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The latest offering from a popular online music retailer features a diverse range of electronic dance music tracks that will satisfy even the most discerning music lovers. From the pulsing rhythms of hard techno to the hypnotic melodies of melodic house & techno, this collection has something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned DJ looking for new tools to add to your arsenal or a casual listener in search of fresh beats, you're sure to find something to love in this Beatport New Techno release. With over 400 high-quality tracks to choose from, the possibilities are endless.



7Jays - Fractal (Intro Mix)

7Jays - Fractal (Original Mix)

7Jays - This Is Not House (Original Mix)

8288, Alex Sauer - Techno Kind (Original Mix)

8288, Alex Sauer - Techno Kind (Tommy Libera Remix)

A Thousand Details - Boxed Innit (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Electrocuted In Pedals (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - John The Dentist (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Stimulus Downwards (Original Mix)

Adat Host - Suatten (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE) - Dance For Me (Extended Mix)

Alan Fitzpatrick - Aura (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)

Alan Fitzpatrick - Distance (Klint Remix)

Alberto Ruiz - Chromatic (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz - Compact (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz - Drone (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - I All Enkelhet (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Mitt I Prick (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Tonkonst (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Trappan (Original Mix)

Alignment - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Alignment - Dance For Me (Original Mix)

Alignment - Deep Space (Original Mix)

Alignment - Fight For A New World (Original Mix)

ANDATA - Play Hard (Original Mix)

ANDATA - Pleasant Experience (Original Mix)

Andre Keller - Transcendence (Extended Mix)

Andrea Signore - Deleter (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ramiro Lopez - Chants (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ramiro Lopez - Hope Generation (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ramiro Lopez - Yen (Original Mix)

Ango Tamarin - Wreck It Ralf (Original Mix)

Ango Tamarin, Efan Feekar - Oh My Gosh (Original Mix)

Aria Des - Absinthe (Original Mix)

Aria Des - Malabar (Original Mix)

Aria Des - Mind (Original Mix)

Atmosline - Lost In A Dream (Original Mix)

BARBUTO - Beside You (Original Mix)

BARBUTO - Stained Glass (Original Mix)

Bart Skils - Into The Clouds (Original Mix)

Bart Skils - Roll The Dice (Original Mix)

Ben Belter - Akin To Chaos (Original Mix)

Ben Belter - Protostar (Original Mix)

Ben Belter - Uncanny (Original Mix)

Ben Belter - Who Is The Boss? (Original Mix)

Ben Sims - Wipe Out (Original Mix)

Benja Henley - Acting Ghetto (Original Mix)

Benja Henley - Injection (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Always Silver, Never Gold (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Bees Crave (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Crawler (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Mea K7 (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Slowed Heartless (Original Mix)

Biri, Yogg - Spill The Mill (Original Mix)

Candiloro - Leave Me Up (Original Mix)

Carbon - Me And The City (Original Mix)

Carbon - Surprise (Original Mix)

Chris Veron - Final Pulse (Extended Mix)

Chris Wach - Bridge (Original Mix)

Chris Wach - Drags (Original Mix)

Chris Wach - Lovemessage (Original Mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Actus Purus (Original Mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Amphibologia (Original Mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Furor Poeticus (Original Mix)

Christian Hornbostel - Sacrificium Intellectus (Original Mix)

Clap Codex - Falling Apart (Original Mix)

Cory Goldsmith - LetYouDown (Extended Mix)

Cory Goldsmith - Niagara (Extended Mix)

D-Unity, Juli Aristy - Voices In My Head (Atroxx Remix)

D-Unity, Juli Aristy - Voices In My Head (Marck D, Filtrack Remix)

D-Unity, Juli Aristy - Voices In My Head (Original Mix)

Dan North - Time Machine (MarAxe Remix)

Dan North - Time Machine (Original Mix)

Daniel Tonik - Afraid Of The Dark (Extended Mix)

Daniel Weirdo - Holy Cat (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, Hiboo - Be Free (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, Hiboo - I Need Your Love (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, Hiboo - This Is (Original Mix)

Danny Avila (ES), Belocca - Be Real! (Extended Mix)

