DATA: 2023-05-05 TOTAL: 330 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge sounds of Beatport's latest offering - New TECHNO, MELODIC HOUSE & TECHNO, HARD TECHNO, ELECTRONICA. This collection of 330 HQ tracks showcases the diversity and innovation of electronic music today. From the pounding rhythms and futuristic sounds of Techno, to the soulful melodies and driving basslines of Melodic House & Techno, this selection will transport you to another dimension. The Hard Techno section delivers relentless energy and unapologetic intensity, while the Electronica section invites you to explore experimental and boundary-pushing sounds. Whether you're a seasoned raver or a curious newcomer, this collection is a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in electronic music.



A Thousand Details - Atlantiq (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Compassion Is Virtual (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Entertain (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Moctaprom (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE) - Don't Die (Extended Mix)

Abe Van Dam - Midnight In The City (Original Mix)

Abe Van Dam - Words (Original Mix)

Adrien Sense - Mistery (Original Mix)

Adrien Sense - Universal Power (Mister C & Saint Remix)

Adrien Sense - Universal Power (Original Mix)

Advokate, Benefice - Monsters (Original Mix)

Aiken - Mist (Original Mix)

Aiken - Rhetorical (Original Mix)

Aiken - Scatter (Original Mix)

Aiken - Spread (Original Mix)

Alex Schultz - Latranz (Original Mix)

Alex Schultz - Ritual (Original Mix)

Alex Schultz - Saga (Original Mix)

Alex Schultz - Taipan (Original Mix)

Alex Schultz - Terracotta (Original Mix)

Alexey Dunchyk - Escape The Inspector (Original Mix)

Alexey Dunchyk - Not Welcome (Original Mix)

Alexey Dunchyk - Panic Attack (Original Mix)

Alexey Dunchyk - oO (Original Mix)

Ana Rs - Abstract Mind (Original Mix)

Ana Rs - From The Brink (Original Mix)

Ana Rs - Take Me There (Original Mix)

Ana Rs - The Shadow Between Us (Original Mix)

Ana Rs - Wipe Out (Original Mix)

Andre Drath - Rage (Chris Neth Remix)

Andre Drath - Rage (Dennis Bauer Remix)

Andre Drath - Rage (Original Mix)

Andre Drath - Rage (SIRO Remix)

Andres Campo, Ramiro Lopez - Luna (Klaudia Gawlas Remix)

Animuss - Cosmic Entity (Linear Phase Remix)

Animuss - Cosmic Entity (Original Mix)

Animuss - Fragmented Realities (Original Mix)

Animuss - Fragmented Realities (Rhombic Remix)

BEEAST - Digital Train (Crescendoll Remix)

BEEAST - Digital Train (Original Mix)

BEEAST - Snake Charmer (Chris Nord Remix)

BEEAST - Snake Charmer (Original Mix)

BEEAST - Tandav (DJ Lion Jungle Edit)

BEEAST - Tandav (Original Mix)

Balthazar & JackRock - Heavy Mental (Original Mix)

Balthazar & JackRock - Reaching (Original Mix)

Booz - Trust (Alexskyspirit Remix)

Booz - Trust (Original Mix)

Booz - Trust (Oxygeno Ambient Remix)

CDTRAX - Gitxsan (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Nael (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Oni (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Sioux (Original Mix)

CL2 - Afterlife (Original Mix)

CL2 - Creation (Original Mix)

CL2 - Destination (Original Mix)

Cecilia Tosh - Blend (Original Mix)

Chris Liebing - Love Those Who Fight (Dub Mix)

D-Knox, Mark Hawkins - Basic Input Output (Original Mix)

D-Knox, Mark Hawkins - Basic Input Output (Sanna Mun Remix)

D-Knox, Mark Hawkins - This Is The Underground (Original Mix)

D-Knox, Mark Hawkins - This Is The Underground (Surgeon Remix)

DIB - Officework 002.1 (Original Mix)

DIB - Officework 002.2 (Original Mix)

DIB - Officework 002.3 (Original Mix)

DIB - Officework 002.4 (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Exophile (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Jump In (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Ocaso (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Reassembled (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Saturado (Original Mix)

DJ Henna - 1.4 Os (Original Mix)

