DATA: 2023-07-18 TOTAL: 398 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Dive into the cutting-edge world of electronic music with Beatport's New Tech House compilation, alongside a carefully curated lineup of other exceptional genres, as of July 18, 2023. This latest release features a stellar roster, including Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech. Embark on a sonic journey that spans the realms of driving beats, infectious rhythms, and mesmerizing melodies. With a remarkable selection of tracks, this Beatport release promises to deliver an unforgettable musical experience for fans of all tastes and preferences.



1997, AK RENNY - Reload (Original Mix)

ABSOLUTE. - Drop Kick (Original Mix)

ABSOLUTE. - Papi's Pumping Piano (Original Mix)

ABSOLUTE. - Rush Hour (Original Mix)

ABSOLUTE. - Unarmed And Extremely Dangerous (Original Mix)

ALL BLAKK, Mickael Espinosa - Esta De Moda (Extended Mix)

AUGUSTOH - Apologize (Original Mix)

AUGUSTOH - Aquaman (Original Mix)

AUGUSTOH - One In A Million (Original Mix)

AYYBO, Dances With White Girls - Play Some Records (Extended Mix)

Aaron Klugg - Boo (Original Mix)

Adrian Mart, Victor Romero - Adhd (Extended Mix)

Alaia & Gallo - Ayna (Original Mix)

Alessio Gravante - Bibmm (Original Mix)

Alessio Gravante - Tocala (Original Mix)

Alex Amaro - People Don't Dance (Original Mix)

Alexander Som - Six I Am (Original Mix)

Alexis Morales (PE) - Groove Up (Original Mix)

Alexis Morales (PE) - Groove Up (Zaren Remix)

Alonso, Groovboy - Heaven (Original Mix)

Alonso, Groovboy - The Real (Original Mix)

Anders Hajem - All The Time (Original Mix)

Anders Hajem - Evo (Original Mix)

Andrew Azara, Project89 - Mind Dance (Ben Rau XTC Remix)

Andrew Azara, Project89 - Mind Dance (Original Mix)

Andrew Azara, Project89 - Perception (Original Mix)

Andrew Azara, Project89 - Violet (Original Mix)

Andruss - Frikitona (Original Mix)

Annick - HONEY (Extended Mix)

Anton C - Midi Punk (Original Mix)

Anton C - Take It Slow (Original Mix)

BOHEMIAN (FR), LIBOZ - African Lullaby (Extended Mix)

Barbara Alvarez - Breakin' Bad (Original Mix)

Barbara Alvarez - Microgramo (Original Mix)

Barbara Alvarez - Sumergido (Original Mix)

Bass On The Flow - Let Me See It (Original Mix)

Bass On The Flow - Unexpected Things (Original Mix)

Bassel Darwish - Rouge (Original Mix)

Bastian Bux, BizZa - Hollaback (Original Mix)

Bastian Bux, BizZa - Morani (Original Mix)

Bee Lincoln - Jack Alegre (Original Mix)

Behache, Black Smile - Establecido (Original Mix)

Ben Griff - Tell Em (Original Mix)

Ben Miller (Aus) - Ring The Alarm (Extended Mix)

Ben Remember - Around We Go (Extended Mix)

Blass (ITA) - Amazing (Original Mix)

Blass (ITA) - Circus (Original Mix)

Blass (ITA) - My Money (Original Mix)

Bloh - El Espacio De Tatooine (Original Mix)

Bloh - Hybrid (Original Mix)

Bloh - IL Gotico (Andrei C Remix)

Bloh - IL Gotico (Original Mix)

Bra - Insert Drama (Original Mix)

Bra - Superlemon (Original Mix)

Brandon - Going Gone (Original Mix)

Brendan James - U Know (Original Mix)

Broska, Ye-low, Soultight - Lights On (Extended Mix)

Bruno Bona - Pa' Que Se Muevan (Original Mix)

CASHEW - F*ck It (Extended Mix)

CERCA - DON'T LOSE IT (Extended Mix)

CERCA - I'M IN THE MOOD (Extended Mix)

CID, GUZ (NL) - Se Acabo (Original Mix)

CMC$ - Safari (Extended Mix)

CMC$, Noel Holler, Lackmus - Ella Quiere (Extended Mix)

Caesar - Bogata (Original Mix)

Caesar - Contact (Original Mix)

Caesar - Core (Original Mix)

Callyy, Ant Schillaci, Michelle Weeks - Keep Fighting (Extended Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Hobby Style (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Miralo (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Perverts (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Rave (Original Mix)

