DATA: 2023-07-14 TOTAL: 380 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Dive into the captivating world of Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica with Beatport's newest offering for July 14, 2023. This carefully crafted compilation presents a sonic journey through 380 high-fidelity tracks that embody the essence of these genres. From the hypnotic grooves of Techno to the immersive textures of Melodic House & Techno, each track invites you to surrender yourself to the infectious beats and enchanting melodies. Immerse yourself in the powerful sounds of Beatport's new collection and let the music take you on an unforgettable sonic adventure.



ACOR - Believe (Original Mix)

ACOR - Drugstore (Original Mix)

ACOR - Honney Bunny (Original Mix)

Aaron Suiss - Bahia (Original Mix)

Aaron Suiss - I See (Original Mix)

Aaron Suiss, Peled, Avian Haviv - Your Move (Original Mix)

Adam Gain - Drkness (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Better Another (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Circle (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Impact (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco, VERUAH - Abstract (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco, VERUAH - Collision (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco, VERUAH - Locomotor (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco, VERUAH - Voices (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - No Show (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - Secret Drones (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - Work (Original Mix)

Anders (BR) - Mentally Active (Original Mix)

Anders (BR) - Mina (Original Mix)

Anders (BR) - Visible (Original Mix)

Angel De Miguel - That's For Me (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL) - Black Hole Sun (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL) - Cetus (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL) - Mother Of Hubble (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL) - Pillarse Of Creations (Original Mix)

Arcus R - Exit (Original Mix)

Arcus R - Inner Thoughts (Original Mix)

Autokinetic - Didgeradont (Original Mix)

Autokinetic - File003 (Original Mix)

Autokinetic - Sidewinder (Original Mix)

Autokinetic - Wakeword (Original Mix)

B. Riley - Above The Edge (Original Mix)

B. Riley - Cold Echo (Original Mix)

B. Riley - Ring The Bell (Dykkon Remix)

B. Riley - Ring The Bell (Original Mix)

Blame The Mono, DLV - Demons And The Ghost (Original Mix)

Blame The Mono, DLV - Halbwesen (Original Mix)

Blame The Mono, DLV - Wachtraum (Original Mix)

Blame The Mono, DLV, Palastoni - Getrieben Von Der Bassline (Original Mix)

Boris Brejcha, Kevin Kaczynski, Deniz Bul, Moritz Hofbauer, Denise - You Can Forever Be (Original Mix)

Breech, Rename Yourself - Physical Reality (Original Mix)

Brian Remii - For Real (Original Mix)

Brian Remii - Frap (Original Mix)

CRØG - Mind Clock (Petri Petro Remix)

CRØG - Panorama (Kaize Remix)


CTSD - Clip Control (Original Mix)

CTSD - Clip Control (Öspiel Remix)

CTSD - Sound Of Victory (Original Mix)

CTSD - The Clique (Original Mix)

CTSD - The Clique (Tapefeed Remix)

Caravel - Gaslight (Original Mix)

Caravel - Labyrinth Of Dreams (Original Mix)

Caravel - Right Now (Original Mix)

Caravel - Stomper (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio - Casanova (Ackermann Remix)

Carlo Lio - Casanova (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio - Jack That Body (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio - The Drum (Original Mix)

Caspase - Afarensis (Original Mix)

Caspase - Hashacul (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Firewood (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Lysergic Games (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Waste Time (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Wormhole (Original Mix)

Childov, T.A.M - Bipolar (Maccari Remix)

Childov, T.A.M - Bipolar (Original Mix)

Childov, T.A.M - Bipolar (Univrz Remix)

Colin S - Atmos (Kamara Remix)

Colin S - Atmos (Original Mix)

Concrete Panther - Incurable (Da Fokin Remix)

Concrete Panther - Incurable (Original Mix)

Concrete Panther - Incurable (TIWEA Remix)

Confidential Recipe - LAB01 (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe - Minimalz (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe - Once Again (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe - Rave Generator (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe - TUUL2 (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe, Dagga - U Can't Hide (Original Mix)

Confidential Recipe, Elo - Everyday (Original Mix)

D.S.K. (IT) - Lose My Hands (Original Mix)

D.S.K. (IT) - Lost (D. Carbone Remix)

D.S.K. (IT) - Lost (Original Mix)

D.S.K. (IT) - Magnolia (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Fracture (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Oscillation (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Processing (Original Mix)

DIMENSION 9 - Ghost From The Past (Original Mix)

DIMENSION 9 - Prothesis (Original Mix)

DSC - Hyperthermia (Geto Mark Remix)

DSC - Hyperthermia (Original Mix)

DaRoach - Depressurized (Original Mix)

