DATA: 2023-09-06 TOTAL: 200 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Beatport is serving up a delectable array of electronic music genres on September 6, 2023, with a special focus on Tech House, House, and Bass House. These genres are the lifeblood of the dance music scene, and this selection does not disappoint. The Tech House section boasts tracks like "Groove Fusion," "House Fever," and "Bassline Bounce," each designed to keep the party going strong. House enthusiasts will find themselves drawn to the rhythmic charm of "Soulful Rhythms" and "Funky Vibes," while Bass House takes center stage with its bass-heavy bangers. Jackin House and Nu Disco/Disco bring a touch of nostalgia with tracks like "Retro Groove" and "Disco Inferno," offering a taste of the classic dancefloor vibe. And for those seeking a more profound musical experience, Deep House and Minimal/Deep Tech deliver tracks that dive into the depths of sonic exploration, making Beatport's September 6, 2023 collection a must-listen for electronic music aficionados.




AJ Christou, Amal Nemer - Wild Mind (Original Mix)

AJ Christou, Amal Nemer - Wild Mind (VHS Disco Dub)

Adam Ten, Maori - Spring Girl (Extended)

Agus Ferreyra, Pablo Aristimuño - U Dreama (Original Mix)

Agus Ferreyra, Pablo Aristimuño - U Know (Original Mix)

Agus Ferreyra, Pablo Aristimuño - U Muv (Original Mix)

Airrica, Ashee - Elsa's Scream (Extended)

Airrica, Ashee - Flori (Extended)

Airrica, Ashee - International Confusion (Extended)

Alessandro Morandi (IT) - Angkat (Extended Mix)

Alessio Deluxe - Smash The Disco (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Aabstrkt Mind (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Higher Orbit (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Higher Orbit (u z z v Remix)

Alex Arnout - What I Mean (Original Mix)

Alex Metric - Alive (Kiimi Remix)

Alex Metric - Alive (Original Mix)

Alex Rojas, Fede Lamark - Do It A$AP (Original Mix)

Alex Rojas, Fede Lamark - Killa (Original Mix)

Alez - Digital Cat (Original Mix)

Alez - Mentirotza (Original Mix)

Alonso Bierg, Jorge Lefenda - Close To Death (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - MADAFAKA (Freenzy Music Remix)

Angel Heredia - MADAFAKA (Gustaff Remix)

Angel Heredia - MADAFAKA (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Revolver (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Step Two (Original Mix)

Bes - On Time (Original Mix)

Bes - Peter Panic (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - Dancefloor (Original Mix)

Blaqq & Why'd - Our World (Original Mix)

Brad King - My House (Extended)

Buogo - Sulfur (Original Mix)

Buogo, Chaval (BR) - Dougie (Original Mix)

CHASEWEST - WRATH (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Candela (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Nostalgia (Original Mix)

Casas - Blaze One (Original Mix)

Casas - Checkin Jax (Original Mix)

Casas - High Dreams (Original Mix)

Cris Ocana - The Sax (Adiel Mora Remix)

Cris Ocana - The Sax (Camilo Do Santos Remix)

Cris Ocana - The Sax (Original Mix)

Cuartero - Cu Chu (Original Mix)

Cuartero - I Never (Original Mix)

Cuartero - Otaclock (Original Mix)

Cuartero - Persefone (Original Mix)

Danny Quest - Breathe (Original Mix)

Danny Quest - Out Of Control (Original Mix)

Darren After - DWM (Original Mix)

Davide Marsala - Uh Ah (Original Mix)

Davide T - Floorfiller (Original Mix)

Drum Lab - Cabinet (Original Mix)

Drum Lab - Seletor (Original Mix)

Duarte (BR), Ragie Ban - Thugs In The House (Original Mix)

Farzala - Dream (Original Mix)

Farzala - No Sleep (Original Mix)

Fioretti - Mind Games (Original Mix)

Fioretti - Vanity (Original Mix)

Flashhood - Brass Disk (Original Mix)

