DATA: 2023-05-17 TOTAL: 350 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Experience the cutting-edge sounds of Beatport's latest electronic music offerings: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica. This carefully curated collection of 350 high-quality tracks represents the pinnacle of these genres. Techno enthusiasts will be immersed in pulsating basslines and driving rhythms that energize any dancefloor. Melodic House & Techno combines mesmerizing beats with captivating melodies, resulting in a harmonious blend that resonates deeply. Dive into the relentless beats and aggressive industrial elements of Hard Techno for an adrenaline-fueled experience. The Electronica category pushes boundaries, showcasing experimental sounds and innovative compositions that challenge the status quo. With this exceptional lineup, Beatport solidifies its position as the ultimate destination for electronic music lovers and DJs worldwide, offering a diverse and forward-thinking musical journey.



2 Robots - Experience (Extended Version)

2 Robots - Nosferatu (Extended Version)

ANDATA - Storm (Original Mix)

Ackermann - Manifest (PUSHMANN Remix Version 1)

Ackermann - Manifest (PUSHMANN Remix Version 2)

Alex Farell - Demolition (Extended Mix)

Alex Stein - Pretender (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Hitman 2,0 (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Imitera (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Kuddkriget (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Sinnessjukt (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Cassia (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Rose (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Tuillo (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Yona (Original Mix)

Anan Tasca - Dusty Machine (Original Mix)

Anan Tasca - Osmosis Mental (Original Mix)

Anan Tasca - Proyecciones (Original Mix)

BLACK TABLE - Brutalism (Original Mix)

BLACK TABLE - Vanish In Silence (Original Mix)

BT - Flaming June (Paul Oakenfold Extended Remix)

Backwards Compatible - Darkshow (Brad Lee Rework1)

Backwards Compatible - Darkshow (Brad Lee Rework2)

Backwards Compatible - Darkshow 16 (Cristian Varela Remix)

Backwards Compatible - Darkshow 16 (Original Mix)

Backwards Compatible - Darkshow 96 (Original Mix)

Barbur - Darkside Of Me (Original Mix)

Barbur - Darkside Of Me (POLS Remix)

Barbur - Darkside Of Me (Raho Remix)

Barnt, Michael Mayer - Duration (Original Mix)

Barnt, Michael Mayer - Teller (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Chanza (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Diferencia (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Embragia (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Gerada (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Nautica (Original Mix)

Cami Márquez - Black Sky (Anzyethy Remix)

Cami Márquez - Black Sky (Ominousboy Remix)

Cami Márquez - Black Sky (Original Mix)

Carara - Abstract State (Original Mix)

Carara - Broken Arrow (Original Mix)

Carara - CFBDSIR (Original Mix)

Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld, Christopher Coe - Inferno (Space 92 Remix)

Christian Smith - Nu Style (Original Mix)

Christian Smith - Vortex (Original Mix)

Coyu - Festa Demais (Original Mix)

Coyu - Gostoso (Original Mix)

Coyu - LJ (Original Mix)

Coyu - Penetrante (Original Mix)

Craig Heneveld, Eli Spiral - Distant Objects (Original Mix)

Craig Heneveld, Eli Spiral - Periscope (Original Mix)

D44 - Butterfly Effect (Extended Mix)

DAVMA - Ascent Beats (Original Mix)

DAVMA - The Raven (Original Mix)

DJ Minx - The Throne (Extended)

DJ Minx - Walking Tall (Extended)

David Bean - I Am Beggin (Original Mix)

David Bean - Iron Fire (Original Mix)

David Bean - Japan (Original Mix)

David Bean - Wild (Original Mix)

Denise Schneider - Can You Hear Me (Original Mix)

Denise Schneider - Lose My Mind (Jo Poole Remix)

Denise Schneider - Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

Denise Schneider - Lose My Mind (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix)

Dennis Bauer - 10010100101 (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - All Right! (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Dance With The Devil (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Dance With The Devil (Toni Alvarez Remix)

Dennis Bauer - Flex (Original Mix)

Dennis Engelhardt - Infinity (Felix Reichelt Remix)

Dennis Engelhardt - Infinity (Original Mix)

District 313 - Extension (Original Mix)

District 313 - Hypnotized (Original Mix)

District 313 - Overdose (Original Mix)

Dyno - Dubflavours (Original Mix)

