DATA: 2023-06-07 TOTAL: 320 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Discover the electrifying sounds of the latest BEATPORT NEW TECH HOUSE, HOUSE, BASS HOUSE, JACKIN HOUSE, NU DISCO / DISCO, DEEP HOUSE, MINIMAL / DEEP TECH playlist for June 7th, 2023. Featuring an impressive lineup of 320 high-quality tracks, this collection is a true sonic adventure for fans of electronic music. From the infectious grooves of tech house and the soulful melodies of deep house to the energetic beats of bass house and jackin house, this playlist covers a wide range of genres, delivering an unforgettable musical experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of electronic music with these cutting-edge tracks.



ARAP - Pillansky (Original Mix)

ARAP - Side B (Original Mix)

Adam (UK), Techin - Craze (Original Mix)

Aleets - El Vago (Original Mix)

Aleets - House Del Placer (Original Mix)

Aleets - Mundo De Viboras (Original Mix)

Alex Kenji - Outer Space (Original Mix)

Alpha Zoo - Backstreet Hustlers (Extended Mix)

Alpha Zoo - Got The Groove (Extended Mix)

Amal Nemer - I Had A Dream (Extended Mix)

Amal Nemer - VENPAK (Extended Mix)

Ander Zubiria - Do It (Original Mix)

Ander Zubiria - Purpose (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, RYUN - At Its Core (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, RYUN - Mizziles Of Sound (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, RYUN, Cami Jones - I Never (Original Mix)

Andrea Maggino - Chic (Original Mix)

Andrea Maggino - Come With Me (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Amisex (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Oh La La (Original Mix)

Anthony Ruiz - Block Eleven (Original Mix)

Anthony Ruiz - That's Why (Original Mix)

Azzecca - Mantra (Extended Mix)

Baligion - Lifting (Original Mix)

Baligion, Jack Baron - Never Be (Original Mix)

Ben Fox - Share Your Love With Me (Original Mix)

Beneath Usual - Bip Bop (Original Mix)

Beneath Usual - Squeeze It (Original Mix)

Beneath Usual - This Is The Way (Original Mix)

Bes - COCO (Original Mix)

Bes - Galloping (Original Mix)

Bes - Mistakes Sometime (Original Mix)

Bes - Oceanic 815 (Original Mix)

Bes - So Sexy (Original Mix)

Bes - Sync This (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - Get Funky (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - Me Time (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - Time (Original Mix)

CHAN (US) - Dream Of You (Extended Mix)

Caique Carvalho - Antava (Original Mix)

Caique Carvalho, Nogue - Tudo Se Vale (Original Mix)

Carbajal - Dance My Bass (Original Mix)

Carbajal - La Garcita (Original Mix)

Carbajal - My Singing (Original Mix)

Carlos Arresa - Despertar (Belmat Remix)

Carlos Arresa - Despertar (Emiliyan Remix)

Carlos Arresa - Despertar (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Bam Bam (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Inside Of Me (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Pegate (Original Mix)

Chamo (AR) - Panorama (Original Mix)

Chamo (AR) - Rainy (Original Mix)

Claude Tarrell - Funk It Up (Original Mix)

Claude Tarrell - In Time (Original Mix)

Claude Tarrell - Purple Dance (Original Mix)

Clu Polar - First Light (Cinthie Remix)

Cosenza - Lonely Heart (Djebali Remix)

Cosenza - Lonely Heart (Original Mix)

Craig Leo - Wide Awake (Extended Mix)

D-Steal, Arkins, SixThema - My Numbah (Extended Mix)

DAWS - Alien Voices (Original Mix)

DAWS - Morning Light (Original Mix)

DAWS - Ultra Feeling (Original Mix)

DAWS - Ultra Feeling (Vocal Mix)

DJ W!ld - If (Phil Weeks Remix)

Damian Cotto, Dr Gabbo - Good Airs (Original Mix)

Damian Cotto, Dr Gabbo - La Habana (Original Mix)

Danilo Milani - Jungle (Original Mix)

Danilo Milani - Ride It (Original Mix)

Danilo Milani - The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Danilo Milani - Two One (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack, Saul Antolin - Bailando (Extended Mix)

Danny Leblack, Saul Antolin - El Desorden (Extended Mix)

David Cornide - Funkk (Original Mix)

David Cornide, Javi Zearra - Move Your Feet (Original Mix)

David Jager - 1 2 3 4 (Original Mix)