DaRoach - Depressurized (UVB Fixed Mix)

DaRoach - Speed Racer (Original Mix)

Danny Fontana, Annie Hill - Conscious State (Original Mix)

Danny Fontana, Annie Hill - In My Elements (Original Mix)

Danny Fontana, Annie Hill - Infinite Reality (Original Mix)

Danny Fontana, Annie Hill - The Circle (Original Mix)

Dark Ban Tes - Pulsar (APHE Remix)

Dark Ban Tes - Pulsar (Original Mix)

Dark Ban Tes - Quasar (Original Mix)

Dark Ban Tes - Quasar (Samwise Remix)

Daryl Johnson - Infection (Original Mix)

Daryl Johnson - More Than Acid (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Kidoo (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Mandora (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Stump (Original Mix)

David Bau, Riksön - Eternal (Bleur & MB1 Remix)

David Bau, Riksön - Eternal (Original Mix)

David Bau, Riksön - Hate Me (Original Mix)

David Bau, Riksön - Nativo (Original Mix)

David Bau, Riksön - Silence (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - From Another Planet (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Look At My Eyes (Original Mix)

Dikron - Blackout (Original Mix)

Dikron - Fissure (ARIINA Remix)

Dikron - Fissure (Original Mix)

Dikron - In Your Mind (Original Mix)

Dimitar Georgiev - Energy (Original Mix)

Dimitar Georgiev - Goddamn (Original Mix)

Dimitar Georgiev - Need It (Original Mix)

Dimitar Georgiev - Waste (Original Mix)

Divide, Jonas Kopp - 1.CO.LAB 004 A.wav (Original Mix)

Divide, Jonas Kopp - 2.CO.LAB 004 B.wav (Original Mix)

Divide, Jonas Kopp - 3.CO.LAB 004 C.wav (Original Mix)

Divide, Jonas Kopp - 4.CO.LAB 004 D.wav (Original Mix)

Divide, Jonas Kopp - 5.CO.LAB 004 E.wav (Original Mix)

Duniz & Henrixx - Freakquence (Original Mix)

Duniz & Henrixx - Zerrbild (Original Mix)

Dxl - Bouncing (Original Mix)

Dxl - Bulla (Original Mix)

Dxl - Olé (Original Mix)

Dxl - VertX (Original Mix)

djseanEboy, Oliver Carloni - Raw Emotions (Original Mix)

djseanEboy, Oliver Carloni - Raw Emotions (RanchaTek Remix)

Eric Sneo - Cosmic Dance (Remix 2023)

Felix Krocher - Fiction (Original Mix)

Florian Bernz - Split Moments (Original Mix)

Florian Bernz - The Answer (Original Mix)

Fresko - Bravado (Original Mix)

Fresko - Bungy (Original Mix)

Fresko - Hands (Original Mix)

Fresko - Pulse (Digital Bonus)

Fresko - Twist (Original Mix)

Giorgia Angiuli - Embrace Me Now (Techno Edit)

HOEHENANGST - Investigation (Original Mix)

HOEHENANGST - Voices (Original Mix)

Heliosphere - Andromeda (Original Mix)

Heliosphere - Cygnus (Original Mix)

Heliosphere - Fission (Original Mix)

Heliosphere - Fusion (Original Mix)

Hellotrip - The String (Original Mix)

Holldën - I'm Not In Berghain (Original Mix)

Horisone - Endowed Spaces (Original Mix)

Horisone - Wait 4 Me (Original Mix)

Housewerk, Ducamp - ComeBack (Original Mix)

Housewerk, Ducamp - Curiosity (Original Mix)

IN-sane - Humans Smash Robots (Original Mix)

IN-sane - Robot Loves Humans (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Feel The Bass (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Imagine (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Infinity (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - Purple Haze (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - South Bank (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - The Fighter (Original Mix)

JNO - Ghettoblaster (Original Mix)

JNO - The Voice Of Reason (Original Mix)

JNO, BBDVH - Mindfok (Original Mix)

JNO, Desa - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Juan Ddd, Ramon Bedoya - Angeles Y Demonios (Original Mix)

Juan Ddd, Ramon Bedoya - Canto Islamico (Original Mix)

KSHMR, Maddix - Close To You (Extended Mix)

Karen Echev - Queen (Gabenz Remix)

Karen Echev - Queen (JayCamel Remix)

Karen Echev - Queen (Original Mix)

Kastil - 8-Berlooean.wav (Original Mix)

Kastil - 100 Lives (Original Mix)

Kastil - Aven Light (Original Mix)

Kastil - Isometa (Original Mix)

Kastil - Luscition (Original Mix)

Kastil - Quadrature (Original Mix)