Dario Mrc - Ignorance (Original Mix)

Dario Mrc - What I Wanted (Original Mix)

Das Ton - Zentrifuge (Hub Lex Remix)

Das Ton - Zentrifuge (Original Mix)

Das Ton - Zentrifuge (Sigabort Remix)

Dave Wincent - DBLXR (Original Mix)

Dave Wincent - Donor (Original Mix)

Dave Wincent - Give Me Your Password (Original Mix)

Dave Wincent - Lunatic (Original Mix)

Davide Giorla - Alarm System (Original Mix)

Davide Giorla - It's Like That (Original Mix)

Deborah De Luca - Super C (Original Mix)

Ded Bundy - Deleted Scene (Original Mix)

Ded Bundy - Jericho Has Fallen (Original Mix)

Deep Inzhiniring - Snowy (Original Mix)

Deep Inzhiniring - Sweet Trip (Original Mix)

Denise Schneider - Revelation (Original Mix)

Derb - Derb (Jens Lissat Remix)

Diatonik - Brainjacking (Original Mix)

Diatonik - Brainjacking (TiM TASTE Remix)

Diatonik - Technology (Original Mix)

Dimi Angelis - Extraterrestrial (Original Mix)

Dimi Angelis - Nictitating Membrane (Original Mix)

Dimi Angelis - Slichten (Original Mix)

Dimi Angelis - The Exchange Of Gases (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin - Generation (Original Mix)

Don Palo - Dreamers (Original Mix)

Egbert - NRG (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Be The One (Extended Mix)

Emanuel Querol, Juan Ddd - It's Gotta Be (Original Mix)

EPICX - Deep Inside (Diego Amaro Remix)

EPICX - Deep Inside (Orginal Mix)

EPICX - East X (Original Mix)

Erso - 10 Miles (Original Mix)

Erso - Audacity (Original Mix)

Erso - Slowly Trippin' (Original Mix)

FAÏG - Benefits Of Resilience (Original Mix)

FAÏG - Mad Conga (Original Mix)

FAÏG - No Look Back (Original Mix)

FAÏG - Plazmat (Original Mix)

Falling Echoes - Hypnotize Everything (Original Mix)

Falling Echoes - Metaldown (Original Mix)

Falling Echoes - Mod 2 (Original Mix)

Falling Echoes - Same Idea Different Result (Original Mix)

Felix Kröcher - Communication (Original Mix)

Filterheadz, PAGANO - Ursa Major (Original Mix)

Filterheadz, PAGANO - Ursa Minor (Original Mix)

FOLUAL - Andromeda (Extended Mix)

GautaZ - Zukunft Schwarz (Original Mix)

GautaZ, LS41 - Sphare (Original Mix)

H! Dude - 28 DAYS LATER (Original Mix)

H! Dude - DUMBO (Original Mix)

HI-LO, Space 92 - Arpeggio (Extended Mix)

Horas Labachuk - Gallop (Original Mix)

Horas Labachuk - In Action (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - Dead Ahead (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - On The Way (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - Ricochet (Original Mix)

I Am Bam, HRDP - 1609 (Original Mix)

I Am Bam, HRDP - Division (Original Mix)

I Am Bam, HRDP - Erwache In Mir (Original Mix)

I Am Bam, HRDP - Trez (Original Mix)

IGDA - Caught Up In The System (Original Mix)

IGDA - Underground Artists (Original Mix)

Iklr - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Invadia, Keros, Ravi Luchesi - Dark Clouds (Original Mix)

Invadia, Keros, Ravi Luchesi - Next To You (Original Mix)

Invadia, Keros, Ravi Luchesi - The Play Of Life (Original Mix)

IOA - Destiny (Original Mix)

IOA - Dreams (Original Mix)

IOA - Illusion (Original Mix)

Jason Johnson [DE] - Hypoesthesia (Original Mix)

Jason Johnson [DE] - Red Ruby (Original Mix)

Jeroen Search - The Faintest Objects Ever (Original Mix)

Jody 6 - Loose Goose (Original Mix)