Carlos Agraz - Prendeh (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, ZenSoFly - Can't Stand (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, ZenSoFly - Can't Stand (Robag Wruhme's 'Flodder Bukk' Rehand)

Cele - 90'S (Original Mix)

Cele - Ladies (Original Mix)

Cele - Shaking (Original Mix)

Chapter & Verse - Rumpa Pa (Original Mix)

Cloonee - Fine Night (Original Mix)

Cocktail Cool - Just Listen (Original Mix)

Cocktail Cool - Nervous Tension (Original Mix)

Cocktail Cool - Succession (Original Mix)

Cocktail Cool - Venetian Sunlight (Original Mix)

Condu, Lucio Ka - Crazynths (Original Mix)

Condu, Lucio Ka - Funka (Original Mix)

Costel Van Dein, Purple Velvet Curtains - Like A (Extended Mix)

Cour T. - 2D5 (Extended Mix)

Curtis Young (AUS) - My Vibe (Original Mix)

DJ Koze, Sophia Kennedy - Wespennest (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Apres Minuit (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Less Than 0 (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Revolution 2024 (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Rolling And Smoking (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Under The Mask (Original Mix)

DRINHO, Alysso - Freedom (Original Mix)

DRINHO, Alysso - Heaven Hearing (Original Mix)

Dabi - Like (Original Mix)

Daniel Kazuo - Love You (Extended Mix)

Daniel Kazuo - New Age (Extended Mix)

Daniele Mistretta - Back On Train (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Brooklyn (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Moves & Grooves (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Never Come Close (Original Mix)

David Arias (MX) - Gravedad (Original Mix)

David Arias (MX) - Night (Original Mix)

Dennis Cartier, Dylan Soares - Suave (Extended Mix)

Djebali - Freaky Steps (Dub Mix)

Djebali - Freaky Steps (Original Mix)

Djebali - They Know You Would (Original Mix)

Doche, Kria McKenzie - Bad Girls (Extended Mix)

Doche, Rafael Jannotti - Unchain My Heart (Extended Mix)

Dompe - Sunny (Original Mix)

Dompe - Work (Original Mix)

Dvit Bousa, Deejay P4T - Belen (GetCosy Remix) (Extended Mix)

EMEXL - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

EMEXL - Debugged (Original Mix)

EMEXL - Love Triangle (Original Mix)

ESSENN - Night In Miami (Original Mix)

Ear Funk, Andre Espeut - Elevate Your Soul (Circuit Remix)

Ear Funk, Andre Espeut - Elevate Your Soul (Dub Mix)

Ear Funk, Andre Espeut - Elevate Your Soul (Original Mix)

Ear Funk, Andre Espeut - Elevate Your Soul (Peter Brown Remix)

Enrique Gongora - Circle (Original Mix)

Enrique Gongora - Destroy (Original Mix)

Enzo Siragusa - Blossom (Original Mix)

Enzo Siragusa - Laughing Tones (Original Mix)

Fabian Krooss - The Little Things (Original Mix)

Fabian Krooss - Whopper (Original Mix)

Felipe Cobos - Carezy (Original Mix)

Felipe Cobos - Far Away (Original Mix)

erik chico - All I Need (Original Mix)

erik chico - Work That (Original Mix)

Felipe Cobos - Horizon (Original Mix)

Felipe Cobos - Las Adelfas (Original Mix)

Fer BR - Besame (Original Mix)

Fer BR - FonkBeat (Original Mix)

Filip Grönlund - Flakes (Extended Mix)

Flashmob - Watch Me (Extended Mix)

Fortugno, Adriano Longi - El Ritmo (Original Mix)

Fortugno, Adriano Longi - Me Gusta (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - Wanna Be With You (Original Mix)

Goodboys, Biscits, Max Mylo - The Loop (Extended Mix)

Green Velvet, Patrick Topping - Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Greg Kercia, Alice April - Favela (Original Mix)

HIDDN, Deron, Deborah Lee - Freek U (Extended Mix)

HP Vince, KPD - Go Deeper (Extended Mix)

HP Vince, KPD - Go Deeper (Old School Extended Mix)

Hatiras, Sebb Junior - I Feel It (Original Mix)

Hector Couto - Flip n Drip (Extended Mix)

Helmut Dubnitzky - Hey (Original Mix)

Helmut Dubnitzky - Reflection (Original Mix)