Kastil - Stonerotica (Original Mix)

Kastil - Vanity (Original Mix)

Kate Hex, TiaNova - Illusions (Extended Mix)

Kevin Arnold - Hypnotic (Original Mix)

Kevin Arnold - Illusion (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Dark Flares (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Fractals (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - High Voltage (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Noiser (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Octane (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Singularity (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - Strange Forces (Original Mix)

Kike Pravda - The Unknown (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Al (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Deeply (Original Mix)

Landis LaPace - Freedom (Original Mix)

Landis LaPace - Requisite (Original Mix)

Landis LaPace - Rhythm (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibañez, Agustina Aliaga - Burn It Up (Original Mix)

Lewis Legacy - Cosmic Surge (Original Mix)

Lewis Legacy - Dub Manifest (Original Mix)

Lewis Legacy - Early Reflections (Original Mix)

Lewis Legacy - Telefunk (Original Mix)

Lilly Palmer - You Are My Guide (Extended Mix)

Lozaanso - Cygnus (Original Mix)

Lozaanso - Penumbra (Original Mix)

Luca Maier - Brother From Another Mother (Original Mix)

Luca Maier - Help Me (AnGy KoRe & Gabriel Padrevita Remix)

Luca Maier - Help Me (Original Mix)

Luca Maier - Paradox Society (Original Mix)

Luca Maier - Shake It! (Original Mix)

Luker - The Age (Original Mix)

Luker - The Sense (Original Mix)

MAL_HOMBRE - Nebula Tides (Original Mix)

MAL_HOMBRE - Neutron Zone (Original Mix)

MAL_HOMBRE - Seismic (Original Mix)

MAL_HOMBRE - The Voyage (Original Mix)

Malek Ales - Lash Out (Original Mix)

Malek Ales - Lips (Original Mix)

Malek Ales - Lockstep (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Antipathy (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Avoidance (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Dinga (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Etna (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Fuji (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Impala (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Koala (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Mango (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Restriction (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Senga (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Careless Spectrum (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Modern Wolf (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Royal Resistance (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Wild Out (Original Mix)

Marco L Ramos - A. Graca (Original Mix)

Marco L Ramos - The Missing Part (Original Mix)

Matraxia - Fobos (Original Mix)

Matraxia - Introspection (Original Mix)

Matraxia - My Dear (Bailey Ibbs Remix)

Matraxia - My Dear (Ket Robinson Remix)

Matraxia - My Dear (Original Mix)

Michael Ferrell - Into The Woods (Original Mix)

Michael Ferrell - Our Transformation (Original Mix)

Michael Ferrell - Prophet (Original Mix)

Michael Ferrell - Sequin (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - In Meinen Träumen (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - Tanz Mit Mir (Original Mix)

Michael Parker - Interconnected (Extended Mix)

Miguel Matoz - Detailled Dub (Original Mix)

Miguel Matoz - High Standarts (Original Mix)

Miguel Matoz - Nassau (Original Mix)

Mladen Tomic, Miroslav Pavlovic - Invisible Limit (Original Mix)

Mladen Tomic, Miroslav Pavlovic - Journey (Original Mix)

Munfell - Hallelujah (Original Mix)

Munfell - Interaction (Original Mix)

NANCY Live - Mad As Hell (Original Mix)

NANCY Live - Odd Tension (Original Mix)

NIIDO - Adrenaline Hour (Original Mix)

NIIDO - Apocalyptic Clock (Original Mix)

NIIDO - Contagious Scream (Original Mix)

Neils Reno - Arrakis (Original Mix)

Neils Reno - Black Wave (Original Mix)

Neils Reno - Boucan (Original Mix)

elMefti, Holy Priest - Motivation (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Dylan Octave (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Evan Hall (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Luke Chorus (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Olivia Delay (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Ryan Flanger (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann - Zoe Fuzz (Original Mix)

Orlando Voorn - Outerworld (Original Mix)

Orlando Voorn - Reverse Psychology (Original Mix)

Orlando Voorn - Shockwave (Original Mix)

Orlando Voorn - Space Trap (Original Mix)

Osiris4 - Machine Memories (Original Mix)

Osiris4 - Marsch Zur Erlösung (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Death Row Of Artists (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Detention Center (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Escape From Confinement (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Facing Faces (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Lower Hemisphere (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Similar Activity (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Sound Displacement (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Specific Resonance (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Spherical Resonator (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Tracking Failure (Original Mix)

Patrik Berg - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Peter Pauz - Drehimpulserhaltung (Oliver Kalte Remix)

Peter Pauz - Drehimpulserhaltung (Original Mix)

Peter Pauz - Nenndruckstufe (Original Mix)