Jody 6, Clara Yates - You Are A Dirty Groove (Original Mix)

Jody 6, Queen Stavie - I Dominate You (Original Mix)

Jon The Dentist - 007 (Original Mix)

Jon The Dentist - Mitzies (Original Mix)

Joris Turenhout - Lost Voices (Extended Mix)

Julien Stifler - The Death Instinct (Original Mix)

Julien Stifler - The Dobermann (Original Mix)

K.A.L.I.L. - Cryptobiosis (Original Mix)

K.A.L.I.L. - Paralysis (Original Mix)

Kaiser Souzai - Raven LIfe ReDrug (Original Mix)

Kaiserdisco - Do It (Original Mix)

Kaiserdisco - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Kamil Van Derson - No Way Out (Original Mix)

Kamil Van Derson - Stars (Original Mix)

Kamil Van Derson - Viking (Original Mix)

Karim Alkhayat, RooneyNasr - Reality (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Underground (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Unravel Me (Original Mix)

Kay Barton - Life Technology (Mijk Van Dijk Remix)

Kay Barton - Life Technology (Original Mix)

Khatune, TIWEA - Mental Breakdown (Original Mix)

Klangphonics - Shapes In The Spray (Original Mix)

La Fraicheur, Leonard De Leonard - Assault Groove (Original Mix)

La Fraicheur, Leonard De Leonard - Battlefield Robot (Original Mix)

La Fraicheur, Leonard De Leonard - Oh So You Like Trance Now (Original Mix)

La Fraicheur, Leonard De Leonard - Punk Grit (Original Mix)

Larix - Bez Snu (Original Mix)

Larix - Czarna Pantera (Lindsey Herbert Remix)

Larix - Czarna Pantera (Original Mix)

Larix - Kuloodporni (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibañez, Nahum Korm - Losing Control (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibañez, Nahum Korm - Viking (Original Mix)

LEO MUSIC - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - I Still Like The Groove (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Its Time To Taste What You've Served (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - We Kill The Flame (Original Mix)

LeStrange - Overdrive (Original Mix)

Linear System - First Light (Original Mix)

Linear System - Supernova V1 (Original Mix)

Linear System - Supernova V2 (Original Mix)

Luis M - Invisible Light (Original Mix)

M.I.T.A. - Be Alright (Original Mix)

M.I.T.A. - Crazy Tribe (Original Mix)

M.I.T.A. - Tools And Grooves (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Faded Game (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Live For Yesterday (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Out Of The Past (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Smooth Mind (Original Mix)

Marco Effe - Derived Synthesis (Original Mix)

Marco Effe - Mother Select (Original Mix)

Marco Effe - Planetary Mass (Original Mix)

Marco Effe - Repulsed (Original Mix)

Marco Effe - Sected Phase (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - It Is Me (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - Over Again (Original Mix)

Marco Zaffarano, Andy Lupoli - Transmission (Original Mix)

Mari Mattham - Unlock (Original Mix)

Mariana BO - Deep In Your Mind (Extended Mix)

Mario Gisoldi - Overthinking (Original Mix)

Mario Ochoa - Infusion (Original Mix)

Mario Ochoa - Rebel (Original Mix)

Mario Ochoa - Shades (Original Mix)

MartinStuff - Harder They Fall (Original Mix)

Masino - Analog (Original Mix)

Masino - Disorder (Original Mix)

Masino - More N More (Original Mix)

Matador - My Yellow Coat (Levon Vincent Remix)

Matador - My Yellow Coat (Original Mix)

Matador - What You Say Is So (Original Mix)

Mehmet Özbek - Codebreaker (Original Mix)

Mehmet Özbek - Cowboys & Aliens (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Warp Drive (Original Mix)

Modeā - Coming Up (Extended Mix)

Monococ, Kreisel - Freak (BlackTextured Remix)

Monococ, Kreisel - Freak (Original Mix)

Monococ, Kreisel - Ich Will Tanzen (Lewis. Remix)

Monococ, Kreisel - Ich Will Tanzen (Original Mix)