Dyno - Wavetransition (Original Mix)

Dysfaction - Modularity (Intro Mix)

Dysfaction - Modularity (Original Mix)

Dysfaction - Trm (Intro Mix)

Dysfaction - Trm (Original Mix)

EFTEE - Alexanderplatz (Original Mix)

EFTEE - Ravemaster (Original Mix)

Exel (HU), Newest - Control (Original Mix)

Exel (HU), Newest - One Night Vision (Original Mix)

FOLUAL - Cortina (Extended Mix)

Felix Steinberg - Crazy Track (Original Mix)

Felix Steinberg - Missile (Original Mix)

Felix Steinberg - The Siren Sings (Original Mix)

Felix Steinberg - Triangulum (Original Mix) - Corrupt Nation (Original Mix) - Educate The Youth (Original Mix) - The Last Shimmer (Original Mix) - The Spaceman Variant (Original Mix)

Gizmo & Mac - Unity (Charles Navi Remix)

Gizmo & Mac - Unity (Original Mix)

Gray Cosmo - Megastructural (Original Mix)

Gray Cosmo - Nothing (Original Mix)

Greenwolve - Dispersion (Original Mix)

Gresil - Posible Fin (Original Mix)

HK:22 - Message Of Doom (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Art Of Deception (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Brief Hiatus (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Warehouse Jam (Original Mix)

Hanzzo - Dark (JIMMYZKINZ Grunge Edit Remix)

Hanzzo - Dark (Original Mix)

Hanzzo - Darker (Original Mix)

Hanzzo - Darker (Sandro Mure HT RMX)

Hanzzo - Darkest (Original Mix)

Hanzzo - Darkest (P.T.B.S. Remix)

Hanzzo - Darkest Hardcore (Original Mix)

Hanzzo - Darkest Hardcore (Pitch! Remix)

Hiboo - Rhapsody (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - High Energy (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - Personality Disorder (Original Mix)

Hub Lex - Wrong Conception (Original Mix)

Ian O'Donovan - Noughties By Nature (Original Mix)

Ian O'Donovan - Slingshot (Original Mix)

Ian O'Donovan - Solas (Original Mix)

Invadia - Call Of God (Original Mix)

Invadia - Light Sounds (Original Mix)

Isabel Soto - A Dream (Original Mix)

Isabel Soto - Océano (Original Mix)

Isabel Soto - Transition Space (Original Mix)

Isabel Soto - Willow (Original Mix)

J.A.W.S - Origami (Original Mix)

J.A.W.S - Sensei (Original Mix)

J.A.W.S - Shinka (Original Mix)

J.A.W.S - Yurei (Original Mix)

Jacopo Susini - Destroyed (Marco Effe Remix)

Jacopo Susini - Destroyed (Original Mix)

Jacopo Susini - Storm (Original Mix)

James Ruskin - From The Ashes 1 (Original Mix)

James Ruskin - From The Ashes 2 (Original Mix)

James Ruskin - From The Ashes 3 (Original Mix)

Javier Morales - Mambe (Original Mix)

Javier Morales - Red Moon (Original Mix)

Jim Solis - Fatal Distraction (Dion Remix)

Jim Solis - Fatal Distraction (Original Mix)

Jim Solis - Fatal Distraction (PITCH! Remix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (Blu 9 Remix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (Esther Benoit Remix)

Joyce Muniz, Demetrius - What's Your Name (SWAH Remix)

Juan Campos - Edicion Genetica (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Espectro De Emision (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Evolucion Convergente (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Percepcion Analoga (Original Mix)

Julian König - Perseverance (Original Mix)

Julian König - Sphere (Original Mix)

Kamara - Searchlight (Original Mix)

Kamara - The Ride (Original Mix)

Kamil Van Derson - King (Original Mix)

Kamil Van Derson - The Crown (Original Mix)

Keah, Orange Brothers - Solaris (Original Mix)

Keah, Orange Brothers - Spirit In A Universe (Original Mix)

Kerrie - Find Your Tribe (Original Mix)

Kerrie - Nightwalker (Original Mix)

Kerrie - Theta State (Original Mix)

Kerrie - Transient Belief (Original Mix)

Kerst - Floor Work (Original Mix)

Kerst - Moving The Mountains (Original Mix)

Kerst - Transpose (Original Mix)