Hercules & Love Affair - Do You Feel The Same? (Luke Soloman Tribute Remix)

Hiva - Elevation (Original Mix)

Hiva - Simplified (Original Mix)

Hot Since 82 - Atomic Sun (Original Mix)

ISAA - NRG (Original Mix)

ISAA - We Dem Boyzz (Original Mix)

Isoee - Beau Mot Plage (Luke Solomon & Honey Dijon Remix)

Ivan Lopez - Always (Original Mix)

Ivan Lopez - Hazme Soñar (Original Mix)

JB Martinz - La Luz Del Mundo (Original Mix)

JB Martinz - La Luz Del Mundo (Vegaans Remix)

JHerrera - Groove Tap (Original Mix)

JHerrera - Slow Thumpin' (Original Mix)

Jaded, Indira May - Mirror (Extended)

Jake Ream, Cash Only - Dance Next To Me (Original Mix)

James Curd, Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Fred P Interpretation)

James Curd, Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Marcel Vogel Remix)

James Curd, Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Original Mix)

James Curd, Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Scretch)

James Curd, Robert Owens - Tried For Love (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha - Dance Room (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha - Floral Groove (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha - Like Summer (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha, Lerow - No Way (Original Mix)

Jude & Frank, Lohrasp Kansara - Curura (Extended Mix)

Julian Jordan, Eleganto, Kota - NRG (Extended Mix)

Julio Navas - Free The Nipple (Extended Mix)

Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw - Way Back (Jarred Gallo Remix)

Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw - Way Back (Papp's Dub)

Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw - Way Back (Papp's Vocal Remix)

Justin Vilhauer - All That I Own (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Beautiful (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Healing (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Trifflin (Original Mix)

Kassier - No Fear (Original Mix)

Kassier - No Stopping (Original Mix)

Kassier - Paranoid (Original Mix)

Kassier - Passiflora (Original Mix)

Kaz James - Stay (Extended Mix)

KeeQ - Such A Loneliness (Nick Curly Dub Mix) (Extended Mix)

KeeQ - Such A Loneliness (Nick Curly Remix) (Extended Mix)

King Julian - I'll Be Yours (Original Mix)

King Julian - Signature (Original Mix)

Krisp - Farlige Fiffus (Original Mix)

Krisp - Fraktor (Original Mix)

Kry (IT), The Cube Guys - Candela (Tribe Mix)

Kyle Watson, Tania Foster - Escaping It (Original Mix)

LEFTI - Walk The Walk (Extended Mix)

LUCASMB - No Turning Back (Original Mix)

Late Replies - What The Funk (Original Mix)

Late Replies - Wild Shit (Original Mix)

LeoK, Maty Badini, David Cueto (ES) - Kaiosama (Original Mix)

LeoK, Maty Badini, David Cueto (ES) - Latin Vibes (Original Mix)

LoSoul - Art Form (Original Mix)

LoSoul - Outer Signal (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Spano, markyno - On The Beach (Original Mix)

Luca Bertoni - Your Arms (Extended Mix)

Luca Monteforte - Once Again (Original Mix)

Luca Monteforte - Present Day (Original Mix)

Luca Monteforte - Purple Vespa (Original Mix)

Luca Monteforte - Under The Influence (Original Mix)

Luvism - Everybody (Original Mix)

MINT (JPN) - Eyes (Original Mix)

MINT (JPN) - Turn It Up (Original Mix)

MS Pika - Ella Esta Sabrosa (Original Mix)

MS Pika - Venecia (Original Mix)

Mallin - No More (Extended Mix)

Marc Canova - What I Do (Extended Dub Mix)

Marc Canova - What I Do (Extended Mix)

Marc Twelker - Stronger (Extended Mix)

Marc Twelker - Stutter (Extended Mix)

Marc-lo - Cosmic Journey (Original Mix)

Marc-lo - Cosmic Journey (Sisto Remix)

Marc-lo - Dreamy Destination (Original Mix)

Marco Pecoraro, Jacko Plakinoff - How We Do (Original Mix)

Marco Pecoraro, Jacko Plakinoff - Skimask (Original Mix)

Mario Franca - Naken (Original Mix)

Mario Franca - Titaning (Carla Valenti Remix)

Mario Franca - Titaning (Original Mix)

Mario Franca - Vanessing (Original Mix)

Martin Minnucci, Vaicentt - Warming (Original Mix)

MartinoResi - I Believe (Original Mix)

MartinoResi - My Body (Original Mix)

