DATA: 2023-08-02 TOTAL: 317 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Explore the cutting-edge sounds of the electronic music scene with Beatport's New Releases for August 3, 2023. This diverse playlist showcases an exquisite mix of genres that cater to a wide range of musical preferences. Let the infectious rhythms and pulsating beats of Tech House set the mood for the dancefloor, or groove to the soulful melodies of House. Feel the energy and excitement of Bass House, or get funky with the vibes of Jackin House. Revisit the nostalgic sounds of Nu Disco / Disco, or get lost in the atmospheric and emotive world of Deep House. For those seeking a more underground experience, Minimal / Deep Tech offers intricate and immersive sonic landscapes. With 317 HQ tracks to discover, this compilation promises an unforgettable musical journey through the realms of Tech House, House, and beyond.



ATLAC - Bigi (Original Mix)

ATLAC - Metoo (Original Mix)

ATLAC - Things (Original Mix)

ATLAC - Weggo (Original Mix)

Agus Rk - Black Down (Original Mix)

Alarcon, Javi Palmero - Freak (Original Mix)

Alarcon, Javi Palmero - Moving (Original Mix)

Alarcon, Javi Palmero - Recognize Me (Original Mix)

Aldo Lizarazo - On This Rigth Now (Original Mix)

Aldo Lizarazo - Sick Sounds (Original Mix)

Ale Molinari, Carolin Cole - Video Party (Original Mix)

Alejo Ramirez - Don't Sleep (Original Mix)

Alessio Viggiano - Astral Impact (Original Mix)

Alessio Viggiano - Magic Mountain (Original Mix)

Alessio Viggiano - We Will Go Dance Together Again (Oden & Fatzo Remix)

Alessio Viggiano - We Will Go Dance Together Again (Original Mix)

Alex. G - Leave You (Original Mix)

Alex. G - Let's Go (Original Mix)

Alexander Koning - Tough Latin Love (Extended Mix)

Alfrenk, Mata Jones - I Wanna (Original Mix)

Alonso Bierg - Groove Delight (Original Mix)

Alonso Bierg - Operator (Original Mix)

Alonso Bierg, ARAP - Create The Future (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Amal's Dream (Amal's Extended ViP)

Anas M - Sunrise In Marrakech (Alffie Remix)

Anas M - Sunrise In Marrakech (Original Mix)

Anas M - Super Arp (Ilya Schulz Remix)

Anas M - Super Arp (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, DAN:ROS - For You (Original Mix)

Angelos - La Jungla (Extended Mix)

Annweiler - At Ease (Original Mix)

Annweiler - Cascading (Original Mix)

Antoine Clamaran - Come With Me (Original Mix)

Antonio Rec - bOSSY (Original Mix)

Antonio Rec - mOONLIGHT (Original Mix)

Ayzk Rovshan - Man Character (Original Mix)

Ayzk Rovshan - Octav M.S (Original Mix)

Ayzk Rovshan - She Doesn't (Original Mix)

Bajazo - Daydreams (Original Mix)

Bajazo - Fly (Original Mix)

Betaschen, Milos Pesovic - Draw The Line (Original Mix)

Bolton - Moustache Gracias (Original Mix)

Bolton - Organ Donor (Original Mix)

Bonsique - Express Yourself (Original Mix)

Bonsique - Leaves (Original Mix)

Brique - Breathe In (Original Mix)

Brique - Mars Transmission (Original Mix)

Brique - On A Distant Planet (Original Mix)

Brique - Ring My Bellboy (Original Mix)

Bruna Val - Healed (Extended Mix)

CHMPLOO - 3 AM (Omar Svenson Remix)

CHMPLOO - 3 AM (Original Mix)

Ceejay, Mase - Coastal (Original Mix)

Ceejay, Mase - Lost Mary (Original Mix)

Ceejay, Mase - Lost Mary (V.I.O Remix)

Chinonegro - The Hook (Original Mix)

Clubber - 1234 (Original Mix)

Clubber - Dirty Sexy (Original Mix)

Corrado Alunni - Brand New Day (Extended Mix)

Corrado Alunni - Brand New Day (Instrumental)

D&D BROTHERS, MANP - HEY DJ (Behache, Black Smile Remix)

D&D BROTHERS, MANP - HEY DJ (Original Mix)

DJ Face Off - My Street Life (Original Mix)

DJ Glen, GetCosy, Nana Torres - Stop, Don't Stop (Green Velvet Edit)

DJ Glen, GetCosy, Nana Torres - Stop, Don't Stop (Insane 14' Mix)

DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - Dale (Jay Vegas Latin Extended Remix)

DJ Siniestro - Drunk (Original Mix)

DJ Siniestro - Therapy (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Underdog (Dub Mix)

DJ W!ld - Underdog (Main Mix)

Dabi - BLAM! (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Brujeria (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Canción Andaluza (Original Mix)

Danny Coleman - Love Comes Back (Extended Mix)

Darby - Cactus Man (Original Mix)

Dario Nunez, JR MYKEL, Marviic - IN MY HOUSE (Original mix)

Dave Summit - Move On (Extended Mix)

Davide T - Mainframe (Original Mix)

Davide T - Offtake (Original Mix)

Delistic - Flowers (Extended Mix)

Delistic - Give On Me (Extended Mix)

Des & Del - Como? (Extended Mix)

Diego Sosa - Find A Way (Original Mix)

Diego Sosa - I've Got (Original Mix)

Diego Sosa - Patience (Original Mix)

Diniz - Habladera (Original Mix)

Dip Watters - Daddy's Girl (Original Mix)

Dip Watters - Invisible Funk (Original Mix)

Dip Watters - Organ Feel (Original Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, Juany Bravo - Mami Loca (Original Mix)

Don Swing - Drama (Original Mix)

Don Swing - Lonely Nights (Original Mix)

Dove & Serpent - Underground (Original Mix)

Draxx (ITA), CVMPANILE - Chakacha (Original Mix)

Dvit Bousa, Deejay P4T - Resisted (Original Mix)

Earth n Days - Lose Control (Extended Mix)

Evan (UK) - I Need Ya (Original Mix)

Evan (UK) - Merge (Original Mix)

ceparu - Diademe (Original Mix)

ceparu - Odaia (Original Mix)

ceparu - Shapuri (Original Mix)

ceparu - Topogan (Original Mix)

Fosko - Paris (Original Mix)

Francisco Allendes - Mamano (Original Mix)

Francisco Allendes - Tunu (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - Raise Ur Hands (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - Warriors (Original Mix)

GLOVA. - Shoot To Kill (Marcellus (UK) Remix)

GLOVA. - Shoot To Kill (Original Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - Be What I Want To Be (Original Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - Funky (Original Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - The Fact (Original Mix)

Gabriele Agostino - Party Up (Original Mix)

Gettoblaster, Javi Bora, Future Joy - Back 2 Back (Original Mix)

Gianni Ruocco, Seek Arguedas - Boom (Original Mix)

Gianni Ruocco, Seek Arguedas - Old Times (Original Mix)

Gold Lemonade, kyogre - Been Thinkin (Extended Mix)

Gustaff, RemoveBeforeFlight - Feel Alive (Original Mix)

Gustaff, RemoveBeforeFlight - Nonstop (Original Mix)

Guti, Roustam - Reintroduction (East End Dubs Remix)

HP Vince, Chuck Roberts - Jack Had A Groove (CASSIMM Remix)

Hassio (COL), Rinno dj - Gommer (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL), Rinno dj - Murdr (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL), Rinno dj - Oket (Original Mix)

Hosse - My Spin (Original Mix)

Hosse - The Boat (Original Mix)

Iva Dive - 2 Ducks (Original Mix)

Iva Dive - Comelove (Original Mix)

Jaksan - AntiQuack (Original Mix)

Jaksan - Melon (Original Mix)

Jale, Alan C. - She's Dancing (Original Mix)

James Dexter - Kortal Mombat (Original Mix)

Jamie Jones - Lose My Mind (LF System Extended Remix)

Jampikid - Always Loving (Extended Mix)

Janika Tenn, MC Creed - Paradiso (Extended Mix)

Javi Parra, Guti Legatto - We Are Back (Chanin, Misc Mood Remix)

Javi Parra, Guti Legatto - We Are Back (Mati Rivaday, Feddox Remix)

Javi Parra, Guti Legatto - We Are Back (Original Mix)

Javi Reina - Dakelon (Extended Mix)

Jenn Getz & Alfie - Love Love Love (Extended Mix)

Jhon Alejandro - Lamoor (Original Mix)

Jhon Alejandro - Thait (Original Mix)

Johnny Correa - Galaxy (Original Mix)

Johnny Correa - My House (Original Mix)

Jose Antonio eMe - Give Me That Vibrate (Original Mix)

Jose Antonio eMe - Keep It Clean (Original Mix)

Jose Vilches - D'en Bossa (Original Mix)

Jose Vilches - Viento (Original Mix)