Kessell - Time Domain (Original Mix)

Khainz - Elevation (Original Mix)

Khainz - The Drift (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Altair (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Dimensional (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Dimensional (Tensal Remix)

Kike Pravda - Protone (Original Mix)

Krist - French Kiss (Original Mix)

Krist - Hell (Original Mix)

Krypta, Yanacone - Hear The Words Sounds (Original Mix)

Krypta, Yanacone - Non Stop (Original Mix)

Lampe - Everything Is Wrong (Original Mix)

Lampe - Joy (Original Mix)

Lampe - Joy (Slowtekk Remix)

Leo Paoletta - Infinity Universe (Club Mix)

Leo Paoletta - Ready (Club Mix)

Leo Paoletta - Trust Me (Club Mix)

Leo Paoletta - Your Love (Club Mix)

Lewis Fautzi, NØRBAK - Code Of Deception (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Bell (Original Mix)

Lozaanso - Narcosis (Original Mix)

Luca Napoli - Move Yourself (Domek Remix)

Luca Napoli - Move Yourself (Original Mix)

Luigi Tozzi - Aztlan (Refracted Remix)

Luigi Tozzi - Sorcery (Psyk Remix)

Luigi Tozzi - Spiral (Rrose Remix)

Luigi Tozzi - Suspiria (Evigt Mörker Remix)

Luis Miranda - Morituri (Original Mix)

Luis Miranda - Tarumba (Original Mix)

Luis Miranda - Tikis Mikis (DJ Dextro Remix)

Luis Miranda - Tikis Mikis (Original Mix)

Lulu - Die Macht Der Nacht (Original Mix)

Lulu - Sesame Season (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Capsule Del Tempo (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)

MARTHIAL - Capsule Del Tempo (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Futurama (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Vactrain (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Affliction (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Brutality (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Mimosa (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Misery (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Sirius (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Spica (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Vega (Original Mix)

Marcel Reix - Acid Mind (Original Mix)

Marcel Reix - Catchy (Original Mix)

Marcel Reix - Combination (Original Mix)

Marco Ginelli, PITCH! - Hand Mill (Original Mix)

Marco Ginelli, PITCH! - Sorry, I'm A Brutalist (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - 909 Workout (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - HF2 (Bass Line Mix)

Mark Broom - Late Night Rave Muncher (Tribal Mix)

Mark Broom - Rush (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Structure (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - TEST25 (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Tube (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Whisper (Original Mix)

Martin Kinrus - Cosmic Energy (Original Mix)

Martin Kinrus - Do It Yourself (Original Mix)

Martin Kinrus - Invincible (Original Mix)

Martin Kinrus - Simulation (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Koma (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Persona B (Original Mix)

Matt Robertson - Overtime (Extended Mix)

Max Rhein - One Night With An Alien (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Further (Original Mix)

Miane - Place To Be (Extended Mix)

Mister C - Cuore (Original Mix)

Mister C - Cuore (Ven Remix)

Mister C - Utopia (Original Mix)

Mister C - Utopia (S.a.i.n.t Remix)

Mitch De Klein - Divergence (Extended Mix)

MYBO - Feed Your Soul (Original Mix)

MYBO - Wonderland (Original Mix)

Monococ - Black Light Towers (Original Mix)

Monococ - Dark Knight (Original Mix)

Mooner Gl, Grasso & Maxim, Umberto Pagliaroli - Libero (Original Mix)

Mooner Gl, Grasso & Maxim, Umberto Pagliaroli - Yunke (Original Mix)

|NMLS| - Buried Secrets (Noneoftheabove Remix)

|NMLS| - Buried Secrets (Original Mix)

|NMLS| - Vizions Revolved (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Barefoot (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Caliente (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Dangerous Games (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Engine Room (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - High Octane (Original Mix)

Nicolas Vogler - Phaser Trax (Original Mix)

Niereich - Machtwille (Wille Der Nacht Mix)

Niereich - Machtwille (Wille Des Tages Mix)

Niereich - Wir Tanzen (Original Mix)

Non Reversible - Darshan (Original Mix)

Non Reversible - Disordine (Original Mix)

Non Reversible - Plurality (Original Mix)

Non Reversible - Resolute (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Depth Of Existence (Original Mix)

Orion - Nine Lives And The Tenth (Original Mix)