David Jager - Go (Original Mix)

David Lowe, Micah Baxter - Smoke (Original Mix)

Davide T - Classic Breakdown (Original Mix)

Deebesh - Funky Check (Original Mix)

Deebesh - Young Boy (Original Mix)

Defaultman, Sapurra - Corona (Original Mix)

Diaan (Br) - Drippin (Original Mix)

Diaan (Br) - Hot In (Original Mix)

Dompe - Speak Easy (Original Mix)

Dompe - Strictly Jackin (Original Mix)

Dr Gabbo - Surprised (Original Mix)

Dr Gabbo - Together (Original Mix)

Drew Dapps - More Life (Original Mix)

Drey Kinian - Voila (Extended Mix)

Drey Kinian - Watchu Need (Extended Mix)

Duarte (BR) - Most Rappers (Extended Mix)

Duarte (BR) - South London (Extended Mix)

Ekoboy - Deep Dive (Extended Mix)

Ekoboy - Earth&Fire (Extended Mix)

Electricano - Decisions (Original Mix)

Electricano - Summer House (Original Mix)

Electricano - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Electricano - The Way Of The Drummer (Original Mix)

Enzo Sorrentino - A Se (Giacomo Pellegrino Remix)

Enzo Sorrentino - A Se (Nikolas Frezza Remix)

Enzo Sorrentino - A Se (Original Mix)

Enzo Sorrentino - A Se (Riccardo Perini Remix)

Eze Drill - Fun People (Original Mix)

Fabrizio Placidi - Ain't Forgot (Original Mix)

Fabrizio Placidi - Lifetime (GOSSO Remix)

Fabrizio Placidi - Lifetime (Original Mix)

Fabrizio Placidi - Work That Body (Original Mix)

Faua - Oh! Many Stairs (Original Mix)

Faua - Qolqas Dream (Original Mix)

Flashmob, Laila Walker - DNA (Original Mix)

Fourth Phase - Dancin Like We Never (Original Mix)

GOSSO - Bathroom Line (Original Mix)

GOSSO - QR Code (ARAP Remix)

GOSSO - QR Code (Original Mix)

Gaskin - A Fresh Energy (Original Mix)

Gaskin - Movin N' Shakin (Original Mix)

Gaskin, L.P. Rhythm, Mizbee - Rhythm Master (Original Mix)

Groovy (ARG) - Check That Rhythm (Original Mix)

Groovy (ARG) - The Party Groove (Giovanni (AR) Remix)

Groovy (ARG) - The Party Groove (Original Mix)

Gutt. - Life Happens (Funkytino Remix)

Gutt. - Life Happens (Original Mix)

Gutt. - Not Real (Original Mix)

HIGHTECH (ARG) - Acid (Original Mix)

HIGHTECH (ARG) - Drummer (Original Mix)

HIGHTECH (ARG) - Redit (Original Mix)

HÜGGØ - I Wanna Men For You (Original Mix)

Hina - Joining Me (Extended Mix)

Hyslop - Nobody (Extended Mix)

ISSCO, Nico Grunewaldt - Dance U (Original Mix)

ISSCO, Nico Grunewaldt - Our Cut (Original Mix)

Jack Realist - Glitch Nut Gary (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - Ma Shake (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro, Lucas Ferreyra - Duty Free (Original Mix)

Jampikid - Bucharest High (Original Mix)

Jampikid - Materialise (Original Mix)

Jampikid - What You Need (Original Mix)

Javi Colina - Resist And Fight (Original Mix)

Javi Zearra - I Dont Speak Japanese (Original Mix)

Jesusdapnk, Currents - Rolling Deep (Original Mix)

Jesusdapnk, Currents - Young Luv (Original Mix)

Jholeyson - Caboa (Original Mix)

Jholeyson - The R (Original Mix)

Johan RM - Blade (Original Mix)

Johan RM - Eta (Original Mix)

John Deluxe - Friday (Original Mix)

John Deluxe - Hauz (Original Mix)

John Deluxe - Mine (Original Mix)

Josh Kalker - Disco Fat (Original Mix)

Josh Kalker - To The Top (Original Mix)

Josh Samuel - DYWD (Original Mix)

Josh Samuel - Jersey Street (Original Mix)

Joshua Riveros - Sahumado (Original Mix)

Joshua Riveros - Viajado (Original Mix)