DJ Henna - Mono Patch (Original Mix)

DJ Saint Pierre - Titan (Original Mix)

DJ Tribe - Alone (Original Mix)

DJ Tribe - Struggle (Original Mix)

Dark Saw - Rada Tylli Night (Dara Ashrafi Stripped Back Rework)

Dark Saw - Rada Tylli Night (Original Mix)

Dark Saw - Rada Tylli Night (Uddhav Remix)

Dark Saw - Sci Sistem (Original Mix)

Denise Rabe, Ricardo Garduno - New Ways (Original Mix)

Dense & Pika - Delta System (Chris Avantgarde Remix)

Drumcomplex - Oxia (Original Mix)

Dual DeStress - Exceptional Force (Original Mix)

Dual DeStress - Exceptional Force (Perpetual Universe Remix)

Dual DeStress - Relentless Power (Original Mix)

Dunkler Klang - Resonator (Original Mix)

Dunkler Klang - Trip For Ready (Original Mix)

Duran & Aytek - Dia (Original Mix)

Duran & Aytek - Fire Me Up (Original Mix)

Egotot - Rennabschnitt (Original Mix)

Egotot - Steps (Original Mix)

Egotot - Under Pressure (Original Mix)

Egotot - Vitamin C (Original Mix)

Eivo - Freak Out (Maksim Dark Remix)

Eivo - Freak Out (Original Mix)

Eivo - Monument (Darksome Notes Remix)

Eivo - Monument (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Fluid Funk (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Forever Seeking (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Pins And Needles (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Yes Yes (Original Mix)

Emanuel Querol, Juan Ddd - Stay Away (Original Mix)

Enrico Sangiuliano - Physical Change (Original Mix)

Enrico Sangiuliano - Pulse Of Progression (Original Mix)

F.Tek - Trust No One (Original Mix)

F.Tek - Undercover (Original Mix)

Frankyeffe - Trust Me (Mattia Saviolo Remix)

dc11 - Sonntag (Original Mix)

Gareth Wild - Brutal Device (Original Mix)

Gareth Wild - Constantine (Original Mix)

Gareth Wild - Crystalize (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Bottone, ØURSPACE - Dynamic Range (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Bottone, ØURSPACE - Emirates (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Bottone, ØURSPACE - Unrecognized (Original Mix)

H! Dude - DEMISE (Original Mix)

H! Dude - QULBUTOKE (Original Mix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Flatline (Dope Amine Remix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Flatline (Duniz & Henrixx Remix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Flatline (Jacks Menec Remix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Flatline (MarAxe Remix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Flatline (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Bears Are Back (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Fracture Clinic (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Maturity Issues (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Recon Team (Original Mix)

Horatio, Kryoman - Duck Sauce (Original Mix)

Horatio, Kryoman - Washing Machine (Original Mix)

Hurdslenk - Runabout (Original Mix)

Inigo Kennedy - Battle Scars (Original Mix)

Inigo Kennedy - Broken Signals (Original Mix)

Inigo Kennedy - Contortion (Original Mix)

Inigo Kennedy - Control Phase (Original Mix)

Inigo Kennedy - Wild Horses (Original Mix)

Jesica Falaschi - Bloom (Original Mix)

Joshua Jones - A Long Way (Original Mix)

Joshua Jones - Stop Me (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Anxiety (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Closer Gap (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Cubismo (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Dash (Original Mix)

Kamen - L'Etablissement (Original Mix)

Kamen - L'Exces (Original Mix)

Kamen - La Betise (Original Mix)

Kamen - La Decheance (Original Mix)

Kamen - Le Renouveau (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Always Believed (Original Mix)

Kimahri - Arsene (Original Mix)

Kimahri - Les Yeux Du Serpent (Original Mix)

Kimahri - Momentum (Original Mix)

Kimahri - Walking In The Desert (Break Mix)

Kimahri - Walking In The Desert (Original Mix)

Klaps (BE) - Eartickle (Original Mix)

Klaps (BE) - Stuck In The Void (Original Mix)

Konrad (Italy) - K93 (Original Mix)

Konrad (Italy) - Losing Control (Original Mix)

Konrad (Italy) - Outriders (Original Mix)