Joshua Puerta - Jamless (Original Mix)

Juan Dragster - Gyn Tonic (Original Mix)

Juan Dragster - Rotax (Original Mix)

JØRD, Watzgood - Boom Boom Clack (Extended Mix)

KONARI - Dots (Original Mix)

KONARI - Step By Step (Original Mix)

Kamino (UK) - Lower Frequency (Original Mix)

Kevinn, JXR (AR) - Freedom (Original Mix)

Kevinn, JXR (AR) - On Fire (Original Mix)

KostadinXIliev - Wachufleiva 146-1 (Original Mix)

KostadinXIliev - Wachufleiva 146-2 (Original Mix)

KostadinXIliev - Wachufleiva 146-3 (Original Mix)

KostadinXIliev - Wachufleiva 146-4 (Original Mix)

Kyle Zuck - Funk Accelerator (Original Mix)

Kyle Zuck - Really Hot (Original Mix)

LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Driver (Original Mix)

LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Fix Up (Original Mix)

LeoK, Maty Badini, Bruno Bona - Tiembla (Original Mix)

Louie Blumes - Gucci (Extended Mix)

Louie Blumes - In Control (Extended Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra - Disconnection (Original Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra - Really Fantastic (Original Mix)

Lucien Le Grub - Moonpark (Original Mix)

Manuel Binati - Off (Original Mix)

Manuel De Lorenzi - How Much (Original Mix)

Manuel De Lorenzi - Venice (Original Mix)

Mar io - Dulce De Leche (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix)

Mar io - Dulce De Leche (Cie Remix)

Mar io - Dulce De Leche (Noah Levin Remix)

Marc Gruau - If You Get It Right (Original Mix)

Marc Gruau - Jazz Trip (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Killing The Essence (Bongo Beat Remix)

Marc Molina - Killing The Essence (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Santitos (Original Mix)

Marco Dez - Flagged (Original Mix)

Marco Dez - Magic Garden (Original Mix)

Marco Dez - Passiflora Edulis (Original Mix)

Marco Dez - Passiflora Edulis (iO Mulen Remix)

Mark Funk, Danny Cruz - Energy (Original Mix)

Mateo Bermejo - Dare To Dance (Original Mix)

Mateo Bermejo - Future (Original Mix)

Matt Jenks - Shakin On The Dancefloor (Original Mix)

Matt Jenks - Take Me Up (Original Mix)

Matt Moore, MC Ultra - Our House (Extended Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - I'm So Bad (Iglesias Remix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - I'm So Bad (Original Mix)

Melanie Ribbe, Chris Di Perri - Nonstop (Original Mix)

Merk (ITA) - The Bizzz (Original Mix)

Mike Morrisey - Play On Me (Original Mix)

Mike Morrisey - Saturday Morning (Original Mix)

Mike Morrisey, JOCEF - Flying High (Original Mix)

Mimmo Errico - La Cintura (Original Mix)

Minal - Dimensional Drift (Original Mix)

Moreno & Prieto, DH Moon - Le Go (Original Mix)

Moreno & Prieto, DH Moon - Peace & Love (Original Mix)

NGonzalez - Drizzle (Original Mix)

NGonzalez - Strom (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - Baddest On The Block (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - January (Original Mix)

Naes London - Calibria (Original Mix)

Naes London - Jara (Original Mix)

Nate Katz - Electric (Original Mix)

Nate Katz - State Of Mind (Original Mix)

Neon Hustler - In Too Deep (Extended Mix)

Nik Nazarov - Drunk Pilot (Original Mix)

Nik Nazarov - Locals (Komasa Remix)

Nik Nazarov - Locals (Original Mix)

Noisem - Awaken (Original Mix)

Noisem - Night Flow (Original Mix)

OFFMAIK - 4yu (Original Mix)

OFFMAIK - Self Destruct (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Buck Em (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - House Of Hip (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - ID (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Kukulkan (Original Mix)

One Over - Crowd Pleaser (Original Mix)

One Over - The Mood (Original Mix)

One Over - Vibration Razor (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Break It Down (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Kontrol (Gustaff Remix)

Oravla Ziur - Kontrol (Original Mix)

Paul Najera, Boys Don't Disco - Barrio Groove (Original Mix)

Paul Najera, Boys Don't Disco - Tinker (Original Mix)

Perky Wires - Exploited (Original Mix)

Perky Wires - Exploited (iO Mulen Remix)

Perky Wires - Moonshine (Djebali Remix)

Perky Wires - Moonshine (Original Mix)