Gabriele Toma - Cama (Original Mix)

Gabriele Toma - Que Pasa (Original Mix)

Gerard FM - No Control (Original Mix)

Go Freek, Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up (Wongo Extended Remix)

GreenThump - Dab Jab (Original Mix)

HÜGGØ - Hot Sand (Original Mix)

HÜGGØ - Tuareg (Original Mix)

Hotswing - Joys (Extended Mix)

Hotswing - Your Life (Extended Mix)

Jhon Alejandro - Axep (Original Mix)

Jhon Alejandro - Ferthis (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti - Boujee (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti - Dealer (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti - Freak & Down (Original Mix)

Jorman M. - Flow (Original Mix)

Jorman M. - La Bocina (Original Mix)

Josh Powell - Mind Control (Original Mix)

Josh Powell - Temptation (Original Mix)

Joshua Brooks - Chicago Town (Extended Mix)

Juampi Saillen - Clímax Underground (Original Mix)

Juampi Saillen - Dont Stop (Original Mix)

Juampi Saillen - Hey You (Original Mix)

Juan Ferreyro, Caitto - Come On Moving (Original Mix)

Juan Ferreyro, Caitto - Hold Up (Original Mix)

Jungle Be - Best Night Of My Life (Original Mix)

Jungle Be - Nostopping (Original Mix)

KASSUL - Slow (Original Mix)

KASSUL - The Club (Original Mix)

Katermurr - Conocerme (Original Mix)

Katermurr - Get Away (Original Mix)

Katermurr - Inspiration (Original Mix)

Katermurr - Reflections (Original Mix)

Kilhoffer - Live Forever (Original Mix)

KinAhau - Pronosticos Cachito (Original Mix)

Kino Todo, Trilion - Raver (Extended)

Kolter - Make It High Energy (Original Mix)

Kolter - Meine Hihat (Original Mix)

Kolter - Motown Swagger (Original Mix)

Kolter - The Personality (Original Mix)

Lebedev (RU), Rythmique - Jazz Mood (Original Mix)

Lebedev (RU), Rythmique - Steps (Original Mix)

LeoK, Eze Drill - Giving It Up (Original Mix)

Lex Green, Mau Bacarreza - Latin Fever (Original Mix)

Liam Tav - Cum To Love (Original Mix)

Liam Tav - Moyagui (Original Mix)

Liquid Rose - Fancy (Extended Mix)

Locklead - Hazy Gaze (Original Mix)

Locklead - Moon (Original Mix)

Lu George, Juan M - 25 In My Mind (Original Mix)

Lu George, Juan M - Hadron (Original Mix)

Luca Garaboni - Cosa Bevi "What Do You Drink" (Extended Mix)

Luca Garaboni - Superfunky (Extended Mix)

Luke Mumby - Don't Be Scared (Extended Mix)

Lvndo - Ven! (Original Mix)

MEVY (GER) - Move Your Feet (Extended Mix)

Maesic - ARARIA (Extended Mix)

Majoness - Ask Yourself (Original Mix)

Majoness - God Damage (Original Mix)

Majoness - I Have A Dream (Original Mix)

Mallin - Sultry 808 (Extended Mix)

Mallin - Sunshine (Extended Mix)

Malone, Tom & Collins - What Is Ritmo (Extended Mix)

Mar Vista, Stephan Duy - Groovin' (Extended Mix)

Mario Bravo - Rush Down (Original Mix)

Mario Bravo - Stop It (Original Mix)

Marko Zalazar - Re Mantenido (Original Mix)

Marko Zalazar - Veintisiete (Original Mix)

Martin Badder - Suttin' Like (Extended Mix)

Massimo Conte - Goodbye (Mihalis Safras Remix) (Extended Mix)

Mojjo, Bhaskar, Bright Sparks - Zombie (Original Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato, Ricky Jo - Pepito Dance (Original Mix)

Nic Soule - Hold On, Strong (Guztav Deep & Soulful Remix)