Konrad (Italy) - The Storm (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Spotless Mind (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Strangeland (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - The Candy House (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - The Kaiju (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - The Left Hand (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - The Paradox (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Upgrade (Original Mix)

Lady Tazz - Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Veux (James Ruskin Remix)

Lady Tazz - Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Veux (Original Mix)

Lady Tazz - Make Love (Original Mix)

Landis LaPace - Reality (Original Mix)

Landis LaPace - Take It Back (Original Mix)

Leiras - Iztic (Original Mix)

Linear System, Kimahri - Cluster (Original Mix)

Linear System, Kimahri - Ground Rupture (Original Mix)

Linear System, Kimahri - Hazards Program (Original Mix)

Linear System, Kimahri - Vessel (Original Mix)

Loco & Jam - We Touched The Sky (Original Mix)

Luciid, Per Pleks - Feel The Darkness (Original Mix)

Luciid, Per Pleks - We Show Up (Original Mix)

Ludmila Di Pasquale - I.T.A. (Original Mix)

Luke Donnachie - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Luke Donnachie - Focus (Original Mix)

Marc Romboy, Timo Maas - Die Zeit (Original Mix)

Marc Romboy, Timo Maas - Die Zeit (Synthapella)

Marcal - Magic Equation (Original Mix)

Marcel Warren - Running Out Of Time (Original Mix)

Marcel Warren - Seven Ways (Original Mix)

Marcus Cito - Aeronautico (Original Mix)

Marcus Cito - Discendo (Original Mix)

Marcus Cito - Porto (Original Mix)

Miron (RU), Rocketman - Generator (Daniel Ladox Remix)

Miron (RU), Rocketman - Generator (Original Mix)

Miron (RU), Rocketman - Manifestor (Le Son Du Placard Remix)

Miron (RU), Rocketman - Manifestor (Original Mix)

Miron (RU), Rocketman - Projector (Original Mix)

Mori - Berserker (Original Mix)

Mori - Odin Sword (Original Mix)

Mori - Soul Of Gold (Original Mix)

Mori - The Northern Tribes (Original Mix)

Muzmin - Quasi Cyclical (Original Mix)

NX03 - Addict (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Organism (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Systemic (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Lost In Paradiso (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Daimei (B. Riley Remix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Daimei (Original Mix)

Nobuharu Morimoto - Jitensyadorobou (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Chinese Water Torture (Original Version)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Most Monkeys Live In Trees (Original Version)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Muzzle Blast (Original Version)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Wasps Attack When Drunk (Original Version)

Orly Gal, SYM - Machine (Original Mix)

Orly Gal, SYM - Tales From The Dark (Original Mix)

Oscar Sanchez - Bastards (Original Mix)

Oscar Sanchez - Madurity (Original Mix)

Oscar Sanchez - Theory (Original Mix)

heatscore - Alchemy (Original Mix)

heatscore - Early Days Wicked Nights (Original Mix)

PROGroyal - Excalibur (Bendtsen Remix)

PROGroyal - Excalibur (Original Mix)

Patricio Pereira - Get Out Of My House (Original Mix)

Patricio Pereira - Intruder (Original Mix)

Patricio Pereira - Trespass (Original Mix)

Patrick Medina - Connected (Original Mix)

Patrick Medina - What Is Wrong (Original Mix)

Paul Farrell - Bush By The Lake (Original Mix)

Paul Farrell - Mulching (Original Mix)

Paul Farrell - Yankstars Paradise (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - No Tomorrow (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Radical Honesty (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Radical Honesty (Siavash, DRONUS Remix)

Pig&Dan - Time To Let Go (Original Mix)

Produse - Over And Over (Original Mix)

Push, Rebel Boy - Blue Shadow (Original Mix)

Push, Rebel Boy - RD Mode (Original Mix)

R.M.K - Breaky (Original Mix)

R.M.K - Kokane (Original Mix)

R.M.K - Personal Waveforms (Original Mix)

RONY Group - Lynx (Original Mix)

RONY Group - Ophidia (Original Mix)

RONY Group - Skins (Original Mix)

RONY Group - Taipan (Original Mix)