Monococ, Kreisel - Stratosphere (Original Mix)

mSOLO - Genghis Khan (Original Mix)

mSOLO - IDC (Original Mix)

Muzmin - A Cunning Mind (Original Mix)

Muzmin - Falso (Original Mix)

Muzmin - Hep (Original Mix)

Muzmin - XTd (Original Mix)

Nadine Fehn - Straight Pressure ([ Wex 10 ] Remix)

Nadine Fehn - Straight Pressure (Original Mix)

NANCY Live - Pinger (Original Mix)

NGC 21 - Black Hole (Original Mix)

NGC 21 - Singularity B (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Abscessive Syndrome (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Hysteria (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Ritual (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Rubicon (Original Mix)

Niereich - 9 To 5 Raving (Original Mix)

Niereich - Die Macht Der Nacht (Original Mix)

Niereich - My Score (Original Mix)

Noemi Black - For Me (Dominik Saltevski Remix)

Noemi Black - For Me (F-Rontal Remix)

Noemi Black - For Me (Original Mix)

Novem Vivit - Cue Cue Play (Extended Mix)

Obseth - Hippo Bite (Original Mix)

Obseth - One Way (Original Mix)

Obseth - Running Laps (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Dust (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Nebula (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - The Hague (Original Mix)

Opinion - Begato (Original Mix)

Opinion - Diavolo (Original Mix)

Opinion - Luna (Original Mix)

Opinion - Roda (Original Mix)

Opinion - Tempra (Original Mix)

Opinion - Tetraxid (Original Mix)

Oscar Escapa - Lights (Original Mix)

Oscar Escapa - Motion (Original Mix)

Oscar Escapa - Shake (Original Mix)

PAM & MARGOT - Die Sober (Original Mix)

Patrick Scuro, VNES - Escalate (Original Mix)

Paxtech - Alignment (Original Mix)

Paxtech - Oblique (Original Mix)

Paxtech - Perspectives (Original Mix)

Plastic Robots - Automatic (Extended Mix)

Plastic Robots - Home Again (Extended Mix)

Plateau Sigma - Mother Brain (Original Mix)

Plateau Sigma - Phantoon (Original Mix)

Plateau Sigma - Phantoon (Reuben Stroud Remix)

PLAXO - Child's Anthem (Original Mix)

PLAXO - Turn Back (Original Mix)

Portavion - Delphi's Oracle (Original Mix)

Portavion - Golden Leaves (Original Mix)

Portavion - Ini To (Original Mix)

Portavion - Oes Machina (Original Mix)

Procombo - Fading Lights (Original Mix)

Procombo - Get Groove (Original Mix)

Procombo - Profiler (Original Mix)

Procombo - Tunnel Ride (Original Mix)

PTTRNRCRRNT - Shade 1 (Original Mix)

PTTRNRCRRNT - Shade 2 (Original Mix)

PTTRNRCRRNT - Shade 3 (Original Mix)

PTTRNRCRRNT - Shade 4 (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - Fever (Coyu Remix)

PUSHMANN - Fever (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - Intolerance (ANNĒ Remix)

PUSHMANN - Intolerance (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - Irritability (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - 115 (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Null (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Respiro (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Walk (Original Mix)

Raden (UK) - Alone (Original Mix)

Raden (UK) - Inhuman League (Original Mix)

Raden (UK) - Voyager (Original Mix)

Raul Young - Against The Wind (Original Mix)

Raul Young - Expensive Route (Original Mix)

Raul Young - Familiar Presence (Original Mix)

Raul Young - Hangar A (Original Mix)

Raul Young - Sudden Jamming (Original Mix)

Rebuke - Glow (Original Mix)

Rebuke - Void (Original Mix)

Rich Coote - Decimate (Original Mix)

Rich Coote - Vibing (Original Mix)

Richey V, Simone Zino - Cyber Love (Original Mix)

Richey V, Simone Zino - Scorpio (Original Mix)

Richey V, Simone Zino - Volcano (Original Mix)

Robert Armani - Bouncing (Original Mix)

Robert Armani - Clockwork (Original Mix)

Robert Armani - Road Tour (Dave Clarke Remix)