Nic Soule - Hold On, Strong (Judee Arakawa Reconstruction)

Nic Soule - Hold On, Strong (Original Mix)

Nic Soule - Together, We Grow (Original Mix)

NickySnax - Stay With Me Tonight (Extended Mix)

NightFunk, Crizzle - Round (Extended Mix)

NightFunk, Crizzle - Some Time (Extended Mix)

Novak - Work It (Extended Mix)

Overworked (US), Pepe G - Friendly Reminder (Original Mix)

Overworked (US), Pepe G - Open Minded (Original Mix)

Overworked (US), Pepe G - Thinkin Bout (Original Mix)

Pat Lok - Ibiza 93 (XTC) (Extended Mix)

Perky Wires - Back To The Old School (Original Mix)

Perky Wires - Jade (Original Mix)

Perky Wires - Tribute Of Groove (Original Mix)

Plastic Robots - Machines (Extended Mix)

Plastic Robots - Old School (Extended Mix)

Ray Ricch - Bom Pow (Original Mix)

Ray Ricch - Keep My (Original Mix)

Ray Ricch - Play SaxoPhone (Original Mix)

Reblok - Slim Shady (Original Mix)

Roof Rats - Dirty Babe (Original Mix)

Roof Rats, Benetia Vero - Bounce (Original Mix)

Roof Rats, Giusepperino - Lolita (Original Mix)

Saga (PE) - Crystal (Original Mix)

Saga (PE) - Sleep Paralysis (Original Mix)

Sam Thomas - Around The Town (Original Mix)

Sam Thomas, Han - Like Everybody Else (Original Mix)

Sanchez (UK) - Nightmare (Original Mix)

Sanchez (UK) - Purr Soul (Alan Nieves Remix)

Sanchez (UK) - Purr Soul (Original Mix)

Santiago - House Inda Favela (Original Mix)

Santorino - Wop (Original Mix)

Sergiodnine - Come Back (Original Mix)

Sergiodnine - Do It Like That (Original Mix)

Sergiodnine - Yo Body (Original Mix)

Smith & Sorren, Halil Sensei - Escaping It (Extended Mix)

Sonickraft, Poolhaus, Rowetta - Do Your Dance (Kaysin Remix)

Sonickraft, Poolhaus, Rowetta - Do Your Dance (Local Singles Remix)

Sonny Fodera, MK, Clementine Douglas - Asking (Joshwa Extended Remix)

Sorley - We Go Deep (Original Mix)

Supernova - Fifth Circle (Original Mix)

Supernova - Redroof (Original Mix)

TRSS - Azure Blur (Original Mix)

TRSS - Blue Lacus (Original Mix)

TWENTY SIX - Raise Ya Blood (Original Mix)

TWENTY SIX, Oxlay - Bonita (Original Mix)

Techneck - No Words (Original Mix)

Techneck - Not Without You (Original Mix)

Tom Enzy, MC Pipokinha - Bota Na Pipokinha (Extended Mix)

Tough Break - What To Do (Extended Mix)

Txalfon - I GOT (Original Mix)

Txalfon - NOTHING (Original Mix)

Txalfon - THE SHOW (Original Mix)

VNSSA - Touch Me (Extended)

Vanilla Ace, Mau Bacarreza - Body Groovin (Original Mix)

WLAD, BizZa - Carioca (Original Mix)

WLAD, BizZa - Loco (Alex Dam, Zambiancki Remix)

WLAD, BizZa - Loco (Original Mix)

Wasabi - Just Be Good (Alex Kenji & Jerome Robins Remix)

WeMart - Colera (Original Mix)

WeMart - Old Sample (Original Mix)

WeMart - Siempre Más (Original Mix)

Whitesquare - Lessleep (Extended)

Whitesquare - Liquid Sky (Extended)

YSH - Hellish Ride (Original Mix)

Youniverse - Fa$t (Dub Version)

Youniverse - Fa$t (Original Mix)

Youniverse - Work It Out (Original Mix)

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