RSRRCT - Defy Gravity (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez - Amnesia (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez - Louder (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez - Since 1995 (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez - Slowing Down (Original Mix)

Reeko - Arquetipo 22 (Original Mix)

Rhythm Assembler - Repeater (Original Mix)

Rraph - Angstrom (Original Mix)

Rraph - Ossala (Original Mix)

Rraph - Ossala (Piotr Klejment Remix)

Rraph - Sog (Original Mix)

Ruben Ganev - Scattered (Original Mix)

Russ (ARG) - Damn (Original Mix)

Russ (ARG) - No Sense (Original Mix)

Russ (ARG) - Variant Amplitude (Original Mix)

Ryan Clover - Departure (Original Mix)

Ryan Clover - Was It Real (Original Mix)

Røldan - Artificial Sequence (Original Mix)

Røldan - Diffused Signal (Original Mix)

Røldan - Malformed Digits (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Dancer In The Dark (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Disturbing Behavior (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Eraser (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Memories Of Nobody (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Serenity (Original Mix)

SHDW & Obscure Shape - The Last Seduction (Original Mix)

Sakin Bozkurt - Access Authorized (Original Mix)

Sam WOLFE, UMEK - Mind Of One (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session, Van Czar - Cs11 (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session, Van Czar - Krasked Bite (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session, Van Czar - Krasked Snares (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session, Van Czar - Krasked Snares (Waffensupermarkt Remix)

Shawna (DE) - Uphoria (Original Mix)

Shawna (DE) - Uphoria (Rabiat Remix)

Shawna (DE) - Vegas (Original Mix)

Skober, UNDERMOON - Privilege (Original Mix)

Skober, UNDERMOON - Totem (Original Mix)

Skoden - Arrive Together (Original Mix)

Skoden - Break It Down (Original Mix)

Soko & Sev - Once You Realise (Original Mix)

Soko & Sev - The Matrix (Original Mix)

Synister (IN) - Ghost Signals (Original Mix)

Synister (IN) - Square Trails (Original Mix)

TEKAM - Only Street Dancing (Original Mix)

TKG - Take You Back (Claas Herrmann Remix)

TKG - Take You Back (Lucas Jaaber Remix)

TKG - Take You Back (Original Mix)

TKG - Techno Worker (Original Mix)

Talla 2xlc, Schwarze Puppen - Der Nebel (Extended Mix)

Tehotu - Red Pipe (Original Mix)

The Advent - Eighth (Original Mix)

The Advent - Three Zero Two (DJ Dextro Remix)

The Advent - Three Zero Two (Original Mix)

The Vision - The Protector (Original Mix)

Tiga, Jesper Dahlback, Faxid - Acid In My Head (Original Mix)

Tiga, Jesper Dahlback, Faxid - Faxman (Original Mix)

Tim Jackman - Darkness Within (Original Mix)

Tim Jackman - No Sleep (Original Mix)

Tim Tama - Cerulean (Original Mix)

Tim Tama - Discordia (Original Mix)

Tim Tama - Never Enough (Original Mix)

Tim Tama - Skulking (Original Mix)

Tim Tama - Unnerve (Original Mix)

Time Assault, Silenc - Angry Bees (Original Mix)

Time Assault, Silenc - Ant Revolution (Matias Camardelli, Chaoz D Remix)

Time Assault, Silenc - Ant Revolution (Original Mix)

Tobiasz Kantor - The Crows (Leopold Bär Remix)

Tobiasz Kantor - The Crows (Original Mix)

Troy - Stormveil (Original Mix)

Troy - The Rite (Original Mix)

Troy - Tzeentch (Original Mix)

Troy - Zenith (Original Mix)

UkNw - Curiosity (Original Mix)

UkNw - Shivers (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Blame (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Destroy (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Frame (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Funk (Original Mix)

Uwe Thoma - Acid Brain (Original Mix)

Uwe Thoma - Breakneck (Original Mix)

Uwe Thoma - Inferno (Original Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - Halo (Original Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - Nimbo (Original Mix)

Vasco UG - Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

YVC - Almost Certain (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Degradation (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Side By Side (Original Mix)

Zolex, MQST - Intrigue And Excess (Original Mix)

Zolex, MQST - Jawbreaker (Original Mix)

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