MartinoResi, Donatto - The Old School (Original Mix)

Marvin Humes - Put Your Hands Up (Kideko Extended Mix)

Marvin Sykes - How We Dance (Extended Mix)

Matonik - Ride Your Body (Extended Mix)

Matt Hibbert - Booty Shake (Original Mix)

Matt Hibbert - F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Original Mix)

Matt Hibbert - You Can Do It (Original Mix)

Max Dean - Impressed (Original Mix)

Max Muller - Housy (Original Mix)

Michael James - Caffeine (Original Mix)

Michael James - Focal Point (Original Mix)

Michael James - Once Again (Original Mix)

Michael James - Sunday Eternal (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - I Love Music (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - My Body (Original Mix)

Movedeck - Go To Sleep (Original Mix)

Movedeck - We Trust (Original Mix)

Muratt, Lichenologist - Lost My Mind (Original Mix)

Muratt, Lichenologist - That's Right (Original Mix)

Muratt, Lichenologist - Whole Life On A Mission (Original Mix)

Mz Worthy - Dance And I'll Love You (Extended Mix)

Nasjon - Charimoya (Original Mix)

Nasjon - Toledo (Original Mix)

Nick Mendes - Caracas (Original Mix)

Nick Mendes - Feels (Original Mix)

Nicole Fiallo, Cousin Vinny (PHL) - Favorite Girl (Original Mix)

No User - Brinca (Original Mix)

Nocturnal Joe, J Kolo - I Want You (Original Mix)

OMNOM - Work Dat Body (Original Mix)

Onurb (Ita) - Complication (Original Mix)

Onurb (Ita) - Goback (Original Mix)

Ordonez - Bien Loco (Original Mix)

Pako Ramirez - Like This (Original Mix)

Pako Ramirez - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)

Pepito - Sweet Glitch (Giuseppe Surace Remix)

Pepito - Sweet Glitch (Original Mix)

Pepito - Sweet Glitch (Pino Firmani Remix)

Powerdance - Fantasy Light (House Version)

Powerdance - Power Dance (Mousse T.'s New Jersey Dub)

REEFORM - Nothingness (Original Mix)

REEFORM - Your Mind (Original Mix)

Raaccso - Guirigay (Original Mix)

Raaccso - Paparrucha (Original Mix)

Rafa Barrios - Baila Conmigo (Original Mix)

Rafael Bossi - Harlem (Extended Mix)

Rafael Bossi - Laddy (Extended Mix)

Raiann - Marron Brown (Original Mix)

Raiann - The Varon (Original Mix)

Ramon Bedoya, Lucas Yepes, Ati - Cuencos (Extended Mix)

Raumakustik, Juliet Sikora - Civic (Extended Mix)

Raw Underground - Beat Down (Original Mix)

Raw Underground - Don't Be Jealous (Original Mix)

Raw Underground - Nairobi (Original Mix)

Raw Underground - Refurbished (Original Mix)

Rawman - Low Scream (Original Mix)

Rawman - Punched (Original Mix)

Rawman - Strong Groove (Original Mix)

Red Weeller, Athos (GR) - She Hungry (Original Mix)

Red Weeller, Athos (GR) - Two Things (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Breaked (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Fixed (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Let The Groove (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Turn Me On (Original Mix)

Renx (PE), Mondo (PE) - Come On (Original Mix)

Renx (PE), Mondo (PE) - Uh Eh Uh (Original Mix)

Rick Wade - Groove Head (Original Mix)

Rick Wade - No BS (Original Mix)

Rick Wade - Vibe Like This (Original Mix)

Rod García - Get Up (Original Mix)

Rod García - Utopia (Original Mix)

Rod García - Voodoo Prayer (Original Mix)

Roland Clark, Urban Soul - Have A Good Time (Hotswing Dub)

Roland Clark, Urban Soul - Have A Good Time (Hotswing Extended Remix)

Roland Clark, Urban Soul - Have A Good Time (Paul Adam Extended Remix)

Rony Seikaly - Dancing Alone (Original Mix)

Rony Seikaly - Toxic (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Get On The Floor (Original Mix)

Rossi. - I Wanna Dance (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Mode (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Pass The Blunt (Original Mix)

Ruffo - Stop Thinking (Original Mix)

Ruffo - Supra (Original Mix)

Ruffo - Supreme (Original Mix)

Ryan Resso, Stef Davidse - Airplane Mode (Original Mix)

Ryan Resso, Stef Davidse - Give Me More (Original Mix)