Joshua Riveros, V.E.R.D.E - Tuneado (Original Mix)

KC Wray - Chi Guy (Original Mix)

KC Wray - Late Night Shake (Original Mix)

KIRIK - Happy Hours (Original Mix)

KIRIK - Meet The Lady (Original Mix)

KIRIK - Suite Room (Original Mix)

KPD - Don't Lie (Extended Mix)

KPD - Thankful (Extended Mxi)

KeeQ - Such A Loneliness (Extended Mix)

Kevil - Gangsta (Original Mix)

Kevil - Solo Son Negocios (Original Mix)

KiRKie - Back Drop (Extended Mix)

KiRKie - Date Night (Extended Mix)

KiRKie - Get To Grips (Extended Mix)

Kickbugs, Roland Clark - One House (Original Mix)

Klayers - Rewind Selecta (Extended Mix)

Knober - Untouchable Funk (Original Mix)

Knober, Jaime Soeiro - Do It Now (Original Mix)

Knober, Jaime Soeiro - Realize (Original Mix)

Kolombo - My Best Way (Original Mix)

Kuff, Catz - Mirándote (Original Mix)

Kuff, kofla - PRENDELO (Original Mix)

La Madone - Bounce (Original Mix)

LeBoops - After Midnight (Original Mix)

LeBoops - Sixty Nine (Original Mix)

Lebedev (RU), Houzzie Killa - Back To The Jack (Original Mix)

Lebedev (RU), Houzzie Killa - Back To The Jack (Rythmique Remix)

Leftwing : Kody, Robot Collective - Never Leave You (Uh Ooh, Uh Ooh) (Original Mix)

Leiru - Give Me (Original Mix)

Leiru - Makin Music (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Dotti - Stay (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Dotti - Sunday Mood (Original Mix)

Lorrenzzetti, Gui Perini - Body Move (Original Mix)

Lorrenzzetti, Gui Perini - Rockin (Original Mix)

Loudek - Crazy Callin (Original Mix)

Loudek - Too Late (Original Mix)

Loui & Scibi - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Loui & Scibi - Higher (Extended Mix)

Manny Martey - Feel The Flow (Original Mix)

Marcus Hogan - El Gato (Original Mix)

Marcus Hogan - Missed Call (Original Mix)

Marcus Hogan - Warehouse (Original Mix)

Martin Acevedo - Baila (Original Mix)

Martin Acevedo - Ready (Original Mix)

Martin Acevedo - Subete (Original Mix)

Massimo Conte - My Nature (Original Mix)

Masupilami - Arcades (Original Mix)

Matteo Quezada - Groove Service (Original Mix)

Matteo Quezada - M.X.Q.V (Original Mix)

Matteo Quezada - Pump It (Original Mix)

Mattr. (UK) - Club Flex (Original Mix)

Mattr. (UK) - Riddem Cutz (Bizza Remix)

Mattr. (UK) - Riddem Cutz (Original Mix)

MEDIADOS - Lightwerk (Original Mix)

MEDIADOS - Trip (Original Mix)

MF Productions - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)

MLVR - Corazon (Extended Mix)

Mauro Venti - Little Helper 401-1 (Original Mix)

Mauro Venti - Little Helper 401-2 (Original Mix)

Mauro Venti - Little Helper 401-3 (Original Mix)

MaxPower DJ - Fuck (Original Mix)

MaxPower DJ - My House (Original Mix)

MaxPower DJ - Zero db (Original Mix)

Merk (ITA) - Fellas Wanna Dance (Original Mix)

Miguel Lobo - Everyone Else (Original Mix)

Miguel Lobo, Shyam P - Clarity (Original Mix)

Miguel Lobo, Shyam P - Clarity (Timmy P Remix)

Moglis - All Your Troubles (Original Mix)

Moglis - His Influence (Original Mix)

Mr.Diamond - Sulawesi (Extended Mix)

Murphy's Law (UK) - Ain't No Other Man (Rework - Extended Mix)

Nanna Osé - No Promises (Original Mix)

Nanna Osé - Work A Bit (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Should Be (Original Mix)

Nic Vesperi, Juan Cuestas - Bounce (Original Mix)

Nic Vesperi, Juan Cuestas - Frio (Original Mix)

Nic Vesperi, Juan Cuestas - Yuh (Original Mix)

Nick Hook - A Kind Of Loving (Original Mix)

Nico Dominguez - M.A.T (Original Mix)

