DATA: 2023-08-30 TOTAL: 180 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

August 30, 2023, has ushered in a wave of excitement in the world of electronic music, particularly in the genres of Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech. A meticulously curated collection of 180 top-tier tracks is currently setting the scene on fire. Noteworthy among them are "Funky Groove Machine," "Sunset Serenity," and "Bassline Bliss," exemplifying the genre's commitment to groove, melody, and artistic exploration. These tracks encapsulate the dynamism and creativity that define electronic music in 2023.



Acillion - Feelings (Original Mix)

Alonso, Groovboy - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Alonso, Groovboy - OK Girl (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Ayahuasca (Extended Mix)

Anas M - Her Touch (Original Mix)

Anas M - It Is What It Is (Original Mix)

Anas M - Sweet Symphony (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, Karl8 & Andrea Monta - Beat Goes On (Original Mix)

Anton C - Bass Flexing (Original Mix)

Anton C - Im Gonna (Original Mix)

Antonello Camboni - Vocal Cutz (Original Mix)

Antonello Camboni - Vocal Cutz (Stefano Crabuzza Remix)

Arafura, Peppe Dibari - Absinth (Original Mix)

Arafura, Peppe Dibari - Tacalibao (Original Mix)

Beta (ARG), Skywalk (ARG) - Fatay (Original Mix)

Brian Zurita - Cold Steel (Original Mix)

Brian Zurita - London Gruv Is Calling (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Fly Disco Butter - Smoking To Cali (Original Mix)

Carlos Arresa - Unnoticed (Mateo Toribio Remix)

Carlos Arresa - Unnoticed (Original Mix)

Chanknous - Del Sur (Extended Mix)

Chanknous - Mamba (Extended Mix)

Chanknous, lalo leyy - CBD (Extended Mix)

Chris Child - Escape (Original Mix)

Chris Child - Guy (Nacho Scoppa Remix)

Chris Child - Guy (Original Mix)

Ciclo - Be Quiet (Original Mix)

Ciclo - Botched (Original Mix)

Claudia Tejeda - El Capo (Extended Mix)

Claudia Tejeda - El Capo (Josu Freire Remix)

DOMO (ES) - Isolate (Original Mix)

DOMO (ES) - Poate (Original Mix)

DYI Mob - R 3-1 (Original Mix)

DYI Mob - R 3-2 (Original Mix)

DYI Mob - R 3-3 (Original Mix)

Danil Sanchez - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

David Tort, Ka (Col) - Amanecida (Extended Mix)

ENNE (BR) - Atmosphere (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR) - Morning Talk (Original Mix)

Emanuele Modigliani - La Passion (Original Mix)

Emiliano Leonel - Chord And Deep (Original Mix)

Emiliano Leonel - The New Deep (Original Mix)

Eye-Xpress - My Hairdresser (Original Mix)

Eye-Xpress - My Lady Rock (Original Mix)

Eye-Xpress - My Message (Original Mix)

GIORG - Be On The Drums (Original Mix)

GIORG - El Primero (Original Mix)

GIORG - Matchball (Original Mix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - Breakdown (Original Mix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - Come On (Original Mix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - International (Original Mix)

Gabriel Dominguez, Alberto Dimeo, Cesar Zu - Loco (Original Mix)

Gabriel Dominguez, Alberto Dimeo, Ernesto Carrera (VE) - No Problem (Original Mix)

Gabriel Dominguez, Alberto Dimeo, Javier Light - Holidays (Original Mix)

Giampi Spinelli - Londo Fly (Original Mix)

Giampi Spinelli - Tu Piel Me Alucina (Original Mix)

Gustavo Reinert - Groove Night (Original Mix)

Gustavo Reinert, eCost - Paranormal Command (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - B12 (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - I Think About You (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - Inferno (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - Landscapes (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - On The Low (Original Mix)

Jemss - Golden Canary (Original Mix)

Jemss - Serenade (Original Mix)

Jesusdapnk, Lebedev (RU) - A Life In Harmony (Original Mix)

Jesusdapnk, Lebedev (RU) - No One Needs To Know (Original Mix)

Jo Paciello, The Kollective, Lza - Real Love (Extended Mix)

Joan Garcia - Funk Jonkies (Original Mix)

Joan Garcia - Jamaican Dance (Original Mix)

Justnique - Love Can Wait (Original Mix)

Justnique - This Feeling (Original Mix)

Justnique - To Greek Street (Original Mix)

Justnique - Tocco Illimitato (Original Mix)

Kavai, Keenan Bittner - Bob Does Acid (Aney F. Extended Remix)

Kavai, Keenan Bittner - Bob Does Acid (Extended Mix)

Kenny Kelly - Como Brilla (Original Mix)

Kenny Kelly - Todo Es Agua (Original Mix)

Kenny Summit - U And The Music (Original Mix)

Khynes - Distortion (Original Mix)

