DATA: 2023-08-28 TOTAL: 220 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

As of August 27, 2023, Beatport's music catalog is a treasure trove for electronic music enthusiasts. Whether you're into the relentless beats of Tech House, the infectious rhythms of House, or the bass-heavy sounds of Bass House, there's something for every dancefloor devotee. Dive deeper into the groove with the funky vibes of Jackin House or take a retro journey with the captivating melodies of Nu Disco / Disco. Those with a penchant for a more contemplative sound can explore the soul-soothing realms of Deep House and the hypnotic allure of Minimal / Deep Tech. As you explore this musical haven, make sure to check out the latest offerings, including the last three tracks featured in the source.



Alan C - Bring It Back (Original Mix)

Alan C - Dance Night (Original Mix)

Alan C - My Way (Original Mix)

Alan C - The Original Bad Boy (Original Mix)

Alann M - Flamel (Original Mix)

Alann M - Roshi (Original Mix)

Alann M - Vida House (Original Mix)

Alex Preston - It's Not Over (Extended Mix)

Alffie - Not The One You Think (Original Mix)

Alffie - Proving Myself (IULY.B Remix)

Alffie - Proving Myself (Original Mix)

Alffie - Things In The Hood (Jorge Savoretti Remix)

Alffie - Things In The Hood (Original Mix)

Aliberti, Tico Morales - FEELING BETTER (Original Mix)

Aliberti, Tico Morales - MOOD (Original Mix)

Allan Nunez, Space Fear - Bate (Original Mix)

Andres Shockwave - Characteriztiks (Original Mix)

Andres Shockwave - Travel Bottle (Original Mix)

Ante Perry - Starlight (Extended Mix)

Ante Perry - Starlight (Flo Mrzdk & Juliet Sikora Extended Remix)

Anton Khalemsky - Alley Road (Original Mix)

Anton Khalemsky - I Got Something To Tell You (Original Mix)

Anton Khalemsky - Tell Me So (Original Mix)

Anton Khalemsky - Two Times About It (Original Mix)

Anton Khalemsky - We're Talking About It (Original Mix)

Arnold & Lane - Bring The Vibe (Extended Mix)

Aukanaii - Groove Slow (Original Mix)

Aukanaii - Malfunction (Original Mix)

Aukanaii - New Game (Original Mix)

BRODYR - About This Place (Original Mix)

BRODYR - We Like (Original Mix)

BURNR - Bad Girl (Extended Mix)

Bizen Lopez - How Somebody Feels (Original Mix)

Bizen Lopez - Shake & Get Down (Original Mix)

Black Smile - Black Soul (Original Mix)

Black Smile - Shine (Original Mix)

Breach - Jack (DC Extended Jack Track)

Breach - Jack (Jonathan Kaspar Extended Remix)

CASSIMM - Freak (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Dreams Come (Original Mix)

Caravaca - People's Talking (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Phone (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Shade (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Swing (Original Mix)

Carlos Arresa - Exhale (Original Mix)

Carlos Arresa - Nebula (Original Mix)

Cavallieri - Adoba (Original Mix)

Cavallieri - Always Luvthing (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us, Dmitri Saidi, Maxx Gallo - Mira Como Baila (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us, Dmitri Saidi, Vikina - Me Gusta (Original Mix)

Cinthie - Bossa (Original Mix)

Cinthie - Shuffle And Swing (Original Mix)

Cinthie - Time To F.. (Original Mix)

Cinthie - Tough Times (Original Mix)

DTAILR - Vibe I'm On (Extended Mix)

Daniel Cuda - Automatic (Jizz Remix)

Daniel Cuda - Automatic (Original Mix)

Danil Sanchez - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

Danny Bond, Human Resource - Dominator (Original Mix)

Danny Samaei - Haunted (Original Mix)

Danny Samaei - Tomorrow Is A Good Day (Original Mix)

Davalo - Latin Trumpet (Original Mix)

Davalo, Thomas Abbriata - Free Vibes (Original Mix)

Davalo, Thomas Abbriata - Suave (Original Mix)

David Arias (MX) - Party (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Bronx (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - D.O.C (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - I Wanna Go Back (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - S.M.D (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Toki Toki (Original Mix)

Dilby, Liv Campbell - Trippin' (Extended Mix)