SOSANDLOW - Beam Of Light (Original Mix)

SOSANDLOW - Unchained (Craftsmanship Remix)

SOSANDLOW - Unchained (Original Mix)

SOSANDLOW - Unchained (Siggatunez Dub)

Sally C - All Love (Original Mix)

Sally C - Control (Original Mix)

Sally C - Get Up (Original Mix)

Sally C - Hit It (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Por Fin Es Viernes (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - ENuff (Original Mix)

Santa Deep - Lost My Keys (Original Mix)

Santos - Fragment 021 "Shine On" (Original Mix)

Santos - Good Line (Original Mix)

Santos - Mumu (Original Mix)

Schoonebeek - Theory Of Tribe (Extended Mix)

Senso - Da Bassline (Original Mix)

Senso - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

Simon Ricci, Gosts - What?! (Extended Mix)

Simon Salazar - Big Fat Bass (Original Mix)

Simon Salazar - Piedritas (Original Mix)

Simon Salazar - Subelo (Original Mix)

Simon Shaw - Higher (Original Mix)

Simon Shaw - I Wanna Do It (Original Mix)

Simon Shaw - Whatever It Takes (Original Mix)

Skylin3, Terri-Anne - All That She Wants (Extended Mix)

Sllash & Doppe - Mwendwa (Original Mix)

Snatio - Chamber (Original Mix)

Snatio - Intriga (Original Mix)

Sr. Funkie - Sin Panti (Original Mix)

Stefano Noferini, Joe Vanditti - Perkulator (Original Mix)

Stefano Noferini, Joe Vanditti - Trust (Original Mix)

Stiven Escarraga - Sudamenrican (Alex Sounds Remix)

Stiven Escarraga - Sudamenrican (MYTIKO Remix)

Stiven Escarraga - Sudamenrican (Original Mix)

Swing Duke - Housie Moody (Original Mix)

Swing Duke - Mutual Cue (Original Mix)

Swing Duke - Pure Passion (Original Mix)

Swing Duke - Tuned (Original Mix)

TWENTY SIX - Paper Thin (Extended Mix)

Tech Dealer - Feel The House (Extended Mix)

Telepath - Wachufleiva 144-1 (Original Mix)

Telepath - Wachufleiva 144-2 (Original Mix)

Telepath - Wachufleiva 144-3 (Original Mix)

Telepath - Wachufleiva 144-4 (Original Mix)

Thümbler, Nikolas Frezza - Keep On (Original Mix)

Todd Terry, Carly Wilford, Jessica Wilde - Caught My Heart (Club Mix)

Todd Terry, Carly Wilford, Jessica Wilde - Caught My Heart (Dub)

Tom Sawyer - Afrotribe (Afro House Mix)

Tom Sawyer - Chingu Callao (Afro House Mix)

Tom Sawyer - Eh Mama (Ministry Of Funk Remix)

Tre Reynolds - Work It Out (Extended Mix)

Tree Threes - Round Circles (Original Mix)

Tree Threes - Shake & Move (Original Mix)

Tree Threes - Trust Universe (Original Mix)

Tyler Coey - Dance All Night (Original Mix)

US Two - Cherry On Top (Original Mix)

US Two - More To This (Original Mix)

US Two - Time To (Original Mix)

US Two - What's Your Name (Original Mix)

Understate - Madrid (Extended Mix)

Vanilla Ace, Nino (BG) - Ta Me (Original Mix)

Vanilla Ace, Nino (BG), Lee Wilson - Roll Tonight (Original Mix)

Velvet Velour - 40xYo (Original Mix)

Velvet Velour - Terpsichore Daydream (Original Mix)

Velvet Velour - Traffic (Original Mix)

Velvet Velour - Warning (Original Mix)

Vincent Caira - Discoworx (Original Mix)

Vincent Caira - Jet Fuel Gelato (Original Mix)

Vincent Caira - The House (Original Mix)

Wally Lopez - Invisible Men (Extended Mix)

Will Clarke, HoneyLuv, Moxie Knox - Move Your Body (Extended Mix)

Yolanda Be Cool, Jonjon - Segunda (Extended Mix)

Yuta Yamada - In Good Spirits (Original Mix)

Yuta Yamada - The Back Streets In Zaandam (Original Mix)

skemaddox, On Deck - That Groove (Original Mix)

waste wisely - Ghetto Gia (Original Mix)

waste wisely - Guide To Pleasure (Original Mix)

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