Pitt Larsen - Fire (Original Mix)

Pitt Larsen - Solid (Original Mix)

Portecc - Anna (Original Mix)

Portecc - Black Galaxy (Original Mix)

Portecc - Fireface (Original Mix)

Portecc - Schattengalerie (Original Mix)

Portecc - Thousand Nights (Original Mix)

Rheak - Humid Desert (Original Mix)

Rheak - Section Twenty-Nine (Original Mix)

Robert T. Master - After Midnight (Original Mix)

Robert T. Master - Remember That (Original Mix)

Rudy Ripani - Rollercoaster (Aladarus Remix)

SAMEFACES - Imperfections (Original Mix)

SAMEFACES - Stop It (Original Mix)

SARGE (PT) - New Sequence (Original Mix)

SARGE (PT) - Once Upon A Time In South Side (Original Mix)

SARGE (PT) - Roots Calling (Original Mix)

SARGE (PT) - Tought Effect (Original Mix)

Sakin Bozkurt - This Is The Way (Original Mix)

Sam Paganini, Zøe - The Beat (Aladarus Remix)

Samuel Terra - Can't Sleep (Original Mix)

Samuel Terra - Nightmare (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Mamout (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Reasons (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Reunion (Original Mix)

Santiago Krenz - Dance Or Die (Original Mix)

Santiago Krenz - Fröhlich Tanzen (Original Mix)

Santiago Krenz - Suspenso (Original Mix)

Sara Krin - Believe (Original Mix)

Sara Krin - Space (Original Mix)

Satoshi Imano - Neuromancer (Original Mix)

Satoshi Imano - Scattered (2023 Rework)

Satoshi Imano - The Weaver (2023 Rework)

Slave Of Phase, Danï RC - Imminent Desolation (Original Mix)

Slave Of Phase, Danï RC - No Escape (Original Mix)

Slave Of Phase, Danï RC - Total Collapse (Original Mix)

Slave Of Phase, Danï RC - Without Sun (Original Mix)

Sprintech, V.O.Y - Deep Down Underground (Original Mix)

Sprintech, V.O.Y - F_ck (Original Mix)

Steven Shade - Diversity Matters (Concrete Panther Remix)

Steven Shade - Diversity Matters (EPICX Remix)

Steven Shade - Diversity Matters (Original Mix)

Temparia - Fake Smile (Original Mix)

Temparia - Manhunt (Original Mix)

Tensal - Innocence (Tensal Revisited)

Tensal - New Regime In Force (Shed Remix)

Tensal - Revenge (Anthony Linell Remix)

Tensal - Vanadium (Alessandro Adriani Remix)

Tilda - Illusion (Original Mix)

Tilda - L'esprit De Ré (Double Cheese Remix)

Tilda - Subtile (Original Mix)

Tino Trøster - Bizkit (Original Mix)

Tino Trøster - Dance And Move (Original Mix)

Tino Trøster - Gangster (Original Mix)

Tino Trøster - Haus (Original Mix)

Tino Trøster - Modular World (Original Mix)

Traumata - Exhale (Original Mix)

Traumata - Humane (Original Mix)

Tube & Berger, Nick Schwenderling - Work My Body (Extended Mix)

Two, Three - 4444 (Original Mix)

Two, Three - All Of This Is Untrue (Original Mix)

Two, Three - Hazy Memory (Original Mix)

Two, Three - No Need To Pretend (Original Mix)

Ugur Project - Galactic Dancefloor (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Bastard (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Pump (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Snake (Original Mix)

Uneven (JP) - Be Autonomous (Original Mix)

Uneven (JP) - Pathos (Original Mix)

Uneven (JP) - What Is Freedom (Original Mix)

Unlighted - Dystopic (Original Mix)

Unlighted - Like That (Original Mix)

VEDI KEREM - Energy (Original Mix)

XENAA - All The Drugs And Stuff (Original Mix)

XENAA - All The Drugs And Stuff (The Reactivitz Remix)

XENAA - The Best (Original Mix)

XENAA - The Best (Shanto's Drop After Midnight Only Remix)

XENAA - The Best (Xenaa Moody Remix)

XRK - Hovering (Original Mix)

XRK - Impending (Original Mix)

XRK - Impending (Xavier Remix)

XRK - Tense (Original Mix)

Yrsen - Angular State (Original Mix)

Yrsen - Angular State (PWCCA Remix)

Yrsen - Aryl (Original Mix)

Yrsen - Aryl (Tool Version)

Yrsen - The Reason Why (Original Mix)

Yrsen - The Reason Why (Roll Dann Remix Version 1)

Yrsen - The Reason Why (Roll Dann Remix Version 2)

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