Øhm (Original Mix)

ADR (UK) - Sorry About This Calendar (Original Mix)

ADR (UK) - The Showroom (Original Mix)

AGLF - Trees (Original Mix)

ATLAC - Movin (Original Mix)

ATLAC - One Night (Original Mix)

Aldo Us - Wachufleiva 135-1 (Original Mix)

Aldo Us - Wachufleiva 135-2 (Original Mix)

Aldo Us - Wachufleiva 135-3 (Original Mix)

Alems - New School (Original Mix)

Alenn, Azzip - It's Love (Extended Mix)

Alexander Matchak - Introvert (Original Mix)

Alexander Matchak - Sea Train (Original Mix)

Alexander Matchak - The Mover (Original Mix)

Amorhouse, Tonix - Everybody (Daniele Andriani Remix)

Amorhouse, Tonix - Everybody (Losciale Remix)

AndThen - Salsa (Tom Staar Remix) (Extended Mix)

Angel Heredia - Clap Your Hands (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Infiel (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Jazzy Sax (Original Mix)

Astro - Disorder (Original Mix)

Astro - High On (Original Mix)

Astro - It's Timeless (Original Mix)

Astro - Radiance (Original Mix)

Avedan - Just A Feeling (Original Mix)

Avedan - Strange Love (Original Mix)

Avedan - Tu Energia (Original Mix)

Benjamin Bryan - Dreams (Original Mix)

Big Moses, Kenny Bobien - Brighter Days (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

Bubba Brothers - Black Beach (Original Mix)

Bubba Brothers - Bobby's Dream (Frink Remix)

Bubba Brothers - Bobby's Dream (Original Mix)

Chesster - Spring In One Take (Original Mix)

Chesster - The Future Is Now (Original Mix)

Chesster - Time 4 Love (Oden & Fatzo DJ Friendly Remix)

Chesster - Time 4 Love (Original Mix)

Claudio Ferrone - All You Need (Original Mix)

Claudio Ferrone - Imagine That (Original Mix)

Copasetic - Mango (Original Mix)

Copasetic - Since I (Original Mix)

Copasetic - Trapped (Original Mix)

Cristiano Rosso - Blade Dancer (Original Mix)

Cristiano Rosso - July Morning (Original Mix)

Cristiano Rosso - Sexy Bandit (Original Mix)

DJ Haus - Hot City Bass (Original Mix)

DJ Haus - Sweat (Original Mix)

DJ Windows 7 - Condesa (Original Mix)

DJ Windows 7 - Purple Gomez (Original Mix)

DJ Windows 7 - Rocosoul (Original Mix)

DOMO (ES) - Erhu (Original Mix)

DOMO (ES) - Juca (Original Mix)

Dames Brown, Waajeed - Glory (Extended Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Alarm (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Don't Press Me (Original Mix)

Dennis Quin - Lucky Bastard (Original Mix)

Dipzy - The Way (Extended Mix)

Dirt Crew - Deep Cover (Original Mix)

Dirt Crew - Deep Cover (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

Dirt Crew - Deep Cover (Vincenzo Remix)

Dubdogz, Hayley May - Right Back (Extended Mix)

Fabe (Ger) - Flow Groover (Original Mix)

Fabe (Ger) - Newbie Bounce (Original Mix)

Fabe (Ger) - On Edge (Original Mix)

Fabe (Ger) - The Greater Good (Original Mix)

Fabian Haneke - FreshandClean (Original Mix)

Fabian Haneke - New Shit (Original Mix)

Fabian Haneke, Den Ishu - Again (Original Mix)

Full Ferry - Be The One (Original Mix)

Galo - Fuego De Cumbia (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Bovine Bakery (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Crimbo 16 (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Maxi Dance (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Picture Disc (Original Mix)

Geroi - New School (Original Mix)

Glen Horsborough, Karmina Dai - Making Moves (Hatiras Remix)

Glen Horsborough, Karmina Dai - Making Moves (Original Mix)

Groove Aspect - So What (Original Mix)

Gruuve - All Night Long (Original Mix)

Gruuve - Didn't Happen (Original Mix)

Guru Reza - Hot (Original Mix)

Guti - Surprise (Original Mix)

Guti, Del Fonda - A Business Woman (Original Mix)

Hardy Heller, Alex Connors - The Night (Extended Mix)

ISAA - Azzidmania (Original Mix)

ISAA - Sippi'n (Original Mix)

JAEN - Club Affair (Original Mix)

JAEN - Cosmos (Original Mix)

JB Martinz - Glitcha Laputa (Original Mix)

JB Martinz - La Blanca & La Rosa (Original Mix)

Jack Orley - BUM! (Extended Mix)

James Hype - Lose Control (Original Mix)

Jasper James - Keepon (Original Mix)

Jasper James - Rise (Original Mix)

Jasper James - What You Say (Original Mix)

Jen Payne, Sonickraft - Fired Up (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)

bdtom - Root #1 (Original Mix)

bdtom - Root #2 (Original Mix)

bdtom - Root #3 (Original Mix)