Orion - Paths Rarely Travelled (Original Mix)

Orion - Sureshot (Original Mix)

Orion - Typical Fieldtrip (Original Mix)

Oscar Mulero - ZW Systems (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Existencia (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Intervalo (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Plano Inferior (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Tiempo No Variable (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - I Gotta Be Now (Original Mix)

Pao Calderon - Revolution (Original Mix)

Patrick Hero - Magic Moments (Original Mix)

Playmo - Course (Original Mix)

ROBPM - Fire (Original Mix)

Raho - Acid Departure (Original Mix)

Raho - Overloaded (Original Mix)

Raho - When The Kick Bounces (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Crazy Acidity (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Iron Amazons (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Love Charging (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Mistress Of Universe (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Saturation Of Darkness (Original Mix)

Ray Kajioka - Hyperfocus (Original Mix)

Ray Kajioka - Immersed (Original Mix)

Ray Kajioka - In The Zone (Original Mix)

Ray Kajioka - Machine (Original Mix)

Ren Ascutt - Fire's Empire (Original Mix)

Renrof - Altered (Original Mix)

Renrof - Desingaged (Original Mix)

Renrof - Disturbance (Original Mix)

Renrof - Nerves (Original Mix)

Roaming Men - Are You There (Original Mix)

Roaming Men - Double G (Original Mix)

Roaming Men - Let Me Ride (Original Mix)

Roaming Men - On Ocean (Original Mix)

Roaming Men - Searching (Original Mix)

Robert Babicz - Alien Tek (Original Mix)

Rommek - Cut The Mustard (Original Mix)

Rommek - Devil's Playground (Original Mix)

Rommek - Rebound (Original Mix)

Rommek - Shattered (Original Mix)

Sara Landry, Don Woezik - First Breath (Extended Mix)

Soko & Sev - Our Purpose (Original Mix)

Spencer Dunning - Hierarchy Of Evil (Extended Mix)

Squarebadger - Emotion (Original Mix)

Squarebadger - Increase (Original Mix)

Squarebadger - London Carneval (Original Mix)

Squarebadger - Stranger (Original Mix)

Squarebadger - Tumbler (Original Mix)

Stanislav Tolkachev - One-Armed Leg (Original Mix)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Pockets Full Of Lighters (Original Mix)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Talking Drum (Original Mix)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Till You Get It Off (Original Mix)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Zero Seconds Ago (Original Mix)

Star_Dub - Dub Vault 1 (Original Mix)

Star_Dub - Dub Vault 2 (Original Mix)

Star_Dub - Dub Vault 3 (Original Mix)

Star_Dub - Dub Vault 4 (Original Mix)

Sven Laakenstyk - Rainfall (Original Mix)

Temudo - Niiv (Original Mix)

Thomas Helmich - Hoax (Original Mix)

Thomas Helmich - Magna (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Cosmic (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Vortex (Original Mix)

Time Assault - Omega (Original Mix)

Time Assault - Open Future (Original Mix)

Timo Maas, Marc Romboy - Yume No Yōna (Dub Mix)

Timo Maas, Marc Romboy - Yume No Yōna (Original Mix)

Timo Maas, Marc Romboy - Yume No Yōna (Synthapella)

Tom Wax - BangBee (Original Mix)

Uto Karem - Feel The Change (Intro Mix)

Uto Karem - Feel The Change (Original Mix)

V.Rock - Multiverse (Original Mix)

Valantino - Hillside (Original Mix)

Valentinø - Formation (Original Mix)

Valentinø - Ritual (Hyden Remix)

Valentinø - Ritual (Original Mix)

Valentinø - Voltage (Original Mix)

Vertebral - Road Trip (Original Mix)

Vinzze - Insignificanzze (Original Mix)

Vinzze - Legend (Original Mix)

Vynek, Taito - Secrets (Original Mix)

Welkyn - Lost World (Original Mix)

Zwick - Alienation (Original Mix)

Zwick - Delirium (Original Mix)

s.talbot - DTS 5 (Original Mix)

s.talbot - Diane (Original Mix)

s.talbot - More About What (Original Mix)

s.talbot - Solid State (Original Mix)

sjush - Enter The Darkness (Original Mix)

sjush - Ghost (Original Mix)

sjush - Rattle (Original Mix)

sjush - Shower Of Sparks (Original Mix)

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