Dillon Nathaniel - Sins And Saints (Extended Mix)

Discip - Endless Energy (Original Mix)

Discip - No Stop (Original Mix)

Discip - We Move (Original Mix)

Dubman F. - Trk36 (EAT The RICH Remix)

Dubman F. - Trk36 (Original Mix)

Dubman F. - Trk36 (PiNG UK Remix)

Eduardo Steven - Give Me (Original Mix)

Eduardo Steven - Turn Me On (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - Astrako (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - Get Down (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - The Light (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - Zeno Sama (Original Mix)

Franco Musachi, WIFO - If U Got That (Original Mix)

Franco Musachi, WIFO - No Matter (Original Mix)

Franco Musachi, WIFO - Sweet Jamz (Original Mix)

Franco Musachi, WIFO - Sweet Jamz (P.Luj Remix)

Franky Rizardo - Love Seeking (Extended Mix)

Franky Wah - 55 (Original Mix)

Freejak - Jolene (Extended Mix)

Freenzy Music - Papitchulo (Original Mix)

Freenzy Music, GREG (BR) - La Luna (Original Mix)

Funk Off (AR) - Just This (Extended Mix)

Funk Off (AR) - Simple Dance (Extended Mix)

GOSSO - Fantasy (Original Mix)

GOSSO - Geet Deeph (Original Mix)

GOSSO - Is Hot (Original Mix)

Galvino - Despues De Ti (Original Mix)

Galvino - Luna Ambientada (Original Mix)

Groovejet - Forget It (Original Mix)

Hart & Neenan - All The Ravers (Original Mix)

Hart & Neenan - Heavy Duty (Kreature Remix)

Hart & Neenan - Heavy Duty (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL) - Frankko (Original Mix)

House Machine (BR) - Baile (Original Mix)

Iglesias, RSquared - Survivor (Original Mix)

Iglesias, RSquared - Weasley (Original Mix)

Illyus & Barrientos, Jude & Frank, Lohrasp Kansara, Adam Clay - In The Music (Extended Mix)

Jalal Ramdani, Tommy Chiabra - Together (Original Mix)

Jewel Kid - Body Right (Extended Mix)

John Summit, MKLA - Fade Out (Extended Mix)

Jorge Hurtado - Crown (Original Mix)

Jorge Hurtado - Deep On (Original Mix)

JötaKaa - Amexx (Original Mix)

JötaKaa - Candy Food (Original Mix)

Junior Jack - Thrill Me (LO'99 Remix) (Extended Mix)

Kadosh, Khris - Basskick (Original Mix)

Kideko - Dingdading (Extended Mix)

Lady Bee - Pam Pam Pam (Original Mix)

Late Replies - Full Monty (Original Mix)

Late Replies - Homesick (Leon (Italy) Remix)

Late Replies - Homesick (Original Mix)

Late Replies - Shakefunk (Original Mix)

Lee Foss, Ralf - Cadillac (Original Mix)

Lee Guthrie - Back Of My Mind (Original Mix)

Lee Guthrie - Reset Humanity (Original Mix)

Lee Guthrie - Unilen (Original Mix)

Lejune - Downtown (Original Mix)

Lejune - North Bay (Original Mix)

Leo Portela - Ophanim (Original Mix)

Leo Portela - Realm (Original Mix)

LewRaz - Shake (Original Mix)

LewRaz - Your Girl (Original Mix)

Liam Tav - My Lost Desire (Original Mix)

Liam Tav - Who Is Boss! (Original Mix)

Lin C (BR) - How I Knew (Original Mix)

Lin C (BR), Balestra - Cursed By The Boogie (Fede Aliprandi Remix)

Lin C (BR), Balestra - Cursed By The Boogie (Original Mix)

LondonGround - Blue Smoke (Original Mix)

LondonGround - New Ray (Cristina Lazic Remix)

LondonGround - New Ray (Original Mix)

LondonGround - Roots (Original Mix)

Los Suruba - Praia Do Casino (KIRIK Remix)

Los Suruba - Praia Do Casino (Original Mix)

Low Steppa, Crusy - This Is The Sound (Extended Mix)

Manu Chao, Francis Mercier - Bongo Bong (Francis Mercier Remix) (Original Mix)