Robert Armani - Road Tour (Original Mix)

Roberto Pagliaccia - Fly Away (Alessio Pennati Remix)

Roberto Pagliaccia - Fly Away (Original Mix)

Roogunit, Luke Slater, Ø [Phase] - Bash Box (Original Mix)

Roogunit, Luke Slater, Ø [Phase] - Don't Let Go (Original Mix)

Roogunit, Luke Slater, Ø [Phase] - Koox (Original Mix)

Roogunit, Luke Slater, Ø [Phase] - Sanity Regard (Original Mix)

Sakin Bozkurt - Andor (Original Mix)

Salvatore Mediana - Imaginations (Original Mix)

Salvatore Mediana - Mode (Original Mix)

Salvatore Mediana - Sadness (Original Mix)

Salvatore Mediana - Souls Of Joys (Original Mix)

Salvatore Mediana - Symblos (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Catch Tha Break (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Havanna (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Salsa Session (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Soul Sister (Original Mix)

Semjaza - Keypers (Original Mix)

Semjaza - Knob Dissent (Original Mix)

Semjaza - Vibrating Being (Original Mix)

Silvina Romero - Magma (Original Mix)

Silvina Romero - My Name Is Techno (Original Mix)

Silvina Romero - Soft Dive (Original Mix)

Silvina Romero - To Sorry (Original Mix)

Simina Grigoriu - Give Me A Voice (Original Mix)

SN-EB - Acid Infected (Original Mix)

SN-EB - Acid Revolution (Original Mix)

SN-EB - ACIIIID (Original Mix)

South Zone - Brooka Musica (Original Mix)

South Zone - Groovy Movie (Original Mix)

South Zone - That Vibe (Original Mix)

Spektre - Badlands (Original Mix)

Spektre - Bodysnatcher (Original Mix)

Spektre - Concentrate (Original Mix)

startech42 - Kallisto (Original Mix)

The Programnator - Runaway (Original Mix)

The Rares - Bionic (Original Mix)

The Rares - Insect (Original Mix)

The Rares - Planet (Original Mix)

The Southern - Bang Jam (Original Mix)

The Southern - Jam 3 (Original Mix)

The Southern - Shine On (Original Mix)

The Southern - Tribal Jam (Original Mix)

The YellowHeads - XXL (Original Mix)

Thommes Jay - Sewing Machine (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Feedback (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Robots (Original Mix)

TOLEE - Safari (Original Mix)

TOLEE - Tol (Original Mix)

TOLEE - Transit (Original Mix)

Tom Schippers - Shake It Off (BL.CK Remix)

Tom Schippers - Shake It Off (Jacks Menec Remix)

Tom Schippers - Shake It Off (Original Mix)

Tom Schippers - Shake It Off (PITCH! Remix)

Tom Wax, Drea Perlon - Music Is My Therapy (Acapella)

Tom Wax, Drea Perlon - Music Is My Therapy (Dub Mix)

Tom Wax, Drea Perlon - Music Is My Therapy (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 124 (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 138 (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 141 (Keith Carnal Superstar Remix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 141 (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 141 (Under Black Helmet Remix)

Tostone - From Dusk Till Dawn (Extended Mix)

Truncate - Structure (Original Mix)

TWR72 - Exact (Original Mix)

TWR72 - Generous (Original Mix)

TWR72 - Narrow (Mathys Lenne Remix)

TWR72 - Narrow (Original Mix)

UMEK - Exodus (Original Mix)

UMEK - Night Will Never End (Original Mix)

Vasco UG - Lost In Sound (Original Mix)

Vazik - Be One (Original Mix)

Vazik - The Art Of Ecstasy (Original Mix)

Vincent, MARIUS (DE) - Chroma (Original Mix)

YAB (IT), c-HAUTEM - Love Know5 (Original Mix)

YAB (IT), c-HAUTEM - Noir (Original Mix)

YAB (IT), c-HAUTEM - Rising Force (Original Mix)

Yfirum - Anklung (Kreisel Rework)

Yfirum - Anklung (Original Mix)

Zeuz - Psy Or Die (Original Mix)

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