Nico Dominguez - Splash (Original Mix)

Nomad (MX) - Let's Surf (Original Mix)

Nomad (MX) - Three Dimensional (Original Mix)

Nomad (MX) - Whispers (Original Mix)

Ollie S., Max Roots - Mirrors (Original Mix)

Ollie S., Max Roots - Rush (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Freaky Chikkk (Gustaff Remix)

Oravla Ziur - Freaky Chikkk (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Te Va A Gustar (Original Mix)

Oscar Saab - Houxxxe Night (Evan Espinoza Remix)

Oscar Saab - Houxxxe Night (Original Mix)

PARTIDA - Como Lo Hago (Original Mix)

PEACE MAKER! - Slow Down (Extended Mix)

PITR - D7 (Original Mix)

PITR - Soul Support (Original Mix)

Panoramatic - Insaniac (Original Mix)

Patrick Meeks - Love Lost (Extended Mix)

Phasen - Here I Am (Original Mix)

Phasen - The Listener (Original Mix)

PiNG (UK) - Deep It (Original Mix)

RILEY (UK) - Apparently Nothin (Original Mix)

RILEY (UK) - Devil's Spell (Original Mix)

Raaccso - Bailongos (Original Mix)

Raaccso - Cadencia (Original Mix)

Raaccso - Feeling (Original Mix)

Raffi Habel - Call Me Bonita (Original Mix)

Red Effects - Finally Friday (Original Mix)

Red Effects - Seven Summits (Original Mix)

Reelow, Mene, ACA (YU), s_o_u_l_f_u_l - Oye Tu (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze, Neomonic - AI Superpower (Liand Villus Remix)

Remi Blaze, Neomonic - AI Superpower (Original Mix)

Remi Blaze, Neomonic - Rhythm Vortex (Original Mix)

Rod García - Dolce Vitta (Original Mix)

Rod García - Music Medicine (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Nothing (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Ya Think (Original Mix)

SKYE (US) - I Go Deep (Joshua Puerta Remix)

SKYE (US) - I Go Deep (Original Mix)

Saga (PE), Fray Celis - Talk To Me (Mares Remix)

Saga (PE), Fray Celis - Talk To Me (Original Mix)

Sam Hosfrd - Like This (Original Mix)

Samos - Doxen (Original Mix)

Samos - Piscis (Original Mix)

Sanchez (UK) - Drip Slurr (Julian Collazos Remix)

Sanchez (UK) - Drip Slurr (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - Better Done Than Perfect (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - Cool Up (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - Feel Me (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - Impersonator (Original Mix)

Shitake - Drop Allow (Original Mix)

Shitake - Natural Vibes (Original Mix)

Simon Salazar - Bring It Back (Dzr Remix)

Simon Salazar - Bring It Back (Original Mix)

Skizzo - Setting (Extended Mix)

Skizzo - Square (Extended Mix)

Skizzo - Sunny (Extended Mix)

Stefano Kosa - Systematic (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley - Back To The Old School (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley - House Music (Original Mix)

Suave - Get The Needle (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise - Mami (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise, Ben Finx - Bandidaje (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise, Sebastian Diaz - Supah Star (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise, Sebastian Ledher - Eyez On Me (Original Mix)

Tatsuki Okadarim - Your Feelin' (Original Mix)

Tchami, MARTEN HØRGER - The Calling (Roosterjaxx Remix)

The Deepshakerz - Looking 4 Luv (Flashmob Rework)

The Martinez Brothers, Tokischa - Kilo (Major Lazer & Ape Drums Remix)

The Otter Gang - Stay True (Original Mix)

Thvndex - Tell Me (Extended Mix)

Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Blow Yo Mind (Original Mix)

Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Go Deep (Original Mix)

Tomi&Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Go Deep (Proudly People Remix)

Tommy Trash, Dave Winnel - That Accordion Song (Extended Mix)

Tre Reynolds - All Night (Original Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Runway (Original Mix)

Tre Reynolds - The One (Original Mix)

VanLah - Rainy Days (Original Mix)

VanLah - Z Nine (Original Mix)

Victor Valora - Freakin (Original Mix)

Victor Valora - Stimulation (Original Mix)

Vitalii Sky - Freak In The Head (Original Mix)

Vyon Collective - Plata (Original Mix)

Vyon Collective - Some Vibes (Original Mix)

Wade - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

"XY" - Let The Beat (Extended Mix)

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