Marcos Orellano (AR) - Sweet (Original Mix)

Marcos Orellano (AR) - Take On Round (Original Mix)

Mareels, Omar Svenson - Bromance (Extended Mix)

Mareels, Sacli - Mi Viejo (Extended Mix)

Mason Maynard - You (Original Mix)

Matt Guy - Dream Of My Life (Extended Mix)

Miguel Lobo - I See You Blurred (Original Mix)

Miguel Lobo - Tellin' Me (DeMarzo Remix)

Miguel Lobo - Tellin' Me (Original Mix)

Miguel Lobo - Your Voice, Your Eyes, Your Lips (Original Mix)

Mirko Abbattista - Closer (Original Mix)

Mirko Abbattista - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Mo'Cream - I Don't Feel Pain (Original Mix)

Mo'Cream - The Key (Original Mix)

Mochakk - Jealous (Extended Mix)

Nausica - Se Pone Loca (Extended Mix)

Ocean Roulette - Lookin At Me (Extended Mix)

Ocean Roulette - Prophet (Extended Mix)

Ocean Roulette - Sorry About This (Extended Mix)

Odd Mob, OMNOM - Bees (Extended Mix)

Oner Zeynel - So Low (Original Mix)

Ordonez - A Girl Like You (Original Mix)

Overtracked - Driving To Europoort (Original Mix)

Overtracked - Teebeedrie (Original Mix)

Pablo Grimaltos - I Say You Say (Original Mix)

Pablo Grimaltos - More Than Ever (Original Mix)

Paul Adam - This Is The Beat (Extended Mix)

Point85, Jame Starck, Maex - Baila (Original Mix)

Rafa Barrios - Kendall (Original Mix)

Ranger Trucco - street knowledge. (Max Chapman Remix)

Ranger Trucco - street knowledge. (Original Mix)

Ranger Trucco - sunday walk. (Original Mix)

Rhoowax - Side A (Original Mix)

Rhoowax - Universal Love (Original Mix)

Riva Starr - How It Feels (Extended Mix)

Rødri Pan - Babilone (Original Mix)

Rødri Pan - Babilone (Techu Remix)

Rødri Pan - Rush Hour (Original Mix)

SIDEPIECE - Westside (Original Mix)

Sam Blacky - Sound Of Da Police (Extended Mix)

Sam Collins, Kiro Prime - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)

San Pacho - Soundboy (Extended Mix)

Sera De Villalta - Aight (Original Mix)

Sera De Villalta - Come Closer (Original Mix)

Sera De Villalta - Red Light Bar (Original Mix)

Sera De Villalta - What's Your Name (Original Mix)

Shane Fernandes - Baby Please (Extended Mix)

Shane Fernandes - Baby Please (Luigi Rocca Extended Remix)

Shane Fernandes - Baby Please (Manuel De La Mare Extended Remix)

Silat Beksi - True Summer (Interpretation I) (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - True Summer (Interpretation II) (Original Mix)

Simone Liberali - Existence (Original Mix)

Simone Liberali - Vibration (Original Mix)

Simone Liberali - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Solardo, Mandalo - Lemon & Lime (Extended Mix)

Stephen Kirkwood - Loving You (Extended Mix)

T.a.f.k.a.t., Mr. Maro - Chunk Food (Original Mix)

T.a.f.k.a.t., Mr. Maro - Hot Rod (Original Mix)

Thiago G Hard - Live For This (Original Mix)

Thiago G Hard - Maya (Original Mix)

Thümbler - Given Up (Original Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Overture (Aline Umber 23%% Eventide Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Overture (Map.ache Remix)

Tibi Dabo - Overture (Original Mix)

Veritas (UK) - BBS (Original Mix)

Veritas (UK) - Higher Energy (Original Mix)

Viot, Vitor Vinter - FMF (Bruno Furlan Remix)

Viot, Vitor Vinter - FMF (Original Mix)

Wilder (ITA) - Lisztomania (Original Mix)

Wilder (ITA) - Sinestesia (JUST2 Remix)

Wilder (ITA) - Sinestesia (Original Mix)

Yogi P, Kenny Oliver - Rhythm Control (Original Mix)

Yogi P, Kenny Oliver - Your Love (Original Mix)

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