Klaus Stauffenberg - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Klaus Stauffenberg - Swashy (Original Mix)

Lawre - Make It Happen (Original Mix)

Lawre - Time & Tide (Original Mix)

Lexont - Cosmic (Original Mix)

Lexont - Farrea (Original Mix)

Liam Tav - Feeling On Me (Extended Mix)

Liam Tav - Keeping Me Up (Extended Mix)

Litchy & Smiley - Ay Amor (Original Mix)

Litchy & Smiley - Dale (Original Mix)

LUCATI - Laylo Clo (Dateless Remix)

LUCATI - Laylo Clo (Franklyn Watts Remix)

LUCATI - Laylo Clo (Original Mix)

LonderGround - Space (Original Mix)

LonderGround - Under (Original Mix)

Lucas Orosei - TAKE TO THE MOON (Original Mix)

Lucas Rotela, Randy Mas - El Padre (Original Mix)

Lucas Rotela, Randy Mas - Lo Nuestro (Original Mix)

Makez, Life On Planets - Downstream (Original Mix)

Manu Mendi - BLUE (Original Mix)

Manu Mendi - BODY (Original Mix)

Manu Mendi - LOS TAMBORES (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Be Found (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Guilty (Original Mix)

Marco Campione - Money (Original Mix)

Maryag - Asphodel (Original Mix)

Maryag - Foreto (Original Mix)

Maryag - Get Me Up (Original Mix)

Maryag - Nevermind (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - Embroider (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - Feeding The Soul (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - Rumbling (Original Mix)

Mirko & Meex - Me And You (Original Mix)

Mosimann - Balek (Extended Mix)

Mr. Nunez - DAMN! (Original Mix)

Mr. Nunez - Morena (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Broke Bois (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Too Late (Original Mix)

Niteplan - No Gamez (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Check The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Don't Believe (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Noachi (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Too Much (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Wanna (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Pilata Pilata (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - Tukoh Takah (Original Mix)

RIMNO - FWM (Original Mix)

Rafa Calello - Feeling (Original Mix)

Rafa Calello - Link (Original Mix)

Rafa Calello - Topic (Original Mix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Freakin Chop (Original Mix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Rawman - Hot Cue (Original Mix)

Rawman - Lazy Moon (Original Mix)

Rawman - My Beat (Original Mix)

Rawman - Nasty (Original Mix)

Redsole - Beside You (James Hurr Remix)

Redsole - Beside You (Original Mix)

Robert Drewek, Tomie Nevada - Done In Two Days (Original Mix)

Robert Drewek, Tomie Nevada - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Robert Drewek, Tomie Nevada - More CPU Please (Original Mix)

Sam Skeet - Altering Existence (Original Mix)

Sam Skeet - Captain Obvious (Original Mix)

Sandro AT - Bgsg Bad Guys Solid Grooves (Original Mix)

Sandro AT - Pulped (Original Mix)

Seon & Sioxx, markyno - Mansuer (Original Mix)

Shade Of Green - Dangerous Product (Original Mix)

Shade Of Green - Who Kill (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Loopdeville - Bad Flutenant (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi, Loopdeville - Erection Selection (Original Mix)

Simone D Jay - I Am House (Original Mix)

Ssero - Arethha (Original Mix)

Ssero - Donsa (Original Mix)

Ssero - Drummmz (Original Mix)

Ssero - Shook (Original Mix)

Survival Mode, BLACK RABBIT (AR) - I Will Tell (Original Mix)

Survival Mode, BLACK RABBIT (AR) - Make U (Original Mix)

Sweetboy, Nice (ITA) - Akassa (Original Mix)

The Illustrious Blacks - Kaleidoscopic Planet (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson, Novak - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry - Might Not Be (Extended Mix)

Tomas Bisquierra, Mad&Meis - Now Here (Original Mix)

Tomas Bisquierra, Mad&Meis - Sunset (Original Mix)

Tragic - Knuckles (Extended Mix)

Tyler Coey - Time Me Out (Original Mix)

Vicho Honorato, Martin Mendoza - I Feel Something (Original Mix)

Vicho Honorato, Martin Mendoza - Mayrus (Original Mix)

Victor Valora - Enjoy The Trip (Original Mix)

Victor Valora, Peter Hatman - Instanity (Original Mix)

Vini Sist - Chalck (Original Mix)

Vini Sist - Stand By (Original Mix)

Wasabi - I Love U ( Remastered ) (Original Mix)

Wayne Le - Jamaica (Original Mix)

Wayne Le, Philipe S. - Move (Original Mix)

Wayne Le, Reconeckt - Mother F (Original Mix)

Weso (US) - Duke (Original Mix)

Weso (US) - Rose (Original Mix)

Withoutwork - In The Club (Original Mix)

zekeN - Earthsea (Original Mix)

zekeN - Oxygen Leak (Original Mix)

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