Pierre Codarin - 3000 & Me (Losoul Remix)

Pierre Codarin - Fly Screen (Original Mix)

Pragmat - Hypnotic (Frankov Remix)

Pragmat - Hypnotic (Kristian Veron Remix)

Prince.L - Dance & Sway (Original Mix)

Prince.L - Superfreak (Original Mix)

Rafa Fradejas - Asi Es Total (Original Mix)

Rafa Fradejas - Calma (Original Mix)

Rafa Fradejas - Toco Troc (Original Mix)

Ramiro Navarro - Progress (Original Mix)

Ramiro Navarro - Vocals Hooks (Original Mix)

Reza, Mister H - Can You Feel My Heart (Original Mix)

Riccardo Ricci - Azzurro (Original Mix)

Riccardo Ricci - Can You Hear Me (Original Mix)

Riccardo Ricci - FK (Original Mix)

Rinia Rinia, Advek - D2 (Original Mix)

Rinia Rinia, Advek - Distant (Original Mix)

Rioss (Col) - Mi Lengua (Claudia Tejeda Remix)

Rioss (Col) - Mi Lengua (Original Mix)

Roberto Surace - Shaky (Original Mix)

Route 94 - C'mon (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Feel The Energy (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Get Da (Original Mix)

SIDEPIECE - Stimulate (Extended Mix)

SIDEPIECE - What You Need (Extended Mix)

Sam S - Brown Cocoa (Original Mix)

Sam S - Gingembre (Original Mix)

Sam S - Want You Back (Original Mix)

Sammy Deuce - Phat Boom (Original Mix)

Sammy Deuce - Where Ya At? (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Golosina (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Rave Culture (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Take Your Own Advice (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado, The King Of Faraon - Deja Que Te Suba (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado, The Perez - Be Free (Original Mix)

Sanchez & Narvaez - Pussy & Money (Camilo Do Santos Remix)

Sanchez & Narvaez - Pussy & Money (Extended Mix)

Sanchez & Narvaez - Rich Girl (Extended Mix)

Saunaclub - Baby (Original Mix)

Saunaclub - Yeraz (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Balinsky - Approximate Pi (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Balinsky - Boundaries (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Balinsky - Play C (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Balinsky - Saint Mr. J (Original Mix)

Sosa UK - Dusty Showbiz (Extended Mix)

Special Delivery - Cant Stop Now (Original Mix)

Special Delivery - Masters Of The Universe (Original Mix)

Special Delivery - Trenta (Original Mix)

Stephan Barbieri - Te Gusta (Original Mix)

Stylophonic - Feel My Soul (Original Mix)

Stylophonic - We Got Crunked Last Night (CHAMBRAY Extended Remix)

Stylophonic - We Got Crunked Last Night (Extended Version)

T Sounds - Dune Buggy (Original Mix)

T Sounds - Should Do (Original Mix)

T Sounds, Retrofract - 23 Hours (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz, Black Savana - Yari Ari (Original Mix)

Toby Romeo, Tim Hox - Bulla (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, DJ Pierre - Funky Tees (Manny Cuevas'z Puerto Rican Rum On Acid Re-Edit)

Tom Caruso, Jenny Voss - BYE BYE (Extended Mix)

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Lositos (Original Mix)

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Schtay (Original Mix)

Toomy Disco - No Children This Row (Original Mix)

Toomy Disco - Paralyzed (Original Mix)

Toomy Disco - Uncle Jimmy (Original Mix)

Two Lee - Lost Inside (Extended Mix)

Umberto Pagliaroli - Tukoh Taka (Extended Mix)

Umberto Pagliaroli - Y Que Fue (Extended Mix)

Vanny Granata - Answer (Original Mix)

Vanny Granata - Dribbled (Original Mix)

Vanny Granata - The Way (Original Mix)

Victor Haon - Little Helper 404-1 (Original Mix)

Victor Haon - Little Helper 404-2 (Original Mix)

Victor Haon - Little Helper 404-3 (Original Mix)

Victor Haon - Little Helper 404-4 (Original Mix)

WkndDept - Founda (Original Mix)

Yaar Kü - Aura (Dewalta Half Full Remix)

Yaar Kü - Aura (Original Mix)

Yaar Kü - Jobu (Original Mix)

Yaar Kü - Obe (Original Mix)

Zedlav - Gentleness (Original Mix)

Zedlav, Nean Zerr - Spirit Language (Original Mix)

Zedlav, Nean Zerr - Viceversa (Original Mix)

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