JOTA (ES) - Cooler Than A Monkey (Original Mix)

Jizz - Fantasy (Original Miix)

Jizz - Fantasy (Oscar Saab Remix)

Jizz - Right Now (Original Mix)

Jizz - Xpress Mood (Original Mix)

Joeski - Zenaida (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - Long Story Short (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - The Upside Down (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - Uninterrupted (Dark To Dawn) (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - Uninterrupted (Original Mix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (Blu 9 Remix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (Esther Benoit Remix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (SWAH Remix)

Julian Jordan - Aspirin (Extended Mix)

KAHU - Astral Step (Original Mix)

KAHU - From Mars (Original Mix)

KAHU - Kinky Brain (Original Mix)

Kid Massive - Disco Anthem (Extended Mix)

Kitone - Soy Candela (Extended Mix)

Lion - LYL (Extended Mix)

Luigi Rocca, Anis hachemi - Hypertribe (Original Mix)

M.A.K - DOPE (Original Mix)

M.A.K - Smak (Original Mix)

M.A.K - Stone Breaker (Original Mix)

MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix)

Manda Moor - Picante (Original Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante (Sirus Hood Remix)

Manda Moor - Tabasko (Original Mix)

Manodom - Lose Control (Original Mix)

Matroda - Throw Your Hands (Original Mix)

Maxime Laffon - Children Tribute (Original Mix)

Maxime Laffon - Hot Girls (Original Mix)

Miane - Place To Be (Extended Mix)

Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins - Las Solteras (Extended Mix)

Mikey Lion - House 'Til Infinity (Extended Mix)

N2N, Modern Lover - Under Control (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman - Purple Rain (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman - Somebody Else (Original Mix)

Nightlapse - Funk (Extended Mix)

Ofenbach, HOLA! - On The Floor (Extended Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Todo Cambio (Original Mix)

Otik - Inertia (Original Mix)

Otik - Temptress (Original Mix)

Otik - Unorthodox (Original Mix)

Otik - Xoul Trap (Original Mix)

Paco Osuna, Melanie Ribbe - Dance Tonight (Original Mix)

Paco Osuna, Melanie Ribbe - Shake Control (Original Mix)

Paco Osuna, Melanie Ribbe - The Key (Original Mix)

Paul Franc - Eternal Groove (Alüen Remix)

Paul Franc - Eternal Groove (Original Mix)

Paul Franc - Universal Language (Andromo Remix)

Paul Franc - Universal Language (Original Mix)

Punky Wash - Milk Shakers (Hotmood Remix)

Punky Wash - Milk Shakers (Original Mix)

Redshape - Acid Leak (Original Mix)

Reydel - Percu (Original Mix)

Reydel - Tamo En Vivo (Original Mix)

Rubber People, Mobin Master - Why Me (Original Mix)

SKORPIONS - About The Glue (Extended Mix)

SKORPIONS - Love Higher (Extended Mix)

SKORPIONS - Padification (Extended Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Chianti (Original Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Moonlight (Original Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Out There (No Artificial Colours Remix)

Seamus Shevlin - Out There (Original Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Taer (Original Mix)

Sebastian Wibe - The Bassline (Extended Version)

Siege - Rhymes (Extended Mix)

Skurt - Our World (Original Mix)

Stefano Parenti - Grey Back (Original Mix)

Stefano Parenti - Vape (Original Mix)

Steve Mill - Copenhagen Ride (Original Mix)

Steve Mill - Dye The Bip (Original Mix)

Steve Mill, Bongani Mehlomakhulu - God Given (Dub Mix)

Steve Mill, Bongani Mehlomakhulu - God Given (Original Mix)

Swatkat, Tanishq - Lose Control (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Sometime (Vocal Mix - Beatport Exclusive Mix)

The Sahoo Conection - El Plan (Original Mix)

The Sahoo Conection - Feelings (Original Mix)

Thykier - Your Answer (Extended Version)

Tibasko - Hawt (JADED Extended Remix)

Todd Terry, Jackson Jones - Feel Good (Extended Mix)

Tom Budin, Needs No Sleep - She Wanna Dance (Extended Mix)

Tombo - Jazz Hands (Original Mix)

Tombo - Nuclear (Original Mix)

Tuff London - Closer (Extended Mix)

Us Two - Hollistic (Original Mix)

Us Two - Phil Like This (Original Mix)

Viglia - New School (Original Mix)

Vinsolo - Close To Me (Extended Mix)

Vinsolo - Show Me How (Extended Mix)

Vinsolo - So Good (Extended Mix)

Void - Naughty Pleasures (Carbajo Remix)

Void - Naughty Pleasures (Original Mix)

Watermat - Targa (Extended Mix)

Zetbee - A Dreamer (Original Mix)

Zetbee - About You (Original Mix)

Zetbee - Twisted (Original Mix)

nocapz. - Finer Than Your Man (Original Mix)

nocapz. - Last Cowboy (Original Mix)

nocapz. - Slow Giggle (Original Mix)

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